i don't even know why am I posting this

  • <p> <b></b> *Otabek scrolling social media*<p/><b>Otabek:</b> Yura?<p/><b>Yuri:</b> mhmm?<p/><b>Otabek:</b> why are they calling me daddy. what does that mean. they are not my children. i am not a paternal figure. i don't even know most of them. what is this daddybek thing.<p/><b>Yuri:</b> omfg<p/></p>

Thank you all for making sure that a very sweet, humble, talented, loving, supportive, gracious, mature, kind, encouraging, amazing guy had a terrible day. If you were part of this seriously you can unfollow or block me.

This is what your hate does.

And this is how a good person responds to it. Take some lessons folks. Maybe you’ll do better next time.

Bravo, Jeremy Jordan, bravo sir.

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Even his grump face is adorable. How could he intimidate anyone?


HOWEVER. Do not piss him off for real. Because Keith absolutely has the ability to intimidate you:

Keith is dangerous. You do not want to become his enemy. Wanna know why? He is scary when he loses his temper, sure, but look at this:

Keith is calculating. The times where he keeps his cool he knows 100% what he is doing, risks and possible failures included. He was able to fight side by side with Thace and leave him to die a few seconds after. He is realistic, has a sharp mind and an even sharper temper - we’re lucky that he hangs out with his friends so much because on his own he would be terrifying :P

- mod: happykeith

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Stop being a fucking pissbaby and just post the content. Your blackout is completely illogical and counter-productive - people who repost stuff will continue reposting, since they don't care. While those that care about reblogs, will not reblog, because you won't post art for two weeks. Brilliant strategy. it's the typical tumblr mindset: "I want to change the world. I know, I will sign a bullshit petition!". God, you are stupid.

….oh man, this is about to become very embarrassing for you. 

first of all, i’m not even participating in the blackout nor am i organizing it so i don’t even know why the hell you’re coming to me with this. if you’ll notice i’m still reblogging art and still posting writing. which tells me that what you’re doing is going through the tag, finding anyone who’s posted about the blackout, and sending them useless asks because it’s how you get your rocks off. because apparently a harmless tumblr protest upsets you so fucking much that you have to go and insult people over it. you must have a lot of time on your hands. 

if you don’t like the protest, don’t participate in it. if you think it’s not going to do any good, fine. don’t participate in it. i don’t understand why you’re so angry about people participating in a protest that doesn’t affect you. the fact that you are angry shows me that you’re entitled. either you’re a content creator who thinks that you’re entitled to the notes that the people currently protesting aren’t going to give you for two lousy weeks (which, grow up) or you’re a consumer who thinks you’re entitled to the fanart and fanfiction that people on this site post for fucking free that you will be without for two lousy weeks (which, again, grow up). there are plenty of users not participating who are still posting and still reblogging, so the fact that you feel the need to send messages like this to complain about people who are protesting for personal reasons is about the most childish thing i’ve seen all week. 

and here’s another tip, hot off the press. since you’re apparently so offended by a harmless protest that doesn’t affect you, why don’t you do something that you do think will help with art theft instead of insulting people about this protest. why don’t you spread information about proper etiquette around reposting? why don’t you hold an event where people can report any stolen art they see? why don’t you write up guides for new artists/writers who don’t know how to report their stolen content?

bet that didn’t occur to you. because you’re too busy complaining about what other people are doing rather than trying to do something positive for once. because you don’t really care about art theft and you don’t really care about remedying it. you just want an excuse to insult people on anon for doing something that you don’t particularly care for. again, that is childish, entitled, rude, and proof that you really must have a lot of time on your hands. 

please entertain yourself with something else. and if i see you in my inbox again, i’m blocking and reporting your ass. 

This piece is called: “The season two sneak preview has messed us all up and it’s one in the morning but I feel the need to draw angst beCAUSE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”


Jaehee the Zen fangirl (ft. bonus Yoosung who knows what’s up)

OK I know this has been brought up a lot already, but since his mother is technically a Disney princess….. does this mean Kylo Ren = actual Disney prince Ben Organa-Solo ?? ?

aand to no-one’s surprise this emo space prince is my most terrible of faves

underappreciated disney princesses
  • texas
  • the great depression (1929)
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  • old macdonalds’ farm
  • high school musical 2 (2007)
  • hitler
  • jesus christ
  • the declaration of independence
  • club penguin
  • seven (7) girl scouts
  • mardi gras
  • canada’s wonderland
  • starbucks
  • vapenation
  • all star - smash mouth
  • the periodic table song
  • 24,372 innocent bumblebees
  • h2o
  • ice ice baby
  • sixty-two (62) cellos
  • at least 2 goldfish crackers
  • the kazoo kid
  • bill nye the science guy
  • pope john paul II
  • dawn dish soap
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  • careless whisper (1984)
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  • dank memes
  • cultural appropriation 
  • markiplier’s ego
  • middle age, white suburban soccer moms in the parent council on facebook
  • taylor swift’s country music
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  • a plastic bag in the wind
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  • internal shrieking
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  • VHS tapes
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  • 3 consecutive tornadoes just looking for friends because they are lonely :(
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  • genocide
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  • ugly christmas sweaters
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  • charlie the unicorn
  • five nights at freddys
  • 3.5 inch high heels
  • minecraft
  • the flag of nepal
  • american football
  • south canada

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Hello, i am a little new to tumblr and i was just wondering, why don't people want others to repost their art/posts? is it like, stealing their post or something? ok, bye :)

Hi! Hello and welcome to tumblr!

This might get long and relatively angry-sounding but by all means this isn’t towards you at all anon, its just that this have been building up in me for a long time. But just know that yes! reposting other artists’ works is offensive and even damaging to them for multiple reasons!

>>Here’s a really well explained answer to why reposting is terrible for artists in general <<

For me, my posts/art are things I created. Things I worked hard for, and spent time on. Some of them are personal to me. To repost that art/post is just like STEALING that work right from me. 

We get that stealing is bad, right?

Because that’s what it is. No sugarcoating, no “reposting”, no “sharing”. It. Is. STEALING

But still, people do it. Sure some might leave credits to the original artist, some might even link back to the original source. But when you’re dealing with the internet, things get muddied real fast. Sources get linked back to other websites, to other blogs that reposted it and some people will flat out claim that work (That YOU created) as theirs. People will trace over them, remove watermarks, add their own stuff to it, etc etc.

And what that does to the original artist, is leave them creditless for the most part and taking the control over their own stuff from them.

To make matters worst, we depend on our content. To some artists, this is literally the only way they make a living. I know you see posts about it like its a joke but it’s not?? Whether its for the next meal, to pay off debt or hospital bills, to leave an abusive place, etc, we really do depend on these art works. It’s not us being whiny or being butthurt on the internet. It is quite literally a matter of Life and Death to some of us. 

It doesn’t matter that you say that “love the artist!” or “credit to the artist!” It affects ALL artists NEGATIVELY. It is always a stab to the heart knowing another one of our pieces got taken and reposted again. Heck, not a day goes by when I don’t find reposted pieces of mine on instagram/twitter/tumblr and so on. (Some just leave no descriptions/credit at all, some are a simple “Found it on tumblr. Forgot from who lol”. Fuck you, specifically, btw.)

So let me ask this: why do you guys need to repost them so badly? 

  1. “I just want to share them with others!” Then by GODS why can’t you just reblog the original post? Will that physically kill you to do so? Can you not have anything on your blog that’s not uploaded by you personally? 
  2. “I just love the art so much!” WELL HELL!! I do too, buddy!! I love it. Because it’s mine. It’s what I created. Rebloging the original post will show how much you love it just as fine! It won’t hurt at all, I promise!
  3. “But I want to share it on other social media besides tumblr??” Listen. Buddy. Pal. Friendo. 8 of 10 times, that artist your talking about is on different social media platforms too. We tend to spread out and do that. Please take time to look through our FAQ/Blogs to make sure? ALSO when it comes to places like Facebook or Twitter, copying and pasting the link of the original post will do just as fine! I repeat: You do not need to repost the artwork at all. Just link them back to the post. 
  4. “But I want to add a comment” Then reblog and comment. But don’t you dare delete the original caption because I swear to god that is an entirely different plate of garbage to deal with.
  5. “…I want to get the notes/likes for it” B*TCH ME TOO!! Why do you think I made it??? If you want to get notes or likes then by all means create something yourself but don’t take credit for someone else’s work?? Do I have to spell out that notes/likes are important to the artists that made that artwork, and to have all of that given to someone else because they reposted it is like a slap to the face?? Some of us face that DAILY. We’re ready to kill a man.

On that note, some artists have different ways of dealing with these circumstances, so if you ever have an inkling that it might be ok, GO ASK THE ARTIST FIRST!!!!!! 

tl;dr : Reposting is bad bc it’s stealing from artists not only their hard work and credibility, but even their income. Please, I’m literally begging all of you to stop it and to not ever do it

thanks for asking anon.

2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

The whole “Newt has trouble with eye contact, so he must be extremely shy” thing annoys me a lot because that’s not what trouble with eye contact is necessarily about. Newt can be shy and unsure of what to say at times, but there are plenty of instances (talking to Tina in Jacob’s flat, for example) where he’s perfectly comfortable talking but still doesn’t make eye contact. Personally I’m also shy with people I don’t know well, but I don’t make eye contact a lot even with best friends. Eye contact seems extremely intimate to me; like something you’d do with a lover. I’m just not comfortable gazing into a stranger’s eyes or even a close friend’s.

I was bored and this happened 

Um, hello…don’t reblog things and remove the text on the post. It still baffles me why people don’t get that this is rude. I don’t care how much you like the pictures. If I wanted to post pictures without a description just for the sake of being artsy and vague then I would have. I didn’t. And I’m gonna continue ranting under read more…

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Vee, I really need someone to tell what i think so i came to you. Not that you have to post it. Looks like babygate is ending. They know we'll be smug so they are bringing eleanor back because they don't want us to support Louis. But if she was really bearding, we would see them together, not this blind. After today, I am sure she won't be around that long, will be around even shorter then we think. That's why they are trying to scare us. Because they are the one who is scared.

I’m publishing this, because this is actually exactly what I think is happening, regardless of you saying this to me, or not.

Let’s all cross our fingers.

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Your thoughts on why Tony is always with Cait instead of Sam. Sam also admitted he was in Amsterdam on NYE and North Carolina after Thanksgiving via pictures. Is the body language different between Sam and Cait opposed to Sam/MM and C/T? Absolutely. but I am having a hard time justifying S/C being a couple when they don't attend events/spend holidays together. If Sam shows up somewhere &the blonde wanna be posts pictures from the same place, I gotta throw in the towel. I am barely hanging on

Ya know…. why does anyone HAVE to be in a relationship at all? Seriously? I have to say, observing Cait for these past couple of years I have often thought she’s not the type of woman eager to shackle herself to a man. I don’t even think she’s all that keen on marriage.

Against my better judgement, I shall throw you all a bone 🍖:

Remember my “What If” post I made a few weeks ago? Well. I didn’t come up with that on my own. An anon dropped a three part statement into my inbox and said not to post it but I could paraphrase as I liked. So I did. Now, I don’t put a whole lot of credibility in anon info, for obvious reasons. But….

This anon claimed to have worked on the show at one time. Said they were together in the beginning but one of them (didn’t say who) wanted to focus on career and ended it much to the dismay of the other. As far as SOs, anon said they didn’t know if they had others, but no one working on the show had ever seen one or heard about one.

Is it true? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, there you have it.