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Don’t Blink Chapter 3 (John x Reader)

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Title: Don’t Blink Chapter 3

Summary:  When (Y/n) takes a simple haunting case on her own, she gets in way over her head. Being transported to the past, she falls in love with a young marine with a killer smile. The only problem is she knows his sons and his girlfriend wants to kill her, and probably knows about twenty ways to do so.

Warnings: Language, screwing up canon, etc.

AN:  So I changed a little when John went to Vietnam. Just by a couple years.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about the Serendine x Sinbad ship? I don't like it :/

Oh hi anon, what do I think? I have been thinking about it for a long time already. Only those who follow me on twitter know.

I usually don’t write negative opinions on tumblr, however if you ask me directly I definitely will.

So….the usual warnings: If you like the pairing too much and are sensitive, don’t read this. I’m not gonna be rude but still I’m gonna be brutally honest. Also this is gonna be LONG, so bring a drink and chill while you read.

I usually separate the ship names and character names so they don’t get tagged automatically on tumblr, but since anony has already written their names this is gonna show in the recent stuff of the tags, just in case I’m gonna tag it “anti”.

Anyway here we go:

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