i don't even need an exciting job

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i work in retail and my job is boring af, my boss is on vacation and wont be at work tonight and i'm contemplating taking a couple shots before work tomorrow. idky im telling you this. i just needed to tell somebody because even though i know its a bad idea im kind of excited about it..

Well….. so long as you brush your teeth after those shots. The last thing you want is for customers to smell booze breath coming from you. 

I should have said this first, but I hope you’re of age lol


10 internet cookies for the one to guess what scene I’m trying to animate

And if any of you wants to help me dub it drop a message, I’ve got accent and 0 acting skills and I’m trying to do a kind of good job on this I even made a crappy storyboard

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I think the bush a lot of people are beating around is that, as a public face of Wizards, you have to hype and promote new sets when they're on sale. Even if you do have some concerns, you can't really say anything. Some people, who don't understand the needs of a business, see that as dishonesty, because in theory you could come out and say "This probably ~isn't~ our best expansion yet." But I think you're on solid ground, because you're so candid with us in hindsight. That's a good balance.

Here’s my rule. I never say anything that isn’t true (to the best of my awareness). I will stress the positives of whatever the new thing is because I’m a spokesperson and it is part of my job to get you excited for the newest thing.

Why am I always so excited? Because I worked long and hard to make the product the best it could be and then sat on the information for a minimum of sixteen months. My excitement is very real. It is fun to share cool new things was a dedicated audience.

I do not hype everything equally because there are things I’m honestly more excited about, but I do focus on whatever I think is cool about the current set.

I also try very hard to be critical but only after I have all the data which includes you all playing with it which means I am usually only critical in hindsight. But when I am critical, I am brutally honest, more so than just about anyone in the game industry.

I am allowed to change my mind over time or evolve how I (or R&D) thinks about things. An important part of my job is iteration which means I learn from what I do and adapt. That means what I believe will drift.