i don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow

let’s just cancel all the EPIC FOUR-NIGHT EVENT crossovers in the future and do more, smaller crossovers. 

like, with the EPIC FOUR-NIGHT EVENT crossovers, they’re gonna feel the need to try and go eVEN BIGGER EACH TIME which leads to bullshit like, well, what’s happening with the upcoming crossover. 

like, nobody needs this. the last crossover was poorly written. we don’t need things tO KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND MORE INTENSE!! 

i just want, like, characters to cross more freely between shows. cisco spends a week on the waverider. felicity has girls night with iris and caitlin and sara and amaya in central city (yes i know we’re kiiind of getting this in the crossover but like, casual girls night). mick shows up in star city and dropkicks o/liver. you know, fun stuff. and wow i’m glad supergirl was canceled but if it wasn’t, it would have been cute to have more scenes with cute bros kara and barry! going on ice cream adventures! having eating contests! 

having more, smaller crossovers would eliminate the need to keep going biGGER AND “BETTER” gross and it would make scheduling easier for everyone, probably, and things would probably be better written and more coherent cuz it’s just two writing teams trying to make a coherent plot, rather than FOUR. 

this isn’t gonna happen, i’m just tired and i want this to not happen and this is happening because the white dudes in charge are bullshit but, hey, a girl can hope.