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PERSON OF INTEREST: @screamshiranui

     If there is one thing that Naoto has found to be consistent when it comes
to finding information – whether small town, urban city, or something in
between – it is that those who work in stores often know far, far more than
they should. They get the opportunity to overhear conversations from patrons
speaking a little too loudly or hushed whispers traveling a little further than they
should. A flower shop may not be the seediest pavilion in town, but it is a place
where mourning townspeople have likely discussed the recent crimes.

     Naoto hasn’t gotten this far as a detective by ignoring potential clues, after all.
Upon entering the flower store, he scans the room, quickly assessing the area
before catching the eye of what appears to be a clerk of the shop. Naoto quickly
walks over, inclining his head forwards. “Pardon me – I am Detective Shirogane
Naoto, currently working with Inaba’s police force to solve the recent murders
in town. Could I possibly ask you a few short questions?”