i don't even like these selfies tbh


Haha excuse my baby face 😂 (I love this filter tho)

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I don't see why people are mad at Boogie tbh? He explained Anita got mad at him for a small thing he said (as she does) they talked it out for 15 minutes, and then and they were fine. Doesn't sound like harassment in this case at least, and I'm inclined to believe him if he says it's being overblown.

They weren’t really fine, considering Anita wouldn’t even take a selfie with Boogie.

Boogie showed his belly the second Anita tore into him off stage.  The guy didn’t even bother to hold his convictions.  And that was when he was going out of his way to couch his entire point in Anita’s own terms.

You saw two things with Anita at vidcon. 

First you saw how she reacts to any challenging, no matter how slight, perceived or not, with verbal abuse.  Sargon sits in the front row?  She uses her platform to hurl insults at him.  Boogie contradicts her narrative?  She rips into him backstage.

Second, you saw how she reacts when she engages in that kind of intimidation tactic.  Sargon stood his ground, laughed and smiled at her, and when he said “I wanna talk” she blew him off and called security.  When Boogie rolled over and showed his belly, then she decided to talk to him.

If you seriously think that the conversation between Boogie and Anita was anything more than Anita attempting to wheedle guilt and manipulate Boogie, you’re giving her a lot of charity.  

We know how she reacts if challenged.  So if Boogie challenged her AT ALL in that conversation in the green room, we know Anita’s first response would’ve been to sling more insults.

I would be willing to put what meager money I actually have down and bet that the entire conversation backstage was Boogie basically acquiescing to Anita as she steamrolled him.

send me a number & i'll post a selfie!
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Here’s to all the brown skinned people who grew up being told you had to have pale skin to be beautiful!

Because when I was 4 I used to put baby powder on my face so it’ll look lighter.

Because I have family members using skin lightening products because they don’t like having dark skin.

Because in the media beauty only seems to apply to you if you’re black or white.

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Without Troye, connor has no chill omg!!! Isn't he, maybe, too confident now? Idk, the selfie, this conversation with Ricky... He's like 'look at me, give me attention' isn't he? Don't get me wrong, this is no hates, i really love him, but idk... It's weird ๐Ÿ™

He posted a selfie and acted jokingly cocky with his friend, that isn’t out of the ordinary for him at all. And even if it was, I don’t see why there would be anything wrong with it? Those things are a far cry from being “too confident”, and if social media isn’t a place for people to get attention, idk what it is. Tbh I love when Connor acts more confident, it’s nice. People shouldn’t need to play modest 24/7 to avoid being labeled as arrogant.