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Okay but can we talk about the fact that even Victor has insecurities?

And this is huge because Victor knows that he’s beautiful, and he knows that he’s irresistible, and he knows that he’s extremely skilled and he knows that no one can hold a candle to his skating and we’d be ready to think he’s confident about literally every part of himself.

But then it turns out that even the great Victor himself has things he’s self-conscious about - his receding hairline, or more accurately, his age.

Because he may be only 27 but that’s old for figure skaters and he should really be retiring now. His body won’t be flexible for very long now and soon he just won’t be able to keep up the skating class and quality he had had for his entire life. And it very much seems like he doesn’t have much more in his life than skating and once that’s over, he’ll be nothing but an ex-figure skater with a dog and absolutely no plans for the rest of his life.

And his hair is a reminder of that fact. It’s a reminder that once he stops being the best, he’ll have to quit skating because the moment someone beats him on the podium he will become irrelevant because he’s just too old and it’s time for the next generation to shine. And remember that he’s surrounded by people who are younger than him and he’s the oldest (iirc) skater in the senior division. The pressure he’s facing is extreme.

Maybe I’m reading too far into this but keep reading if you think you might feel the same about what the show is trying to say.

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OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”

  • Sirius: where are you going? i need the answer to exercise 3
  • James: you okay hun, you're the smartest person i know. after myself that is
  • Remus: *clears throat*
  • James: okay you're the second smartest person i know after myself
  • Remus: *clears throat*
  • James: FINE the smartest person i know is remus and then there's me and then there's you
  • Peter: *clears throat*
  • James: what's wrong with your throat pete? here, take a cough drop

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”



Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

I know this has been spoken about before, but I feel like it’s sometimes good to talk about it again?! Sorry this is rambly as hell, but I needed to get it off my chest.

I think when it comes to Robron it is SO important to realise that these two individuals are still learning. They have each spent so much of their lives not really functioning correctly or healthily (due to their troubled pasts), and even though things are better now, and they’re healthier and much better versions of themselves than they used to be, they’re still learning.

Robert has screwed up so many times since he and Aaron got back together. The difference is, Robert hasn’t screwed up for selfish reasons, not like he used to; every time he’s messed up, it has been with someone else’s (mainly Aaron’s) best interests at heart. The Ryan stuff (where he literally risked going to prison to help Aaron??), hiding Gordon’s letter (to protect Aaron, based on what Aaron had said about never wanting to talk about Gordon again), the stuff with Ryan resurfacing again (to protect Liv/Aaron), the shit/kiss with Rebecca (to keep her on side to help Andy; which worked) - he hasn’t always gone about things in the right way, but Robert has also gained pretty much nothing but grief for literally all of those things - those things that were done with his heart in the right place (even if his head wasn’t).

Robert is an expert at lying and scheming. Only now he’s doing it for other people - his family - instead of his own personal gain. That is PROGRESS.

And Aaron….someone else pointed out how he doesn’t know how to be happy. And that is EXACTLY it (I feel this is true for Robert too, but it’s especially the case for Aaron). Robert may have done a lot of dumb things for the right reasons, but Aaron isn’t blameless, although he’s often been quick to blame Robert. (and Aaron has done his own fair share of dumb shit too; kidnapping Lachlan, breaking into HF etc. so…) This isn’t me having a dig at Aaron, not at ALL. But he’s always been quick to see the worst in Robert without hearing him out (which is understandable, given Rob’s past form). He’s always been quick to say quite cruel things to Robert in retaliation (“you don’t know what love is”) and either storm out or kick Robert out.

Their communication has definitely improved over the last few months, but like I said; they’re still learning.

Robert is learning how to handle situations like a normal human being, and Aaron is learning how to accept love and not always expect the worst from life (which is really hard for him, as “the worst” is pretty much all he’s gotten his entire life).

I know people are annoyed with Robert for this whole Aaron/birthday stuff, but I feel like Robert is still learning - for the most part - about the level of Aaron’s insecurities? People are saying Rob should be more sensitive, and maybe he should, but I think in his mind he doesn’t see how anyone can possibly question his motives or his feelings for Aaron? I feel like it’s literally all Robert can see; Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. Aaron is the centre of his universe and I don’t think it even crosses his mind that some people could find his behaviour suspicious?? (I’m pretty sure someone else made a post about this exact thing!)

Also…Aaron has made it clear that he’s fine with Robert associating with Bex (even though he secretly isn’t). That was made explicitly clear the other week when Aaron offered her champagne and literally encouraged Robert to go talk to her. Also in last nights ep it was made clear that Aaron and Robert had spoken about not doing a lot for Aaron’s birthday and that Aaron was cool with it. So in that respect, from what we’ve seen so far, Robert hasn’t done anything wrong (how it plays out over the next couple of eps remains to be seen).

But another thing Aaron needs to learn is to communicate his feelings better. I don’t think for a second Robert would be doing this birthday plan in this way if he knew the depths of Aaron’s insecurity. Because as I said; Aaron is his everything and hurting him is the last thing Robert would want to do. All Robert can see right now is Aaron’s happy/excited face when he reveals his birthday surprise. He clearly has no clue what problems this is going to cause in the meantime.

I just feel like their relationship has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year, and the past few months especially, but I also think it’s important for people not to expect miracles, because they’re still learning how to be better individuals and learning how to properly work as a solid couple. They’re still adjusting. Neither of them have been in this deep before. The amount of shit they have had to deal with over the past couple of years, matched with the shit they each had dealt with in their seperate lives long before they even got together, has fucked them up. Of course it has.

They’re both - both of them - really messed up people. BUT they’re getting better. They’re trying to get better. And they’re getting there, slowly but surely. Every hurdle that they face, they somehow manage to jump it and come out stronger.

These spoilers about Aaron spectacularly messing up, and it only makes Robert want to marry him all the more; that is so beautiful and important, because it’s just further proof that nothing can break them.

I don’t know…I find it sad when people are like “UGH Robert should be more sensitive!” or “UGH Aaron should communicate better!/should trust Robert!” because…both of these things are true, for the most part??? It’s not a case of one of them screwing up more than the other??? Neither of them are blameless for their issues, but what is also clear is that neither of them have any intention of hurting the other. It’s not a competition as to who is the best/worst fiance.

They are both messed up. They are both damaged. And they’re fixing themselves, and each other, slowly but surely. They still have a little ways to go, but my god…they have come so fucking far??!!! And I feel that the stuff that is ahead of them will only make them stronger, and hopefully some more of these issues will get addressed properly and dealt with.

I’m personally really proud of both of them for how far they’ve come, but I still accept and respect the fact that they’re still not always going to deal with things in the right way, and they’re still getting better.

(this is probably gonna be a long oneshot and once there’s more it’ll be on ao3 but for now, let me know what you think?)

There are things that Kent can handle, and then there are things that Kent cannot, under any circumstances, in any universe, even begin to handle.

As it turns out, watching Jack Zimmermann, Alexei Mashkov, Randall Robinson, and Sebastian St. Martin attempt to build a deck is one of the things that he can’t handle, because holy fucking shit.

It’s about a million degrees out, and they’re all shirtless and covered in sweat and, yeah, it’s the off season, but they’re still professional fucking hockey players, for fucks sake, and Kent realizes then and there that accepting the invitation to spend the week at Jack and Bitty’s new cottage was definitely a mistake because, really.

Except for Mashkov, everybody brought their families, and they’re all friends, and they’re all teammates, and Kent is 99% sure that his invite was a pity one prompted by the Aces losing the Stanley Cup in game seven against the Stars, and he can’t help but feel like he doesn’t belong there at all, and he can’t help but think it’s because he doesn’t.

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it is impossible to tell Damian knock-knock jokes because he does not understand the format at all

I know someone else had this headcanon but I can’t find their post so I’m going to make my own.

Imagine Tina learning to knit the muggle/no-maj way and then making various scarves/hats/things to give to her family at Christmas/Hanukkah/birthdays. Like at first she knits Newt a brand new Hufflepuff scarf as his old one is a bit worn from use, and then she starts knitting blankets or whatever for the beasts so they don’t get cold and can stay warm - the newly-born/hatched creatures look adorable tucked under the blankets she knits, and Newt can’t help but smile ridiculously when he sees them. She sends patterned scarves to Queenie with Ilvermorny colours/house colours and she makes one for Jacob too so that he doesn’t feel left out (though she’s sure Queenie is sharing hers)

Newt soon learns that Tina knitting means she’s anxious or having a bad day, and that she knits the non-magical way because it means keeping her hands busy and her mind away from whatever is troubling her. He loves his scarf even more knowing this, and makes sure to let her know it.

(he also finds it adorable how focused she becomes, and how she sticks out her tongue sometimes when she struggles or her hands slip)

Then she hears that Queenie and Jacob are having their first baby, and she knits all kinds of things for them; blankets, hats, little booties (though it takes a while to get it right) She has a very proud moment when her sister and brother-in-law send back photos of the baby wearing the knitted things she sent.

When she and Newt are expecting their first child and she goes on leave from Auror work she becomes so restless that she knits as a way to pass the time - it also comes in handy as she ends up making loads of things for the baby. The beasts also benefit, as Newt soon finds out when he sees Dougal the demiguise with a knitted blanket draped around his shoulders like a cape.

All of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren end up with a scarf or hat, and if their husbands/wives have something she knitted then that means they’re officially counted as part of the family. Like it’s a rite of passage to have something she knitted, and it becomes a huge thing if they open a present and see it.

Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is just so healthy in so many different aspects. Not only has Viktor proven time and time again to motivate Yuuri to do his best and not give up on skating, but even in the little things, which are sometimes the ones that matter most. If it hadn’t been for Viktor’s comment to Yuuri before Minami’s performance, the poor kid wouldn’t have been able to get over his nerves. He would have been just like Yuuri was in the past. It cost Yuuri nothing to motivate him but a simple statement and this meant so much to Minami, with Yuuri’s support he was able to skate at his best. This anime is just so amazing because it shows us how one simple gesture, (or in the many cases with Viktor) one simple touch can encourage a person to do wonderful things and to be the best version of themselves they’ve ever been. 

Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them

I had a dream last night where I was in the universe of YOI and it was at the time of yuuri’s free skate (Yuri on ICE) at the Grand Prix Final. Everything’s all good until the music deadass stops in the middle of it.
You’d think he’d stop and restart, right?? but no.. he was too in the moment and just kept going. and Victor’s standing off to the side having flashbacks to when he told yuuri his body makes music– bc that’s what’s happening. So Yuuri skates without his music with no problem and the audience, but mostly Victor, was so entranced. In the end he won gold even without half of his music.
It made me emotional and I woke up teary eyed …that was the best dream I’ve ever had tbh

Before I fall asleep and forget

On Earth-1, the reason there is no Supergirl or Superman is because the wrong people found them first and locked them away in a beyond top secret military research facility that even the president is kept away from (plausible deniability and all that). During a mission to retrieve future tech provided by Eobard from said facility with the Legends, Mick (and possibly a reconstituted Leonard) finds this version of Kara being experimented on with her cousin and can’t stand to see her in such bad shape so he breaks her out and takes her cousin with him too because why not? He knows what it feels like to be experimented on so you can be turned into a weapon. Since he’s the first human to show them any kind of kindness (aka freeing them and taking too much pleasure in destroying the lab, time-altering effects be damned), Kara and Clark sort of imprint on him. Like baby ducklings. And that’s how Mick ends up with two alien shadows and a very amused and somewhat annoyed partner. The rest of the legends are hesitant to allow them to stay and want them to go back to Central or Star City, but you try telling two invulnerable super strong people they can’t stay with the man they’ve decided they like. Someone (probably snart) eventually points out that they won’t be safe in 2016 with the shady government people after them, so they stay.

the fic

“Simon looks stunning in a grey suit.”

Carry On facts people forget/need to remember more:

-I like seeing cute chubby Simon pics, bc he’s healthy and happy, but do remember that Simon is actually so skinny he looks ill in Carry On yikes

-Also Simon has golden brown/ bronze hair! Not blonde, I dont know where people even get that from

- Penny is chubby and a genius and I love her

- One of Baz’s grandparents are Egyptian

- Simon played a hand in both his parents deaths

- Baz has pretty eyes

- Baz goes to university at the London School of Economics /which is fucking hard to get into/ (trust me I’m doing uni applications now, I didn’t even understand their website ffs)

- Simon is actually pretty rich, and was left a lot of money

- Baz has a Japanese toilet

-Simon more than anything wants to learn how to drive

- Baz wants to teach at Watford when he’s older

-Baz smokes

-Simon is 5ft 10

-Baz is 6ft 1

-Baz plays the violin

-Simon can sword fight like come on

saphael analysis

i’m so emotional. raphael’s seriously trying to get simon to warm up to him, and really, i think that when he sneaks up on him, tries to get him to stay/go places with him, etc., he’s really trying to get simon to assimilate and feel comfortable at his home. he really truly wants simon as a friend and wants him to feel comfortable, and this is raphael’s silly way of trying to accomplish that.

but what makes me sad is that simon still isn’t comfortable. i know it’s early on, and he’s probably only been with raphael for a week to a few weeks now (maybe less?) but simon’s still nervous. he’s not just nervous about what he is, his life, etc., but he’s nervous with raphael. look at this gif here:


if you look at simon’s reaction, he can’t tell that raphael isn’t upset. because really, raphael could care less and is thirsty for blackmail from his nerd not angry with simon at all, as we see by this scene and the next scene-when he makes up a position for simon in order for him to stay. but here, when raphael says this line, you can see simon’s worried expression. he looks genuinely nervous, like he doesn’t know what to expect next. he swallows deeply. he obviously still can’t see when raphael is teasing or when raphael cares/when he doesn’t, etc. 

in this scene, we get background knowledge that simon and raphael do talk and do discuss things. it’s nice to know that they must sit down and have conversations, or just a chance to talk about things, perhaps even personal stories? (i’m hoping)


the funny thing here, though, is that simon has the upper hand. he’s teasing raphael back, just like he does to him, and he’s being snarky. (cute, simon, snarky’s cute on you.) he isn’t worried about angering raphael too much (well, he does have the info, so he could just not be worried bc raphael can’t stop him from this one thing) and raphael looks tense instead. he’s trying to keep firm, but we all know raphael’s a tiny baby inside. he hides his soft interior with fancy language and an air of toughness. oh, child, it will come out eventually. hopefully simon will see this soon.

also, raphael trying to get him to stay. (sirens go off in the distance, people yell in joy) wow. like, he genuinely looks happy when he says “stick around.” he likes how he negotiated, and this is enough to want simon to stay. or at least, it’s an excuse. i’m not sure if he wants him to stay because he’s a good vampire in training, though. there’s something else behind this. he’s too keen… and that means he truly wants simon’s friendship/relationship!!

he also shows praise towards simon when he says “i’m surprised you know that much” after sneaking up on him. he is truly impressed with simon!! so impressed!! it’s wonderful. however, he gets simon back when he tells him that he should be working on training in reference to his enhanced senses, and by the look on simon’s face, you can tell that simon knows this is what he should be doing. he looks a bit ashamed, in a way. he knows he should be getting used to this place, and that he should be working on himself as a vampire. finally, in a way, simon is accepting it, but it’s just a small detail that hints us on that. 

simon also isn’t sure when raphael is joking just yet. when raphael sneaks up on him, simon isn’t even smiling afterwards. he’s probably still upset with his whole situation, too upset to laugh it off, but raphael is obviously teasing and doing this out of amusement. eventually, this will be funny to simon, when their relationship is closer and there’s more comfort.


(raphael’s smirk!! he’s holding back laughter. gotta tell you, he really is.)

lastly, though, i just want to point this out: raphael looks at simon with intent. 


my favorite thing about this gif above is that raphael’s gaze goes from simon’s eyes downward. he’s looking simon up and down, and like the other gifs in that post, everytime raphael looks at him, he’s glued to simon’s eyes with a unique intensity. he genuinely cares about every word out of the other’s mouth, and that look signifies feelings for simon (ding ding ding!!). but if we do take into account that raphael never looks anywhere but at simon’s eyes (like the sneaking up gif-his eyes don’t waver once), it should be interesting that raphael removes them in this gif above. maybe it’s because he’s nervous (the conversation was about things he didn’t want to discuss), maybe it’s because he’s distracted by simon’s gorgeousness, or maybe it’s something more… ;)


we have to get down to the bottom of this!! RAPHAEL CARES ABOUT SIMON SO MUCH!! is it love or friendship or vampire family-ness or what because it’s killing me.

raphael’s agreed to help simon from the beginning! first, he saved him from camile. second, he saved him from camille again, taking his body to clary and the others. third, he promised to watch and take care of him, going off to search for him. after simon states that he’s a monster, he truly cares, telling him softly that he will take him back to hotel dumort in safety and feed him, and welcome him home. he really wants simon to feel comfortable, and he’s trying so hard to make him feel comfortable. from the start!! also, when simon calls raphael a monster and then himself a monster, raphael visibly lightens and takes the statement to heart. he looks so upset. he doesn’t get mad, because somewhere inside, he probably thinks that’s true. he feels like a monster, but he’s trying to change, trying to show that he was human once too and he can feel and care and rescue and love. he feels so much emotion, and simon’s going to realize that soon enough. brb just made myself cry with this paragraph

Sibylline Song

(Alright, here it is. The unedited, unfinished mer!Stiles fic. Warnings include: assholes, angst, violence, people being specist, and references to canon deaths.)


Their journey begins with the usual amount of pomp and ceremony expected for a trade ship.

It’s the Triskelion’s forty second voyage from the colder, northern channels of Bæyan to the warm waters of Coca-Machu, and the crew means to make it a good one. Nothing too dangerous—they’re going to actually try trading this time—and everything will go smoothly. Even the weather has been fair to them since they left Port Duke with the morning tide. Many of the crew had waved goodbye to the few friends they’d made over the years, and perhaps a few enemies too. Others were more than glad to leave the port as quickly as they did.

“Are you still moping?”

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