i don't even know who that chick is

What I Think of Miraculous Characters
  • Marinette: badass bug
  • Alya: hot chick
  • Adrien: nerd
  • Nino: even bigger nerd
  • Nathanael: babe who can art
  • Alix: she's beauty, she's ace, she'll punch you in the fucking stomach bc it hurts more like that
  • Kim: too tall for his personality
  • Max: embodiment of gay and I love it
  • Rose: the nicest lesbian ever
  • Juleka: never?speaks?
  • Ivan: would probably like my chemical romance
  • Mylene: so smol
  • Chloe: a hated character who I definitely don't have a tiny crush on
  • Sabrina: a carrot who smiles evilly
  • Lila: *deep breath in* this bitch
  • Aurore: me honestly
  • Mirelle: I don't know if I'm spelling these names right but hey I love Mirelle she's spoken like one word
  • Manon: a cartoon version of my little cousin
  • Nathalie: the saviour of everything
  • Gabriel: fuckingpieceofshit
  • Mme Bustier: I admire her ability to handle her class
  • Sabine: best mum ever
  • Tom: look at his moustache

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I fucking love your "all the diamonds are White's teenage children" au. It's fuckin GREAT. Like, I imagine yellow is the biggest fucking edgelord in the galaxy.

LMAO thanks and THAT IS VERY TRUE, she is so edgy she could be placed as ornament on the Crown of England

spot the kid who will grow the edgiest

Actual conversation between my roommate (who I have never talked to about Gillovny) & I last night:

Her - What are you watching?

Me - Oh, it’s just David Duchovny presenting Gillian Anderson with a Webby Award.

Her - Aren’t they boyfriend & girlfriend?

Me - *long sigh* Look, its complicated, no one knows anything.

Her - Girl, why are you in denial. They are together and you need to accept it!

Me - 😳

Her - There’s no ‘complicated’ with them, they are in love. You can SEE it!

Me - *dead*

2ps play: Huniepop
  • 2p America: 2d boobs!! I guess is a start for the day!!
  • 2p England: Fairies do stalking devices? Those little brats, hiding things from me...
  • 2p France: Hitting on imaginary girls playing Candy Crush? And they say I'm the weird.
  • 2p Russia: Why this girl is a cat? How she has a tai-oh God is on her private parts!! SOMEONE CALL A PSYCHOLOGIST FOR THIS KID!!!
  • 2p China: Are you sure that Kuro is not the one who created this thing?
  • 2p Canada: This Nikki or something like that is cool... But she'd be better if, you know, she was a real person.
  • 2p Italy: All this work and money just to fuck someone once? Really? One fuck and some lewd pics? What a waste of time.
  • 2p Germany: *talking with Audrey* Is she Luci's relative?
  • 2p Japan: I don't even care for the cringe I'M JUST HERE FOR THE ANIME BOOBS!
  • 2p South Italy: Why a college girl is wearing a japanese schoolgirl uniform? And why the oriental chick is wearing a tie with those clothes?? I get the kink but you could at leats not be super fucking tacky.
  • 2p Austria: They had time for all the stereotypes, except for the goth chick? Shame on you game, shame on you.
  • 2p Prussia: Nope nope nope nope!! This is not a good way of treating girls!!!!

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I feel like on malec sex all critics would be complaining how its too fast and unnatural but there would be no such issue on jace hooking up with a random chick cause that would be like just normal

And that is exactly why I am so fed up with this whole discussion right now, Anon. I mean honestly? Why do we even have this discussion in the first place? (I know why, this is a rhetorical question. Siiiigh.)

Can anybody who is still complaing about the possibility of them having sex now, go and read this? Because there really isn’t anything else to add.

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I just wish you guys would stop saying "I can't believe she shared this and this with us" "oh it was so personal" like that in fact does exclude and makes the rest of us feel exclusion and that just seems like something from Mean Girls. Even some chick on Twitter was asked who Taylor's factoids character on GOT was and she was all "sorry don't think I can say!" Like???????? what in the world. Taylor made a divide in the fandom and you can't deny that.

honestly i think everyone is blowing it out of proportion. people can be excited about their experience without rubbing it in. that’s why I’ve focused on talking about my experience and not the ~secrets~ or whatever. the people who are perpetuating the divide are the people who want to feel one. most everyone i know who went to an SS is thrilled, excited, and honored, but doesn’t suddenly feel better than everyone else. i certainly don’t - just ask my close friends who didn’t go to SS, they’ll tell you im still the same old me. it’s a shame a few rotten eggs ruin the whole pile.

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Media's interpretation of Harry rn: "I may have said that over the time of recording this album I didn't have time to date, but I was actually completely joking and have been secretly dating this chick who I think might be using me? Who knows? Not me because I don't have a brain and I'm too naive, even after being in the industry, to know that people will use me. Also I hate Louis." Real Harry rn: "Where's my tiny husband Louis Tomlinson?! I need to give him hugs and kisses before bed."


  • Me: Pardon me for asking, and I'm not saying that The Legend of Korra is a terrible show or even a bad show, but what are your thoughts on the rest of the cast and characters? Wouldn't you like to know more about them? What about Varrick, Zhu Li, Eska and Desna, Kuvira, Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Kya, Bumi II, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Zuyin, Opal, Jinora, Baatar, Bataar Jr., Zaheer, freakin' Bolin, and, even though I know they're not well liked, what about Prince Wu, Kai, or even Mako? What about the story itself?
  • The Internet: Who the fuck are those characters? What the hell's a "story"? We just want to see girl-on-girl smut.
  • Deidara: How long have you been in love with that Haruno chick, hmm?
  • Sasori: That's disgusting. And wrong. I don't even get - why would - I've never been in love with anyone, anywhere. It's none of your - you have - the nerve, the audacity!
  • Sasori: Sakura is my enemy, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how... how do I know, frankly, that you're not in love with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off? Hmm! Check and mate. This is an outrage! Who do I call?
  • Me watching the Zelena & Regina dance scene and a friend looks over my shoulder
  • Friend: Ohhh are those two the hot chick's you are shipping?
  • Me: Nope dear those hot chick's are technically sisters.
  • Friend: Is this an information only the audience has or do they know that too? Cause I don't think anybody told them that?
  • Me: Well...
  • Friend: Who are those two then who you are shipping?
  • Me: Regina& Emma. Hot brunette & the one in the wedding dress.
  • Friend: You mean the two who aren't even looking at each other? Girl forget them, take the sisters, they are hot & fun. Its fiction nobody gives a crap about if they are related or not.
Derek's thoughts on Lydia thru the seasons
  • season 1: I didn't bite her I don't even know her.
  • season 2: Everyone kill Lydia BECAUSE I SAID SO.
  • season 2 finale: oh right, Jackson's girlfriend. that's where I've seen her.
  • season 3a: Who's Lydia?
  • season 3b: What's her name again?
  • season 3b finale: LYDIA WILL BELIEVE ME. Lydia would never run and hide. Lydia is treasurer of my Scott McCall fanclub and sometimes we go wine-tasting.
  • season 4: No seriously do we know that chick?

some people are so fucking rude on servando’s Instagram like holy crap these are real people with actual feelings, you can’t just comment shit like that ??? I don’t give a fuck how badly you ship Talex or whatever, have some respect. it’s one thing to say stuff on tumblr, but to actually comment on people’s social media? Grow the fuck up

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Hi Aunt Jilli. I've had issues with a couple people who I've had the displeasure of being acquainted with. (Once was simply at a bus stop) Well... They'd strike up small talk like a normal person then out of nowhere told me they (quote) "find goth chicks attractive and hot". I don't even wear anything that extravagant! This has happened on two separate occasions and I honestly don't know how I'm supposed to react! Can you offer me any sort of advice?!

Look at them in your iciest manner, and say, “How nice for you” in your most withering tone. 

me and my sister were discussing a tid show and somehow it turned into a reality show and so now may i present... the infernal shore
  • Will (to the camera): i'm just saying if those fucking ducks try anything with me, i'm gonna fuck their shit up
  • Sophie: *walks into the smush room* oh sorry, i didn't know anybody was- oh gOD WILL, TESSA WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Jem: *jumps up on a table high as fuck and starts singing we can't stop*
  • Jessamine (drunk): like i don't even wanna be here. i-i'm not a shad-shadowhunter. i'm a fUCKING LADY *pukes*
  • Charlotte: *walks into smush room* oh sorry, i didn't know anybody was- oh gOD JEM, TESSA WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Gideon (to the camera): i don't know why sophie is mad at me. i asked for all those scones for HER. bitch... i'd still fuck her though
  • Will & Gabriel: *start beating the shit out of each other*
  • Gabriel (to the camera): man, this new chick cecily... pretty fucking hot. wait, she's WHO'S sister?! ah shit... i'd still fuck her.
  • Cecily: *walks into smush room* oh sorry, i didn't know anybody was- oh gOD WILL, JEM WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  • Henry (drunk): *sticks a bunch of drink umbrellas together* look, i made a thing! it's called the umbrella... uh... thing.
  • Tessa: *dances at club with will and jem* bitch, i love both of 'em! i ain't a slut! sAY IT TO MY FACE HOE
  • Charlotte: I can't drink! I'm pregnant! *smokes*
  • Cecily (to the camera): sometimes my brother is such a fucking tool. like, quit it with this "curse" and just go home
  • Magnus: *declares himself the party king and starts throwing glitter at people*
  • Sophie (to the camera): everyone always expects me to clean up after a party. like i don't have my own fucking life!
  • Magnus: *walks into smush room and sees will, jem, and tessa all there together* well, this is unexpected
  • Magnus: got room for a fourth?

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Rex, I need your help. I read the post about shaming somebody bc they live their life differently &I'm afraid that's me,but I don't wanna think tht way! I'm that "books over parties" chick & I try not to judge but sometimes I do it mentally and I hate myself for it. It's hard, maybe because I grew up learning that it was wrong to do drugs,drink, etc but sometimes I even think wrong of other girls who choose to show cleavage to impress guys and idk ugh I don't want to do that, have any advice?

Well the thing is, when you judge someone you take something you know about them and you envision that their entire life revolves around that specific thing you know. You’re dehumanizing them. You gotta remember that everyone around you is an entire person with feelings and pain and interests and people they love and people who love them. 

I’m not sure if you’ve followed me for very long but I enjoy parties and drinking and dressing up and showing off my lady lumps and casual sex from time to time. But I also love reading and art and humor and knitting and I cry over bunnies and I’m watching a cartoon about snails right now while my little brother is lamenting about a transformer that died in the last movie.

So you just got to remember that these tiny things you see people doing do not imply that they are somehow less than you or that their choices are an indicator of the kind of person they are. Everyone is just kind of wandering around trying to enjoy the time they have here the way they want, ya know? As long as they aren’t hurting anybody it’s really no good to judge. I’m glad that you want to change your perspective, honey. It’s a great start. :)

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I like how dudes will say "all a girl has to do is go to a bar and she can pick up a guy no problem" meanwhile these same dudes are saying "lol gross fat chicks" or snickering at any women who don't fit the Eurocentric idea of beauty/femininity. Not only is the argument itself COMPLETELY nonsensical, it isn't even true. And like holy shit, since when was the ability to get laid the defining aspect of privilege? Why do they obsess over sex? Oh, wait. We all know why.


if all women have to do is go to a bar to get men then why are these men lonely? Like isn’t this set in stone? Arent they walking up to girls at bars?

I cackle at “men and boys are in crisis”