i don't even need a party

I can’t even be upset that you don’t care about me too because you were never mine to care about to begin with…
—  Confessions of a party girl
I don’t understand how we could love each other so much and still want to keep our hearts as far as possible from each other. Two years later and we’re still hurting. Except now we are hurting 300 miles away.
—  Soon.
  • Aries: Starboy // You talking bout me I don't see your shade, switch up my style I take any lane
  • Taurus: All I Know // You sleep one eye closed, to scared to get heartbroke
  • Gemini: False Alarm // She always leaves the man she loves, but the diamonds are forever
  • Cancer: Attention // Tell me how to love, it's been too long
  • Leo: Reminder // All I wanna do is make that money and make dope shit
  • Virgo: Secrets // It's a lie, a lie, I catch you every time
  • Libra: I Feel it Coming // You don't need a lonely night, so baby I can make it right
  • Scorpio: Six Feet Under // Real love's hard to find, so she don't waste her time
  • Sagittarius: Party Monster // I'm like, got up, thank the Lord for the day, woke up by a girl I don't even know her name
  • Capricorn: A Lonely Night // Better when we're both apart, we're no good for each other
  • Aquarius: Rockin' // I'm actin' reckless baby, I'm 'bout to lose it all
  • Pisces: True Colours // So if I love you, it'd be just for you
Grocery Shopping with B.A.P
  • Yongguk: He's a simple man. He's not too picky so all he'll really do is observe your product selection and give a nod of approval. He might even sneak in a pack of ramen...or maybe a whole box...or two.
  • Himchan: He knows what he likes! He has a complex flavor palette so he might take a bit more charge when shopping, but he is definitely an adventurous eater! He's not afraid to try new things!
  • Daehyun: He over compensates. "You think we need this sauce? I mean we don't need it now, but I know it tastes good and what if we need it for a dinner party? It's on sale right now!"
  • Youngjae: He's a bit more health conscious than the rest so he has an elaborate list of things. He'll pull it out, as well as a pen to neatly check everything off once it's in the cart.
  • Jongup: He's not a picky eater so he doesn't really care what you do or don't pick. But he'll definitely follow you around and help carry all the heavy stuff!
  • Zelo: You have to constantly decline his bags and boxes of junk food. "What about this? No? What about this one. This ones the best! It's my favorite" and he'll groan when you decline...he'll still put it in the cart tho...

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I was thinking today that we should really just be happy with what Sam and Cait are willing to show us about them. I know people want selfies and pictures of what they are up to all the time but you know what, I'm glad that they do things together or go on trips that we know no part of. Not everything needs to be documented for SM. Sometimes when I'm at a party or on vacation or even a night out with a group I don't feel the need to run to SM. Sometimes it's just nice to live in the moment.

It’s natural for fans to want more, but you are correct that Sam and Cait aren’t under any obligation to share any of the personal stuff with us. But what is really telling here is that they do choose to share personal stuff- and what it is they choose to share when they do. Together stuff. Stuff that directly contradicts the narrative that is apparently being woven for the two of them when they are in any proximity to LA, or to any studio sponsored outings such as awards appearances etc.
It’s such a lovely sight to see when they post this sort of stuff that it is only natural to want to see more, and I am certain that there is indeed much more that they are not sharing. And that’s ok. What they are sharing all points to one conclusion. And the unshared rest of it is allowing them the privacy that any healthy relationship needs.
It seems to me that what they share is just like the small above water part of a very large iceberg. And just like with the iceberg I can be confident that that publicly shared tip is just the part that I am being allowed to see of a much larger whole. With that iceberg there is a lot of ice floating below the water’s surface that I can’t see- and I am confident that there is also a lot of relationship hidden below the surface of what they are sharing with us here as well.

EXO as things my friends say #3
  • Minseok: i'm the oldest, so by default i rule all of you bitches
  • Junmyeon: but i'm the funniest in this room don't even fight me
  • Yixing: dude i saw a bunny today... those shits are cute af
  • Baekhyun: i'm prepared to sell myself just so i can buy overwatch u don't understand
  • Chanyeol: i'm not saying my instrument is the best but it is top quality
  • Kyungsoo: i love my friends i do, i also like them when they're quiet, either way works for me
  • Jongin: why do i always come out sexy in all my pictures?? i want to look cute damnit!!
  • Sehun: stop moving i need to fill my Instagram aesthetic geez
  • i'm so tired of perfume fans trying to paint a~chan in a bad light. how they wanna paint her as a bad dancer, the boring/conservative girl who prefers cute songs over upbeat songs (even if she's the one who goes on full energy mode in songs like fake it, enter the sphere, party maker, etc) and because of this every cute song is her fault (even if nakata produce the same stuff for kyary), how she wants to steal the spotlight and be the "center" of perfume (wtf), how she's inconvenient and fake (even her crying) and talks too much. some people even believe she bullies nocchi (because of one single episode on a tv show). lol
  • i don't know where this come from, but it seems her appearance has something to do with the matter. i always see fans talking shit like she's not as beautiful/graceful/cute as nocchi and yuka. i know people have preferences, but you should at least respect her. and maybe stop considering beauty as the most important trait in a woman.
  • perfume is not some k-pop girl group where the members need to fight for spotlight (nocchi even changed her solo part in party maker with kashiyuka to let her shine) and a~chan is not trying to steal it. she's just naturally like this. she's a talkative dork and it crushes me that a lot of people hate her for not fitting the "beautiful shy mysterious silent asian girl" stereotype.
  • a~chan is - by all means - the founder of the group and she keeps pushing perfume forward. she's always setting new goals for them (like the madison square garden show) and inspiring the girls so you should be more gentle towards her.

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So I've just gone through your entire fic list and your Laf/Alex one killed me ;-; I was wondering if you're still taking requests if you would do a fluffy one to heal my heart xD I don't even really ship it so much but I really need healing lol

This is so so so so so late I am so sorry my child! 

Hopefully I’ll still do well on this! Here we go!


Alex slammed his cup onto the bar, wincing at the dirty look the barista sent him. He sent her an apologetic look as she served out a few shots to a group of girls there for a bachlorette party before she walked over to him.

“You okay or do you just enjoy trying to break my glasses?” He crinkled his nose, forehead coming down to slam on the bar harshly.

The barista jumped, placing the glass she was cleaning down. “Woah buddy, you haven’t had that much to drink.”

Alex lifted his head up. “That’s the problem…”

She sent him a sympathetic look. “Break up?”

He shook his head, “No, my significant other is over there.” He pointed to where Laf was talking with several other people - all who were basically all over them.

Alex doesn’t blame them - it’s hard not to fall in love with the blind idiot. Their curly hair and eyes that sparkle when they smile, their teeth that are whiter than a suburban neighborhood, Laf’s accent made you weak at the knees.

“Your boyfriend - “

“Significant other.” Alex corrected, empty shot glass held to his cheek.

“Right. They just, leave you at bars and flirt with other people?”

“No.” Alex frowned, eyebrows furrowing, “They just don’t realize what they’re doing. Laf has always been a natural flirt, but when they’re actually flirting with someone they like?” Alex chuckled bitterly, “Laf all but knocks themself out…”

“So they’re - “

“Probably just trying to make friends…Tried going over there but everyone here thinks I’m some sixteen year old who snuck in.” She frowned with sympathy.

“Well, you do look quite young.”

Alex let his forehead fall to the bar. “Fuck my life…”

The barista laughed, watching as this man’s significant other tore themself away from the crowd and headed over to him. 

“Alexandre!” Laf cheered, kissing Alex’s cheek with such love in their eyes she felt like she was gonna get diabetes.

“Hey Laf.” Alex tried smiling but it appeared more forced than normal. 

She decided to try and help Alex show Laf what was happening. “So, Laf is it?” They nodded, “Which of those lucky people are you gonna take home?” She sent a wink at Alex’s confused face.

Laf frowned, eyes almost forming a glare. “With my love Alex here, isn’t that right mon petit lion?”

“Oh.” She shrugged, “Just they were all flirting with you, thought you were too. Guess looks can be deceiving.” She walked away, serving the others who had just arrived at the bar.

“Did it really look like I was flirting with them?” Laf’s voice held so much concern Alex wanted to lie, but the three shots basically made the truth spill from him.

“Yeah…” He rubbed the back of his neck, “I mean like, I knew you weren’t but my dumb ass couldn’t help but feel jealous…” He let out a nervous laugh.

 Laf frowned, watching as Alex turned back to his drink. “Baby…”

“It’s fine Laf,” Alex turned around, “D-Don’t worry about - mmm!” He nearly jumped back when he felt Laf crush their lips down on his, smiling as he felt Laf’s hand come and caress his cheek.

Laf pulled back and their foreheads leaned together, “M sorry you were jealous baby…” Laf frowned, “Wish my personality wasn’t so flirty…”

Alex laughed, “I love your flirty personality. It’s funny when someone actually hits on you and you don’t know how to respond but then you’re livid!” 

“I am more mad when someone flirts with you baby boy!”

Alex laughed, head falling to rest on Laf’s chest as he smiled to himself. “Mmmhmm….Let’s get one more drink than call a taxi.” Alex stiffled a yawn, “I’m getting tired…”

Laf nodded. “We can sleep in tomorrow or…” Laf checked the phone, “Today even, and call some delivery. I’m feeling Chinese.”

“M feeling burgers…”

“Both?” Alex nodded as the barista came back, placing down two beers for them.

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'I find the portrayal of relationships where one party is the main/only reason for the other party has to live as very toxic and unhealthy.' but ive seen you talk so cutely about kaneki "being codependant" on hide ?

Cutely? How do you see it as cutely? Earlier on in that post I clearly said the codependency was something that needs to be evolved out of and that was unhealthy. Their relationship was not something healthy and never could be if the codependency still existed.

Even in posts I have made lately (after how deep the dependence went was actually revealed because it wasn’t always obvious) I wrote that while seeing Kaneki so upset and depressed over Hide was sad and heartbreaking, Kaneki needed to learn not to be dependent before their friendship could evolve and be healthy.  Because when I recognized Hide was not just what was keeping Kaneki happy but what was keeping him alive, I realized what a huge issue there was in it. Before then I didn’t recognize that.

   But there are also differences in the two relationships. The dependence was bad in both but it only one feels like it’s being addressed as such.

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Oops..V did it again!
  • Betty: We should make a surprise for Jughead!
  • Veronica: Yes, I'm in!
  • Archie: Ummm..I don't think so
  • Veronica: Why Arch? Betty is soo good at surprises!
  • Kevin: Uh..how did you know that,V? Betty rarely do parties, even more, surprises!
  • Veronica: But Betty likes to surprise me and boy she does know how to make a great surprise!
  • Betty: V..I think it's enough..
  • Veronica: No,Bets! I think I need to tell them how good you are at sneaking into my room or even the bathroom just to--oh.
  • Betty: *blushes heavily, heavy breathing*
  • Veronica: Oops..sorry...
  • Kevin: *shakes head* These gays...

And she’s even alive.

I really need an active fandom :’(

1st kid, 1st birthday party - cute theme, everything coordinates, food is homemade, there are pictures galore hanging everywhere documenting her first year of life, everything is more than ready to go the day before the party.

2nd kid, 3rd birthday party - cute theme, some stuff coordinates, almost forgot to order food until 5 days before party, didn’t even know I was missing a cupcake tin until last night when I planned to bake the cupcakes, realized tonight that I didn’t buy any napkins or the fruit I need for a fruit salad, and the few hours I have tomorrow morning will be spent frosting cupcakes, making fruit salad, and finding napkins.

My aesthetic is when people who don’t even watch Supernatural anymore show up on your dash or activity like:



I still love Misha tho, I still love Misha

You guys are like those second cousins you never see until there’s a family party and then we all get drunk and gossip.   Long distance quasi-allies.  You have my heart

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Give it back, that’s so fucking gross.  I need that to live

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"i needed leliana in my party to open locks and i bring zevran everywhere the dog was just a bad choice" is the most relatable tag i've seen in a while

this is my first time playing as a mage and I’m kinda lost without my usual party dynamic from when I always play as a rogue tbh (which is Wynne, Zevran, Shale/Alistair) 

I could just level up Zevran to be able to pick locks so that I only have one rogue in my party but I’m so used to just putting all his points into constitution and strength so that he doesn’t die so easily and can wear better armor and Leliana is already maxed out on her lockpicking so I end up taking them both with me without even thinking about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just a friendly reminder...

Now, this is just me making a point to people… because a friend of mine brought this to my attention recently, and I had to share my opinion.


REMEMBER: That’s what messaging is for. If I’d had my messages off, I’d never have been able to hear from this really nice person who wanted to use a piece of art I did for their amv. I agreed and sent a better quality piece to them in good faith and was given a link in the video’s description, my signature can also be plainly seen in the amv. This helps both parties grow and become more well known. Failure on that simple courtesy hurts the whole community. Keep in mind that a simple kindness can build connections which build friendships which can even build careers!!


Let me tell you something about Donald Trump. We were best friends in middle school. I know right, it's SO embarrassing. I don't even- whatever. So then 8th grade, I started to hang out with my first squirrelfriend Hillary Clinton, who was totally fabulous but she moved to DC, and Trump was like weirdly jealous of her. Like if I would blow him off to listen to her speak, he'd be like, "why didn't you support my idea?". And I'd be like, "why are you so ignorant about America's needs?". So then for my birthday party, which was an all democrat pool party, I was like, "Donald, I can't invite you because I think you're a racist, bigoted republican". I mean, I couldn't have a racist at my party, there were gonna be democrats there with their human rights. I mean right, he was a REPUBLICAN. So then his mom called my mom and started yelling at her and it was so retarded. And then he dropped out of politics because nobody would talk to him. And when he came back in the fall for the presidential election, all of his hair was badly combed to the side and was totally orange and was totally weird, and now I guess he's trying to build a wall.
Life With(out) You

Happy birthday (and happy new year in a couple of hours) to the only actual fairy I know @the-reason-to-sail-home. I have written you a fic, Tessa. Surprise! I told you it was sad that I was too busy to write something and I was really sad about it, so sad that I decided to ignore my business and wrote a fic for my #1 fan. Here’s a hurriedly written, fragmentary, probably crappy and unrealistic, way too long, one shot, inspired by the AU lyrics I wrote and you’re somehow turning into an actual song

Summary: He was Killian Jones. He was a rockstar. He was a dashing rapscallion. But after aggravating journalist Emma Swan, he was in trouble too. Now he needed to prevent her career threatening exposé about him from being printed. As he attempted to convince her, suddenly something changed. He became himself again.

~9000 words (someone should seriously control me)


He strummed down, the movement and eliciting a growing anticipation among the dark space. The notes quivered through the room and the crowd became silent. Their ears listened to every sound, their eyes followed his every movement. The spot turned brighter and there was a slight yelping as he stepped into the light. The bass surged, the drums joined.

“We love you, Killian!” A woman’s voice yelled.

“And I love you too,” he said as seductively as possible, wrapping his accent over every syllable and causing more shrieking.

Start with a more famous single to hook them, then play some lesser known songs to please the seasoned fans, perform a medley of old material, follow it by a recent song and another one. Talk about the opening act and how great they were even though nobody actually cared. Small break to make them even more desperate for that one song and then surprise everyone by returning.

The sweat trickled down his forehead, he took a sip of water to shower his dry throat before reading the next scheduled song off the setlist and starting a new melody.

He kept the interludes to a minimum, choosing music over talking, but his audience didn’t seem bothered by that. A pause to let them sing the words they clearly knew by heart and then he took over again. One hour and forty minutes flew by, entranced by the music and clapping.

“This has been my favorite concert ever,” his voice spread through the arena as he told the generic lie he used in every venue, every city he performed. Going by the screaming and applause that followed, they bought it yet again. “Hope to see you soon and don’t forget to buy my album ‘Crash’”

It was time for the bang.

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