i don't even like asian guys

HetaTube: Making Satanic Food
  • Turkey: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my glorious cooking channel that I share with both France and China! Since all of you guys know how great and amazing I am at cooking my dishes, a lot of you ask for me to make something unique and challenging today, and so I've decided to make Pop Tarts... this is going to be fucking horrible.
  • Turkey: Okay, so I looked up the ingredients and stuff I need to get, and I don't have most of it, thus why I've decided to be a great friend and steal shit from Francy! Now I'm ready to bake diabetes!
  • Turkey: I have no idea what I'm doing and cooking for once in my life- gah! Goddamit, some of the flour went on the counter! And... wait... is it supposed to look like this?? ... fuck.
  • Turkey: man, this is a lot of stuff. Good thing I'm using France's shit or I'll lose money for making fucking rectangles.
  • Turkey: I tried to make good-looking rectangles but they look like some unknown geometry shape. I'm trying to make them look like rectangles now and seal them... not doing great though... shit- Fuck I broke it!
  • Turkey: Okay, now they're in the oven and I'm waiting for them to bake. It's taking so long... I can't believe I skipped lunch and bugging Greece for this disaster.
  • Turkey: and finally they're done! They actually look pretty decent, if I say so myself! And now, to taste them! *takes a bite* ... it's so sugary... and hard... what the fuck am I eating????
  • Turkey: heya guys, so due to my stupid Asian-ass, I don't want to waste even the most shit-tasting/looking food, so I'm leaving it in the meeting room for some poor soul to try and not die from it- hey, America's eating it...
  • soo ho: i don't get it. why is it that all the girls and guys like yeo wool and han sung so much?
  • ban ryu: what's there to get? they're super good looking asian guys who can sing and dance dance really well compared to the rest of the hwarang.
  • sun woo: i mean, we're all super good look-
  • ji dwi: nuh uh.
  • soo ho: not compared to them.
  • ban ryu: no.
  • sun woo: we can all sing very-
  • ji dwi: no. no. no.
  • soo ho: not even close.
  • ban ryu: no way, sun woo.
  • sun woo: dancing is, um... dancing-
  • ji dwi: neither of us can do that.
  • soo ho: nope.
  • ban ryu: it's not easy.
  • sun woo: ... well, we're all asian.
  • ji dwi: okay, yeah.
  • soo ho: that's something we can agree with.
  • ban ryu: ditto.

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Yo girl, you can just ignore this if you want, but why do you think the ambw community is so shitted on? Like other interracial groups I've seen on here aren't so negative and always fighting each other. People within the community or even people outside the community always have a problem if a black girl likes a Asian guy or an Asian guy is interested in a black girl. I just don't get it...

Yes! I’ve noticed that too and it’s ridiculous, it’s like high school drama and there’s always seems to be drama in the ambw community to the point where I don’t look at ambw blogs anymore because there’s usually someone hating on us/ or someone hating on the thought of Asians and Black women dating or drama in general and I haven’t been in the ambw tag since last year and never will look again, but there’s some nice people in the ambw community though . I just look at what you guys send me.

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Why don't people like TBB? I honestly don't understand and I want to! Lol.

The semi-official stance for a lot of people is that TBB is bad because it’s racist.  And well…  it is indeed kinda racist.  The Asian characters are all thinly-drawn stereotypes and the vaguely Arab swordsman at the beginning is even worse: a nameless, faceless, voiceless bad guy.  Not even a token attempt to make him seem like an actual human being with a distinct backstory and motivation.

I do disapprove of that approach, but personally, that alone wouldn’t ruin the episode for me.  (ASiB has similar problems, but I love it anyway.)  There’s a lot of racist, sexist, or otherwise problematic art in the world that is brilliant and amazing in other ways, and I for one don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

For me, my impatience with TBB has more to do with the pacing.  Too many long, slow shots of people pouring tea, too many plot-advancing scenes featuring one-off characters I don’t care about, and that circus scene, while lovely, feels *interminable*.  The fact that the climax in the tunnel is basically a repetition of the circus scene doesn’t help.  All this adds up to the very rare Sherlock episode that makes me check my phone a few times when watching.

I think TBB also suffers (in my eyes) from being a mostly self-contained episode that doesn’t tie in well to the larger narrative arcs, which makes it feel a bit slight – like you could skip it and not miss anything.

That said, TBB does have many lovely elements that I do enjoy – Sarah, Amanda, Seb, and Dimmock are all great, richly imagined characters, despite having little screen time.  There are some really wonderful moments between Sherlock and John.  And the case has one or two features of interest, as someone might say.  ;)  Plus a hair ruffle!  Episodes always get extra points for hair ruffles. 

FWIW, some fans do love it.  I think many fans who prefer self-contained mysteries and/or John and Sherlock having an easy rapport with minimal angst often name TBB as a favorite. 

Thanks for the ask!

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Hiii! Can I please make a request where the bts members' s/o refuses to wear diamonds(for engagement ring) because she worries about the ethical issues of blood diamonds? So she asks them to get her any other gemstone etc? I don't even know if they use diamond in asian cultures I'm sorry, but I hope this made sense? Hwaiting!

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Refusing To Wear Diamonds

A/N: I had a fairly good idea of what a blood diamond means, but to be sure I had looked it up and checked lots of sites, same goes for rings in Korea, I had did some research so hopefully you like this reaction let me know and if anyone thinks I got something wrong, my deepest apologies, message me so I may correct myself ^.^(also fun fact: did you guys know red diamonds are the most expensive/rarest of gems I found this out when I was researching it cost one million for one carat for that bad boy)

Set Up: The two of you were finally a step closer to being a married couple, the two of you had discussed your engagement, and now he had wanted to make the proposal to you and give you the thing he thought you deserved a 4 carat diamond silver ring. “I’m not sure if you’ll give me a ring or not, but I wanted to tell you beforehand, if it’s not to much could I get a ruby/sapphire,etc.(your pick) ring, I don’t know how I could handle a diamond knowing it could be a blood diamond” you’d looked down sadly.


He would try to be understanding of your decision “it’s ok jagiya, I understand” he’d put the ring he was going to give you back in his pocket “don’t worry” he’d laugh a little nervously before excusing himself. ‘Ah I shouldn’t have assumed that she would want that’


He would be a little dissappointed since he really wanted to give you a diamon, but he respects your wishes of not wanting a diamond. “I know it’s become quite the norm to have it but I-” you’d start to ramble about it until he cuts you off. “Don’t worry about it jagiya,ok” he’d smile at you.

Rap Monster:

He would be surprised at first to hear your request “oh” he would be all he can say at first after you had explained why you didn’t want a diamond. “I get it (y/n) no worries” he would do some research of his own, since he liked knowing new things and would want to get you the best gem.


Like Namjoon, he would be surprised at first, but once he heard why you didn’t want to, he’d nod knowingly. “I never really thought about it that way before” patting your head, he’d smile at you. “Thank you for letting me know before hand, I’ll get you the best gemmed ring out their!”


He would completely understand, and do his best to get you the ring you wanted. “Don’t worry about it jagiya, I get it” he’d smile, though on the inside feel a little bad, for assuming for now he had a diamond ring he needed to return.”Heh, I guess I should go find that ring now” he’d awkwardly laugh.


He wouldn’t mind all too much, he’d be very understanding just like Jin, but maybe just a little disappointed, since the ring he wanted to give you was passed down in his family for generations. “I respect how you feel jagiya, maybe we can get the same style ring,with the gem of your choosing”


He’d be a little surprise/shook, but relieved that you had told him this ahead of time before he had even went out on his own to get a ring. ‘Note to self don’t get 4 carat ring’ “I’m glad you told me jagiya, how about instead I take you with me to pick out your dream ring”

A/N#2: Here is what I’ve found on blood diamonds encase no one else knew about it like I had did.

Blood diamonds (also called conflict diamonds, war diamonds, hot diamonds, or red diamonds") is a term used for a diamond mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army war efforts, or a warlord’s activity.And here is what most sites had told me as far as how they do rings/proposals in Korea

The down-on-one-knee proposal actually isn’t standard in Korea. Instead, the topic of marriage is one which both partners decide and plan jointly. While this seems like the most equitable setup all around, it doesn’t lend itself naturally to those suspenseful fairytale proposals that you see in TV shows and movies.

This also means that engagement rings are not so common here. Some of the younger generation are starting to pick up the custom, staging a romantic proposal after the agreement has been made. But the woman may or may not wear the ring after the wedding, and both parties may opt to skip the wedding rings entirely. This again is a generational thing – older Koreans tend not to have wedding rings at all.

Ok I hope this helps and I hope everyone learned something like I did ^.^ Thank you anon for opening my eyes to both of these things ^.^sorry if it’s not good, even with his info I at times got blocked thinking on how they may react.

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Honestly I'm so glad to have found your blog. As a fairly dark skinned girl, its nice to see other black girls who like what I like without outside influences ruining it with things like "they'd only like *specific type of black woman*, everyone else can leave" or "lol what, are asian guys your fetish? Love yourself 😒". SOOOO REFRESHING YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW 🎉🎊

Thank youuuu!!

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I've heard a lot of Asian guys (in person and through stories) say that they don't think black women like Asian men. I just wanted to ask all the Asian men out there, what makes you think that? I'm genuinely really fascinated! Also, to the owner of the blog, why do you think they might think that? :)

Personally I think because it’s rare (even Asian men say that). It’s not everyday you see a lot of Asian men and  Black women dating (sadly).

Also, people/media try to implant in our minds that Black women aren’t pretty, we’re this and that. And so Black women think….”Hmmm I don’t think he’ll  find me attractive, he’ll probably like that pretty White/Asian girl over me so I won’t bother him.” (let’s be honest, a lot of us sadly think like this / had thoughts like this).

And Asian men would think….”Hmmm she probably don’t find Asian men attractive, she probably only dates Black men, or any man that’s not me :( so I won’t bother her”

I always tell people, you never, ever know until you at least try, It’s sad just thinking about all of the Asian men and Black women who look down on themselves just because it’s not a common thing, or they don’t have the courage, or they think “he/she won’t find me attractive”, just because of what others have said or how the media portrays your race. Don’t mind all of that, because you never know! And actually I’ve seen this with the White men + Black women community as well!

seriously it's been almost two years now

I love the Steampunk Tarot, really. (The Barbara Moore one, I mean)

I think it’s a great deck and while there are a few cards I would have gone in a different direction with, or don’t quite get the direction that WAS taken, as a whole I think it’s such a beautiful deck and it reads really well. It has so much personality. I’m so happy I bought it. And don’t get me started on how great the spreads are. I think they’re some of the best spreads I’ve ever encountered. I compare all other spreads to the ones I found in the Steampunk Tarot’s book.

Still, I think I wonder on like, a near daily basis

“Why is everyone white?”

Like, I have a lot of decks where everyone is white. I’m used to it! I don’t even notice it usually. But it’s the one thing that continually bothers me about this deck and I’m not really sure why.

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"This, in one image, is the essence of the problem with the war on women. Four straight white guys “debating” how women aren’t oppressed. Fox News isn’t even trying." I don't get why you specified straight white guys... Like 4 gay Asians dudes still aren't women?

Ah, yes, the poor straight white men, always the victims of feminist generalization. In this case, I specified straight white guys for two reasons: 1) It’s straight white guys in the photo. 2) The War on Women is being primarily perpetrated by the straight white men who run and influence our government. Last I checked, Congress wasn’t overwhelmingly made up of gay Asian dudes.