i don't even really like emma watson

Draco vs The Beast
  • Draco: What is Granger doing on that horse?
  • Harry: It's just a movie, Draco.
  • Draco: And what is she wearing? Blue is not her colour!
  • Harry: It's not real.
  • Draco: No, Granger, don't go inside the castle!
  • Harry: Draco, will you just-
  • Draco: Noooo! *covers his eyes*
  • *1 hour later*
  • Draco: Wow, Granger really has horrible taste in men. Does Weasley even know his girlfriend is getting it on with that... thing?
  • Harry: ... Why am I even trying?

anonymous asked:

Why do you not like Emma Watson feminism? I mean yeah, you don't HAVE to say "men should be feminists too" but it doesn't really do any harm. I think she's a great feminist, even if her inclusion of men is just extra

She’s not a good feminist. She’s a capitalistic feminist who panders to men. I used to feel thankful toward celebrities like her and Beyonce, etc, who brought the word “feminism” back into the lexicon of our nation’s young girls. Now, I’m actually just sorely disappointed by it because I realized I must expect better, we can do better, the world’s women deserve better, and we must believe that the world’s women are better–better than only finding social justice inspiration through celebrities.

As far as her inclusion of men—well, including men is unnecessary and a waste of feminist energy, but this isn’t even the primary reason her brand of feminism bothers me. Her feminism bothers me becuase it is a brand. She turned it into a capitalist venture essentially, a trendy hashtag that lets men know that sexy celebs are feminists so they can be, too. What does it have to do with women? Actually, very little. This is about men patting themselves on the back. No thank you. It’s completely detached from meaningful discourse on feminism and the vast majority of feminist theory, it tramples on the hard work of genuine feminists, and it’s reach is woefully limited. It doesn’t actually help. It just makes a bunch of douchey misogynists feel like they aren’t douchey misogynists because they tweeted one hashtag.

I also have a major problem with turning to celebrities to find our feminism. I understand how people fall into this since we are raised looking up to celebrities. I wish I could find the source, but the best quote I’ve seen on this is as follows:

Instead of turning celebrities into feminist icons, we should be turning feminist icons into celebrities.