i don't even know why i watched this show to begin with anymore

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1- About Tony being the Villians' Favorite: CW happened and they get access to footage of the Siberia fight and they realize that cap could have killed Tony and they're like "how dare you???? Who do you think you are???" and at this point it's not even about who is going to kill Iron Man anymore, it's because Tony is the only one able the keep up with them, he gives them a good challenge, he has the best sarcastic answers for all the villian monologue, they don't even want to harm people anymore

2- they want to fight Tony to see who has the best weapons, who is smarter (it’s always Tony) so the rogues come back and they realize something: the bad guys barely attack Tony, they go out of their way to avoid attacking Tony and antagonize team cap and when confronted with this they say “well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how

3- how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind” (and they keep getting her name wrong, they call her wilma, wendy, marta omg i love this headcanon where no one gets her name right)

Why thank you for this brilliant headcanon, darling! (I love that mixing up Wanda’s name post too, wasn’t there one where Thor always got it wrong and played stupid? It’s brilliant)

I just really like that the villains enjoy fighting Iron Man because he’s as much of a drama queen as they are–he knows how to put on, and more importantly how to appreciate, a good show, you know? Fighting Iron Man is like playing a really challenging game of chess, where they take each other’s weapons and minions out without hesitation, but even when the king loses, he’s never actually taken off the board (yup that metaphor sucks, I apologise to every chess player out there). 

And well, of course it’s also about pride. Everything is about pride. The villains who most frequently engage with Iron Man in combat obviously keep a score. They keep an eye on who gets the most hits in, who deals the most damage, who does a strategical retreat and so on. They also keep track on which Avenger is the most likely to interrupt their fun, so they know whom to take out in the beginning of a fight.

Only then one of them gets their hands on footage of a certain Siberian bunker and this shit suddenly gets serious. Iron Man could’ve been taken out (worth 150 points) by someone who isn’t even recognises as an official player and THAT CAN NOT STAND. 

(It’s got nothing to do with the fact that maybe Tony Stark isn’t all that bad, you know, for a superhero. Nope. It’s all about the game and wanting those 150 points to themselves. Their professional pride is on the line here, okay. It’s not because of feelings. Feelings aren’t a part of the villain manual.)

So, they adapt. They’re villains, they’re used to it. Admittedly usually because the hero pulls some impossible stunt at the last second because they stubbornly refuse to die, but that’s neither here nor there.

First, they assign someone to keep track on Stark. It’s not a protective duty. It’s just…an insurance. To make sure no outside influence becomes a serious threat to their fun. Besides after all this time they’ve invested into fighting Iron Man, should he ever actually lose, they all agree they have earned this honour. Not some lucky upstart or fucking turncoat.

Second, certain forces need to be taken out. Officially it’s destroying the competition–a perfectly acceptable, villainous goal–, unofficially some people take their hatred for Iron Man a little too far. And when you already have to watch out for the supposed heroes, you can’t afford some crazy nutcase to pop up every time you turn your back on Stark.

Then the Rogue Avengers come back. The villains have dragged it out for as long as possible, an obscene amount of bribes have gone into ensuring the Congress isn’t too forgiving too quickly, but Stark is determined to get the Rogues pardoned for whatever reason, and that’s not a battle they can win in the long run.

And that’s a problem. The Rogues have access to Stark in ways they have not. Thankfully at least Stark doesn’t stay at the Avengers’ compound anymore. That gives them a small reprieve.

(They don’t worry. Villains do not worry. It’s not in their genetic code, nor their moral codex for that matter.)

There’s a very serious discussion about grazing the stupid compound into the ground, but in the end they decide not to do it. For one, the risk of the Rogues being granted access to the Stark Tower is just too great. For another, it’s convenient to have a return address they could graze into the ground, should the Rogues ever cross a certain line.

Next, the villains create a time table. Whereas the media used to joke about the ‘weekly villain attacks’ back in the day, there are now carefully scheduled weekly attacks for real. It helps them to vent some of their frustration, at the right target no less. It also has the added benefit of keeping the Rogues busy.

Of course Iron Man joins in on the fun more often than not, but he isn’t the main target like he used to be, isn’t singled out. If anything it’s the Rogues that are being singled out, and they always bear the brunt of the fight.

(They do not go easy on Iron Man. They do not. They have simply shifted the focus of their game. Damage dealt to the Rogues is now worth way more points than before, and since every villain wants to take the lead, it’s only rational they concentrate on the most worth-while targets. That’s all there is to it.)

The first time one of them makes Wanda Maximoff scream in rage is an accident. To their great shame it’s not even a real villain who accomplishes it, it’s a fairly new minion who interrupts the shouting match between his boss and the witch with an annoyed, “Oh, shut up, Wen–Vick–Wally, whoever the fuck you are, I’m trying to concentrate here!”

It becomes a running gag then, to never call the witch by her name, and the longer they keep the joke alive, the more frustrated the witch becomes.

(The minion gets a well-earned raise.)

Eventually the Rogues catch on. Eventually they begin to ask questions. Giving them more ridiculous answers every time becomes another running gag. Inevitably though Rogers eventually runs into Cross Bones who has a tendency of taking his fights with Captain America too personal.

“Well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind!” he snaps. Then uses the frozen state of the stunned Captain to his advantage to break the man’s nose with a very satisfying crack. Because, hello, villain.

(He then promptly dives to the side to push a crying kid out of the way a crumbling building. Not because he cares about who gets hurt of course. Villains don’t care about this stuff. But everyone knows Tony Stark cares about it.)

He gets twenty-five points for breaking Roger’s nose. He also gets a “I don’t know why, but if a guy like Cross Bones decides to save a kids’ life I’m not gonna sit around complaining about it.” and a thumbs up from Tony Stark in that night’s talk show. 

(He does not care more about the thumbs up than about the points. His fellow villains are not jealous.)

There are a lot of villains-saving-civilians-and-innocent-bystanders incidents after that.

(Not that anyone cares what Tony Stark thinks. The saving people thing simply earns them bonus points. Bonus points are important.)

sometimes I think about bisexual Harry Potter, and about how it could have changed so much of the story, and right now I’m thinking about how it could have related to Dudley

like, when Dudley laughs and sneers at him at the beginning of OotP. “Who’s Cedric? Your boyfriend?” Dudley asks Harry with an ugly grin on his face.

And Harry breaks down and cries, because yes, Cedric was his boyfriend, and now he’s dead. Dudley just stares at him, pale with shock. Harry has never cried like this in front of him, not once in all these years. Harry always has a witty come-back, thinks he’s so bloody smart, and this is something Dudley can’t deal with.

And then the Dementors come, and it makes Dudley see the kind of person he is. Harry protects them, and even though Dudley can’t see the dementors, he somehow knows that it wasn’t Harry who did this.

Harry of course expects that Dudley uses this new knowledge of Harry against him - he packs his bags, waiting patiently to be kicked out as soon as Dudley tells his parents they got a raging queer living under their roof - but nothing happens. 

In the next few days, Dudley is quiet and withdrawn. Harry thinks it’s because the dementors scared the crap out of him, and he’s glad, because Dudley’s friends are never there anymore, and Dudley seems to be too lost in thought to be violent.

The night before Harry gets picked up by the Order, Dudley walks into Harry’s room unannounced and completely startles Harry. This never happens. Dudley looks pale, even scared. Everything about this is so absurd that Harry forgets to put his guard up like he usually does around Dudley. He watches his cousin closely as Dudley sits down uncomfortably on Harry’s chair, his eyes nervously darting around the room.

“When did you know?” Dudley asks eventually. It’s obviously tormenting for him to say it.

Harry is confused. “What do you mean?”

Dudley looks like he might choke on his tongue, trying to get the words out. “That you’re - you’re -”

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Make Time

it wasn’t your fault. it was schools fault.

everytime that hyuk has a performance, you miss it because of your packed schedule. you wished that you could just go or do whatever or wherever you wanted when you wanted.

you remember like it was yesterday..your high school graduation. of course, hyuk was there but he seemed a bit off.

“hyuk? what’s wrong?” your eyes filled with worry quickly after realizing that your boyfriend had a pouty face.

he forced a fake smile to assure you that there was nothing wrong. but there was.

“come on, lets go outside.” you got up and grabbed his hand, guiding him out of the refreshments room.

you weren’t going to believe any lies that he was going to attempt to tell you. it was obvious that he had something on his mind. something that was dragging his regular happy self down.

“tell me what’s wrong.” you said.

“i just…nevermind.” he looked at you and bit down in his lip to hide his frown.

“c'mon i don’t want to hear that.. you better tell me hyuk.” you forced him.

he let out a sigh and broke his eye contact with you. “will you still be able to…”

“to what hyuk? you’re like how many years older than-”

“come to my shows. and please let’s not talk about our age gap…ever.” he whispered the last part, no one could know about that. not now.

“if this is what’s bothering you, then…yes i will still try to go to your shows. i’ve never missed one yet. and i damn sure don't  plan on missing one.”


you cut him off with a kiss, causing him to turn to putty in your hands. he was a sucker for you and he needed to make sure that you’d be around. you were his inspiration for everything after all.

you got a nonification from the angel that attended each and every one of hyuk’s performances. she went live so that those at home could watch him live.

you tapped on it and god…there he was, singing pour up. he looked amazing. and you noticed that he was wearing the necklace you got him for his birthday which made you smile and tear up. you were beginning to feel emo.

honestly, you felt distant from him. you’d see him every now and then but that was either for a quick fuck or to spend “time” together which only lasted for about an hour.

god knows you didn’t want to break up with him. you loved him too much.

you pushed your thoughts to the side just for now and focused on hyuk. of course, he was singing well and giving a great performance. he sung a few songs before getting to what2do. a song that he wrote when you two weren’t on the best page.

but right in the middle of the song, he stopped singing, covered his face and looked down. he walked off of the stage while shaking his head. but before he left, he spoke into the microphone, “i’m sorry”.

“what?” you asked yourself before hopping off of the couch and heading to your room to dress yourself.

you threw on a skirt, one of hyuk’s old supreme jackets and a pair of your old sneakers. you looked fine, if you excluded the fact that it looked like you had no bottoms on.

after locking up the house, you looked back at your phone. the ‘angel’ was apologizing to her viewers.

“dean is backstage. he’s been back there for a good six minutes…i hope he’s alright. if there are new viewers, the reason why you don’t see dean is because he cried on stage and left. he’s still here and maybe will be out soon. hang on.” she turned the camera around to face the stage.

hyuk had came back, with a hat on to hide his puffy eyes. “i apologize for my abrupt stop…. it’s just… i’m having problems.” he wasn’t going to continue the sentence but people in the crowd encouraged him to.

“tell us dean!”

he sighed into the microphone. “i wanted her to be here and…she’s not…”

“aww.” the crowd cooed as he started crying again.

you put your phone in your pocket and continued your walk to the venue. you hoped that security would let you in although they most likely wouldn’t.

even if you told them that you were hyuk’s girlfriend. they probably wouldn’t believe you because of how you looked. or maybe just because they were trying to keep him safe.

when you finally got to the back of the building, you saw that there was no one at the back door so you started to open it… until someone opened it before you.

“what were you doing?!” two men who looked like security guards asked you.

“umm…” you paused. “i’m here to see hy- dean. i’m his girlfriend.”

the both of them started to laugh and point at your features, telling you how hyuk would never date someone like you.

you just stood there. unfazed. how and why were you unfazed? because you were used to this. it was nothing new, so you let them get in on their jokes.

“y/n!” hyuk literally screamed when he spotted you from the hallway.

he pushed pass the guards and pulled you into a tight hug. “what are you doing here? i thought you said that you have a test tomorrow and you need to study?”

“they teased me hyuk.” you ignored his question and stared the two older men in front of you down.

“what?” he looked back at them and codly said, “you’re not the only ones. hardly anyone believes her.”

“sorry.” they said in unison and left the two of you alone.

hyuk stepped back and looked at you, he noticed his jacket and that brought a slight smile to his face.

“you cried…on stage. why?” you cut straight to the point making his smile drop.

“because i miss you y/n. i miss us.” he paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “i miss you being in the crowd and i miss spotting you out and singing to you. baby we’re not even around each other as much anymore. and when we are… it’s just..not the same.”

“i honestly feel the same way hyuk…i really do. but-”

“please don’t say but, just be here with me. we can work this out.” he looked down, obviously he was in some type of emo state.

“alright..after your show, let’s go home.” you suggested.

“after the show? home?” he asked. the tone of his voice was lifted and his eyes opened much more wider than before. You

“yes hyuk, now get in there and give your fans a good performance!”

he grabbed your hand and guided you through the building, to the stage. “what are you doing?” you asked him through gritted teeth.

he placed his finger over his lips and signaled for the dj to start the music. “everyone this is the woman in my life, y/n. and i will be singing to her.” his voice came out shyly and his cheeks were a pinkish red because of all the blushing that he was doing.

the crowd cheered him on until it was time for him to begin singing. they cooed along with you all the way till the end.

“i love you y/n.” he said, sincerely.

you mouthed i love you back to him and opened your arms wide. but, he didn’t hug you.. he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. he kissed you in front of all the cameras.. something that he once said he’d never do.

when his set was over, he bowed at the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. he also apologized again a thousand times until you had to stop him.

“are you happy with me?” he asked, while holding the door of his car open for you.

you nodded and spat out a quick “yeah.” before he could close the door.

you didn’t lie, although things may have been a little off with your relationship with hyuk but that didn’t mean that you weren’t happy most of the time.

when he got into the car, he started the engine and turned up the radio. you leaned back into the seat and held onto his hand.

“you know, if you at least attend some of my shows, i’ll be the happiest man alive.” hyuk said.

“i’ll see what i can do.” a smirk stretched across your face. he didn’t exclude the"some" which made you feel good. he was finally understanding that school was a top priority.

“you better.” he laughed.

when you two got to your house, you watched a movie and talked about your relationship. thankfully, you worked it out with him completely. you would attend some of his shows and he would come over to your place everyday for way more than an hour time to spend time with you.


“tell me everything will be alright.” you said, while you snuggled deeper into hyuk’s chest.

“everything will be alright. i promise.” he kissed your forehead and sung one of his songs to you until you fell asleep.

“love, love the stars.
love, love the moon”

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Hello!The reason I'm asking u this is because I love your answers, and u don't up down other characters to lift another, and the evidence you put with your answer. (Love your page) I read some post a while ago stating that Dean is a controlling doughbag. But I've always seen it as Dean trying 2 lead his loved one 2 do the right thing (Because you know how that ends up at the end lol) Ex: Sam tells dean don't let him go darkside,but gets mad when Dean tries everything 2 stop him. Thank you ^^

Hey there, and thank you very much. Sam and Dean have a very complicated relationship and I think the only reason someone would call Dean controlling is because they don’t understand (or are ignoring) the dynamics that were set up in childhood. We finally have canon confirmation that Dean had to be a parent to Sam, which helps for this discussion, but the fact is: we’ve always known this. Dean was tasked to take care of his little brother for weeks at a time (4.13):

cooking for him (10.12):

Making sure he had his books on the first day of school (4.13):

Procuring Christmas for Sam (3.08):

This is not a normal sibling job description. And it makes for a tricky dynamic because he had to act as a parent in so many aspects of their day to day lives. When Sam gets upset that Dean is telling him what to do, we’re hearing the complaints of a child trying to gain independence from a parent, and that’s made even trickier by the fact that neither one of them are kids anymore and Sam’s used to doing things his own way after breaking away from the family business and going to college.  And then he comes back and it’s right back to the old patterns, except that obviously Sam is used to making his own way. 

And the whole thing is muddied up because Dean is NOT Sam’s parent and he never should have had to be. They’re also brothers with normal grievances and times when they are shits to each other like any pair of brothers are (1.17 and 2.15):

Not to mention the fact that they take on very specific roles when they are hunting too, with Dean as the leader (3.03):

and really, no matter what’s going on with them (their huge fight during 9.16), that never changes because it’s a pattern set up from childhood

So basically you’ve got a sibling dynamic merged with a pseudo parent/child dynamic (throw in Dean as the de facto leader) and of course it’s gonna be all kinds of fucked up. 

Just take a look at these gifs (from 3.05), when Sam and Dean are arguing about whether or not to use the Colt to kill the demon who made the deal with Dean to bring Sam back? This is how the conversation ends: 

This is not a normal conversation between two brothers right now. This is the result of Dean having to be a pseudo parent to Sam for all those years. 

Right before this, Sam even comes out with this: 

Which reminds me of this (5.18):

And what’s Bobby to Dean? A pseudo parental type person. It’s not the same of course, because Bobby’s was an actual adult when he took on that role for Dean, but it tells us something nonetheless. 

And if we want to go deeper into how messed up everything is, we also have the times where Dean still fills the role of parent while John is around. 

This whole scene (from 1.21), where John clearly expects Dean to have told him about Sam’s visions is an indication of this. It’s Dean’s job to have filled John in, not Sam’s job. John relies on Dean to take care of Sam and fill him in on what he’s missed. Which is usually the role of a spouse in a family unit. 

Another example is the way Dean has to physically intervene when John and Sam almost come to blows (from 1.20). 

Not only does he tell Sam to cool it, he tells John to back off too. Like he’s protecting his child from the other parent in the family unit. 

This isn’t new, John expected Dean to protect Sam from anything that might hurt him when they were children. In 1.18, John tells Dean to watch out for Sammy and then asks, “And if someone tries to bust in?” 

Dean’s entire identity is wrapped up in keeping Sam safe, had to be both a mother and a father to him and people still ask why their dynamic is the way it is? Of course Dean is going to expect to be able to tell Sam what to do; he’s been doing it his whole life. He’s been put in charge of Sam’s well being since he was a young child. Of course Dean thinks he knows what’s best for Sam. And of course Sam would chafe against that sometimes; especially in the beginning. But you know what? Sam spends most of season five trying to make up for his mistakes in s4 and after that we don’t see much more of him insisting Dean is trying to control him after he says this in 5.05:

Because that’s what most of s5 is about, until we get here: 

While Dean also talks about why he defaults at treating Sam like a kid. 

It’s the whole reason Dean stops objecting to Sam taking on Lucifer. He lets him make his own decisions. Dean does default back, of course (because this wasn’t the end of the show and real life echoes this back and forth too). It’s an ongoing theme and one that’s addressed again in 12.22, with the Dean ‘sending Sam off to war’ plot. 

He was urging Sam to take his place in the world. It’s a complicated relationship, and it’s the reason I love them so much. These two men with their fucked up childhoods doing the best they can for each other with what they know even if it’s not entirely healthy on either side. And if someone has somehow missed the entirety of this particular dynamic, it’s not surprising that they’ll say Dean is controlling or Sam is belligerent.

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may I request a scenario of cuddling with touch starved Shouto please? :}

We had touch starved Bakugou, now it’s Todoroki’s turn XD

Todoroki Shouto:

He was always rather distant when it came to even the most basic physical forms of affection. You attempted to hold his hand, only for him to apologize and pull away. You would want to hug him, only for him to gently push you back. Not to mention how he had left you hanging several times when you attempted to kiss him or kiss a part of him.

And it was beginning to make you feel down. You knew going into the relationship that Todoroki was not the biggest person on physical affection. But you had assumed he would get past it the longer you dated and the more he got to know and trust you.

But it appeared to be the opposite. Instead of wanting to further get comfortable with your small but warm advances of touch, he would shy away further. SOmetimes going as far as to walk away from you if he felt like you would attempt to touch him.

Now it wasn’t like you were overbearing with these touches either, but rather only did so when you both were relaxing or in a situation where eyes would not be on him. You wanted affection, as you were in a romantic relationship with Todoroki.

Maybe you were not a good match for him after all? He obviously needed someone who would be okay with his aversion to touch, and you were not that person. You just wanted to be with him and let him know how much your adored him. But you struggled t say it, and instead opted to show your true feelings through touch.

Something that he was not receiving, thus not getting or knowing how you felt about him.

However, unknowingly to you, he did in fact know what you were feeling. He knew you wanted to hold him and hug him, kiss him… and all those similar physical affections. And he wanted it too, he wanted them so so so badly.

But he was stuck. Stuck feeling like he would hurt you if you got any closer to him: physical or emotional. He was guarded for a reason, his past and family being a bit too much to bare. Let alone the thought of your relationship with him turning and souring as time went on.

But he could also see what this distance had done to his relationship: you had started pulling away, not attempting to show him those affectionate smiles or giggles like at the start. Nor did you even try to hug him or hold his hand anymore, it was like you had given up on him.

No. That wasn’t fair. You had not given up on him. He still received your text messages daily as well as a hello in the morning and your company at lunch. What he had done was not make you push him away, but rather you act how you assumed he wanted you too.

And that was even less fair. He, unknowingly so, had shaped his kind and loving girlfriend into a emotionless and distant one. In better terms, he had turned her into him when it came to showing her love.

And it was slowly eating away at him, that guilt. He didn’t mean for this to happen, but it always seemed like no matter what, he always hurt the people he most cared about.

So maybe that was why he was standing outside your dorm room at past midnight. He couldn’t sleep, or even clear his mind. He needed to see you, and let you know he would try to be better.

He wanted to tell you that he should be the one changing for you, and not the other way around. But he froze on the spot when it came to actually doing so. He tucked his hand back into his side and looked away.

All he had to do was knock on the door! Why was it so hard? Just a simple knock and then tell you he would be better and for you not to give up on him! Yet, why was it hard for him to do?

Was it because… he had never felt that warm affection that you so generously were offering him? Did he fear what might come with it? Commitment? Love? Understanding?

Before he could rationalize or rather irrationalize it any further, he heard the door squeak open. He jumped back slightly, not expecting it to open. When he glanced at the open doorway he could see the holder of his heart.

She looked tired, rubbing her eyes from sleep and giving off a small yawn. Her pajamas were wrinkled and her hair messy. Did she just wake up?

“Shouto? Are you okay? What time is it?” You muttered, seeing your boyfriend standing there so sadly, a frown on his face.

He sighed, watching as she got concerned over him without so much as a word from him. She really could read him well, couldn’t she? He glanced around the hallway, feeling awkward just standing there.

Once again she noticed and ushered him into her room. He followed and bee lined for her bed, taking a seat near the end of it. She closed the door to her room before following him, worry crossing her features yet again at his depressed behavior.

You paused at the bed and looked up at him, smiling sadly and sweetly. “You can tell me anything you know.”

He bit his lip, knowing he was the reason that statement had changed. In the beginning she would say just that, but add an offer of hugging him till he felt better. Now it was gone, her believing he would not like to hear it.

“I’m sorry…” He spoke, glancing at her form, eyes of (eye color) gleaming at him. “You’ve done so much to make me feel more comfortable… but at the cost of your own happiness.”

“What are you talking about?” You kept your voice positive and supportive, smiling at him. No soft hand or slight brush of his shoulder like it used to be.

“I’ve been terrible to you. I’m sorry… I should have made it past my own problems by now and realized you should not be placed with them. But here I am, realizing it too late.”

“Shouto. If this is about you not liking being touched, it’s fine. I get it.”

“No…” He accidentally spat back, silver and blue striking you. “It’s not that I don't’ want to be touched… I’m just so-”

He stopped, realizing he had no idea how to say it. This feeling in his heart of wanting to embrace her, but also fearing it. How could those two emotions exist in him at once? It should be one of the other.

“Could it be you’re afraid?” You spoke gently, this time returning that warm hand to his own. “We could take it slow and not make it overbearing if you want. You can’t just jump into this if you’ve been touch starved.”

“Touch starved?” He echoed back, looking confused.

“It means it’s been awhile since you receive affection and don’t know how to handle it.”

He nodded. There was a word for this feeling after all. “I could try.”

You nodded and lifted up your bed sheets. “Do you want to sleep in here tonight then? You can lay next to me and if you feel ready you can cuddle with me or even just hold my hand?”

He nodded slowly, moving in after you. His face blossomed pink when you felt you so near him, but it felt so nice. The air holding your scent, the sheets being the perfect temperature and now the slow and gradual way he pulled you into him.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable?” You voice muffled out from his chest.

“Yes… this is nice.”

“You’re really comfy Shouto.”

He pet your hair, watching as your form relaxed and heard your breathing die down. You must have been really tired to fall asleep this fast. Though he couldn’t blame you, this was extremely comfortable.

And as such, he was not far behind. It was the best night’s sleep he had in a long while.

twin andrews part 7 | jughead x reader

Originally posted by aestheticsprouse

part 6:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/159528549924/twin-andrews-part-6-jughead-x-reader

warning!: the readers story line is thickening and it can be triggering as mentions of self harm, depression and suicide will be laced within these next few parts so i wanted to let you know so you’re reading at your own risk. im here for additional support if you need it my nugs.

a/n: ive decided to write this along with the episodes so apologies in advance for the timeline partially being messed with!! the next few parts will be longer as im trying to squeeze two episodes into each in order to catch up with the latest episodes!! i hope you enjoy this part as much as i do💜

and a special shout out to @natalieroseg for always sending me a message after i post a new part and constantly showering me with love and admiration for this series. readers like you that always give me feedback are why i love writing so much!! don’t be shy my loves leave me a question or some feedback in my ask box🌈🌈

“i can’t believe dad grounded me” i mumble to my brother as i adjust his tie.

“sorry about that” he apologies looking down to me as I finish up stepping back and taking in my brothers funeral attire, i tried to convince him to wear a suit jacket but he insisted that he wore his letterman jacket

“it’s fine arch, im not mad at you” i turn to face the mirror straightening out my black dress.

today was the day of jason blossoms funeral and the blossoms took it apon themselves to invite the entire town, maybe hoping jasons murderer would reveal them selves by attending.

there was no way i wanted to go, it was being held in the blossoms thorn hill mansion and just the look of that place gives me the creeps and thats not even talking about the people who vacate it

i never wanted to take a step in thorn hill every again after the party and the incident with jason. not that i was alone everyone hated going to thorn hill, it was straight up creepy

but i knew that if i didn’t go then it’d give the blossoms a reason to begin a revenge plot, already dropping murder charges on me, simply because if you don’t show up to one of these events when your invited it’s pretty damn shady.

i slip on my shoes and fix up the final bits of my hair and makeup when the door bell chimes downstairs. my brother moves off my bed and down the steps to answering whomever was at the door

i stand in front of the mirror staring blankly at my reflection barley recognising myself anymore.

“i look like a bloody sack of potatoes" i moan as my brother enters back into my room.

“not from where im standing you don't” i spin around catching myself off guard at the new voice

i come face to face with jughead, in a freaking suit. i have to stop myself from drooling as my knees feel like they’re about to give way. he looked adorable and extremely hot at the same time, if that’s even possible

“i-um where’s arch?” he shrugs “he let me in and then disappeared think he said something about going to the school to grab something”

i nod facing the mirror again watching as jughead she eyes drop checking me out “thanks by the way- even if you are lying it’s still nice of you” i mumble fiddling with the ends of my hair.

“it’s s'okay, i wasn’t lying- you look” he pauses shoving his hands into his pockets slightly revealing the suspenders hiding behind his suit jacket. god you had a weakness for his suspenders.

“you look beautiful” he talks to the ground before looking back up to you a smile playing on his lips.

you walk over to the boy playing with his tie, his hot breathe tickling your neck “you don’t look to bad yourself jones” i tease

he places his hands softly on my waist “it was the best i could do” he confesses pressing his forehead against my own. you sigh and bring your hands up to cup his cheeks.

“it’s more than enough” i lean forward and connect our lips in a soft sweet kiss pulling back and placing a quick peck to his cheek “c'mon let’s go we can’t be late”

we begin our journey over to thorn hill making sure to detach our joint hands as we neared the gates, he sighed at the action looking to me then back to the ground

“i-” he stops,sighing once more. like he’s trying to find the words to explain to me why he did it.

i stop, sliding my hand up his arm pulling him toward me “jug it’s fine okay?” i reassure glancing into his eyes.

“i was just worried. that well, you’ll be upset if i didn’t want to tell anyone about this” he looks down guilty refusing to make eye contact.

“we- we don’t know what this is yet okay? it’s okay i know. let’s just keep it between us?”

relief fills his features “im sorry (y/n)” i shake my head stepping closer to him “jughead jones i promise you im okay, im a big girl” he chuckles softly glancing up into my eyes.

“i know i just don’t want to hurt you” he admits “then don’t” i state simply pressing my lips against his own briefly before walking away from the boy and through the iron gates.

“god i hate this place” i mutter walking toward the enterance where I spot penelope and hermione talking to each other.

i approach the raven haired lady as she pulls away from the blossom woman “lodge” i call out catching her attention as she opens her arms pulling me into a warm embrace.

“hello (y/n) sweetie! and to you to jughead, you both look great” i smile blushing “thank you hermione, we better get inside everyone’s waiting for us” she smiles biding us farewell as the two of us enter the house of horrors

i spot betty and the others sitting toward the back of the room grabbing jughead arms to guide him “hey!” i whisper sitting next to veronica & kevin, leaving jughead to sit next to betty.

“how’d it go last night?” i ask veronica as i give a small smile to the boy next to me searching the room for my red headed brother.

“yeah it was um interesting to say the least” she inhales sharply fixing her necklace before setting herself forward as the crowd settles into their seats the service about to commence

i finally spot my brother moving toward the blossom woman jason’s football jersey in hand, i narrow my eyes as they endure a short conversation before he hands over the article of clothing and sits down directly in front of me

“what was that all about?” i mumble leaning forward and he just shakes his head “ill fill you in later yeah?” you roll your eyes leaning back into your seat as the music begins

“and may the odds be ever in your favour” i mumble

“why didn’t you tell me you were offered captain?” i nag my brother as we slide into our usual lunch spot, jughead giving me a soft smile as i sit down next to him

“look it doesn’t really matter-i want to focus on music and i gave it up to reggie anyways”

“really?! the coach gave extra praise to the kid that calls himself mantle the magnificent, jeez talk about fuelling a mans ego” i push my food around my plate not feeling particularly hungry.

“so are you going to try out for the variety show?” he takes a sip from his water bottle placing it back down “well i kinda blew that”

i furrow my eyebrows as kevin, ronnie & betty join us the blonde sitting down next to me “we need to talk” she turns to me eyes wide.

i tune out of my brother conversation and give my full attention to the blonde “what’s up?” i pop a piece of watermelon in my mouth as she speaks

“y'know how jughead and i went to sleuth after the funeral” i nod continuing with my fruit “we ran into cheryl’s great grandma- super horrifying but anyways polly was engaged to jason”

my eyes almost pop out of my head “what?!” i almost shout, narrowing my eyes at the blonde girl. “that’s insane betty”

“yo sis did you hear that?” i turn from my bestfriend to my red headed twin “huh?” jughead chuckles at my daze and i nudge him with my elbow earning a yelp from the jones boy.

“veronica is going to sing with my at the show, are you going to come?” i nod “yeah, dad wants me to come” a smile beams from his face, excitement evident.

the bell rings signalling the end of lunch causing me to refrain from smashing my head against the lunch table “you okay?” the brunette boy asks me leaning forward in his seat as the others gather their stuff.

i sling my bag on grabbing my lunch tray “yeah, just thinking” i sigh beginning to walk to english with the two sleuths

“did betty tell you she has a date tonight?” jughead teases the blonde as we head outside the school.

“um elizabeth cooper when were you going to tell me this” i exclaim grabbing the girls arm as the brunette laughs at the two of us

“it’s not a date!” she defends “you literally said ‘it’s a date’” the boy retorts a lazy smile hanging from his lips “who’s it with?!” eagerness coursing through me

“just trev, he was friends with jason and i wanted to see if we could get more information that’s all it is- we’re going to pops tonight” she finishes scuffing her feet as we exit the school.

“im working tonight!” i exclaim and she rolls her eyes adjusting her backpack “so i can really see if this is a date” i snicker smiling sinisterly at the blonde girl

“ive gotta go i guess ill see you later” she whines walking away from the two of us “see you later” i call after her turning to jughead a shy smile on his face

“what?” i chuckle bringing my lip between my teeth “nothing” he replies back smug a smile still beaming from his face.

i blush, turning away from the boy “you’re such a dork” he nods to himself

“ive got shift so ill see you later-” i talk fast nervous, my sight darting around the courtyard watching kids exit the school, rushing home

“mind if i walk with you?” i shake my head starting to walk away the brunette hot on my heels reaching for my hand as we hear the diner and grow further and further from school

i smile down at our joined hands feeling my cheeks heat up"

“everything okay?” he teases causing me to blush even more “oh shush” i giggle pushing through the diner door greeted by hermione and pop.

they glance at our joined hands and we spring away from each other, jughead scratching the back of his neck, embarrassment consuming the both of us.

“hey kids” hermione says sweetly a knowing smile on her features

“im going to change” i announce walking away from the three slipping into the ladies room to change into my uniform, reemerging to find jughead in his usual booth with his laptop already up and typing away

i waltz over to hermione tying my apron around my waist “H” i say warily a smirk evident on the lodge women’s face

“so you and that jones boy” my eyes widen shaking my head “you can’t tell anyone especially ronnie” i beg placing my hands on either side of her arm

“and whys that?” her eyes narrowing removing my hands and crossing her arms over her uniform

“it’s complicated” i sigh glancing back at the boy in the booth “we just want to keep it on the down low so please” she nods winking at me “go you have tables to serve”

the night was busy filled with customer after customer including betty and trev, i watched from afar squealing at the interaction of best friend with a cute boy.

i also had my eyes on another cute brunette in pops, as he sipped his chocolate milkshake his long fingers typing away at his laptop concentration clear on his face.

my attentions brought back when trev passes me giving me a smile wave goodbye full well knowing I’d been spying on them all night

i rush over to the booth sliding in next to the blonde “spill” i gush grabbing at the girls shoulder a smile beaming from my face, it’d been a long shift and i needed a good gossip sesh with my favourite girl

“what’s got you all giddy” i smile at the familiar voice as he slides into the seat opposite us.

“betty was about to tell me how her date went” i take a sip out of the blondes milkshake glass “it wasn’t a date!!” she defends.

i roll my eyes as she continues “he said that jason sold a bunch of his stuff weeks before he’s death- he was even selling drugs isn’t that crazy?”

my brows cruise concussion taking over “really-” i was cut off when hermione walks over to our booth “sorry kids but we’re closing up” they nod removing themselves from the booth

“goodnight” betty smiles hugging me before leaving the dinner, jughead hovers the raven haired woman leaving us to go back into the kitchen.

“ive got to stay back and clean jug” i yawn rubbing my eyes, exhaustion seeming to consume me “want me to wait i can walk you home?” i shake my head “ill be awhile- it’s fine”

he nods shoving his hands into his pockets “okay-ill see you tomorrow?” i nod playing with the fabric on the edge of my dress “see you tomorrow juggie”

and with that he bids me goodnight and exists the diner leaving us two girls alone to clean

i switch on the radio pulling on my rubber gloves on as we start to scrub away at the dirty dishes, dancing along to the music.

a noise from the foyer brings our attention back, i turn down the music and pull of my gloves emerging from the kitchen “sorry we’re close” i muse suddenly noticing that the diner was empty.

i move closer to the door noticing it to be unlocked, i turn to see a brown box lying on the floor, puzzled I walk up to it opening the box cautiously to find a snake curled up in the box

i let out a blood curdling scream falling to the floor as i rush myself backwards

hermione rushes out running toward me pulling me into her chest “what’s wrong honey?!” she asks worry filling her soft voice

i point to the box my heart racing beyond compare “there’s a freaking snake” she rushing to her phone dialling a number as she excuses herself into the next room.

the snake starts to crawl out of the box and toward me and i scramble from the floor climbing up onto the counter screaming “hermione!!” i yell causing the raven haired lady to run out

she grabs the box and places it over the snake trapping it from sylethring away

i squirm feeling tears pool in my eyes “you okay?” she rushes to me helping me off the counter top “yeah just a little shaken up” she gives me a hug smoothing down my hair.

“i called your dad, he’s on his way” i nod fishing my phone out of my dress pocket sending a quick text and then pocketing it not waiting for a reply.

the door chimes my dad rushing in to hug me moving toward hermione that look in his eyes, and thats when my stomach turned. he was looking at her the way he used to look at mum.

i scoop up my bag slipping on my denim jacket “where are you going?” she asks standing from the floor her eyes still locked on the box

“i can’t stay in here, im sorry” i blurt turning away and pushing through the exit door making my way toward the only person i knew that could comfort me right now

i find myself pick up my speed as i reach the trailer park practically running up the door slightly banging on it hoping that the boy would still be awake

tears flow from my eyes as the door swing open revealing an older man, “is jughead in?” he steps back scratching his head as he glances down at my pops uniform.

“im sorry miss-” “andrews” i finish for him wiping my cheeks “look miss andrews jugheads in bed-”

“dad what’s wrong?” i move past the man and rush into the trailer flinging myself into the arms of the brunette boy sobs racking my body

his arms tighten around my waist whispering softly into my ear in efforts to calm me “what’s wrong?” i sniffle pulling away slightly from the boy enough to see the worry in his eyes but still tight in his embrace

“god it’s so stupid” i mumble feeling embarrassed “hey tell me, please” he begs moving the hair from my face tucking it gently behind my ear.

“someone delivered a snake in a box and work and dad came-” he’s eyes grow wide looking to the older man behind him as he slips into his bedroom

“are you serious?! are you hurt are you okay” he rushes checking my body for bite marks i move away from him shaking my head as i sit myself down on the dirty couch

i run my hands through my hair “it’s not that- it’s my dad, hermione called him and i-i- I thought it was to comfort me but-” i swallow the lump in my throat

“it was to comfort her- he looked at her the way he used to look at my mum.. i think there’s something going on between them and i just can’t- i don’t know i-” i mumble my words feeling the tears rolling down

jughead sits himself down next to me pulling me into his chest “you just don’t want to see him with anyone else” he whispers stroking my hair soothingly

“im sorry” he murmurs “me too"

the sun blare through my room my eyes finding it hard to adjust to the sudden light, my eyes still puffy from last nights events. i roll over pulling the covers back up to my chin feeling myself drift back to sleep when there’s a knock at my door

i moan a ‘hello’ as the door squeaks up, squinting to reveal my father standing at the door clad in his work uniform

“afternoon sleepy head” i sit up yawning glance at the clock to see the times read 1:30pm i got home late and must’ve slept through my morning alarms.

“i know you had a rough night so i figured you earned a day off- i brought you lunch, i wanted to check up on you” he plops himself down on the edge of my bed handing me over a bag from pops

“thank you” i mumble moving my hair from my face looking down at my covers scared to look my dad in the face “where’d you go last night?”

“the jones’” i mumble and he just nods placing a hand on my shoulder “are you okay?” i nod feeling tears form in my eyes “just a little shaken up but im fine now, promise”

he pulls me forward wrapping me in a small hug before standing from my bed “i canceled your shift for tonight and bought us tickets to the show” i nod “sounds good” he nods back walking toward the door lingering in the hall

“thanks again dad, for lunch” he nods disappearing down the steps and put the front door, returning back to work i assume

i layed back down in my bed popping a few fries in my mouth as i open the lid to my laptop the screen lighting up as a picture of my family pops up; it was taken a few christmas ago when we were all together.

my mother has the biggest smile on her face as she looks up my father, totally in love. my brother and i stand infront of them, archie’s arm slung around my shoulders pulling me into him capturing us mid laugh.

it was a full length photo, you could see vegas jumping up at us her tongue hung from her mouth, her tail swishing in excitement. i didn’t know how much i missed being together until i found myself crying

i clicked into my photo album scrolling through all the old photos before i made the move to chicago with my parents there was a few with the whole gang; even the blossoms.

cheryl and i were clad in our riven vixen uniforms, it was freshmen year and it was our first ever game cheering and jason stood in the middle sporting his bulldogs uniform helmet in his hand as they are slung around the two of us girls

it was my favourite memory of freshman year, we look so innocent so young. free from heartache and loss.

“everything okay?” i jump at the voice slamming my laptop closed looking to see my two fellow river vixens standing at the door

“we let ourselves in, hope you don’t mind. you weren’t at school and we were worried” i shake my head smiling “it’s fine”

relief shows on their faces as the walk over to me sitting themselves down on my bed “god we were worried” “it’s was just a little incident at work and i couldn’t sleep so dad just let me take the day off”

“what happened at work?!” ronnie asks her brows creasing knowing full well that her mother was working shift with me last night “there was a box with a snake in it, left for us in pop’s. your mum seems to think it was a serpents doing”

“and well my dad.. and your mum they seemed weird with each other and it reminded me of my mum” i confess my eyes tearing up

“i don’t think i can handle my dad being with someone else other than my mum- i can’t i don’t even want to think about it”

she swallows her eyes darting around my room as i watch the clogs behind her eyes click “ronnie everything okay?” i place my hand over hers noticing the change in her eyes, guilt.

“i should go-” she grabs her bag leaning over and hugging me before rushing for the door “ill see you tonight right?” i nod watching her rush out of my room not bothering to say bye to the blonde next to me

“is she okay?” i question only to get a shrug in reply “im not too sure, something happened with her and arch-” i nod fiddling with my blanket

“we were worried about you” i give her a half hearted smile “i should’ve message you & v i just over slept and-” i huff guilt creeping up “it wasn’t just me and v”

“oh well yeah kev-” she giggles to herself “and juggie” my eyes widen “really?” she nods a smile growing on her face.

“he’s going to help me look into finding polly, i found where she’s staying and he offered to come with me” i smile trying not to give myself away “that’s sweet” she nods vigorously “isn’t it!”

“he’s on his way over- did you want to come with?” i sigh flopping my head back down on my pillow “i would but im going to the show tonight- i don’t think i could see your sister after the last time i saw her-”

she lets out a long sigh, grabbing hold of my hand and giving it a soft reassuring squeeze.

“its okay” she smiles brightly at me opening my laptop, the photo of myself and the blossom twins appearing on my screen.

she moves herself so she’s sitting next to me resting against my head board bringing my laptop up into her lap. “freshman year right?” i nod “sure was” i mumble in reply

“i love this one” i turn my attention to the screw a photo popping up of the five of us; betty, archie myself and the blossom twins.

we were all in our uniforms smiling from ear to ear

“i like this one better” i reach over and tap the next button to reveal a picture from last year, taken the day before i left for chicago. before i knew that my parents had taken a turn for the worst

we were all in a booth at pops; archie, betty, jughead, kevin and i all rugged up milkshakes and burgers scattered on the table and innocent smiles sketched onto our baby faces

blissfully unaware that in the next coming day their lives were about to get turned upside down.

“i love this one too” betty mumbles quietly a tear slipping from her green eyes “aw betts please don’t cry” i moan clinging to the girl laughing softly as my eyes well up

“god i remember that day like it was yesterday” she sniffles leaning her head against mine “that was the last i ever saw of you”

the air seemed to grow thick, silence growing between us as we stare blankly at the laptop screen

“why didn’t you say goodbye?” she turns to me vulnerability in her eyes. i close mine, the memory flooded back as i tried desperately for it to stop

i cleared my throats trying to respond without falling apart “i couldn’t-” my voice cracks.

“she woke me up at god knows what time and dragged me of bed shoving everything into bags telling me that ‘we need to leave we need to leave right now” i start to cry

“dad and arch woke up from the all the commotion and they start crying archie was hurt lead to believe that i wanted to go and leave them behind”

“i didn’t want to leave them- i didn’t want to leave anyone but i- i- couldn’t i couldn’t stay” i look to the blonde shock on her face.

“my mum said i needed help and i couldn’t get it from riverdale- so i had to go betty. i had no choice”

tears stream down my cheeks as betty looks on guilt dripping from her face. we sit staring at each other, too scared to speak. that was until jughead came bounding through the door

his eyes widen his whole persona changing as he realises what has happened. i spring from my bed excusing myself from the door as i dart into the bathroom locking it before either of them had the chance to follow me

i splash my face trying to calm myself down, scrubbing off yesterday’s makeup. trying to remove the loop of my dad and hermione from my mind

there’s a few knocks at my door but i ignore them, turning the shower on and starting to strip down. i need to get ready for tonight and it was the only way i could stay in here without suspicion from the two vacated my bedroom

i shut the water off, stepping out into the bathroom to dry my body before slipping on a robe and exiting the bathroom and taking the short walk into my bedroom

and just as expected the room was empty, i sit back down on my bed letting out a breathe i didn’t know i was holding.

soft knocks at my door bring my attention back down to earth “come in” i speak softly tightening my robe around my body making sure nothing is showing.

my dad pops his head in dressed up all nice for the show tonight, it was the first time dad would ever hear archie sing so it was a big deal. he’d bought tickets for all his work friends wanting something to boast about since i wasn’t all that interesting

“you almost ready? we’ve got to leave soon” i nod “im about to get ready shouldn’t be to long” he nods biding goodbye and closing my door behind him.

i walk over to my stereo turning up my music as i start to get myself ready for the night

we walked into the school side by side searching the crowd for dad’s work friends, i fish my phone out of my clutch hoping to see a text from jughead but nothing.

i rock on the back of my hells when i spot hermione, the raven haired lady smiles over at us briskly walking toward the two of us. my dads face lights up giving the lodge women a soft smile.

the engage in small talk as i desperately search for a way out of this damn conversation only to be brought back into it with hermione shaking my shoulder

“did your dad tell you the good news” she practically squeals squeezing my arm “nooo” i drag out the ‘o’ feeling a tad out of the loop.

“your dad’s offered me a job! no more scrubbing dirty fry pans and waiting tables for this lady” she gestures to herself earning a laugh from my dad.

she places a hand of his chest the two looking sickly happy “excuse me” i mutter moving as far away as i could hoping to spot any of my friends

i spot val walking along the corridor and i practically tackle her before she walks into the drama room “woho (y/n) what’s wrong?” she exclaims, alarmed.

“have you seen my brother? it’s important” she nods “follow me he’s probably back stage” i walk behind the pussy cat as she leads me into the green room

it doesn’t take me long till i spot my red headed brother siting along guitar in his hands strumming lightly, he looked as white as a ghost

i plop down next to him “arch are you okay?” he looks up at me noticing the nervousness in my eyes. “could ask you the same” he laughs lowly setting down his guitar

“val bailed on me so now im going solo- im so nervous (y/n)” i furrow my brows at my brother “wait i thought you were singing with v?” he sighs

“it’s a long story but anyway she got all upset because she found dad and her mum kissing at work this morning so she got spooked and-” my eyes widen, shock spreading through my body like wildfire.

“um excuse me what now?!” i almost yell, “i thought you knew, ronnie went to the house to check on you i just thought-” i shake my head standing up “you just thought what? that it was just casual conversation arch?! you’re so insensitive”

i yell walking out of the dressing room bumping into ronnie on the way out “woah are you okay?” i scoff “wouldn’t you like to know, thanks by the way for telling me about my dad. you’re a real gem”

i push past the raven haired girl moving out into the foyer spotting my dad as he walks us over to our seats in the auditorium. i almost scream when i noticed we were situated right next to the lodge lady, as we settle in for the performance.

i find myself zoning out all through veronica’s & the pussycats performance that i didn’t even hear them call archie’s name till he was in the middle of the stage

i perk up watching as he starts to sing, out of the corner of my eye i watch as my fathers hand joins with hermione and i feel my eyes well up “i can’t be here” i mumble to my father rushing out of the auditorium

my eyes fill with tears as i rush out into the hall, i scream into my hands looking up to see both betty & jughead soaking wet talking to the sheriff, a serious scowl on his face.

i let out a small cry catching their attention, i smack my hand over my mouth trying to muffle the sounds. they turn the brunette boys eyes filling with worry as he glances to me.

but betty says something to the boy that makes him looking between the two of us before mouthing a ‘im sorry’ and running off down the hall and out into the pouring rain after betty & the sheriff

my heart grows heavy as i watch him out more and more distance between the two of us.

archie’s voice carries through the speakers, he sounded amazing.

i close my eyes briefly before heading out into the storm,rain pelting down on my face as i felt myself being consumed by my thoughts. i fall to my knees letting out a silent sob

i was getting worse, and no one knew.

so i picked myself up and walked right out of the parking lot, down my street, into my house & into my bathroom looking the door behind me hoping that no one would ever find me again

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musical genius | school series 4

characters: you x jaehwan

summary: from strangers to friends to lovers…along with some music involved

quote: “i want to be more than friends”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 

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(Dreamswap) What friends are for (3)

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Apologies for the delay. I know it’s been quite some time.

Nightmare: Error just got back.

Cross: How can you tell?

Nightmare: Why else would super strong feelings just appear upstairs?

Nightmare: He’s in his room.

Nightmare: Bet he had an encounter with Blue.

Cross: Your ability to identify this is both admirable and creepy at the same time.

Nightmare: I’m gonna go talk to him.

(Nightmare goes upstairs and knocks on the door of Error’s room.)

Error: Please leave.

(Nightmare opens it anyway. Error is curled up in a ball on the end of his bed and doesn’t respond when Nightmare enters. Nightmare sits down next to him, saying nothing.)


Error: … what do you want…

Nightmare: I want you to tell me why you keep hiding and trying to take care of your problems by yourself.

Error: … because… they’re mine.

Nightmare: I can’t let you do that. It’s not working and you know it.

Error: I… I don’t care if it works, I just want to be alone right now.

Nightmare: That’ll only make this worse.

Nightmare: You ran into Blue, didn’t you?

(Error quivers and clenches his teeth.)

Nightmare: … that’s too bad.

Error: Haha, yeah, ‘too bad'…

Error: There are worse things…

(Error is starting to glitch sporadically again.)

Error: I can’t stand his presence, he makes me sick… I can only imagine that I hate him.

Error: He used me, I was just another plaything to him. It… pisses me off so much!

(Error clutches at his legs, his hands shaking.)

Error: And then he just… he just goes ahead and acts like I suddenly have a reason to trust him!

(Nightmare slowly rubs Error’s back.)

Error: How… could he even do that?!

Error: The worst part is, I don’t even know if I can! I almost wish I could, but… no, I don’t! I want him to go away!


(They hear another knock at the door. Cross opens it slightly.)

Cross: Hey Error…

Cross: … do you need some feel-better chocolate?

Error: ……..

Nightmare: He needs the feel-better chocolate.

(Cross tosses it into the room and Nightmare catches it flawlessly. Nightmare hands the chocolate to Error as the door closes.)

(Error still says nothing.)

Nightmare: So, what do you want to do about this.

(Error tears open the chocolate bar’s wrapping.)

Error: Frankly, I want to hide and wait for my problems to go away, but that hasn’t worked for the last however long.

Nightmare: So you’re going to–?

Error: Drink several cups of coffee and mope around anyway.

Nightmare: Error, you know we have to figure this out.

Error: I can’t. Not now.

Error: I need a coherent thought process in order to actually make decisions.

Nightmare: … okay. All right then. If you want to wait this out, then you can. I’m just worried about you.

(Error sits there in silence as Nightmare stands up.)

Nightmare: Try to not drink too much coffee, okay?

(He leaves the room.)

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He's Your Ex Husband and Him And Your Daughter Don't Celebrate Christmas With You


Waking up on Christmas morning is inevitably a joyful feeling. It’s the day for giving and receiving, loving and sharing. Although, this Christmas, Y/n woke up feeling a knew level of loneliness. Harry, her ex husband, is celebrating this years holiday at his girlfriends house. Y/n’s daughter, Tracie, is joining them as well, since Harry had begged to celebrate Christmas with her and his girlfriend at once. Y/n couldn’t say no, considering Harry rarely got to see Tracie with the busyness of his job. She took it as she wasn’t invited. Harry’s new girlfriend, Cara, and her had never gotten along. It was a typical ex wife and new girlfriend move, constant and uncontrollable feelings of jealousy the more minutes spent with one another. 

Sighing, Y/n hops out of bed. She has no plans for the day, so she immediately heads out for a walk. She’s aware of the bitter cold air, and the ice forming around her, but she figures that maybe, just maybe, something could relate to how she’s felt these last couple of months. Hugging the jacket closer, Y/n shivers at the gusts of white winds blowing against her. Her fragile body becoming even more sensitive, and she quickly partakes in the action of taking out a cigarette. Placing it between her lips, lighting it, she is more calm that she has been. 

How did she get so lonely so fast? That’s all she’s been wondering for the past couple of months. She used to be the happiest woman on Earth. Gifted with a beautiful baby girl. Gifted with the perfect husband. Gifted with a roof over her head and love in the air. She doesn’t understand why it ended up with her, walking alone on Christmas morning, burning the pain away. 

A part of her blames Harry. The other parts don’t want to, because she’s undoubtably in love with him, and she wants to forgive him for the mistakes he’s made. But that other part of her, that big part of her, knows that this wouldn’t be her new life if he just would have just loved her. A month after Tracie was born, Harry had told Y/n that he had met another woman. He met her at a business meeting, where she was hired to work under his new company. Ever since the day they met, he had loved her. Harry didn’t cheat, per say, but he had fallen out of love with his wife and fallen in love with a client. It surly was enough to file for divorce, where Y/n later gained custody of Tracie. 

In the thoughts of her daughter, Y/n begins to wonder what she’s doing. What gifts she’s unwrapping, her reactions to them. What Christmas song they’re listening to, if she knows the words. What food they’re making for her, if she’s devoured every bit of it. She decides to call in. It’s around noon, and she knows without a doubt that they are already done, or nearly done, with her gifts. 

Taking a seat on the nearest park bench, Y/n calls Harry. Tracie is opening her last gift when Harry gets the call from Y/n. 

“Tracie! It’s mummy!” Harry calls, smiling before answering the call. 

“Y/n! Merry Christmas!” He cheers. 

“Mummy, mummy, mummy!” Tracie chants, rushing over to her father as she jumps on top of him. 

“Merry Christmas! How is everything going?” Y/n asks, discreetly taking a drag of her half-finished cigarette. 

“It’s going great! Tracie just opened her last gift. Which I believe was a—”

 "A new American Girl Doll! We got matching pajamas and everything!“ Tracie squeals.

"That’s amazing, baby! Mumma misses you very much. You’re going to have to show me your new twin tomorrow, honey!" 

"No! No! I want to show you today! Daddy, can we visit mummy? I miss her and I want her to play dolls with me!" 

"Baby, Cara wanted us to—" 

"But I want mummy.” Tracie pouts, tugging at the hem of his shirt in desperation. 

 Harry sighs, looking at his daughter with so much care and love. Who could say no to her begs? He doesn’t want to see her sad, especially on her favorite holiday. 

“Yeah, yeah, okay. Y/n, we’ll meet you in a bit. Maybe after some lunch at tea?”

 Y/n smiles slightly, throwing her now used up cigarette on the concrete before stepping on it with the bottom of her boots. 

“That’s fine. I have to clean up the house anyways, if you guys are coming over. How about I make some food, or something?" 

"Whatever works for you. We’ll be there in two or so hours. I suppose we can exchange gifts today then?" 

"That’s fine. I should start getting to work. See you later, Harry, bye!" 

After hanging up, Y/n’s quick to walk back to her house. It wasn’t planned for her to see Tracie or Harry until tomorrow evening. She’s been planning on going through a lonely, sad, long Christmas. But now she’s going to be with the two people she loves with all her heart, and she can’t be more excited. 

The first hour and a half have been consisting of constant cleaning and baking. Once everything was complete, she sat down to watch Tracie’s favorite, The Polar Express, to see if her mood would brighten to it’s fullest. It’s in this moment, where she is sitting alone, on Christmas, and having nobody to turn to her time of sadness when she realizes that she misses Harry. Now more than ever, she wishes she could hold him how she had before. She wishes they could love each other the way they used to, that is, if he ever loved her back. It was times like these when she usually had Tracie to pull her back up, but she doesn’t have her now, when she needs her most. And she can’t help but to cry for her pathetic feelings she has for her ex husband, and how much she still relies on him for the sake of her happiness. 

 Wiping her tears, Y/n hears the front door open without warning. 

"Mummy! Mummy!” Tracie calls, clapping her hands in the air in excitement. 

“Oh my little angel!” Y/n cheers, lifting her tiny body up until her neck reached her face. 

She buried her face in her daughter’s neck, thankful for her to be home when she most needed her. 

 "Missed you so much. So, so much" Y/n whispers, peppering soft kisses along her neck. “

That tickles, mummy, that tickles!” Tracie laughs, her squeals of sensitivity bouncing off the walls. She places her down on the floor, and Tracie immediately takes off to watch The Polar Express. Y/n laughs to herself, shaking her head before turning to look at Harry. He looks concerned, but he doesn’t say anything. He’s quick to hug her, and she could tell he was trying his best to make her feel better, for whatever the reason she was upset. 

“Merry Christmas, Y/n” he smiles. 

“Merry Christmas." 

It turns silent, and the only thing that they could make out was the movie blaring from the speakers. Y/n wipes her eyes again, remnants of tears still leaving evidence upon her skin. 

"Well, shall we join Tracie?" 

"Y/n, what’s wrong?" 

"I don't—" 

"I know you more than anybody. I’ve studied every part of you, I know you too much to know something is wrong." 

"Nothing’s wrong! Can we please just watch the movie?” Y/n begs, scared that she’ll end up showing her true emotions. 

“Y/n, why don’t you talk to me anymore? You used to always talk to me.” Harry frowns at his words, because he finally realizes that it hurts him that she doesn’t talk to him like she used to. To this day, even despite the fact he is in love with another woman, Y/n will always be the biggest part of him. She was his everything, his everything and all. But not in the way she used to be. 

“I don’t have to talk to you anymore.” She cries, “besides, it doesn’t matter. Nothing’s changed. I’m always negative, I’ve always been negative. That’s why you fell out of love with me, right? Lets just watch the movie, okay?" 

Harry frowns, but quickly obliges to her suggestion. 

They take a seat on the couch, sitting close together, because that’s how Tracie likes it. Half way through the movie, Tracie has drifted ff to sleep. She had woken up too early to stay up all day, but she wouldn’t be missing much to begin with. 

 "Y/n?” Harry whispers. 

“Mhm?” He fidgets, nervous at what he was about to do.

 Harry figures that what he’s about to do needs to be done, to bring some closure for himself. Maybe even to help her. He has never seen Y/n this upset in his life. She just looks so lost, almost disconnected from her surroundings. Tracie has told him that she cries at night, but he never knew why. But he can  see it now. The way she shies away from him, closes all her barriers around him, he can see it  now. He knows it’s him, it’s him that makes her cry, that makes her burn her insides with toxic, and that makes her lose trust in him.

“Can—can I hold you?”

Y/n’s eyes go wide. What? Why would he ask her that? Why would he do that to her? She’s dying to say no, because he doesn’t love her anymore, but she’s still in love with him, and this will bring her even more pain. 

But she needs this. She needs the comfort and the love and the support she’s had lack of. What else was she supposed to do?

Without replying, she moves into his body. His strong arms hold her tightly against him, as in a way to keep her close. This is all he wants, for her to realize that it doesn’t have to be so bad. She doesn’t have to be so sad.

“I care for you, more than anything. I may be in love with Cara, and madly in love with her, but Y/n, you’re you. My first kiss, my first time, my first love. I gave you everything. You gave me everything. I opened up to you in ways I haven’t even opened up to myself. You showed me the God damn world, Y/n. I still love you. I love you so, so much. I always will. You’re always apart of something in me. I just want you to remember that." 

Y/n has silent tears running down her face. She’s rubbing his skin with her thumb. She’s upset. Upset because she loves him more than anybody. Upset because she will never be able to let him go. She knows she should, she knows. But she can’t. She will never. 

"I just wish it could be how it was before” she sniffles, her gaze blank, falling on the floor. 

Harry pushes her back towards him a bit more, maybe for her body to shield his broken heart. Maybe just to try and understand why he couldn’t love her like that anymore. He doesn’t know. But it was instinct to hold her; protect her. Because he’s still protective of her. He doesn’t want her to shatter and break to pieces. 

“I wish it could be, too.” he whispers. “I really wish it could be.”

Just To See You Smile {Bruce Wayne x Reader}

warning: it walks about heartbreak, the reader does pass out, it hints towards a panic attack but never says the words. “i’m having a panic attack”

summary: the reader ejects herself from the rest of society after dealing with a heartbreak. (sorry for the suckish summary, i’m not good at them)

a/n: this imagine was kinda sorta requested and i hope you guys like it, if you do and might want a part two i’ll be down to write one :)


(y/n)’s p.o.v

you had my focus
i can’t control it
i find your magic, in every moment
no sight of hand, cause’ you’re my truth
and when in love the ordinary just won’t do…

i laid in my bed staring up at my ceiling while sniffing every now and then.

after seeing bruce and selina i locked myself in my room and refused to leave, i couldn’t face anyone.

i couldn’t face selina nor bruce, they had broken my heart.

i was angry with myself, bruce, and the whole of gotham.

why would my supposed best friend sneak behind my back to be with the boy i loved? why would bruce, the boy i once vowed to love forever betray me like that?

i continued to sit in silence letting my thoughts eat me whole.

knock knock

i head snapped in the direction of the noise that had pulled me out of my thoughts.

i stayed mute, not bothering to ask who it was because i had no intent of letting them in.

“(y/n)? it’s me…bruce, can i come in?”

i let out a low sigh.

oh how i wished to be in his arms letting him lull me to sleep while gingerly running his hands through my tangled (y/h/c) locks.

i had missed his comfort, i longed for his touch but i could not grant myself what i wanted.

for why would he want a broken girl like me? why would he want a girl who could never love herself? why would he want an unstable, dejected, despondent wretched girl like me?

the answer is simple, he never did want me. he wanted selina and now he has her, so what’s he point in still playing with my feelings?

after a year of dating he finally saw how unworthy of his love i was.

he could have done so much better than a dolorous girl like me, he could have any girl he wanted. he could be with selina, or ivy. but he chose me and made me feel special for one hot quick moment.


i frowned when i heard the sound of his angelic voice.

why did he even choose me first? he could of gone straight to selina. was it a joke…was i a joke?

i heard him begin to fiddle with the knob.

“(y/n)..please, you’re scaring me. are you okay? can you open the door?”

by now i was no longer sad but rather angry and confused. why must everyone play with my emotions. do they not understand i’m a human just like them? do they not know i feel heartbreak just like them?

i shot up in my bed and with all the power i could muster i yelled out in an agitated voice and delirious state of mind.

“go away! you don’t love me, you’re in love with the thought of me!”

as soon as the words left my mouth i regretted it, i wanted to take them back but the damage had been done.

“wh-w-what are you talking about? i’m utterly completely in love with you! open the door, we need to talk”

i only stared at the door, now unable to speak or move, all my courage and anger from before was now beginning to subside and i felt tired it was as if my body was slowly giving up on me, like it was shutting down.

the nights without sleep, the days without food, the evenings with no motivation were now catching up to me and it was eating me whole. i now felt weak, my eyes fluttered open and closed. my hands clutched my stomach, there was a pounding in my head that was too unbearable.

i tried to breathe but it felt as if i had no idea how to work my lungs. the room began to spin and the knocks on my door seemed to be relentless, growing louder and louder. i wanted to scream out, i wanted to let someone, anyone know that i was not okay.

my skin now felt like it was on fire, my mouth dry. my heart empty. i dropped to the floor in pure agony. my eyes rolled to the back of my head and the last thing i heard were the frantic yells from bruce.

bruce’s p.o.v

my heart plummeted down to the ground when i heard a loud thump emit from (y/n)’s bedroom. i banged even louder than before.

a cold shiver ran down my spine and it was almost as if i could hear something telling me i had lost her. i had fought so hard to be with her, i wasn’t about to lose her.

i don’t know why i was willing to throw away a year of our relationship, the kiss with selina meant absolutely nothing to me.

selina was my first love and when she leaned in it was as if i had lost all sense in my body and i kissed her back.

i didn’t want to, i didn’t love her anymore. she had broken my heart on several occasions and (y/n) was the one who would always build me back up.

i turned onto my side and began to bash my body on her door in attempt to open it.

i kept banging and banging trying to get it to open until finally the door broke off of it’s hinges and fell to the floor.

i took a few seconds to recompose myself and then i saw a heart shattering sight. the love of my life on the floor looking lifeless.

i bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from yelling.

i gently picked up her frail body and placed her on the bed. i propped up her head on a couple of pillows then wrapped her up in her blankets. i then bounded down the stairs and went to go get her some water.

i headed to the kitchen and went the the cubords looking for a cup. after finding one i walked over to the sink and filled up the glass with some

“what are you doing, bruce?”

i jumped at the sound of selina.

i turned around and sent her a harsh glare.

“i’m here to take care of (y/n), you know, your best friend, the girl whose heart you broke”

this statement only earned me an eye roll.

“you can’t act as if this is all my fault! you kissed me back, you didn’t have to!”

i was now seething. “well you didn’t have to kiss me! why can’t you just stay out of my life? i was doing fine without you, i had finally moved on and was happy”

her face fell a little bit but her stance did not waver.

“bruce…there’s no use in trying, i’ve tried and tried to get her to open that door. she just needs time alone i’m her best friend, I know her best so just leave”

i sighed. “i won’t give up on her…i can’t give up on her”

i didn’t give her a chance to refute my claim and quickly left her to go attend to (y/n).

when i arrived in her room i walked in and placed the water on her bed stand. i then went into her bathroom and took a small face towel, i then dipped it into cold water and then left the bathroom and kneeled down beside her on the bed.

i folded the towel and placed it on her head i then held her hand tightly not wanting to let go, afraid that if i did she wouldn’t ever wake up.

after sitting on the floor for a solid three minutes i saw (y/n) begin to stir awake.

i shot up from the floor and reached for the water, i placed it on the floor and helped her sit up, i then supported her while i handed her the water and watched her drink it all.

she finished it just like that. when she had finished drinking the water she turned to look at me and tears instantly filled her eyes.

i gave her a weary smile as if to say everything would be okay but truthfully i wasn’t sure myself if everything would be okay.

she furrowed her eyebrows and just stared me down.

you look so beautiful
you walked out of a dream
i never felt this way before
your eyes are all i need
to make forever feel like just a little while
i swear i’d walk, i’d run, i’d even learn to fly
just to see you smile.

oh how i would give anything, just to see her lovely smile.

if only she gave me that smile, then i would be able to reassure myself and her that we would be okay. i could reassure us both that we would be okay, that our relationship would be okay.

instead, we sat in silence while i smiled at her and she looked at me as if she was lost and confused.

Eyes Closed - Part 2

A/N: Wow. I’m speechless. I want to thank everyone who liked, reblogged or even just read the first part. I appreciate every single one of you so much. The fact that people took the time out of their day to read something I wrote still blows my mind. Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears :’)
Alright, I’m gonna stop now before this gets too long. Here’s Part 2. I hope y’all enjoy!

Jack and the guys had just finished their second tour and were back home. Home. Whenever he heard that word he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about you. After all this time, he still couldn’t get you off his mind. Although he’s a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, letting you go will always be something he would regret.

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anonymous asked:

kagami, kasamatsu, midorima where their crush gives them chocolate, and their teammates tell them to stop being shy and ask the girl out?

Note: giri-choco means obligatory chocolate that girls give to guys in Japanese Valentine’s Day, honmei-choco means the chocolate given to people they have feelings for (genuine instead of obligatory).

This also feels so typically shoujo manga, I’m sorry.


“What, you haven’t asked her out yet?”

That was Miyaji, bluntly speaking out his mind while autonomously practicing his footwork.

Midorima can hear Takao burst into laughter several feet away from the scene—the dark-haired athlete is lucky that you’re in the perimeter, because if you weren’t, Takao would already have a basketball shot exactly to his head.

Your intentions are simple and straightforward: to give him your homemade chocolates. You might not be confessing yet, since you feel like you haven’t prepared enough, but you’re sure that even someone as dense as Midorima is able to get the message. They are homemade chocolate cookies, after all. A girl doesn’t just give this to any person on Valentine’s Day.

The intricately packaged cookies are held close to your chest when you hear the upperclassman’s words. You feel your heartbeat speeding up exponentially once your brain processes the meaning behind that sentence, which doesn’t take much time: does this mean Midorima intends to confess his feelings to you?

A part of you that hates being disappointed tells you that it might just be a form of teasing, that the boy you’ve pined for so long does not actually return your affections. When you look at him, you bet everything you own that Midorima is going to look more disinterested or annoyed than flustered.

Imagine your surprise when you find him, towering in front of you effortlessly with that height, blushing and melting into a stuttering mess—you catch him saying something along the lines of “senpai, why” but his words are so jumbled and his voice shaky that you almost think you misheard. Midorima covers half of his face with his hand under the pretence of fixing his glasses, when in fact you can clearly see the eyewear pressed so tightly on its correct position.

Hope takes shape as butterflies in your gut, and with whatever voice you are able to muster, you tell him:

“Midorima-kun, I actually l-like you.”

The gym falls into a complete silence.

“I have for quite a while now!” You resume quickly so as to not prolong the awkwardness—you can feel stares pointed at your general direction and you feel your cheeks turning hot red, “so… please accept these?”

Your hands are now outstretched, offering him the packaged cookies.

“They’re… not giri-choco.”

At that, Midorima seems to be getting worse—if only you had the courage to look him in the eye rather than looking down on the gym floor, you would see him look as if he’s on the verge of crying, cheeks flushed red. He covers his face more blatantly now, while the other one shakily accepts your gracious gift. Miyaji, Ootsubo, and Kimura have to take care not to let their jaw drop down to the ground as they watch the scene unfold. As for Takao, he’s visibly shocked like the others, but there’s a glint of happiness in his eyes like he has been waiting for this moment to happen.

“Stupid…” Midorima murmurs, averting his gaze shyly—should he make eye contact with you, he’ll for sure faint from being overwhelmingly joyful at the fact that you actually like him back. “Why confess now?”

The two of you secretly know that if it weren’t for your sudden burst of bravery, it would take another year or more for him to gather the courage to ask you out first.


“Don’t forget to say ‘I like you’, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami’s usual first reaction of Kuroko sneaking up on him would be shock, but this time things are different. In addition to that, his face gradually turns as red as the strands of his hair, and when he slowly turns to you only to find the shocked look on your face, he feels like burying himself six feet deep.


“What? I thought you asked me to help you practice?”

You’re left to your own devices as the two friends banter, Kagami shouting at Kuroko most of the time for ‘not having good timing’ or ‘ruining his chances’, but truth be told, their words are nothing but meaningless noises to you—you are very much surprised at what Kuroko just said, not knowing whether the boy with thin presence means it or not. Taking Kagami’s reaction into consideration, it is likely that Kuroko indeed tells the truth, which means…

At this point you’re the one flushed beyond control, but deciding that it’s now or never—the two of you will undoubtedly be too awkward if you get to meet after this incident—you grab a hold of Kagami’s wrist, tugging him with enough strength as you jog out of the classroom. Kagami lets out a slight yelp from the sudden jerk, and his frustration directed at Kuroko is immediately replaced by anxiety as you lead him to a more secluded staircase, away from prying eyes.

“__________! I swear, it’s not what you—”

“I like you, Kagami-kun.”

His eyes widen, panic slowly diffusing into realization as he tries to comprehend your confession. You like him? The whole school year he’s been sending secret glances and watching you from afar, gradually trying to accept the fact that he’s always a bystander. Now here you are, telling him you like him.

“I… don’t know what that was between you and Kuroko-kun,” you say again, eyes down on the ground as if the tiled floors are the most interesting thing in the world, “but if you don’t like me back, it’s okay. I was—I just felt like it was the right thing to do. Telling you I like you, I mean.” You’re rambling now, and your cheeks are starting to gain color. The wrapped homemade chocolates you have been holding in one hand is starting to get cold, you realize—or is it just your senses being numbed, because of Kagami’s lack of response.

“Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. I-I’m sorry for dragging you all of a sudden…”

Just as you begin your swift escape, Kagami manages to grab your arm. You gasp, unable to release yourself from his strong hold even if you wanted too—you find yourself not wanting to run away, what with him suddenly pressing you against his chest in a tight hug. You can feel his rabbit heartbeat, pumping abnormally fast even as his arms around you tighten. One look to his face will tell you he’s nervous, but hugging you like this feels so right to him he can’t bring himself to let you go despite his apparent embarrassment.

It’s time for him to show you the result of his confession practice.


“Just ask her out already, senpai!”

Kasamatsu’s breath hitches in his throat, the shock causing him to freeze while he’s trying to accept the confectionaries you worked so hard on making. Kise has a knack of pushing his buttons, and Kasamatsu doesn’t know why he didn’t expect this to happen—you, his crush, entered the gym like a freaking angel, wanting to give homemade chocolates to no one other than himself, Kasamatsu Yukio, your upperclassman, and Kise just had to open his stupid mouth.

Under normal circumstances, Kasamatsu would be very, very pissed off at the golden-haired boy, and would undoubtedly resort to kicking Kise repeatedly until he calms down. This time around, he can’t, because look at your face: your mouth shaped into a small “o” (from the surprise, he assumes), your whole body seemingly at a standstill…

He knows he can’t keep his feelings for you a secret anymore, so in the heat of the moment, he encloses a hand around your wrist and walks toward the gym exit, making you follow behind him whether you like it or not.

Your mind is still racing. Kasamatsu is walking in front of you, eerily quiet. What if he’s annoyed of you, that you’ve interrupted practice just for a bag of chocolate cookies? What if he tells you he doesn’t want to see you again? You realize your thoughts seem so far-fetched, and you blame it on your hammering heart and your brain for overthinking every situation possible.

There are not many people around the premises—it’s dusk, and most students are going back home after club activities. You see several couples here and there, holding hands and enjoying each other’s presence more than they usually do, considering that it’s Valentine’s. Somehow you feel a tinge of jealousy tugging at your heartstrings, the want to be one of those people who loves and is loved in return. But you want only his love in return. Kasamatsu stands stone-faced in front of you, gaze focused elsewhere as you try to swallow anticipation like a bitter pill. He looks as if he is about to scold you, and so you brace yourself of what’s to come.

“Listen, __________. I… I like you. A lot.” Kasamatsu’s hardened expression quickly melts into that of embarrassment. “Stupid Kise blew it away already, I guess. I-I’m sorry about that.”

For a second your eyes meet, and like innocent middle-schoolers, both your face and his are flushed pink, and that’s when you’re too shy to continue looking at him. Kasamatsu acts similar, ruffling the hair at the back of his neck as an unintentional reflex to his shyness, but when you stretch your hand out to give him the chocolate again, his attention is all on you.

“Actually, Kasamatsu-senpai, I like you too—I’ve liked you for a while now, um, and these,” you say, placing the bag in his hand, “they’re honmei. For you.”

At that moment, Kasamatsu feels two things he has never felt before: the first being so faint and yet so aware at the same time, and the second feeling so full of happiness he wants to shout it out to the whole world—multiple times, if necessary.

Sense - Ellessey - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

For KuroDai Week 2017, Day 8: Mythical Creatures/Super Powers

Summary: Daichi has never met another person like him before, someone he doesn’t have to hide his abilities from. But the first day at a new school, surrounded by the same normal faces, he finally meets someone different.

This will be Daichi’s seventh time as the new kid, so it’s not like it’s something he doesn’t know how to do. It’s all just a matter of blending in, finding the patterns and fitting himself inside them, and that’s something he has years of experience with.

It gets tiring though, following this routine. Leaving when he slips up, because somehow he always does, and starting out again in a different place, with a new set of people who are all the same. The same as the ones at his last school, the same as each other. All of them cut from the same cloth, except for him.

Daichi is different. Daichi can crack the earth with his anger, he can shape the soil without lifting a hand. When he laughs, if he isn’t focusing hard enough on his control, pebbles will rise up and dance with his voice.

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thelazerbird  asked:

"Don't ask questions you don't want answers for"

This is broad, but okay.


“Do you notice something…off about Marco?”

Janna barely glances up from the doodles she draws on her notebook in between crudely-taken algebra two notes. A majority take the form of cool statues Tom and Star showed her when they all went to his castle in the Underworld. “What, like, more than usual?” She snorts, and Jackie has to fight to roll her eyes.

“I’m serious,” she whispers, looking up and across the room where Marco sits. They’re all in the same math class again this year, which is nice. But Marco’s right next to the window while her and Janna were assigned to the back, and for the entirety of class time, he’s gone between staring outside or angrily texting on his phone. “He isn’t even paying attention!” And Marco Diaz always pays attention.

Janna coos, following Jackie’s gesture briefly to where his face was practically inside his desk. “Maybe he’s starting to embrace that bad boy persona.”


“Right, sorry,” she sighs, flipping her notebook and beginning a new drawing - something that looks more like from one of her summoning books she used to read at the library with Jackie. “I dunno, Jackie,” with her voice dismissive, she hopes the conversation ends there, and Jackie can take a nap as Skullnick dully describes monomials, like some twisted lullaby for Sophomores.

“Do you think it’s about Star?”

Janna pauses her drawing, grimacing. The entirety of the situation is…touchy, and Jackie prying into it instead of living in blissful ignorance doesn’t make any of it more comfortable to watch. She feels bad, and she kinda wants to smack Marco for being so stupid, but she knows it’s not really anyone’s fault. “I think -”

“So it is about her!”

Janna shushes her, looking around at the few classmates that stole quick glances back at the pair. “He’s more than likely talking to Star, yes.”

“He’s been all angry and upset since we hung out with her and that demon-guy. Tom, right?” She doesn’t wait for Janna to respond. “I don’t get why. It’s not like him and Star fought at all. She just was with Tom a bit more than the rest of us.”

“Yeah, her and Tom are pretty close lately.”

“Do you…” Jackie stops, looking up at where her boyfriend looks out the window, chin in his hands and a frown adorning his features. She didn’t want to admit it, but lately his attitude has pretty much shown all the clear signs pointing to the obvious. “You don’t think he’s jealous of them, do you?”

Jackie watches Janna silently, anxiously tapping her pencil back and forth on her palm tree-styled pencil case as she waits for a (hopefully reassuring) opinion. She’s feared complications in her relationship with Marco ever since his end of the year party, but she thought all of that was fine when Marco told her he kept his friendship with Star completely platonic. But now, she’s not really sure.

Janna turns towards Marco, where he’s seemingly brought back from the rain outside to the reality of his cellphone. Her eyes follow him as he swallows, almost looking hurt, while reading whatever message he just received, scowl deepening, and then types furiously into his phone. Janna, who’s been quietly observing him ever since he learned Star and Tom were on good terms again, with Tom providing a supportive shoulder for her to lean on lately, looks on with disapproval. Even with Jackie in her ear anxiously, she felt bad for him.

She turns back to her waiting friend. “Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.”

Jackie blinks. “What is that supposed -”

“Jackie Lynn Thomas!”

She jumps, nearly falling out of her chair at the sound of her teacher’s booming voice. The voice or the harsh glare or snarling teeth - she can’t figure out which scares her more.

“Maybe you can come up here and explain how to find the area in this equation? Since you seem to understand it enough to talk so much.”

“I, uh -” she looks away from the pitiful stare of her close friend over to Marco. Even through the trolls yelling, he still hasn’t looked up from his phone. And is he getting sadder the longer he looks at it? She can’t even tell anymore. “No, I’m sorry. I’ll pay better attention now.”

Miss Skullnick scoffs, turning back to the board and muttering things about ‘ungrateful students’ and whatnot. Relieved from that embarrassment, she turns back to her friend, who’s back to doodling in her notebook and ignoring her. And meanwhile, Marco’s mood radiates depression as he goes back to watching the rain, ignoring everyone else.

For the first time ever, she’s grateful watching Miss Skullnick write obscene fractions, something she thinks she’d have a better time figuring out then whatever is going on with everyone.

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hello rahma! i know you reblogged @mellonjin 's jin call out post and i have a question, you've stated on this blog before (although it might've been removed) that you are currently living within an emotionally abusive state (please deflect and delete this ask if you don't want to talk about i completely understand) but do you believe what mellonjin said abt jin's current mistreatment being emotional abuse?

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Why I Have To Meet Jack

You guys may well think I’m silly for writing this post, but I’m going to anyway. I have thoughts and I need to get them out. I’m a firm believer in writing down your emotions rather than bottling them up. 

Anyway. If you’re tired of my complaining about not meeting Jack, then I won’t blame you for scrolling away from this right away. Feel free, or you can carry on reading. But not only am I saying the obstacles that are in my way, I’m also writing exactly why meeting Jack matters so much to me. I’ve broken it down so hopefully it’s easier for you guys to read.

I know I’ve posted about this a billion times before, but I feel the need to do it again. I kind of stop thinking about it, and then something reminds me again. I see gifs from PAX, I read about people meeting him. I’m happy for everyone who does, but I’m reminded that it hasn’t happened to me and maybe never will. I feel selfish for thinking this, but I can’t help it.

Just wait, it will happen, I hear you say. But that’s easier said than done, for a number of reasons. If it was just as simple as being too young to go on my own or whatever, then yes, it would only be a matter of time. But it’s not.

First of all, I can’t afford to go to conventions (particularly so if they are in another country, and I’m yet to find one in the UK that Jack goes to). I currently don’t earn, and even when I do it won’t be much - musicians often don’t earn much at first, and I’m not making anything from YouTube “yet” (I hope I will but it may never take off for all I know. I can’t rely on it).

Then there’s my current mental state. Going to a convention would be difficult thanks to my wonderful social anxiety. Just the thought of the crowds, the people around me while travelling… And I imagine that travelling, and the convention itself, would take a lot of energy - possibly too much for my depression to handle. Maybe I could push through it to meet Jack, but I don’t know; would it be worth risking putting myself under too much pressure?

And that’s not all. Oh yes, there’s more. Getting to another country is difficult for me for another reason. I can’t do it by myself. Yes, I’m 21 years old and I don’t know how to go through an airport by myself. I feel stupid. Not just because I’ve never learnt how, but also I struggle with things like that. I always have. I’m particularly brilliant at getting lost. My anxiety loves it, not.

And there’s more. Since I’ve started watching Jack, I’ve been at university/college so I haven’t had the time to go away to conventions. Once I leave here in a couple of months time (*panics*), I will be focusing a lot on YouTube, and probably having to find a job (yawn). And until I find one and have money, I can’t go even if I have the time.

This may well sound like I’m making excuses, but honestly… I’m really not. I wouldn’t. This is something I need to do in my lifetime, it’s a dream of mine. Jack is my hero. I have no reason to make any excuses. These are all genuine barriers to one of my life goals. Obstacles that feel insurmountable. And it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to think that I may never meet the person who began to turn my life around. It breaks my heart to think that I may never get to thank him in person for what he’s done. It breaks my heart to think that I may never be able to hug him. He feels like a long distance friend - or even family, if I can say that. Jack means the world to me. More than he’ll ever know - but if I meet him, I can get closer to expressing it than I can from here.

I have thoughts about what I would do if I did meet Jack. I already know that I will make a folder or something of stuff I’ve made for him (fanart, poems, etc) and I’ll give it to him. And, of course, I’ll give him the biggest hugs he’s ever had. I’ll do my best to let him know what he means to me. I’ll tell him about how he’s inspired me and that my YouTube channel is beginning to grow thanks to him giving me the courage to make more videos. I was anxious to go on camera, but he made me brave, and now I love it immensely and want to do it for as long as possible.

Jack is not just a YouTuber to me. He’s been a counsellor when I’ve needed advice and someone to care. Jack has been a friend when I’ve felt alone, believing in me even when I didn’t anymore. He’s been a beautiful green light in the pitch black void of depression and anxiety, the hope I needed when mine was all gone. 

He’s been like an annoying older brother who makes stupid jokes to make you laugh - which means even more to me as one of my older brothers, who made me laugh a lot, is no longer with us. He’s been someone to watch playing games now that I can’t watch my brother play them anymore.

He’s been a lullaby when I couldn’t sleep, cradling me with kindness and wrapping me up in smiles and laughter. He’s been a soothing voice amongst the painful noise of life. He’s held my hand when I’ve been hurting, wiping away the tears from my eyes. He’s started to heal the cracks in my heart and mind. When I was starting to lose sight of anything good in life, having less and less reasons to smile, he showed me that things weren’t so bad after all. He taught me to genuinely smile again.

And Jack is the reason why I found this wonderful community, and have made amazing friends who have made me feel cared about. You guys have made me feel less lonely despite the isolation of social anxiety and depression. Without Jack, I probably wouldn’t know any of you exist.

Jack is my hero.

I need to meet him some day.

I have to.

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I haven't watched Danny Phantom since I was like 12 years old, and I don't think I ever saw it. Why does everyone hate Phantom Planet so much?

In short: it was an awful series finale.

But to go more in detail…

I’ll start with saying the plot of any episode of any show comes about one of two ways:

  • one: the characters act like themselves, behave as they normally would, and the plot follows from their natural antics.
  • two: the conflict was coined first, and the writers twist the characters’ actions in order to MAKE the plot happen. 

The first kind typically leads to good episodes, the second kind to bad. When shows get bad and the characters get OOC, it usually happens because the writers are running out of good plot elements, so they grasp at questionable plot lines that, in order to work, require the writers to use the characters like puppets. This often leads to unnecessary drama, OOC stupidness or stubbornness, and shocking displays of “forgetting all your past character development”

Phantom Planet was the PINNACLE of this second type.

  • Danny tries to revoke being a hero, despite developing his identity and pushing through WAY WORSE stuff in the past two seasons. It was forced, OOC, and down-right infuriating. Essentially he gave up his role because people weren’t appreciating him anymore (you spent ALL OF SEASON 1 BEING HATED BUB). And even the awful season 3 episode “Living Large” ended with the lesson about not giving up his heroic duties for an easy life. Danny essentially becomes shallow and embarrassingly angsty to push this contrived plot.
  • Sam, despite clearly loving Danny for who he was throughout the entire series, basically disowns him for the above giving up of his powers. Was it a dick move for Danny to un-ghost himself? Yeah. But would Sam act all hurt and resentful to Danny because he’s boringly normal again if not for the writers forcing it? NO. 
  • VLAD. GOD. WOW. Okay, so everyone loves Vlad, including me. I think he’s such an excellent villain, and in part this is due to him KNOWING what his goals are. So many villains are grasping at money and power and fame and world domination all at once. Is Vlad ambitious? Yeah. Greedy? Yeah. Megalomaniacal? YEAH. But the important thing is that when we meet him, he already has all the money and power and influence he wanted. What he doesn’t have is family. What he doesn’t have is Maddie. All his actions are driven by his toxic, twisted, unholy obsession with taking Jack’s place. This makes his relationship with Danny interesting as hell! They’re at each other’s throats constantly, but there’s this deluded part of Vlad that believes he wants to be this boy’s father, to the point that he begins manufacturing clones of Danny and associating with holograms of Maddie. At the end of season 2, Vlad’s cracking, Vlad’s flailing under the weight of constant failure even when he tries to maintain his composure. It was leading to such interesting things. What does he do in season 3?….He picks childish pranks wars with Danny. And in Phantom Planet, he reveals his ghost identity to the whole world and orders them to make him ruler of the planet. !!!!!! *noises of frustration and despair*. The writers had done such a good job of showing how Vlad’s every move was motivated by his twisted quest for Maddie’s love and Jack’s life. Suddenly he just wants to RULE THE WORLD?? It was just so fake, so embarrassingly “super villain,” and it was a huge disservice to his character.

Okay, so characterization aside:

  • The entire first 30 minutes was a non-stop fest of second hand embarrassment. It was LITERALLY a montage of Danny fucking up in awful and humiliating ways, over and over and over, until the town just didn’t care for him anymore. I literally cannot watch it. The second-hand embarrassment would kill me.
  • Danny saves the entire world in the end. This is not a bad thing by itself. It could have been very well-done. But it wasn’t. There was no build to it. No proper justification. It turned into a huge patting-yourself-on-the-back leap of the writers. First he’s just a young teenager trying to protect a single town. Suddenly there are STATUES OF HIM IN EVERY MAJOR CITY OF THE WORLD? Too much, too fast.
  • It never resolved the EXTREMELY GOOD plotline with Valerie being friends with Danny but hating Phantom. The dynamic was so great; the build in their relationship both as humans and hunters was handled so lovingly. What does PP give us? Valerie clapping in the background when Danny reveals his identity. No betrayal. No shock. No hurt. No conflict. Just a “yeah cool yeah clap for Danny yeah” animation. UGH.
  • No resolution for the Danielle plotline, which was also super great.

Some of these things I can at least understand. Steve Marmel left, who was the driving force behind seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 got axed halfway through without warning, so the writers had to scramble to make a series finale. This explains the dangling plotlines, but it doesn’t excuse how cheesy, corny, and fake the whole episode was. 

There were individual bits I liked. Jack and Vlad have a stand off over Vlad’s reveal, and I think it’s pretty chilling the way Jack is able to turn on Vlad. Maddie’s freak out moment of “Jazz, where’s your brother?” after the apparent failure of Danny’s plan gets a thumbs-up from me. But those two moments alone in the course of an hour-long series finale should not be the only good parts! The rest was embarrassing, infuriating, or boring. Reign Storm, Ultimate Enemy, and Reality Trip proved that Danny Phantom is AMAZING with its hour-long specials! All three of those episodes were just ASTOUNDINGLY, HEART-POUNDINGLY GOOD. Some of the best episodes!! Phantom Planet was just….sub par in every way.

need to rant plz don't mind me I'm not looking for discussion just ranting

I swear this series will never stop haunting and destroying me….

So the last mother fucking episode of Na***o (I censor it for my own sake) is Hin**a’s wedding…again…why..did she not get an entire MOVIE for her and her selfish love??? Now the last episode is dedicated to her god for saken wedding…
That’s not even the worst part… I did this mistake of scrolling the tag and immediately starting crying

Sakura.. the fictional character who got me through some of my hardest school days. She inspired me so much and it kills me to this day seeing what’s become of her and this series I once loved.

Every single time I think she can’t be hurt anymore, that there’s nothing more they can do to destroy her..
I’m proven wrong every time! They show her watching all the happy couples while she is completely alone…& the only “comfort” she gets is a letter from Sasuke with the word congratulations on it..meant for N & H….. that’s what she blushes and smiles at…that’s the final scene she receives in this series.
How can anyone human being who watched/read this series from the beginning be truly ok with this scene and just overall ending… it’s pure evil and beyond cruel… Sakura the main heroine in the series, who has overcome so much and basically been sad since the beginning…she didn’t get to have a happy ending (call it what u will guys that’s no happy ending and that’s coming from someone who loved Sasuskau at a time) it’s miserable and it hurts me.

To think Hin**a the side character who really never had much to offer to the series besides holding an immense love/obsession for Nar**o got an amazingly happy ending meanwhile Sakura the actual heroine whose character actually impacted the series in many fucking ways is left with the worst ending I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t wish this ending on any character.
and we all know it doesn’t get better because she then has a child and is left to raise it alone while everyone else is a couple raising there children..it’s just like the creators truly despise Sakura and want to make her suffer in any way possible..& I know it’s just goddamn fiction and I’m insane for caring so much but it really does hurt me deeply. I loved this character so much she really was and sadly still is important to me so whenever I see how miserably she is treated and continues to be..it just hurts…

it hurts a lot and I wish I can wake up one day and not give a fuck…

okay end of rant..

In Another Life

In which Naruto listens to his mother’s advice and marries a girl like her. And lives to regret it. Post-war AU.

Read on FF.net 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“When he holds you close, when he pulls you near

When he says the words you’ve been needing to hear

I’ll wish I was him, ‘cause those words are mine

To say to you till the end of time.”

-Bon Jovi, “Always”

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The episode of Stray Kids for today was so freaking good? It was so much fun but also showed us a lot of their hardworking nature and I loved it. The ending though…

Seeing them all finally start to live together and stuff like that, it’s so incredibly cute and it warms my heart. The room choosing was incredibly hilarious too, I can’t believe the amount of disrespect Jisung got XD Felix looked so sad when he thought no one had picked his room, poor kid, and Chan trying to name their room XD

Then at the arcade, I can’t believe they were playing games so happily when they have a mission to do (?) Also, when Changbin (I think it was him) suddenly told Woojin to not give and then he started getting everything perfect, that was such a heartwarming moment <3 It was good while it lasted cause things suddenly got very serious.

So the mission, as far as I understood it, was to make a new song from scratch, just like that XD When they were picking the songs I was really confused when Hellevator didn’t come out until it did, and honestly the members’ reactions were almost literally mine when I first heard to it. Tbh, even though I don’t understand everything, being able to watch the process of how the song came to life is so incredible, specially because they’re literally doing everything. It’s just so cool, honestly it makes me feel so proud.

Them listening to the guide was so precious, also…

The vocal team trying to get their parts right XD don’t worry kids, you’re doing well. Also the dance practice, poor Jongin, don’t worry maknae, just continue working hard, he looked really afraid of Bang Chan though? I’m glad Minho stepped here. To be quite honest, I think Chan is a really good leader, I mean, he got the team chosen as the one for the project, but as for what I’ve seen, I think that he sometimes lacks a bit of patience or is a bit too hard on the rest of the team, so I’m really glad others notice and step and complement his leadership in a good way, I think it speaks a lot about their teamwork.

As for the evaluation, man I was so nervous, no Dad smile from JYP was able to calm me down tbh. Not even when he said the name was cool XD I’m actually surprised they even chose the name? I didn’t know that until I watched this episode. The performance was good, honestly, judging by how nervous they were and by the teaser, I was expecting them to do worse. The vocals were a bit weak, specially at the beginning, and honestly I got so worried by Minho when he was walking to the back, he didn’t look fine at all. The rapping was a lot better, it was really cool, but I think their expressions and part of the performance lacked a bit because they were way too nervous.

JYP seemed to like it a lot so  I’m not complaining much but he said there were still a lot of weak points, and he was also saying that he couldn’t understand why they would make a song like that, it seems like the key was too high, almost as if it was made for a female group, but apparently he liked it anyway???  I’m not very sure, if someone can clarify this I would very much appreciate it.

Chan seemed so mad at himself after the presentation it broke my weak heart. The ending though… I can’t believe JYP is already thinking about eliminating some members… I mean, it was just the first mission, please… Idk, I don’t want to know wither, I’m just extremely nervous about this and I don’t want to see one of them being eliminated, I’m not even sure what the dynamics of this program are anymore since the next mission will have them fighting against each other. God, I’m so stressed about this.