i don't even ship it why did i make this

…What did I even read. Not only is that a weird justification but they’re also blatantly wrong. I mean, come on. Of all the things to get high and mighty about, why would you choose to be pretentious about shipping? This honestly gives me flashbacks to the whole “nobody in Korea ships Ji/kook” bullshit that some people were spreading around a few months back.

And by the way, I may not really know the international fandom and their general likes or whatever, but there are plenty of Korean Kook/min fans whose bias is Jungkook. So I’m not some sort of anomaly. I mean, even if I were, it honestly doesn’t matter - people can like what they want and that’s that.

Putting that gross mess aside, I explained why I started shipping KM here. It’s actually pretty similar to your explanation! And well, I have this entire blog now, so..

This is too OOC, why did I even draw this?  ∑(O_O;)

um..uhh..ignore me.

Inspired by Bob’s Burgers. I don’t know but this image flashed into my brain  when I watched it.. Err, Don’t judge. ╮(•˘︿ ˘•)╭ ]