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In Girls Fighting episode 1, when a group of 3 girls were introducing themselves in Chinese, Seungri didn’t understand so Huang Xiaoming translated for him in English. When he understood the meaning, he said ‘naruho…’ but then cut himself before saying ‘naruhodo’ (成程) which is a Japanese word meaning ‘I see’ or ‘I understand’.

That moment went viral amongst Jvips. They shared the video and commented on it with things like:

  • I knew it, Seunchan is actually Japanese.
  • The fact that he didn’t turn to his mother tongue but to Japanese proves that Seunchan is a Japanese person.
  • *sigh* We were barely taking Seunchan from Korea and now we have to fight China too.
  • Give him back China, Seunchan is Japanese.
  • Seunchan, I love you. Even if we can’t keep up with you anymore with the number of languages you speak.
  • Ah, remember those days when Seunchan was on our TV not the Chinese one?
  • So, when will he come back to our TV instead?
I remember filming that last scene with Grant Show on the beach when we learn that Trina is pregnant, and I just remember looking at Grant and I was sitting on the beach and I was looking out into the water, and we were in between shots, we were doing a set up, and he comes up behind me, and I’m crying, and he’s like, ‘What’s going on?’ And I said, ‘What if this is it? Like what if this is the last moment?’ And he said, ‘Oh, come on, people love the show.’ And I said, ‘I know, but what if this is it?’ And then we went back and we did my close up and it was all there, and every time I go back and watch that, it *was* it, that was the last scene.
—  Lana Parrilla, talking about Swingtown and Trina Decker during her OUAT interview, killing me not so softly with her words. (x)

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what's wrong? :((

do you ever feel like people would be better off without you?? like you’re just in the way of everyone and you constantly feel like you’re a burden to those around you?? cause that’s how i feel 99.9% of the time, but idk how to stop feeling like that so i guess i should learn how to deal with that

*lowkey worries if my codes have been stolen a lot*

*remembers that i’m not a major popular theme maker*

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so what are some Canadian stereotypes that are actually true? (aboot, really?)

i mean, is it wrong to picture u talking like terrence and philip?

Okay look the “aboot” thing is because you weird Americans open your mouths wide enough to eat an entire patriotic baseball when you say “about” (Abaaaahwt? really?!) whereas Canadians open their mouths a normal amount for saying words and not gargling sports equipment

Also no our entire faces do not disassemble when speaking


  • Eat maple syrup directly out of snow with a stick
  • Apologize to people when you were at fault, when they were at fault, when you weren’t even involved in the incident, or when you moderately inconvenience an inanimate object
  • Talk about hockey even if you don’t like hockey
  • Born knowing how to a) skate b) balance while walking on ice and c) paddle a canoe
  • Eat beaver tails
  • Walk around in -40C weather in leggings/jeans because it is literally never “too cold” to do something.
  • Everyone has at least several variations on flannel
  • “Eh”

Anyway here’s a good summary from Kate Beaton:

So one of the most important things that I’ve learned so far in my life is that: even if you don’t think you can, you CAN live without them. I remember waking up the morning after with tears just falling down my eyes uncontrollably and I didn’t know how I was going to survive that heartbreak. Months after, I was still crying myself to sleep over and over and begging to whatever was up in the sky to take my life because without him it wasn’t worth living. I wrote a lot in those months. Everything was dark. I felt broken. I was nothing without him.
A year ago now, I realized that I wasn’t thinking of him as much. When I cried, it was no longer for him. I was still lonely, but I no longer yearned for him. And I realized, even after months and months of constant mourning… I was living without him. I WAS living without him. I did not need him. I no longer wanted him. He wasn’t my savior or my happiness. He was just a boy that I once loved. He was just a boy I once loved. He was just a boy I once loved. I no longer did. I never thought that day would actually come. I didn’t think I was strong enough. But the truth is, I am stronger and so are you.

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i spent soooo many time on this i swear, something like 5 days? but i’m so happy of it and i learned so much stuff while making it so yay!

Okay, so Slate has an absolutely laughable review out about Agent Carter, but what I can’t get over is this comment:

“Meanwhile, the bad guys carry over from episode to episode. That means not only do you have to learn what nitramene is—an extremely volatile and glowing substance that can explode a city block before creating a vacuumlike implosion—you have to remember what it is the following week.”

Is that actually a complaint? That there is a plot that continues throughout the episodes instead of one bad guy per hour? Does the author not know how television shows work?

And heaven forbid we have to remember what the glowing orange bombs are. It’s going to be so difficult to remember for a WHOLE WEEK that there are bad guys who want Stark tech to kill lots of people. Imagine if we only had a couple of hours of story between YEARS and had to remember things about something Stark invented that someone else wants.

Oh wait. That’s all the Iron Man movies.

All of the discussion from earlier about 101 vs 202 discussions and learning information about religion and all of that reminded me that it’s important to remember that there will always be people who will never acknowledge what you know or the value you bring to the table. They may be in the minority, but they are always there in some capacity or another.

You could go out and read every book ever written. You could research until your fingers bled. You could go and soak up every tidbit out there on the subject matter and still not measure up in some people’s eyes.

Don’t let those people get under your skin.

Each of us brings something to the table. Each of us has value. Each of us is worthy of existing, of being here, of being heard. Our inherent value is not based off of how many books we’ve read. How many facts we can rattle off. How much money we spent to go learn “for real” at a uni or similar.

We are all important. We are all valuable in some way or another. It takes all types to make up a community. We all have a place at the table.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Remember everyone! If anyone said you can’t ship certain characters together just tell ‘em it’s not up to them who you ship! Besides these chracters are fictional! Aye? Aye?

If they keep bugging you, you don’t have issues. They do. Ask them why they even bothered following you if they don’t like your OTP. And if they say they’re a fan, then they’re not being good supportive fans. True fans learn to tolerate their idol’s flaws and let them be happy. If they still insist on being a nuisance, I say block ‘em. Because they’re poison. Don’t let them hurt you easily. Fight. I believe in you!

This message is for those out there who are being harassed by haters especially those who are going on a “witch hunt” to attack bloggers as an army of anon haters.