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did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

I ! am ! finally ! done ! This was one of those were you go, eh, I’ll start it, I’ll doubt I’ll finish it, but whatever. So here’s Anders, kudos to @timesorceror again, for making this a thing.

I started drawing with “Your Obedient Servant” and I finished with “Cabinet Battle #2″

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?

Why I always end up yelling whenever I listen to Hamilton
  • Burr: Talk less, smile more
  • Hamilton: No
  • Washington: Go home, Alexander
  • Hamilton: No
  • Eliza: Take a break
  • Hamilton: No
  • Maria: Stay
  • Hamilton: Show me how to say no to this. I don't know how to say no to this.

Final Fantasy 15 - Nyx Urlic

Nyx constantly makes my job just a tad bit harder. You can now see why I don’t really get my work done these days.

Seven Years - Sherlock

To commemorate and show appreciation for the great work she has done, I have decided to rewrite the words to the song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham for @loudest-subtext-in-tv because she has been truly incredible. I haven’t been in the fandom long, but I have come to see how fundamental she and her work have been to the TJLC community. I know it’s not amazing, but I did it in like a day so sorry. I just really wanted to show my gratitude for everything she’s done for the fandom so hear you go:

Sherlock is seven years old, and Mofftiss told us,

“This ain’t a gay show it’s just a story.”

Sherlock is seven years old

It was a big big show, but you thought we were bigger

Pushing us all to the limits, we were learning quicker

Series three searching hard and making readings slicker

You were always out in front searching with more vigour

Once it was much harder, the wedding coming,

No one thought that Johnlock would ever happen

Once it was much harder

You always had that dream, unlike some fans before you

So you started writing meta, started writing theories

Something about that future, you predicted the whole series

‘Cause you saw that there was true love between those two

Operation Johnlock is Go, that started it all

After The Sign of Three, when there was hope

Operation Johnlock is Go

You only saw your goals, you don’t believe in failure

'Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major

You got the fans with you, at least those in favor

And if we don’t meet before season 4, I hope I’ll see you later

Operation Johnlock is Go, your meta got read

You were writing about everything you saw before you

Operation Johnlock is Go

Soon we’ll be thirty years old, and Johnlock confirmed

We’ve traveled through the show and the canon

Soon we’ll be thirty years old

I’m still learning about life

And reading into subtext

But you have taught me so much

About reading stories

Most of the fandom’s here,

Some are scared of the new series

And some are antis, for now wrong,

But they will see the truth

Soon we’ll be sixty years old, this a distant memory

Remember life, and then your life becomes a better one

You made us all so happy when you wrote a meta once

I hope my children see a world full of equality

You lead the whole fandom here, we owe you so much,

For having the great courage to lead us

You lead the whole fandom here

You lead the whole fandom here, we owe you so much,

For having the great courage to lead us

You lead the whole fandom here

Sherlock is seven years old, and Mofftiss told us,

“This ain’t a gay show it’s just a story.”

Sherlock is seven years old

Sherlock is seven years old

Smooch the husband

sh//eith shippers be saying “who cares what you ship!!! it’s a kid’s cartoon!!!!!” and I’m like… yeah and that’s exactly WHY I’m so anti sh//aladin

I don’t want kids to see, read, or even hear about an adult being shipped with these kids. I came to Tumblr when I was like 13/14 yrs old and if I saw that a lot of people were endorsing a grown man with some teenagers do you know what that would’ve done to me? could do to a lot of kids trying to find themselves right now as we speak? they’ll think it’s okay. they’ll think that someone “mature” and “cool” wanting to be with them is okay when it’s really not. you might argue that keith, lance, or hunk are “late teens” as in 18/19 but they’re still adolescents. they look at shiro as their leader, their hero, their caretaker and I don’t want him painted as some pedo/ephebophile. responsible, moral adults know that is wrong

kids are so impressionable, hell even young adults and adults are impressionable to peer pressure and bandwagon appeal so please. please just think about this. I see why people would want to ship characters that have potential to have chemistry with each other, I do, b/c shipping characters is fun and it’s great but when you post something on your blog it’s not just about you anymore. it’s about the people who visit your blog, who follow your blog. you might think everyone has confidence in their choices, that if they don’t like then they can just look away or black list something, but there are minors on this site. their are survivors of pedo/hebe/ephebophilia on this site

and yeah you might brand me as too politically correct or sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong but it’s not that hard to not ship a toxic ship. it’ll probably make you have a heartache, sure, I’ve had to learn to unlove toxic ships too and it sucks b/c you invested yourself so much into them. but in choosing to entertain that sh//aladins is okay and posting it and romanticizing it and continuously making content, amplifying the normality of it you’re doing more harm then good and people need to realize that

I don’t want anybody to think that I’m on a high horse and can say what’s wrong and what’s right but I know what illegal and immoral. shipping shiro with the paladins is just that

I should really shut up about this but I’m tired of the cherry picking

MatPat was NOT SAYING that the gamer community was equivalent to the oppression of actual minority groups.  He was using the gamer community as an EXAMPLE to explain his point about heuristics and about how people in an out group make assumptions about an in group, about how generalization works.

He NEVER compared the bad rap that the gaming community has to what happened in Orlando.  He used an analogy that MADE SENSE to his audience to explain what he was talking about, how the brain has evolved to make assumptions about groups that are different from it.

And yeah I saw somewhere someone said that he claimed the brain was evolutionary disposed to be anti-Muslim?  not what he said.  What he did say was that the way that the media frames Muslims causes the brain to create assumptions about the group as a whole, which is something the brain does for EVERYTHING.

He was emphasizing that the brain automatically creates assumptions about people and groups that it doesn’t belong to and doesn’t take the time to examine.  It IS an evolutionary tactic: the brain doesn’t want to devote time and energy to things that are different so it makes quick connections for the ease of processing. 

He was doing the thing that Tumblr claims it believes in: encouraging people to think critically about those assumptions your brain makes and put in the effort and work to overcome them.

And now I will finally be done talking about this issue.

“love sick” has been chosen as the encore song for swv in dallas! the above is a picture that gives directions on when the song will be done and what portion of  the song will be sung. this will also be printed on the back of your banners. the part that you guys will need to sing starts at the 1 minute 45 second mark you can find more information/high resolution image here.

Why I choose to not listen to BMTH from this point on

I honestly can not listen to bring me the horizon anymore because of how much Oli has hurt Hannah throughout their relationship and marriage.  I do agree that Hannah shouldn’t have cheated, but Oli has cheated multiple times with multiple strippers for no good reason.  Not to mention he has abused her mentally and physically and made her extremely insecure and depressed.  People who still defends Oli for his actions are out of their fucking minds.  Just know he has also cheated with the last girlfriend before Hannah, so he known for being unfaithful in the first place.  Tbh wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up cheating on his new girlfriend… she really doesn’t know what she is getting herself into.  I know that you should like a band for their music not their personal lives, but this is an exception and it’s impossible to listen to the voice from a man who has destroyed an individual to the point of wanting to harm themselves.  I feel absolutely disgusted. 


I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS but anyways, this is my presentation on why you should get into Folklore if you haven’t done so already. This game is very near and dear to my heart, and the fact that Cryaotic is playing it makes me want to explain exactly why this game is so great. (Psst: here’s a youtube playlist with the awesome Folklore OST if you want to have a listen.)

A note about tagging stuff related to Folklore - you can use folklore (game) or folkssoul / folksoul (which is the Japanese name). The fandom has been small for a while, so we always love more fans!