i don't even like this tbh

so crunchy took me out to a restaurant he’d based the chinese noodle place in F:ML on.

i did an eren and smeared the chilli onto my char siew and my noodles really confidently. :9 … and ended up blowing my nose like ten times while i ate, even while i kept adding more chilli to my meal lmao.

(was really tempted to actually quote eren while i did it tbh, the urge to go “you’re so white” as i put chilli on my noodles was really strong lol)


But you do know that he’s a namanari, right? It is a half thing - a human one step shy……of becoming a full demon. Two beings in one body. They share their time as one or the other. One half, the idealist……who wants nothing more than to save his friends and followers. The other, possessed by the vengeful spirit of his dead lover….The perfectionist who reduced herself to a demon to get what she wanted. Watch. Now the real monster comes out. ♪ 

Ok ok hear me out:

Smol Link with his tol boyfriend Sidon


Smol Zelda with her tol girlfriend Urbosa


act 2

But drenched in vanilla twilight

I’ll sit on the front porch all night

Waist deep in thought because when

I think of you I don’t feel so alone

my favourite vines


ok but side note can we not use words like “threw herself on him” or god forbid slut for dot like ??? she got a little boozed up and got carried away; magnus stopped her and she respected that. you all rly do the most when it comes to woc lmao.