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Of Space and Birthdays

Okay, so I read all the comments on what to do for Lance’s birthday, and I don’t know what happened, but here’s a birthday fic anyway! 

Happy Birthday, Lance my son! 

Once upon a time, Lance would wake up on the first day of July and announce the start of his birthday month to whoever was closest to listen, usually his family or Hunk.

Birthdays in his family have always been a huge deal, and while they weren’t celebrated all month like Lance liked to do, the day of was always filled with treats and cheer and love pulling him into a warm embrace. 

But now? Birthdays feel like a trivial, foreign concept. There’s too much to do with Voltron now, too much responsibility always pushed along a time crunch. There are too many risks in taking a day to celebrate something as small as aging up a year.

No one else has made any deal whatsoever about their birthdays, so why should Lance? 

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actual texts between me and @loveisofthebody this afternoon:

um, whoops indeed

Can I just take a moment to say how thankful I am to have all of you?

Seriously, y'all are simply amazing!

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I forgot to mention this but my supervisor grabbed me right before he left the other day and gave me a map of my department told me like 12 or 13 things to move in the span of about 2 minutes for a job I’ve never done before told me it was really important and then left

So obviously I remembered almost none of it because what the fuck and so I texted him and this was his response lol

anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to say I love love love your blog and I need to follow more people so I was wondering if you had any blog recs. Either just blogs you like (or Wynonna/Supergirl blogs too?) Thanks!

fhdsjgfs thank you 😊and tbh I need to follow more people but here’s just a few random mutuals I see on my dash that post about wearp/sg:

@lucyllawless @lesbianadenaa @amazoniankryptonian @haughtest @waverlyevrps @lenacorp @alexdanveers @supahgays but also @jscoexist @wonderwomanmademegay @thedeadflag @destroyrofnations and also shameless promo @sapphicliterature