i don't even know why am I posting this

I was bored and this happened 

8 years old...

Today, McFLY celebrate 8 years! And what 8 years, right? Full of moments we’ll never forget. And I hope these 8 years are the first one of millions! “McFLY’s here forever”, and so Galaxy Defenders. We’re here for everything you guys will go trought. No matter where each one of us are, together we can do everything. And for having you guys for the next thousands years, we’ll do the possible and the impossible.

Happy 8th Birthday :’)

lol somebody just asked that what was my name and I answered and then they said they liked it and I thought about saying “thank you! I got it for my birthday” but then I thought about it, I go like no, I don’t think so if I should say that and I thought, “lets just keep it down, this is not tumblr, this is real life, the lady won’t ever talk to you” xD




You can never take Final Fantasy VII seriously again… Your welcome.

My serious expectations on ARC-V # 91

Yuri: Yo, wats up?
Yuya: Eh, he got the same face as me!
Barrett: What you doing here you motherfucker?
Yuri: I do my job. Eh, Yuzu is alive? Because a weird guy say she was dead.
Serena: I am Serena you fakin Yuya!
Yuya: Wait, Yuzu is dead?!
Yugo: I found you, motherfucker!
Yuri: Seriously, will you leave me alone?
Yugo: Rin! This is were you hiding her all the time?!
Serena: I am Serena! Stop saying shit!
Sora: Yu… Three Yuya?
Serena: What you want you asshole?!
Yuri: Traitor! I’m gona arrest you!
Reira: So many Yuya!!!!