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May I request for a childhood AU? If there's any? I love a good fluffy fic! Also, I just wanted to tell you that as a user who has been excessively stalking your blog and reading almost anything you've been recommending (Even Hogwarts AU, because I don't even read or watch Harry Potter). You've been the reason why I have been so excited the last few days, wondering what fanfic would I find again!

Wow! Thank you for all these requests! There are surprisingly not too many childhood AUs, so this was kind of hard for me to do! Nevertheless, I found some, so get ready for some of the fluffiest fluff ever! ≧◡≦  Please reply to this post if there’s some I missed! 

Childhood AU

Next Stop, Happiness by frolickingangels, Gen, 1.7k
Ever since Yuuri had learned how to walk, talk, and remember things, it had always been this one special person – him with his silver hair and blue eyes and kind smile. Thumbs up!

Blue Roses by Fauks, Gen, 40k
A royalty, ABO Soulmate AU collection of oneshots of Victor and Yuuri growing up together! Cute!

The Feeling That Never Goes Away by TheSilentOtaku, Gen, 1.9k
Yuuri meets his idol and Viktor meets his biggest fan. Years later, they meet again. Very sweet first meeting fic!

Music Worth Listening To by victornikiforov, Not Rated, 5.6k
Victor remembers him in the sunshine, one day when it was warm enough where they didn’t have to bundle up to sit outside in the schoolyard. He’s a year younger than Victor. His name is Yuuri Katsuki. I LOVE THIS FIC OMG! It’s so so amazing

Some might call it fate by Chessala, Gen, 5.8k
The Katsuki family moves to Russia after they had to close their Hot Springs temporarily. Little Yuuri has to go to a new Kindergarten where he doesn’t know anyone. He sees a picture of an ice skater on the wall of his new Kindergarten and is instantly fascinated. Kindergarten fic!

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Awesome highschool AU!

Whole World in Your Eyes by HQ_Wingster, Gen, 1.9k
He saw the world in Viktor’s eyes; Viktor saw something he never saw before in Yuuri’s. When they were younger, Victor and Yuuri met at one of Victor’s competitions.

My Favorite Fan by Jam_chan, Gen, 683 words
‘After a competition, Yuuri and Victor meet. Yuuri quickly becomes Victor’s favourite fan. Cute fic!

Winning Hearts by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom), Teen, 19k
When Victor Nikiforov is 17, he meets Yuuri Katsuki, and they become quick friends. Rec’d by a follower! (And it’s also a great fic I’ve read, too!)

Whatever you want by MattLightwood (TanyaHarries), Gen, 1.1k
AU in which fourteen year old Yuuri meets his idol Viktor Nikiforov at an exclusive fan meeting. Yuuri is terrified to meet Viktor as he feels like he’s no one compared to him, but Viktor obviously doesn’t have the same opinion. Fun fic!

I’ve Known You Forever by AKAuthor, Teen, 2.2k (WIP)
Soulmates experience little bits of pointless information about the other throughout their lives. Yuuri unknowingly learns about Viktor’s ability to walk into glass doors. Viktor learns about Yuuri’s history of falling into pools -and then they start a life together. 

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Teen, 64k (WIP)
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. Cute!

So this is kind of late, but fuck it

If you need to come up with a new password, or even a bunch of new passwords, for instance because a bug in the internet’s encryption software has left all your social media accounts unsecure for the past two years (lol), there’s an easy way to make great passwords that you’ll always remember.

Start with a favorite quote. A line from a book, a song lyric you love, just something that you know you’ll remember verbatim. For an example, I’ll refer to the work of contemporary prophet Freddie Mercury.

I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?

Now, take the first letter of each word. So: ISALSOAMSSWYDTF

15 characters. Nice. Most passwords on the internet are required to be between 8 and 16 characters long, so pick a phrase with a suitable length.

Now convert it into calculator code. You know: I = 1, S = 5, A = 4, B = 8, T = 7 and so on.

That gives us 154L504M55WYD7F.

Pretty good! But we’re not quite done. There are some characters that repeat, since the quote I picked used multiple As and Ses.

So alternate the repeating characters. The first S becomes a 5, the second S remains an S, the third S becomes a 5, and so on.

The final password is 154LS0AM5SWYD7F. Gibberish to anyone who looks at it, secure from the casual cracker, but all you need to remember is what phrase you used!

Stay safe out there.

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I just learned a gachapon is a real thing wtf I thought they were a McElroy goof what else don't I know about??? Do we have moon bases? Is costco real???

I’m gonna be 100% honest with you anon, I never heard the word “gachapon” before I heard them use it on the podcast. I don’t even remember what I called them before, but I for sure needed some context clues before I put together that they meant the machine with the capsules for the little toys.

Which, in hindsight? Who the fuck designed that? Who decided that the best way to distribute weapons and armor by chance is to put them in a big gachapon machine? Maybe this is different for other people, but in my experience you can see inside of those usually? And you can’t pick what you get, but still. You’re not getting that sick sword at the top, that’s for sure. Better luck next time.

Do you think people in the BoB sometimes… wait a little longer before cashing in their coin in the hopes that the sweet armor they saw last week will be a little lower in the machine? Can Leon be bribed to load the machine in a certain order and give someone a better chance at getting the sweet armor that just got brought in? Do you think other methods of choosing things by chance - specifically spin-able wheels - have been resolutely banned after the first Wonderland experience? How big even is this machine, how has nobody been knocked out by a massive falling capsule? Has someone been knocked out by a massive falling capsule?

I have some questions.

(Also Costco is not real, all Costcos are actually portals to liminal spaces with great deals on bulk purchases.)

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A challenge: you have 100 seconds to draw a Bonaparte handsome pumpkin. Please, do your best.

wait wHAT

//whispers// is this handsome enough for you

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hi, i'm almost sixteen and i'm starting to look for a summer job, and i've been using your resume writing guide, but seeing as i'm so young i've never had a job before, and only have ever had a few volunteer positions through my school, so i don't really have much of anything for my work experience. what do you recommend i put there?

Remember: if you did it, you can use it!

If what you have is volunteer experience, use that! Just head the section “Experience” and list out all of the volunteer positions you’ve had and what your duties were/what you learned while helping out. I bet you have a lot of great experience, even if you didn’t previously get paid for it.

Here’s the resume guide again.

at fifteen you will be so sweet and see no cruel in this awful world until you meet that boy with the bags under his eyes and that car he stole and you’ve always imagined your first boyfriend to be a good boy with a good family but you ended up falling in love with the boy who misses more classes than anything else, who hates his mother and doesn’t even know his father. at fifteen you were a sweetheart so in love with the world you were so optimistic. you met him at your first party you never had a taste of alcohol before he handed to you more shots of vodka than you could ever count but by the time you could remember anything you were in his car giving him a little bit more than just your first kiss. he wasn’t anything you’ve ever imagined, no one you ever thought would be the death of you. that one time became into an everyday, and i guess the more time you spend with someone you start acting like them. it went from skipping classes, failing tests, hating your mother, drinking drinking and more fucking drinking because he told you it would bandage the scars on your wrist and make you feel better. you would come home smelling like his hoodies that he gave you, thats all you would wear now and it was hard to tell if your breath would smell more like cigarettes or beer and your father warned you about him but all you could say is ‘daddy I’m so in love with him.’ you don’t know what love is until they leave you, they fucking leave you and your left crying on the bathroom floor every single night for what seems like just yesterday he left but your mom reminds you its been 6 months and your still hurt from the boy with the bags under his eyes you fucking swear he gets no sleep at night that how is it possible that he woke up one morning deciding he didn’t want you anymore. his bad habits soon became yours. now you are seventeen and you fall inlove with any single boy just so you have a new excuse to blame on why you want to fucking die when you break up but you and your mom know that you still want to die because of that same boy from that party that made you believe that if you drink enough beer it starts to cover up your scars and makes you fall in love but little did he know he was the one bandaging your scars and you were more in love with him than the alcohol or anyone else for that matter. you loved him more than yourself and now you know better. you only wish that at seventeen someone would have warned you that at fifteen you were going to meet someone that would alter your entire world and change the way you view people and live your life. you never love as strong as you do at fifteen when you’ve never been hurt before and you never fall as fucking fast as you do when your first love crashes his fucking car right into you and you feel like you’ve died ten times over, but no he never fucking hit you with his car fuck he never even hit you with a good bye it was just a ‘ill text you when i get home babe’ and you never got that text, i wish i could say your still making your way back home but that was two years ago and I’m almost 18 breaking other boys bones just to show myself that I’m as strong as you are. I’m starting to become a lot like the person who destroyed me, i lie through my teeth and spit out i love you to any boy just to make them fall in love with me but then i crash right into them and flip their whole world upside down when i leave them in tears but little do they know I’ve been counting down the days before i leave them just the way you probably did. for someone who doesn’t sleep anymore i woke up pretty fucking fast from my liquor filled evenings to just wake up and decide i was done with them the same way you were done with me so fast, my head is still spinning from the alcohol and i don't remember how i fucking became this monster but you become the things you love and god knowns i fucking loved you.  I'm hurting others to try and bandage the scars you left me with but i guess i have to learn that unless i heal from you i will always be just like you because you are all I’ve ever known and i can’t stop being like you because its the closest thing ill ever have left of you because you haven’t returned my texts from when i was sixteen kissing any boy pretending it was you.

fifteen through seventeen 


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All I want,,,,, is missing earth with the paladins,, jus give me pidge and lance talking about their favorite show and "man I wonder how many episodes I've missed" and then now they both know that the other likes the show all they do is make references. And hunk and shiro talking about earth food and hunk going out whenever possible to get earth food to make everyone feel a little better and keith talking documentaries and missing earth's horizon and all of them bonding over missing earth please

Yes to all of this.

Give me Pidge and Lance speculating about what’s happening in the newest season of their show back on Earth and eventually creating their own alternate canon and developing their own plot.  

Give me Lance and Pidge trying to give shitty explanations and renditions of what has already happened in their shows to Hunk, Shiro, Keith, Allura, and Coran so they can rope them in to acting out characters/voices in “new episodes” that Pidge and Lance create.

Give me a Hunk who bakes and cooks to cope with his stress and anxiety about being in a completely foreign environment with no guarantee of when (or if) he’ll see home again.  And who shares his coping mechanism with Shiro, who has to deal with the added pressures of being leader and fighting against aliens that are the very cause of his trauma.

Give me a Hunk and Shiro who work together to develop recipes that taste similar to the paladin’s favorite foods back on Earth.  Who teach the others how to recreate the recipes, giving them all an activity they can do and reminisce about together, and who recreate family dinners like the ones they had back on Earth.

  Give me a Keith who is surprisingly good at explaining how things work back on Earth to Allura and Coran because not all of the documentaries he watched were conspiracy documentaries.  Keith rambling about his conspiracies to Coran, who takes him seriously and even tells Keith about weird rumors and theories back on Altea.  Keith telling random facts he can remember from documentaries to Allura, who wants to learn more about the planet her paladins came from.  

Give me a Keith who info dumps what he can remember from his documentaries to the other paladins, who absorb it all eagerly and offer whatever facts they can remember since they’re all scared of forgetting about things on Earth.

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Symptom of child abuse: make excuses for your abuser bc "they know better" and "do it for your own good". Nobody ever said snape hurt them "for their own good" in canon. And u kno what? Every one says mcgonagall locked neville out at night while a mass murderer was on school grounds "for his own good" so he can "learn to remember things better" and "it's his own fault". Even Neville. He didn't blame mcg, he made excuses for her. Snape was a soldier since he was 20, that's 18 years of redemption

((OOC: ohohoh okay. First of all. McGonagall revoked Neville’s privilege of the knowledge of the password for the safety of all of the Gryffindor students. It’s not like waiting outside the portrait hole was horribly inconvenient. Harry gets stuck outside of the portrait hole all the time and has to wait like a minute before someone goes in or out. Literally, that’s all Ravenclaws do if they can’t solve the riddle for their own commonroom. They wait until someone comes along who does know the answer so that they all can learn. That is what McGonagall was doing. If you don’t remember, McGonagall was a hat stall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Perhaps she thought it would help Neville to take a page out of the Ravenclaws book.

Now. To address your other point about Snape. Earlier in the very same book Snape wanted to feed Neville’s shrinking potion to Trevor to prove his incompetence. He was going to force Neville to harm his own pet to prove a point. You know, so that Neville will “know better” and “for his own good”. And then when Neville, with Hermione’s help, finished the potion properly so that Trevor wouldn’t be harmed, Snape took points from their house out of pure spite.

And I’m sorry, he was a soldier since he was 20? You mean he worked for Dumbledore since he was 20? You mean he made a deal with Dumbledore to protect Lily’s son? Okay. He physically protected Harry. Sure. But he did everything besides to make Harry’s life as miserable as possibly only because he held a grudge against his dad. If he’d looked like Lily, do you think even for a second that Snape wouldn’t have treated him immeasurably better? 

And what about how he treated Neville? Snape tormented Neville to the point where his teacher was his worst fear instead of, say, ANY OF THE DEATH EATERS THAT TORTURED HIS PARENTS TO INSANITY. No. And why did Snape treat him like this? Because he was bitter that Voldemort chose Harry instead of Neville. If Voldy had chosen Neville, Lily might still be alive. So he takes out his maliciousness on this kid for no reason other than his own bitterness.

I’m not even gonna bring up how he treated the rest of the Gryffindors. Especially Hermione.

Also. Don’t ever pretend that McGonagall wasn’t the best thing to ever happen to those students.))

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I also live under the system that you claim is so horrible. Is your sister a US citizen? I'm American and my mother pays for the healthcare of all three of us and she's never had a problem. We are not rich. There's a lot of shit going on in the U.K. with the labor party and parliament right now that you should be focused on. There's a show called BBC question time in case you don't follow the politics of your own country. ☺️

Thank you for your concern, anon, but it’s unnecessary. I’m a law student—ergo, I am neck deep in British politics already, so your recommendation about Question Time while appreciated, is really redundant. Surprisingly, people have no problem being concerned about and discussing domestic and international politics. We have learned to juggle that, because even American domestic politics tend to have international consequences. Remember that time the Republican Party played chicken with the debt ceiling in an attempt to destroy funding for Obamacare and that jittered global financial markets? Yeah. I also happen to study public international law and human rights law, and the way economic and social rights like the right to healthcare are understood globally is part of my course, so pardon my interest in the ongoing attempt to repeal Obamacare.

1. Well, to answer your question, my sister is not an American citizen; but all the same she’s lived under that system. She had to enrol onto a health plan as a university student studying in the US. When she needed medication and vaccinations, it was expensive as hell; she had to pay it out of pocket on top of the premium because for some reason or another that drug wasn’t covered. Both of us had prior to lived under some form of universal healthcare, and she never had to fork out so much money for health care and medication before. In short, she’s in the US on a student visa—it’s not a case where she failed to purchase insurance. Obamacare has tried to improve the situation but healthcare costs are still seriously inflated compared to other systems she has lived under. Maybe you think that’s normal- my sister will tell you it’s not.

2. And if you noticed, in that post I wrote comparing health outcomes and spending between the US and other systems of universal healthcare—unlike you, I’m not under the illusion that anecdotal experiences alone are good rebuttals. I posted charts and links from data and studies which demonstrated time and again that you guys are spending far more on healthcare per capita than practically every other wealthy developed country without better life expectancy, health outcomes or the ability to guarantee access to those unable to pay. I didn’t merely rely on my own experience of the NHS’ single-payer system when responding to someone who was baldly asserting that healthcare in the EU & those other Asian countries with universal healthcare ‘paled’ in comparison to the US, and who was ludicrously claiming we were coming over in droves to enjoy this fantastic health care. It is curious that you think ‘I’m American, my mother pays for the healthcare for all three of us, and she’s never had a problem’ is an answer to that—hell, you don’t even have to listen to me. 

3. You are telling me all those criticisms levelled by your fellow Americans at your country’s healthcare system are all imaginary, merely because you personally have no problem with healthcare? Honestly, if you have no problems with your healthcare I’m glad. Healthcare is not something anybody should ever go bankrupt over. I’m aware that different states have different rules, and some have done a good job with making ACA work. I hope that is the case for you. But all the same- if there’s nothing wrong with your system, why is everyone continuing to rework it- including the Republicans? The ACA tried to improve it but it’s still unfinished. The US is a system where you can have the best healthcare in the world if you are wealthy because of how much medical R&D goes on- but the worst in the developed world if you are poor and unemployed. And that’s the measure that matters- how those who are the most vulnerable are treated. 

4. And I’ve to ask if you have ever seriously had your health coverage tested. You never quite know how much your health coverage is worth until there is a medical emergency. And that’s exactly what I mean. My family would be paying through the nose for cancer medication if we were American, because that particular drug costs over $100,000 per year in the United States even though it is years out of its patent thanks to the failure of the US government to take a sledgehammer to inflated drug prices and medical costs. And I haven’t even mentioned the long hospitalisation that family member had after 3 surgeries to remove a recurring tumour, not to mention all the follow up check-ups, blood tests and MRI scans to ensure it doesn’t come back. Universal healthcare saved his life, and also saved all of us a whole lot of stress because being sick is bad enough, let alone worrying about whether you can pay. Yeah, I am glad he is not American. Because he got sick way before the ACA banned rejecting people for pre-existing conditions and tried to better regulate abuse of the market. Maybe people will call this ‘free-loading’, but you know what? Prior to his illness, when he was younger and healthier—he had been a taxpayer contributing his bit to the social safety net with the understanding that everyone contributes to the system that we all need to use someday.

5. This is what happens when pharmaceutical companies can donate to candidates because there aren’t campaign spending limits or prohibitions on corporate donations. These things are either outright illegal or heavily regulated in other developed countries for good reason that you don’t want these corporations writing our healthcare laws. Additionally, practically every other developed country has aggressively acted to combat price inflation in the health industry, often by having governments use their massive bargaining power representing millions of healthcare users bargain down the price of drugs, or government regulations requiring publication of procedure costs across the board to identify price gouging. You should do a comparison of the cost of US medical procedures—they are frequently multiple times that of other wealthy countries offering the same quality. Can you look at this chart and tell me it’s acceptable? There’s more where it came from!

6. With single-payer healthcare in the UK, nobody has to go bankrupt because of a health emergency, nobody has to have their kids’ lives disrupted to make ends meet because the risk is spread out amongst millions of people. Healthcare coverage is also completely detached from employment, so coverage doesn’t depend on having a job, employers don’t have to expend money figuring out coverage and employees are mobile. Sounds like a good thing for the economy, no? Is our system perfect? Hell no! Healthcare is always a complex issue. But we have achieved all of this at a lower cost than the US healthcare system. And single-payer isn’t even the only system out there- Germany and Singapore are two examples of countries that have a mixed system of public and private insurance to cover everybody. Every other wealthy country has figured this out for decades. If the GOP can’t come up with a solution, it’s not because there aren’t dozens of real-life models running for decades to choose from. 

So, maybe take your own advice. Do your fellow Americans a favour and follow the politics of your own country more closely. Especially when the latest GOP bill would magnify the worst problems of the ACA and probably even destroy health insurance markets and creates a perverse incentive not to buy healthcare if you unfortunately lapsed for 2 months. It might even affect your present health insurance. Maybe even read up more on how other countries do it and realise the inflated costs still plaguing the system are unacceptable, inasmuch as ACA tried to help. And yeah, I stand by what I said. It’s terrible the most powerful country in the world and engine of the global economy doesn’t guarantee its citizens the healthcare they deserve. 

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Do you have any recommendations for books or stories that talk about the faerie/seelie, etc mythology? You write such cool things about it and I don't know where to learn more!

Oh man, okay! I’m going to give you what I can tonight, and if I remember anything more when I’m awake properly in the morning I’ll reblog this post and add on.

  • WAR FOR THE OAKS WAR FOR THE OAKS. The book is by Emma Bull and it’s a huge huge influence on me for this kind of subject (and for writing in general). If you even think you might want to read about a woman starting a rock band and getting wrapped up in a Faerie war, read it.
  • Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland series, which starts with “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making”. The books are technically for younger readers, but they are lush and for all the nonsense they have the darkness and cruelty of Fairyland down too. Any series that contains the sentence “The only price in the world that matters is the one that hurts to pay” has Fairyland down.
  • “The Perilous Gard,” Elizabeth Marie Pope. Another formative book about the Good People of the Hills for me. Gorgeous and shivery and romantic, and an excellent Tam Lin adaptation, in many ways.
  • Speaking of which: Tam Lin adaptations! Find a version of the ballad that you like, or skip directly to the book retellings. I can particularly recommend Pamela Dean’s “Tam Lin” and Diana Wynne-Jones’s “Fire and Hemlock.”
  • Terry Pratchett’s “Lords and Ladies” and also his “Wee Free Men” have great takes on elves. Particularly, Lords and Ladies contains this quote, which frequently informs my characterization (though not always, I think summarily calling them “bad” isn’t very interesting).
  • I’m not all that fond anymore, but in high school I was very into Holly Black’s “Tithe” and its companion novels, and again, it probably informed how I build those worlds.
  • There are such good tumblr posts about it! So I can’t discount my myths legends fairy tales tag for the odd post that may be relevant to your interests.
  • I can’t really think of movies that have the feeling I try to evoke down? Labyrinth might come closest, though it is sprinkled liberally with the 80s. But it’s very much got the be-careful-what-you-wish-for, everything-has-a-price kind of vibe I like.

That’s all I’ve got in me tonight, but it’s probably a start for you! Really, if nothing else, give “War for the Oaks” a look, it’s so good.

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have you ever thought of drawing some surfer clexa au? maybe with lexa as a surfer, I don't know i love surf even if I can't do it, it always fascinated me, i wish I could learn. I read some fics about it in the past but now i can't remember it

I could absolutely see lexa as a surfer! (I could see Lexa in any sort of athletic thing tbh)

Originally posted by starvedcreativity

oh! or or or Clarke as a surfer and Lexa as the strict no-nonsense lifeguard at the beach that gets flustered whenever Clarke passes by with her board and offers her a wave and a smile that has Lexa’s face going red and Shut up, Anya, stop laughing. I’m just overheated from the sun!

defining a relationship

you were
quiescent: a quiet, soft-spoken soul

i was
monachopsis: the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place

the thought of you and me?
chimerical: merely imaginary

it started with an
opia: the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

i can’t tell you how many times i had
jouska: a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head

our first date
vellichor: the strange wistfulness of used bookshops

it was so quiet
rubatosis: the unsettling awareness of your own heart beating

how could it have been so short?
adronitis: frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone

but then
billet-doux: a love letter

redamancy: the act of loving in return

i learned you were
raconteur: one who excels in story-telling

i thought it would be
sempiternal: everlasting; eternal

i don’t know why he-
mauerbauertraurigkeit: the inexplicable urge to push people away, even those you love

remember when-
anechdoche: a conversation in which someone is talking but nobody is listening

i wish i-
liberosis: the desire to care less about things

ephemeral: lasting a very short time

nodus tollens: the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense anymore

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Hey i was wondering if you had any thoughts on the whole Icarus' pride/fall analogy for fahc Gavin that seems to have gone around a bit? If you feel like it of course!

Oh Ramsey’s perfect little frontman, all polished shine and pearly whites, mouth dripping charm like poison, like promise. How fitting to dress him up in ancient fables, a cautionary tale that has stood the test of time, how apt to deem him doomed from the start.

Is it any surprise that the people can’t stop talking about about him? Can they really be blamed when he goads them into it? When he wears vanity like the finest cloak, teases rumours out of thin air, when he seemingly lives to be in the limelight no matter the cost.

They’ve named him Icarus, like hubris. Like ill-fated glory hound. Like pretty fool with his head in the clouds. Like the fatal fall is inevitable and he has already lost. It’s funny how no one ever talks about the fact that Icarus was running, hurled into the sky to escape the fickle fancies of a cruel king, less human trying to play god than prisoner willing to risk everything for one more day in the sun. Child still naive enough to believe his father could never steer him wrong.

They call him Icarus, and it fits.

At birth he was named Gavin and as a child he’d have given anything to fly. A tyrant needs no crown and cruelty has never been limited to kings; Gavin outgrew blind faith years ago and since that day he has been running. It’s made him cautious, most would never know it now but he has always been calculated where it counted, has never needed another to build his escape route.

He’s as skittish and distrustful as an alley cat, as anyone who has ever been powerless, who is determined never to be again. He investigates every outcome, he does his math twice, and though many laugh when he sets his sights on America Gavin has always known exactly how perilous his wings are. By the time he arrives he has been reborn; all that swanky blasé confidence didn’t come naturally, was built piece by piece, fragile feather by fragile feather, stitched together with fear and need and the hardened resolve of someone who has run out of options.

They say Icarus, like hubris. Like there is any pride in desperation. Like ambition is the enemy, and chasing the brightest, purest thing you’ve ever seen is arrogant. Like that first winged boy wasn’t absolutely aware of what he was doing, like he didn’t aim upwards on purpose, didn’t swear that after a lifetime in the dark he was going to kiss the sun whether it killed him or not. Salvation or bust.

In Los Santos he is golden. Ramsey’s boy, untouchable boy, brilliant, brutal, menace. He is vital, important, he is vicious, he is streaking towards the sun blazing so brightly no one can look away, burning up right before their eyes. Gavin is higher than he’s ever been but he can’t stop now, not when death is coming from above and below and behind, not when everyone knows it’s better to go out on top. Better to choose it, to taunt it, to die laughing with the sun on your face.

He knows what the people call him, knows what they all expect, and can’t quite stop himself from laughing at them; no one ever seems to talk about the fact that Icarus didn’t die in the fall. It was neither height nor folly that that got him in the end; Icarus drowned. Blinded by hope and dropped into an environment he had no way to prepare for, dragged down with no way to help himself and no one around to save him.

For all Gavin’s many faults, real and affected alike, no one can say he is alone, not anymore. Not after he built himself a safety net out of hard eyes and loaded guns, leather jackets and bared teeth, weaving desperate affection and steadfast protection so deeply into the most ruthless crew he’d ever met that they’d drain the entire ocean before they’d let him sink.

They call him Icarus, and it fits, but they are missing half the story. Gavin built his own wings, omitting wax in favour of blood and bone, coated them in bullet casings and gold leaf so they’d catch the sunlight and blind any who tried to look too closely. Who can tell, then, if he is climbing or falling? Who can see clearly enough to know when the ocean is rushing up to greet him? Gavin who is always two steps ahead, who could talk a fish out of water, could charm gravity, who has never feared the fall. Gavin who dreamed of flying, who spent his whole life learning how to swim.

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What advice would you give a college aged lesbian who's considering converting to Islam? It all feels so overwhelming and I don't know where to even start, not to mention I don't want to offend anyone.

Get to know Islam, read the Qur'an, learn what Islam is all about.

Remember that everyone has different interpretations and one line in the Qur'an can be perceived in hundreds of different ways by different people so I suggest you read it yourself and try to understand the religion yourself and find out what it means to you. Especially as a lesbian, you’ll hear so many people tell you that being gay is unlawful/haram because of some allegory they supposedly read in the Qur'an when in fact it’s just their homophobic and bigoted interpretations that deducted it in that way.

If you do decide to convert, what you should always keep in mind is you shouldn’t dress in a certain way or celebrate a certain thing because you want to be recognized as a Muslim by other people, you should do it because of your love for God. Islam is not about praying 5 times a day/wearing a hijab/etc, Islam is about your relationship with Allah SWT

All in all, Im wishing you the best of luck, you have my support! ❤️

Here are some pretty great posts filled with resources and tips that could help: 

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It's so exhausting to be so empathetic and always see the bad in the world. I feel like I'm always fighting. And I don't even know who am I fighting against.

there’s no one that you’re fighting. your empathy makes it so you feel like you’re fighting other people’s battles and struggles and hardships. you need to remember that you can only fight your own battles, and you cannot adopt other’s, intentionally or not. I know that this is exhausting but you will start feeling so much relief when you eventually learn to stop soaking up the negativity of others. if you need to, please see a therapist or someone that can give you professional advice because they can do so much more to help than I can, and it’s helped with my own hyper-empathy too.

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Hey, I've got a weird question. I'm a native Spanish speaker, and I don't remember having trouble with this, or even remember my younger siblings having problems with this when they started talking. How do you know when to say "ser" and when to say "estar", I'm asking out of genuine curiosity, because it doesn't even seem to be a problem for us in translations from any language, and I need t know how it's consciously learned.

Well, the native U.S. English speakers (and some UK English speakers) that I know of typically have to keep in mind that ser is more permanent and estar is not.

And really any Romance Language that has only one verb for “to be” (like French) has some problems with ser and estar

And then when you’ve learned it you have to keep it in mind for all the different tenses. So occasionally people will know it in present tense es vs. está but then mess up if it should be fuera / fuese or estuviera / estuviese or something like that.

How we categorize ser vs. estar:

[copied from another ask]

You use ser most often with things that are immutable or things that don’t change easily. The noun el ser itself means “a being”, as in “a physical existing person or creature”.

So when using ser it’s most often with description, occupation, nationality, personality, height, weight, and so on.

More in-depth explanations of the functions of ser include:

1. Description = es alto/a, es rubio/a, es blanco/a, es joven, es un hombre, es una mujer…

2. Occupation / Profession / Title / Role = es doctor(a), es dentista, es abogado/a, es madre, es padre, es profesor(a), es maestro/a…

3. Identity / Race / Species / Color = soy Marco, soy Ana, soy yo, eres tú, son ellos, son ellas, somos nosotros… es una silla [it’s a chair], es una ventana [it’s a window], es un gato [it’s a cat]… es asiática, somos humanos, es muy rojo, son blancos…

4. Material / Made of = es de seda [silk], es de madera [wood], es de plomo [lead], es de vidrio [glass], es de acero [steel]…

5. Nationality = soy estadounidense, ella es francesa, son ingleses, son japonesas…

6. Origin [More or less like Nationality]: es de Alemania, soy de los Estados Unidos, son de China, somos de Perú…

7. Personality, Height, Weight = es simpática, es amable, es receloso [miserly], es desagradable, es idiota, es alto, es baja, es flaca, es gorda, es delgada, es una persona feliz, es una persona… 

8. Telling time = es la una [it’s 1 o’clock], son las dos, ¿Qué hora es?, son las diez y cuarto

9. Possession = es mi [it’s my], es mío [it’s mine], es tu [it’s your], es tuyo[it’s yours]… etc.

10. Passive Voice = la mesa es puesta por ella [the table is set by her], la cama es hecha por él [the bed is made by him]…

The use of estar is predominately with location and temporary things. It’s connected to words like la estación ”season of the year”, estático/a ”static”, estable ”stable”, inestable ”unstable”, el estatus ”status”, el estante ”shelf”, el bienestar ”well being / health”, and so on.

When using estar it’s most often with location, condition, mood/emotion, illness/wellness, alive/dead, and temporary rather than long-term.

1. Location = estamos en la biblioteca [we’re in the library], está debajo de la mesa [it’s under the table], están encima de la cama [they’re on top of the bed], está en frente del hotel [it’s in front of the hotel]

2. Condition = está cansado/a [he/she is tired], está nervioso/a [he/she is nervous], está confuso/a [he/she is confused]

3. Mood, Emotion, Feeling = está triste [he/she is sad], está feliz [he/she is happy], está enojado/a [he/she is angry], está decepcionado/a [he/she is disappointed]

4. Illness and Wellness = está bien [he/she is (feeling) well], está fatal[he/she is (feeling) terrible], está enfermo/a [he/she is sick], está mejor[he/she is (feeling) better]

5. Alive and Dead = estamos vivos [we’re alive], está vivo/a [he/she is alive], estamos muertos [we’re dead], está muerto/a [he/she is dead]

6. The Progressive [-ing form] = está hablando [he/she is speaking], está cantando [he/she is singing], está yendo [he/she is going], está viniendo[he/she is coming], está haciendo [he/she is doing]

What’s a little trickier is when you COULD use either, but they imply different things…

Es verde. = It is green. [lit. “it is green in color”]

Está verde. = It is unripe. [lit. “it is not mature”, “it is still green”]

Es confuso/a. = It is confusing. [“it is not making sense”, “it causes confusion”]

Está confuso/a. = He/She is confused. [This person is in a state of confusion]

Son felices. = They’re happy people. [Personality]

Están felices. = They’re happy. [At this moment; Temporary]

Es genial. = It’s great. [Identification/Description]

Está genial. = It looks great. [Temporary appearance or feeling]

Es espantoso/o. = It’s horrifying. [Identification/Description]

Está espantoso/a. = He/She looks terrible. [Condition or temporary appearance]

Es viejo/a = He/She is an old person. [Identification/Description]

Está viejo/a. = It looks old/beat up. [Condition]

Es fatal. = It’s awful. OR It is deadly. [Identification/Description]

Está fatal. = He/She looks very sick. [Wellness, condition, or temporary appearance]

Es aburrido/a. = It’s boring. [Identification/Description]

Está aburrido/a. = He/She is bored. [Condition]

Son muertos. = They are dead people. [Identification/Description]

Están muertos. = They are dead. [Status]

Son unos enfermos. = They’re some sick people. [Identification/Description]

Están enfermos. = They are sick. [Condition, Wellness]

Es mejor. = It is better. [Identification/Description]

Está mejor. = He/She is (feeling) better. [Wellness]

Es un triste día. = It’s a sad day. [Identification/Description]

Ella está triste. = She is sad. [Mood]

I hope at least some of all that made sense.

Here’s some supplemental stuff that will probably explain it in a much more clear-cut way than I did:

[end of copy]

For us, the hardest part is when everything starts to be interchangeable but depends on context.

So if someone asks me if it should be… es rico/a or está rico/a what they end up meaning is “Which is correct and which is incorrect?”

But the real problem is that ser rico/a and estar rico/a are BOTH TECHNICALLY CORRECT… but that they’re used in different situations. 

Really, what I try to do is get people to link ser to el ser “a being” or los seres queridos “loved ones” / [lit. “liked beings”] and have them starting to link estar with estable “stable” / inestable “unstable” or with la estación “a season (of the year)”

For a native speaker it’s all so obvious that no one bats an eye.

But by the same token, I get plenty of questions from Spanish-speakers who ask me where to put a preposition when it’s things like “to leave off” or “to catch up” or “to give in”…

Where they know where the actual verb goes, but they wonder if it makes a difference where the preposition goes. Because in Spanish there’s a lot more variety with where you put a lo / la or a se or le/les etc.

What’s the worst is trying to explain how “to catch” and “to catch up” and “to catch up with” are all different expressions.

I think it’s just a question of repetition and having it pounded into your brain as a native speaker which one is right that you don’t even question it. 

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What I really hate is when white foreigners go to an Asian country without bothering to look up the social etiquette first. The most common complaint I see is that they don't apologize for bumping into you. Ummm??? If you bothered to spare 2 minutes of your time to google it you would have learned that's not considered rude in a lot of Asian countries? And then they get completely shocked when they get yelled at for doing something considered rude by the locals.

Yeah, I remember someone talking about this. A lot of Asian countries are very overcrowded so they don’t have the luxury of personalized individual space. In China for example, I’ve heard that it’s very crowded and some people are so poor, they don’t even get individual space.

In America, we basically “own” the space around us and everyone acknowledges this. If you pass a person in a narrow hallway, both of you will almost automatically move near the walls. You go onto an elevator, and people will almost automatically move away from each other. You sit next to someone on a bench and it’ll usually be on the end, away from them.

This personalized, individual “ownership of space” is something that many people don’t have in some Asian countries. So when they bump into us or get too close, we will think they’re being rude. But it’s really a “cultural clash” on the concept of individual space. We have a different set of rules as for what is rude and what isn’t.

Angry Asian Guy