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That’s what the SKAM fandom has become. A fucking mess between :  

- The creepy fans. They are hardcore fans. They are obsessed with Evak. They watched like 50 times, season 3. They know every lines by heart. They managed to do 2-3 trip to Olso, not for the beauty of Norway of course, only to see the two principal actors. On tumblr, their only occupation is reblogging stuff concerning Evak, Tarjei Sandvik Moe (“MY PRECIOUS SON”) and Henrik Holm (“RAY of SuNshIne”) (“BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD”) (“I’M SO EMOTIONAL” or “I’M CRYING Tarjei or Henrik is buying some orange juice”) and answering Anon who is telling them ”Gurl, it’s gross, stop shipping Tarjei and Henrik together.“ ” You have to distinguish the character from the actor“. They don’t care, they’re too far gone, they will keep shipping them anyway because “I don’t hurt anybody doing that”

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 - The Norwegian weaboo. They throw some “Halla”, “Alt er love”, “Nei” and “Fy Faen” in ALL their fucking post even if they are just talking about idk lasagna. They remind you everyday that they are now master in Norwegian thanks to Duolingo. Suddenly, since Skam, half of Tumblr is Norwegian and live in Oslo and have (if it’s not them) ”friends who knew / go to the same school / did a party / hang out (cross out the wrong indications) with Henrik, Marlon and Tarjei". Yes, little we knew, Oslo is a village of 100 peoples.

- The Yousana shippers. Some muslims, many who aren’t. Innocent, they don’t understand what’s the big deal with the fact that Yousef doesn’t believe in God. Some even except a kiss between Yousef and Sana. LOL. My sweet summer child, you can wait. 

- The Jonas (”Eyebrows god”) stan. My favorite. They’re just worried about their fave since he disappeared completely this season. 

- The Eva stan. They’re just most of the time praising her and her “fabulous mermaid hair”. 

 - The seeker of the truth 1. The one who only care about this ETERNAL question in the universe : Is Vilde a lesbian ? They’re no doubt for them, and the answer is “YES”. They dislike Magnus with passion and (like 99% of the fandom) can’t stand Magnus and Vilde making out session. They reclaim the truth from Julie Andem ALL THE TIME. 

 - The seeker of the truth 2. The one who only care about contradict them. “Vilde is NOT a lesbian”. They’re personally offended by this supposition. Why ? Nobodies know.

- The artist. They just draw or do “aesthetic edit” about Skam. Half of their caption is “Alt er love”-“Du er ikke alene”-“Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. If you have an “aesthetic gif set” about one of the girl squad then you can be sure that you will find the picture of “a MAC lipstick slightly open with behind a white grayish background” in it.  

 - The Penetrator Chris Stan. Mostly young, they live in their bubble. They don’t take part of any fandom’s drama because they’re not invested enough. Isak ? Nope. Even ? Nope. Sana ? Nope. Noora ? Nope. LGBTQ representation ? Nope. POC representation ? Nope. ON-LY THIS FUCK-BOY MA-TTER FOR THEM. You easily recognize them because of their self-insert-imagine Readers where they are “William’s little sister and Chris secret lover” or when “You (Y/N) and jealous Chris are fucking in the kitchen”. 

- The Noorhell shippers. Maybe they were the original, the first one, SKAM  fans on Tumblr. Who knows ? They live in the past. They are still too invested in their shitty ship. They are an endangered specie now or maybe just hiding till the Wilhelm hate shit storm calm down. 

- The pepsi-max girl stan. Just kidding, nobody care about them. 

- The “Guys I have this incredible NEW theory : water is wet”. They are like weeks late in the season and just rehearse a theory who was already confirmed or already enunciated already by hundred of persons before. 

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-  DISCOURSE GROUP 1. The “Sana’s season is too boring”. Mostly white girl, mostly straight, “they can’t relate to Sana because “she (an arab muslim straight girl) is too different” but they had zero difficulties to relate to Isak during season 3 (a white gay boy). Why ? You already know the answer. You can pair them with the Evak creepy fangirl, most of them came from this group. Until know, they were just a pain in the ass with their “ok it’s not that I don’t care about Sana (in fact, surprise, they don’t) but WHERE IS EVEN ?”. They cried when the S4 trailers was released. After their little crisis, they wrote 10K long ass meta about why in fact every little details in this trailer was related to Even and not Sana. Still delusional, they don’t want to move on. They don’t talk or reblog stuff from S4, only from S3 (OR S4 but only if it concerns Evak of course). They wrote many theories about the balloon squad and how problematic they were. This friday, they were apparently “proven right” to their greatest joy with Mikael and Even’s story. YAY.  Since you can hear them yelling “all religions are evil and homophobic and needs to disappear (BUT if Islam could be the ONLY ONE to burn it would be nice”). Suddenly they adore Sonja (who was ”a bitch” during season 3) If you ask them not to jump to conclusion with Mikael (“the rat”), you are homophobic yourself and obviously awfully racist against white people (???). 

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- DISCOURSE GROUP 2. The Sana’s stan/ muslims one. They waited so long for Sana’s season and muslim representation. They have no time for your “lowkey islamophobic white ass” (”Sana is too white in this gifset” “ Pepsi-max girls sucks” “We don’t care about Willhell/ Evak/ Noora ” ( cross out the wrong indications) ). This season is very personal for them but to their surprise, it’s anything but what they expected. They have mixed feelings every new clip. They tried to educate the others Skam fans about some concept of Islam but people are not very receptive so they started to give up. Despite friday clip, they are still defending Mikael and the balloon squad against the various attack from the DISCOURSE GROUP 1. Easily offended, they can be a little too protective of Sana, her mom, and the balloon squad.  It appears that they lost all their patience and decided for the best or the worst to let the fandom burn. 

- THE OTHERS. The one who just enjoy the show, their favorite characters and favorite ships. They’re just watching the drama from afar. Sometimes, they low-key have a side but are too lazy to make a post about it. They’re just incredibly tired of this mess. 

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how did you and your sister get into photography? i wanna get into it and eventually freelance in my spare time when i get enough experience but don't how to begin and 2) have you both done wedding photography and if not is that something you'd be interested in doing? also do you think it's better to be self taught or is it okay to take a photography class at my local community college? like i feel like almost everyone is self taught and idk if taking a class is a waste


We have always been into anything art related. Our parents bought us small digital cameras for our birthday when we were in 5th or 6th grade I believe. We were always taking photos of nature, vacations, and various events. When we got to high school (right around the time dslr cameras were becoming available to everyday consumers not just professionals) my dad bought one for himself. At first our dad wouldn’t let us use it without him there but eventually when we got the hang of using it and he let us take it places without him there. Natasha started taking photos of school events and posting them on Facebook. I started doing the same but a little bit after her. Eventually she bought her own entry level dslr and I bought my dads old dslr when he upgraded his. By sophomore year we were both posting lots of photos on Facebook. We also started asking our friends if we could photograph them. We would style our friends and have mini photoshoots. This was all just for fun for us. We have always been into editorial makeup/photography and styling our own shoots was our way of getting into that. Then during the summer after sophomore year a student asked Natasha to take his senior pictures which she ended up doing did. And later more and more people asked both of us to take their senior pictures. We had no idea how to price anything or what to include in packages initially. After 2-3 years we both were honing in our photography style and were getting better at pricing and guaranteeing a certain level of quality to our clients. When we got to college we would go home and take senior pictures during the summers. In college we took peoples headshots. So it was overtime that we started our photography businesses. We didn’t start photography with the intention of making a business out of it/going into it professionally. We still ask our friends to photograph them and have mini photo shoots that we style. Its important to us to constantly create personal work as well as client work. During all of this we both tried our hand at surreal/photo manipulation photography but it wasn’t for us. By the end of high school and throughout college we also shot a few wedding but both didn’t like photographing weddings. By the time we finished college both of us realized that our favorite genre of photography is portraits. So now we mainly shoot headshots, portraits, and senior pictures professionally and create editorial shoots for our personal work. 

Even though we both went to art school neither of us has taken a photography class. The photo department at U of M mainly focused on documentary photography which we were not interested in. Plus the photo professors were known to be sexist and/or racist. We are about 95% percent self taught. One of our digital media professors did help us learn some stuff in photoshop but that’s about it. When either Natasha or I start a hobby we go into it full force lol. So right when we got into photography we followed a TON of photographers online and were constantly trying to figure out how they edited there photos so we could improve our editing. Over the course of 8 years we have really developed our photography styles and editing skills. Early on we would sometimes try and copy other photographers which helped us figure out what we liked and disliked for our own photography. I don’t encourage people to copy other artists especially if they are going to sell their work. But it can be helpful when figuring out your own style but it’s important to make sure you are not ripping someone off and give credit where credit is due. When I would use another artists idea I always explained in the description who the artist was and linked to their work. A photographer I know was notorious for copying another well known photographer but her audience thought she was super original because they didn’t know about the well known photographer. Plus you will never be as good as the original photographer/artist and will end up constantly comparing yourself which is no fun lol.

Even though both of us are self taught I don’t think taking photography classes is a bad idea if you think it will help you learn. One of my favorite illustrators, Sam Spratt, took many illustration classes when he was at SCAD but that doesn’t mean he is any better or worse than other illustrators that are completely self-taught. I always wanted to take commercial/fashion lighting classes but they were never offered at my university. I also would love to take some photography workshops but they the ones I want to take (Lara Jade’s in particular) are too expensive for me. Also as an artist I’ve generally been self-taught. I had a few great drawing teachers and professors in high school (I took a college drawing class in high school) who helped me a lot. But when it comes down to being an artist you really have to push yourself to make stuff outside of class. This was a challenge for a lot of my classmates once we graduated. A lot of them didn’t know how to create work outside of class. (I’m simplifying a lot here bc i could go on and on about how much i disliked or liked u of m’s art school lol) My whole life I’ve been making stuff outside of class so creating a photography business wasn’t super difficult for me. 

This brings me to the business/freelance part. Turning something you are passionate about into a business can be great and horrible. A lot of my friends don’t freelance because the business side of it destroys their interest in the art. Some of my clients are very particular and they don’t always like the photos I take. But this is something I have to get past. Also over time you start to get better clients because they come to you knowing what they will get. Early on people would hire me because they knew I took photos not because they liked my style of photography (I hope that makes sense). Now people know what they are getting and it’s less likely that a client will be unsatisfied with their photos. As a freelancer keep in mind that it’s a lot of emails and advertising yourself. Yes it’s great that I can make money off of something I love doing but I have to keep in mind that it’s still a business. When I first started out clients would ask for lower prices and I would lower them because I didn’t want to lose a client and I didn’t know if I was too expensive or not. This was fine at first but now I don’t budge on my prices because now I know my worth and it’s not fair to my other clients to change prices. Also photography gear can get expensive and when you freelance/do photography professionally there is a point when you’ll probably to invest in professional gear. Part of this is to put you among other photographers in the industry but the physical quality of your photos will also improve. This way you can better guarantee what a client will get. Ex. my dad’s old dslr that I used had a cropped sensor so if the lighting wasn’t the best i couldn’t edit the photos as much in photoshop as I can with a full frame camera. Basically I just want to make it clear that once you start freelancing it’s a business so just like other business you have to know when and where to invest and how much. 

I’m sure you were not expecting this long of answer but I hope it helped! 

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Hey, uh, I asekd this question on Kirkbride's tumblr page and didn't get a response, so I'm asking here: how likely is it that the "C0DA" (is that how you spell it? What does it even mean, anyway?") that michael kirkbride posted, that details how man go extinct and such, will be happening in the main game series at some point? Because I really don't want it to happen in the main games, as it's too depressing. Also, Boethiah and Mephala: What differentiates the two?

how likely is it that the “C0DA” … will be happening in the main game series at some point?

Unlikely - but not because no one likes it or because there is some kind of canonicity lader. Rather, it is because C0DA is, by design and by virtue of medium, a story that doesn’t want to be told in the main TES franchise. 

Why? Excuse me while I digress for a second, because I think this warrants an explanation of what C0DA is

Think of the Elder Scrolls universe (the universe - not the games) as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Each game, book, art piece, playthrough, etc. are then different versions of this one central piece of fiction, just like there are many different editions of Shakespeare’s play. There are books, movies, theatre productions, audiobooks, a ballet… but they are all Romeo and Juliet. Some of the editions make only minor edits to the “real,” original work of fiction, others make sweeping alterations. C0DA, in this analogy, is something like West Side Story. Or, to use another play as the starting point, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. It takes some of the themes of the world and shifts everything around them in order to examine them from another angle. 

Michael’s C0DA is, in other words, not just his view on the world. C0DA isn’t a fancy word for headcanon, unless your headcanon is a work of fiction set in a different genre and a different setting than the original universe with the expressed purpose of reinterpreting the world rather than expanding it. C0DA isn’t a fancy word for fanfiction or apocrypha or anything else you want to call it - though your fanfiction could certainly be a c0da. 

C0DA is speculative fiction about an already fictional universe. 

Michael’s C0DA is also very self-aware (though yours doesn’t have to be). The superhero scene isn’t there for some in-universe purpose, it isn’t there because in the future Tamriel has TV, or because it’s a drug trance of Jubal’s or anything like that. It is there to use the medium (a classic superhero comic/Marvel movie) to set a tone and paint a picture. Rather than explaining in a thousand words how the Dunmer feel about Almsivi and their relation to them, it says, “Ever watched Avengers? Yeah, like that.” 

I understand where the question of C0DA appearing in game comes from. It’s the same question people ask about all Michael’s (and other people’s) non-contract work, but since C0DA is so weird, people are asking it even more often. But hopefully the above explanation shows why that question is irrelevant. C0DA isn’t meant to appear within the games, or even necessarily to influence them. It isn’t like Water Getting Girl or Shor, Son of Shor, both of which exist within the world with the primary function of making it deeper and more interesting. You’re not going to see the plot of C0DA in TESVI, and TES (probably) isn’t going to jump a thousand years into a post apocalyptic science-fantasy setting, because that would be against the respective mediums of both the game series and of C0DA. Is it possible you’ll see references to things or concepts in C0DA, or new things that interplay with ideas in C0DA? Totally. Like I said all the way up there, it’s not like people at Bethesda hate it ;) 

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Hi, I don't want to come across as ignorant or something but what is this fyz blog? Could you maybe explain who's blog this is, what's so bad about it,...?

Sorry this was asked a couple of times, so I’m reusing my original post.

They are constantly cropping Louis Tomlinson out of the pictures even if he is in the close vicinity of Harry Styles. This way twisting your perception  and supporting that ridiculous narrative that the friendship (and relationship) of the century broke because Louis was sick of the gay rumors and they are not even on speaking terms. Nothing new, just add this to the usual crap we get about HarryandLouis by Modest.



This was a lie that actually got out of the basket, and we have no idea how many times they have been pictured together. We all know there is a photo ban on HL. 

They are supporting Harry’s womanizer narrative, Harry Styles and mystery women (and now men) walking on the street, but forgetting to report when he is in a gay bar, and OH SURPRISE there is a new HQ about Louis landing when he is a continent apart from Harry, let’s post it, we hate Louis but let’s post it. 

So see people Louis is landing in Luton, FYZ posting 674 HQ pictures and then look people Harry is still in L.A.  Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Got it? Harry and Louis are not together. Got it? #NOTWITHLOUIS.

And the other times Louis appeared on the site was when the narrative required it. Meaning that they are posting candids with the title: the boys on their way to their rehearsal and guess who is never featured? Louis William Tomlinson. NEWSFLASH! One Direction has 5 members. Not 4.

But look there is a new Louis picture, oh right. Because his beard appeared, let’s post some pictures from a private plane because apparently these 13-14 year olds running this site have their purses full of green crispy dollars and can buy out sets of pap pictures.

OOPS, did I say buy out? Well, more like stealing them, cropping the shit out of them and posting them without a source. So they got called out and got threatened with a lawsuit by jojopics and they claimed jojopics was spreading lies, but then SURPRISE! They had to change URL’s and SURPRISE 2.0 ALL THEIR CANDIDS WERE DELETED.  Yeah, not shady, right? So who is the liar now?

And besides that they are rude and arrogant. They used disgustingly hateful tags for Louis and they are not my kind of pal.

Now they cut the OU (which originally referred to Louis) from their URL and still exist, still stealing pictures, posting cropped and edited shit instead of the original ones. Putting a disclaimer on the site that they are not hosting the images apparently worked. They are still Modest’s/HJPR mouthpiece. Same old sh.. but a different URL.