i don't even like this photoset


jackson + looking blissful 😌


Prompt #5 - “Eijun and Miyuki being malandi please.HAHAHAHAHA” from yorunaka

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(pictured above: literally my first sketch for this prompt)


“Malandi” is like… shameless flirting?? I’m not sure… //SHOT (I’ve lived 17 years in the Phil. Thanks)

I think I have finally resigned to the inevitability that some of these prompts are going to have a photoset all to themselves. =u=;;

@ladyvean replied to your photoset: took some random pics of the living room because…

Your house is lovely. I especially like your sheepdog!

are you talking about Samson because if so I have some Flemish culture to bestow upon you


Happy Holidays from Cabin 7!

-Lee, Michael, Will, Laurel, Austin and Kayla

This one goes out to @percicocoa , @knaveofmogadore , and @impalas-companion as well as to all my lovely friends from @minornet !! <3 Sorry this took forever woops.

commission info just in case :D?

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You’re so cool☺️

Heh, more like I’ve read enough fanfiction to think fake marriages are a good idea. We’ve been friends for a long time, and she’s been living with her mother since she lost her job (and that’s not always a good situation for either of them), so it would’ve landed her a safe place to live, too. And emotional support, which she needs desperately because she’s always had a depressive problem and was a cutter as a teenager, so she’s been THIS CLOSE to suicide from the pain SO MANY TIMES over the past almost two years now.

And being inexplicably ill for a long time really shows you who your friends are, so she’s cut a lot of phonies out of her life, which has drastically reduced her self-worth. *sigh*

But she’s also a friend back (an awesome person, though she doesn’t think so) and didn’t want me on the line for all the medical expenses my baseline insurance wouldn’t cover for her or food/utilities/etc. because she knows I’m always borderline broke even with a full-time office job. *sigh* I told her the offer is always on the table, but we both know I couldn’t afford the kind of medical bills she’s running up. Though I’d by-God try.

If she was able to keep her Medicaid, my insurance and her Medicaid would go a long way (so long as the fucking GOP doesn’t steal it right out from under her), and the new complication of seizures will surely put her disability claim on the path to approval, but if her new claim is rejected again (you have to keep appealing and appealing and appealing) and they counted my income (small as it is), she’d probably lose her coverage.

She won’t do that to me. And as long as she has Medicaid covering her care, she’s better off single and unable to work. Ugh.

Sometimes, I really hate the GOP. Today is absolutely one of those many, many days.