i don't even remember your oc's

… i can explain.

Yall may remember these kiddos.   I just.  Had to know.  What they would turn out like.  So… Ira and Case, meet your progeny.

Part of me wanted to see them with all their colors (Lucah looks p cool with silver hair, and Selene’s palette is pretty af), buuuut I refuse to spend any more time on this, so it’s staying as a super messy sketch.  I have some notes about who inherits what from the pool of 4 breeds, and a basic idea about their eventual roles as the next generation of ruling Betas.

i need to get back to work.


looks like i made an anime ending

I’ve seen a lot of people getting frozen and/or quitting lately, angered by the state of the site, and rightfully so. It saddens me deeply, but please remember everyone..

If you have deep rooted history in neopets, stories and art and OCs and characters you’ve grown to love and develop over the years, remember that Jumpstart can’t take those from you.

They can’t make you abandon your ideas and stories and everything you love about Neopia that exists in your imagination. Don’t let them dim your creativity or dull your spark. They’re taking away your ability to experience the game, but you control everything else.

And if nothing else, remember that they can’t take The Darkest Faerie from us, so there’s that at least.

Much love. 💛