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I have decided to post this fic because why not, also, idk what it is so yikes don’t blame me. It’s obviously a draft that I should’ve worked on before posting. But, whatever. Also, *cough* @seychelise *coughs again as I shove this at you*


‘I won’t walk away.’

“You told me you wouldn’t walk away. You told me. Yet, you did. You walked away, and you never came back.”

‘I won’t leave.’

“You told me you wouldn’t leave. You told me. Yet, you did. You left, and you never came back.”

‘I won’t hurt you.’

“You told me you wouldn’t hurt me. You told me. Yet, you did. You hurt me, and I never healed.”

‘I won’t. I promise.’

“You told me you wouldn’t. You told me. Promised me! Yet, you did. You broke your promise, and now it’s time for me to break you.”

“I told you that before. Didn’t I? That I would break you? I never did… I guess we both broke our promises. S’too bad that I can make up for mine, but you can’t. You never will.”

“Do you feel that? The pain? That’s exactly how I felt when you broke your promise.”

“Oh, Tucker. I will make sure you won’t make it out of here alive. No no, I promise you.”

@pavusiing replied to your post “Request Pokestops at hospitals and other medical buildings 2016

Hospitals are actually requesting that people NOT do this because it invites people who should not be in hospitals to come into them. Especially in places where people aren’t really allowed to be.

Oh, good point! I had no clue that was going on. People have a right to their property I suppose, and we definitely wouldn’t want a bunch of random people walking into a hospital. Especially if there was a big crowd, it would probably cause a lot of unwanted confusion and chaos, which no one wants in building dedicated to improving and saving lives. 

On the other hand, hospitals (I’ll leave out other medical buildings for now) are often surrounded by areas devoid of Pokestops from what I’ve seen. There are absolutely zero in sight. The hospital and other business buildings (again, from what I’ve seen) seem to take up most of that space, and more “public” buildings, such as stores and restaurants, are pretty far away or very outnumbered by business buildings. Therefore, I think most of the people within vision range of the Pokestop would be those who either work there or have come by for an appointment/emergency of some sort. Someone who just passes by the area probably wouldn’t be too temped to stop and get it unless they were already close to the Pokestop, especially since there are better places that have many more Pokestops to access. Also, hopefully the Pokestops would be placed closer to the entrance of the hospital–allowing people to access it from outside the building. 

BUT if those who own the hospital don’t want a Pokestop there, I guess they have the right to set that boundary. Maybe people can contact the hospital and explain why they would like a Pokestop near the hospital if they really wanted one there. 

I think that other medical buildings, especially the ones that have segmented waiting rooms closed off from a central area, shouldn’t have as much of a problem. Don’t think I’ll go further into this right now, though. My brain feels very blanked out right now, and thinking of words/reading is getting harder. Hopefully this has been readable so far (and isn’t really illogical or anything)!

Anyway, I don’t have any strong viewpoints on this. I haven’t thought about this too much (so thanks for bringing it up lol), and I’ve only observed medical buildings that are closer to where I live. It could be completely different in different areas!

Any ideas or opinions? Should I edit the post, delete it, or keep it up?

guise, I’m kool enough to be considered the glitter princess. 

Tonight I think I’m gonna do something nice for myself and go on a really long drive. I’m honestly really excited to put down the window and race down the highway with just the stars and the wind for company. I have this image in my head of stopping at random gas stations at like 3 in the morning for kit-kats and just. Being so so happy. Yeah it’d be nice to have someone in the seat next to me but this just means I can sing as loud as I want to fall out boy! and really no one should have to go through that

And it’s only when they’re together again that Arizona remembers what making love feels like. Callie is on top of her and naked and beautiful and her skin seems to be glowing under the dim yellow light of the bedroom - like it used to - and Arizona can’t help but think about how much she missed making love to Callie. Only when Callie is smiling at her moans, kissing her neck with an open mouth and feeling her nails dig deep into her tanned back, that Arizona realizes that Callie is the only person she’ll ever be able to make love to. She can feel how happy Callie is. How much she’s been waiting for this exact moment. How much pleasure it brings her to make Arizona feel loved again. And suddenly she doesn’t know how she survived for years without that smile kissing her while skilled hands pushed her over the edge, and the Universe seems suspense; like her whole life has been leading up to that exact moment, how everywhere she’s been, everyone she’s been with, everything she’s been through were a velvety red carpet for the love of her life to walk on. She kisses, licks, sucks and bites every inch of Callie’s neck, unaffected by the possibility of leaving visible marks. She wants everyone to know that Callie belongs to her and she belongs to Callie. And somehow - even if she knows, from experience, that that’s not true - the love Callie and her share seems strong enough to go through anything.

She makes a mental note to remember that when things get tough again.

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lore: if your life were a tale, how do u expect it would end?? happily ever after! my goal is to live life to the fullest, love everyone with all my heart, and give back to the people who give so much to me! thus, happily ever after is a huge hope of mine to have!

thanks for asking, i LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!

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