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Trapping's dropbox files reuploaded

You may or may not be aware that dropbox just changed their links so that all of the old links hosted there no longer work and they need to be reshared with new link to be able to download them. Trapping had quite few files on dropbox only so when the news about dropbox downgrade went out the first time I sat down and just made a complete backup of all Trapping’s files since she hasn’t been active for few years and likely won’t be there to update all those links. I’ve only reuploaded* the files that were on dropbox, the rest are still available in Trapping’s own links so if something isn’t in the folder above then it was likely uploaded to box or mediafire and I didn’t reupload it. I ended up doing the uploads by post names since finding what you’re looking for is likely easiest like that rather than doing them by categories.

(*well reuploading at the time of typing since they’re not all there yet)

anonymous asked:

I love your blog it inspires me but when I get in game I get so bored with in minutes and I just don't know what to do! I feel like I've done every challenge, I've done CC (MM and Alpha) even CC free but I just get so bored i barely make it through CAS now. What do you do to stop being bored in Sims 4?

Thank you so much! I play a few other games outside of TS4 and so If i’m ever bored, I’ll play those games instead. I usually like to do homework/school related work once I get home and then playing sims is a reward after ^_^ 

If I lose inspiration for building in Agave Grove & Zou San, I try building something in a completely different style or giving the residents stories. I’ll also look for inspiration on my inspiration blog @meisiuloves. I’m currently building this random ‘beach’ house to get some inspiration back (:

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Hey! Before I go on if this sounds judgmental in any way it's not meant to be, I'm just the queen of poorly worded messages. But I noticed in your post about peripherals that you are using a £28 mouse and a 3 ft long, £32 mouse pad? I was just wondering what the difference between those are to the average joe mouses and mouse pads, because I have like a $10 mouse and I literally don't even use a mouse pad, so I was just wondering what the advantage is for the more expensive ones that you use

Hii there! it doesn’t sound judgemental, don’t worry! But before I go on I’m just going to say, if you’re only using your computer to play this sims, then no, there isn’t really any difference between my peripherals and ‘average joe’ peripherals. But my set up is intended for playing reaction heavy FPS’s like Counter Strike, Overwatch or Player Unknown Battlegrounds and RPG’s like Fallout, The Witcher or Mass Effect!  As a result I use a gaming mouse and a gaming mouse pad.

In terms of gaming mice my mouse is actually quite cheap, for instance in comparison, my boyfriend plays with a Razer Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse which is a £100+ mouse. But the advantages of any gaming mouse over a standard $10 mouse are;

  • Gaming mice are designed to last for lengthy periods of use. They are made using high quality materials for better performance; they’re very durable and should perform at a high level for a long time.
  • Gaming Mice are designed to feel comfortable in your hand even during long periods of use; they are crafted to conform to the human hand much better compared to regular mice. 
  • Gaming mice come with various customizable buttons (mine has 6 for example) For instance, you can bind one of the available mouse buttons in order to throw a grenade while playing counter-strike instead of hitting 4 on the keyboard followed by a click of the mouse.
  • Gaming mice have better tracking for smoother cursor movement. 
  • A gaming mouse is also built to be more precise and accurate. This extra precision and accuracy are really important in many fast paced gamed.
  • With a standard mouse, it comes with a power-saving feature that allows the mouse to turn off if you have been inactive. However a gaming mouse does not turn off, therefore there will be no delays in your response when using the computer or first turning it on.

I absolutely adore my mouse pad, but it is more of the expensive ones. Part of the reason it’s so expensive is because it’s 3 foot long, which fits great on my 5 foot long desk! Huge mouse pads aren’t for everyone though, my boyfriend uses the same pad but the normal sized version which is much cheaper and compact! Benefits of my 3 foot long mouse pad:

  • To be really good at games such as Counter Strike you need to move less with your wrist and more with your entire arm, you need to be able to have freedom of movement. A large mouse pad benefits gamers who use long, sweeping arm movements or move their mouse a lot during games. 
  • By being larger than the average mousepad, you won’t have to pick up and set down your mouse nearly as often. Needing to pick up and center your mouse can really throw you off. By not having to pick up and center your mouse as often, your in-game performance will surely improve. 
  • There is no worry about running the mouse off the side while gaming.
  • Large mouse pads also allow for gamers to keep all of their gear on top of the mousepad, for example I have my monitor, my keyboard and my mouse on my mousepad!

Benefits of gaming mousepads in general:

  • Gaming mousepads have a much more precise surface. The design on the mousepad has tiny, minute differences, making it much easier for your mouse to know how far the mouse has been moved. It allows your mouse to be much more accurate, consistent, and precise. 
  • Gaming mousepads hold up much better over time when compared to a regular mousepad. 
  • If you own a gaming mouse,it makes sense to own a gaming mousepad as it may help to cut down on the wear-and-tear on your mouse (especially if you aren’t using any pad at all)

I hope this answered your question love! Video games and gaming are my passions so I do invest a lot of money and thought into my set up, but like I said before if you’re only using your computer to play this sims, there isn’t really any difference between my peripherals and ‘average joe’ peripherals. My peripherals make playing the sims a more comfortable experience, for sure, but it’s far from necessary 😊

Honestly who the fuck has even been waiting for TS4 on console? Like???? This is not the news people have been waiting for and looking forward to for the past few weeks. I hope to Christ this isn’t the only news we’re getting this week. Where’s more info on the toddler stuff pack? Where’s the pets announcement (come on, we all know it’s coming, they’ve been teasing the fuck out of it recently, it has to be coming soon). I’m actually just getting frustrated at this point.


if i can’t see the robbers, the robbers can’t see me, yes?

My favourite band of criminals.


Whovians in love.

Police Box Ring (Left)

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The Spin Doctor (Right)