i don't even ship it why did i make this

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Why are canon shippers so pretentiously shitty to people who ship other ships? Your ship is not my ship. Your kink is not my kink. Etc etc so on and so forth. People like you and your ilk are what makes romione and hinny so un-shippable. I don't even care for dramione and I still think your anti-dramione post is stupid.

Oh wow.. did someone forget their bran this morning?

My anti post last night was a reply to a similarly minded individual. Did I go into the Dram tags? No, I didn’t. Did I even tag it with Romione? No, I didn’t. That post wouldn’t have shown up in anyone’s tags unless they were following an anti-tag. I stayed in my little bubble. It’s blatantly obvious that this is a Romione blog. I’m not even sure why you’re here.

Do I care who you want to ship? Nope. I don’t come looking for you.  I don’t see how my post was “shitty” to anyone. It implied that the thought made me queasy. I would have used that same gif for people who enjoy corn on their pizza. 😉

“Chill homie, you need to let that shit go.” ~Buddha probably….

This is too OOC, why did I even draw this?  ∑(O_O;)

um..uhh..ignore me.

Inspired by Bob’s Burgers. I don’t know but this image flashed into my brain  when I watched it.. Err, Don’t judge. ╮(•˘︿ ˘•)╭ ]


“Are you ready to go?


“Anywhere? Everywhere.”

I still can’t quite believe it and I don’t want to jinx it but my all-time favourite OTP of the whole TVD/The Originals universe ends up to be the one with a real HEA, I mean as much a HEA between a vampire and mortal witch can be.THEY LITERALLY DRIVE TOGETHER INTO THE SUNSET, FAR AWAY FROM THE MOST FUCKED-UP PLACE IN THE WORLD, AND MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Even more so because everyone, including me, actually expected Julie Plec to, well, fuck them up in some epic way - kill them, make them hate each other, … - maybe that’s why she did it because the viewers are so used to having their OTPs ruined one way or another in this show so that making someone actually have a HEA ends up to be the ultimate shocker.

And even though or probably because I ship Davina and Kol like crazy I truly wish this is the last we saw or heard of them in this show.

How I ended up being fucked over by Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Friend: Hey look at this girl from an anime I wanna cosplay!! *shows me picture of Mami*
  • Me: Oh wow that's awesome
  • Friend: The anime is really good, you should watch it! Look at all the other characters! *shows cute photo of all the girls*
  • Me being bored: Well this actually looks pretty cute, I'll watch it
  • Me five hours later after binge watching the whole season: *sobbing* WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! *more gross sobbing*
  • Friend: Mwahaha... okay there is a sequel movie on netflix trust me it'll make it better
  • Me stupidly: Okay then *sniffles*
  • Me another two hours later after watching Rebellion: *sobbing harder* WHY DID I TRUST YOU I HATE YOU I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I SHOULD BE HAPPY OR SAD
  • Friend: Well your ships came true didn't they?

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I dislike Lars. Absolutely do not like him. He's horrible to Sadie. He's terrible to Ronaldo. He just cares about himself. I love redeemable characters and he is one character, in my opinion, who does not deserved to be redeemed. Everything about him makes my blood boil. He's a bandwagon poseur. This is not a ploy to get you to draw him, even though you do it so well. I just wanted you to know why I don't like him. Not hate, dislike.

Thank u for ur input

trivia: lars never put sadie or ronaldo’s life in danger but they did to him. fun fact!

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I'm imagining in the Crystal Gems AU that Gene is like Steven and Lenny is like Connie.. idk I just think it'd be cute if they fused

…Even the names sound similar, I can’t even

…Oh my god anon

…This is brilliant anon

I ALMOST FORGOT! Gotta give credit where it’s due, I do think the ‘Genny’ ship name was coined by @chardtoacrisp… Correct me if I’m wrong though!

(…And to think months ago I was all like ‘people’s burgerfusions are so awesome, though there’s no way I’d get to make one of those at any point’


(…Bonus because fuck)

Everyone watching The Fosters listen now!

I know there’s like a lot of people mad about Jude saying that he isn’t sure if is gay, I know representation is important, but listen: he’s 13.

I’m 18, I discovered that i like girls too when I was 14, and just a few weeks ago I was like “hey, maybe I’m not bi, maybe I’m just lesbian”, and the day after that I was like “or maybe I’m straight, i don’t know” and right then I said “maybe I’m a freakin’ unicorn”, and my point is: discovering your sexual orientation is the most difficult riddle, specially since you’re the only one that can have the right answer so, instead of being mad about Jude questioning himself, be happy about having a show telling how this travel to self-discovering really is: hard and confusing.

Now, after my discourse: someone else thinks he could be ace? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe is his age, but I can’t stop thinking in how he freaked out when the issue of sex showed up, why did they put that in his arc? I mean, it would make more sense in Callie’s arc

I’ve been up and about a lot (for various things), but today I was able to just sit down and draw things, woah!

I did a couple of backgrounds and stuff, but this one I ended up trying to add characters in. I think I might try and focus on figuring out how to make backgrounds and the characters in them work well; I think I did alright this time, but I need to keep trying!

Okay, so I’ve been looking back at the first half of season 5 and I’ve come to realize that the ONLY PERSON(besides Henry and her parents) that ACTUALLY BELIEVED in her and TRIED TO HELP HER was Regina… Her own BOYFRIEND before he knew he was a dark one didn’t even try to help her. In fact he barely talked to her. Regina talked to her more then he did!! Then when he did find out he was a dark one ALL he did was make her cry and feel worthless….

Now somebody PLEASE tell me HOW that is a HEALTHY(“"true love(which it’s NOT)”“) relationship. Because I don’t see it. Whether I shipped SwanQueen or I didn’t. I just don’t see it. And honestly I never will.

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Yeah sometimes my hope gets low as hell but then I go back to the hand hold, tea scene and so much other moments that make my heart fly. I'm more stuck on the hand hold still because even if people don't ship it I was truly impacted on the relationship. Before book 3 I was just hoping for a friendship at least. Then the car scene happened that we had a head canon for so long. Now I'm just like if it's not implied relationship then why the moments?

totally. it was the handhold that did it. that was the scene that really started pushing things past the friendship direction. and i mean…even after that i was afraid that things wouldn’t continue into book 4 that way. i was completely prepared for m/akorra to resurface in book 4.

but not only did that not happen, but we got an implied romantic relationship spanning the entire book - the letter, the blush, the tea scene - lines like ‘you’re so sweet’ and ‘what’s going on with you two?’

of course it’s more subtle than any of the het couples on the show have been for the most part, and that sucks. but compared to the m/akorra moments for the last two books, it’s easily the most romantic of relationships that korra is in right now. people can deny it all they want but the narrative keeps favoring korrasami over m/akorra, again and again.

and it’s not just us ‘crazy shippers’ who see it, as countless critics and review writers, people completely impartial on the whole shipping front, keep bringing up korrasami. bryke calls korrasami ‘valid.’ janet sings its praises.

we all deserve to be hopeful about this if we want to be. because this is one of the greatest relationships in the show, it matters to us for reasons far more important than ‘shipping,’ and we DESERVE THIS.


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Can you help me make sense of this whole Zelena pregnancy thing. I just don't get why they would take this route with the show and the characters. It seems like unnecessary drama. How does it add to the story? I'm not even that big of an OQ shipper but I feel sorry for the fans that ship them. It just seems like it takes away any kind of specialness or true love from the story of Robin and Regina. If they did this sort of thing to CS I'd be pissed. It would ruin the epic story they have.

Well….i didn’t exactly get it at first either. But my thoughts on it are this:

Regina is the original caster of the curse - she aimed to take away everyone’s happy endings by sending them to the land without magic. A big part of her story is learning what her own happy ending is and how to achieve that in a positive way instead of looking to inflict suffering on others. It’s a long and difficult path for her. One she’s got to work for.

Many fans that don’t like Regina claim that she hasn’t paid for her crimes and has gotten a pass on all the pain she’s inflicted upon others.  But i disagree.  

The writers haven’t given her a pass at all - they’ve actually written her pain that directly relates to the suffering she inflicted upon others. And I think her love stories reflect that:

  • She separated Snowing from Emma with the first curse
  • She lost Henry in the second curse
  • She created a love triangle to drive apart Snowing in S1
  • She suffered her own love triangle with Robin and “Marian” in S3/4
  • She had Snow’s father killed in the EF
  • Snow killed her mother in SB
  • She tried to seduce David in S1
  • Zelena slept with Robin (and got pregnant!) in S4

Additionally I think the writers are making an attempt to show different types of love stories for different types of characters - so OQ is going to be very different than CS because Emma and Regina’s lives have been so very different.

Emma is the “real world” girl -she gets the fairy tale romance with a storybook pirate - she gets the beanstalk and the ball. Regina is from fairytale land, and her love story is in many ways the opposite of Emma’s. Regina’s romance largely takes place in our world - the land without magic (to which she banished everyone)…and it’s riddled with “real world” problems (ex-wives, merging two families, child custody issues - crazy in-laws). 

Does the drama make it seem less special? Well I’ll be honest that the OQ romance haven’t been the epic love story I was expecting the writers to deliver for Regina. But I think it’s important for the show to get across the message that happy endings aren’t always what we think they’ll be - and that True Love comes in many different forms.  

Do I feel sorry for OQ shippers? Yes and no.

The love triangle thing sucks: having a former lover return from the dead sucks - CS has seen that with Neal and with Walsh. But the baby thing - yeah that’s a really hard story line to swallow. But I supposed with the TL thing being established ahead of time for OQ the writers feel like they need to do other things to keep it interesting. 

However, I don’t see it as a completely bad thing. The baby story line has the potential to deliver some heartbreakingly beautiful moments for Regina and Robin as well as for Regina and Zelena.  This is after all a show about family.  And Regina’s family is about to grow.  For a character whose heart was so filled with hatred to be willing and able to forgive and to love a child that’s come into her life under these extremely difficult circumstances - well honestly I think it’s going to be incredibly moving to watch. 

The writers of OUAT have brought me to tears more times than I can count and I’m going to have faith that this story line will do that as well. And, for me, Lana is the best actress on this show so I look forward to the way that she will deliver this difficult, but also SPECIAL, story to us.

Have faith.  

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#a time when they weren't in love - lol but i remember it so clearly and i how the fuck did we survive that? cause it was pretty rough. people legit called CS a crack ship.

Oh trust me i remember it too. 

  1. back when the CS fandom had 15 fans max. 
  2. back when we were “delusional” for shipping them. cause it won’t be canon.” 
  3. back when “CS is just another crack ship, hook belongs with aurora!1!”
  4. back when “emma would never end up with a villain.”
  5. CSer are the cancer of the fandom blah blah
  6. etc etc etc.

Like i remember the struggle. how the entire OUAT fandumb would make fun of us for thinking this was a legit ship. because we dare pay attention to the show, to canon? i don’t care how petty i sound the shit they put us through for simply seeing what is so clear, i earned the right to rub it in their faces. idk how we survived but we did and now look! our ship is endgame and true love and EVERYTHING the haters thought it never be. even laughed at us for believing it would be. lol who is laughing now, bitches? i know i am. 

but you know what? the shit we went through makes me appreciate CS even more and it’s the reason why after 4 years i still cry and die over them. 

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Howdy. You seem to get pretty upset over all this makoharu shipping, so here's a tip: STOP BITCHING ABOUT MAKOHARU. You literally just made a post on your blog saying "ARGH FREE! ISN'T ABOUT MAKOTO SO SHUT UP", among other ridiculous aggressive stances you take, I find it pretty obvious why you'd constantly find yourself amidst shipping wars. I don't even ship makoharu, I just find it ridiculous that you direct so much anger towards it and are surprised when it comes back.

YES LOOK AT ALL THE GLORIOUS MH HATE ON MY BLOG! AND ALL THAT AGGRESSIVENESS! *aggressively reblogs rinharu posts…?* LOOK AT IT AND WEEP. LOOOOK! TAKE A LOOK AT THE VERY LAST HATE POST– wait there was only one post… oh okay- WELL LOOK AT THAT  ONE POST I MADE– ah shit… I didn’t make that, did I? oops, my bad.. BUT ANYWAY SUCH HATE IN THAT POST! IF YOU MISSED IT, IT SAID “FREE IS NOT ABOUT MAKOTO!” SO HATEFUL~ well hold up a sec, that’s a pretty accurate statement, Free! is about a group of boys who reunite with a friend and how they overcome their issues in order to be friends again. So I suppose it’s not very hateful… Just the truth… BUT THAT SECOND PART, HELL YEAH! THAT IS TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY HATEFU- Oh… huh all it’s saying is that people don’t like it when others take a post and make it into something they don’t want it to be made into? Well That’s pretty reasonable too.. Hm. WAIT THEN WHERE DID MY PRECIOUS MH HATE GO? OH NO DON’T TELL ME I DIDN’T ACTUALLY REBLOG A NON-HATEFUL POST?! THE SHAME!

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