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Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship is just so healthy in so many different aspects. Not only has Viktor proven time and time again to motivate Yuuri to do his best and not give up on skating, but even in the little things, which are sometimes the ones that matter most. If it hadn’t been for Viktor’s comment to Yuuri before Minami’s performance, the poor kid wouldn’t have been able to get over his nerves. He would have been just like Yuuri was in the past. It cost Yuuri nothing to motivate him but a simple statement and this meant so much to Minami, with Yuuri’s support he was able to skate at his best. This anime is just so amazing because it shows us how one simple gesture, (or in the many cases with Viktor) one simple touch can encourage a person to do wonderful things and to be the best version of themselves they’ve ever been. 

What the…? How Shaladin ships are “toxic and abusive”…? I am so done - you casually go into newest “Shance” tag to see some fluff and you get smashed in the face with some nonsense like this.

I haven’t even bothered to cover the username, I don’t see the point. Whatever.

I want to know in which way Shaladin ships are so TOXIC and ABUSIVE.

Wrote some Blackmadhi (/beginnings of, anyway) because I’ve fallen into this ship more than I thought I would and I cannot get up.  Has some implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill.  Deals with some PTSD nightmares on Simon’s part.  Slight spoilers for AA6.  Approx. 2350 words. 

Simon couldn’t help but wonder how exactly he got in this position.

How he was in a hotel room with one Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, who had fallen asleep in the bed next to his own at least two hours ago with absolutely no issues.  The monk’s long hair was splayed across his pillows as gracefully as the man himself slept. It was kind of irritating, Simon couldn’t help but think.  It would have been somewhat nice to see Nahyuta’s sleeping state to be the exact opposite of his conscious persona: perhaps some drooling, hair in knots and tangled everywhere…it would have been excellent material for Simon’s phone. But no, Prosecutor Sahdmadhi was as…ethereal in his sleep as he was at any other time.

And perhaps, most frustrating, was the fact that Nahyuta fell asleep with no problems whatsoever.

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Does it ever hit to you that if a single line wasn’t said by anyone the story would have gone in a completely different direction?

“Just get naked” is a funny one and yeah, very silly. Reading it without any context makes no sense but that’s what makes KLK what it is. of course a odd line would be vital for its story development. The point is, in this scene Ryuuko was about to give up because she just couldn’t take it fighting with Senketsu anymore. The embarrassment being seen with its synchronized form was just too much and the idea of “getting naked” would never cross her mind…. if it wasn’t for Mako.

This line and the very own Mako is what made Kill la Kill what it is. I honestly have no idea what would have happened if this didn’t happen but it certainly made Ryuuko snap out of it and say “I finally get it now. I have to get naked”.

You know what?  Leaving aside party gender balance issues, DA continuity might just have been better off if Fenris and Sera switched places.

Allow me to play devil’s advocate!

Fenris in DA2:

  • Has a background that is totally unrelated to anything else that is going on in Kirkwall, making him a poor foil for Anders’ rebellion against the Chantry system.

Fenris in DA:I:

  • Has a natural entry-point into the story as a hunter of slavers and magister assholes.
  • Also provides a very good foil to Dorian, insofar as Dorian’s pride in Tevinter culture is couched in his own unexamined privilege. 
  • Could easily be given a personal quest that ties in to Calpurnia’s backstory, further bringing him into the main story.  For extra heartache there could also be a red lyrium tattoo scare.
  • Fits in with the Inquisition’s crew of experienced warriors who want to eradicate injustice. We see a lot of determination and sadness and loss in the Inquisition personal quests, but not so much anger.  Maybe some anger would be good for them.

Sera in DA:I:

  • Is out of place amongst the older and more experienced party members.
  • Has a personal storyline that only ties in to the greater plot to the extent that it reminds the player that commoners exist.

An aged-up Sera in DA2: 

  • Fears magic because she witnessed blood magic firsthand in the Denerim alienage, and provides some context for why regular people are so afraid of mages in the first place.
  • Vocally believes in the Chant of Light, putting a more human face on the doctrine that Anders speaks out against.
  • Has an epic rivalry with Merrill, because let’s be real, in what universe is Sera okay with some Dalish blood mage feeling free to drag a dangerous mirror into the center of the alienage because her elfy elf research is more important than the safety of those around her.
  • Fits right in with Hawke’s ragged crew of outcasts, but is not afraid to challenge a pro-mage Hawke.

tried my hand at designing a r63 toffee! even though somebody already made a way better and more imaginative design whooooops

I still like you. Tell me you do not like me, and maybe it would hurt enough that I would let go. I am not sure.
—  10:34pm thoughts// actually, no, I’m not fine and certainly not okay
I kinda hate tumblr

Okay so here’s a thing. I kinda hate tumblr. I really do. For an awful lot of reasons but this is going to be long enough so here are only a few of them:

1. Y’all are always preaching about how everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin no matter who they want to be and what they want to look like. Except you feel superior because your eyebrows or your hair or your winged eyeliner are on point. There are so many you vs me posts that put others down for the clothes they wear or the accuracy of their make up. Know what you are? Hypocrites

2. I’m all for equaltiy and I think it is great that important matters such as racism and sexism etc are discussed and taken seriously on such a platform. However, it seems to me that unless you are a part of a minority group or underprivileged, you are not allowed an opinon. Like, I get that those who are affected most by those things have to speak up and need to be respected and listened to. But that doesn’t mean that someone who does not have to face these problems can’t have something important to say about it. Tumblr doesn’t value your opinion unless you are a  poc or belong to the lgbtq+ community.

3. Can fandoms just get along? Why do people get hate for a bunch of tv shows they love? I mean it is pretty obvious which ones I’m talking about (*cough* superwholock *cough*). You cannot openly admit to be a fan of those three shows without getting hate for it. Which is stupid. Yeah, there are people in this fandom that are utter douchebags. But you will find douchebags in every single fandom. Don’t make assumptions on someone’s personality based on the tv shows they enjoy. It keeps people from enjoying their fandoms.

4. Problematic. I don’t know if it’s a meme or a trend that i missed or simply didn’t get but it pisses me off so much. There are so many posts that go something like ‘when your friend won’t realise their fav is problematic…’ Like I dunno, do you get that your fav is problematic? Do you get that you’re problematic? Cause we are all human beings and we are all problematic in one way or another. There’s no way any of us go through life without ever voicing an offensive opinion. And just because a celebrity once said something problematic doesn’t make them ‘human trash’, as many like to lable them. 

(same goes for tv shows btw. I know some are very popular to hate and be called out but honeslty, pretty much everyshow lacks representation in some aspect but that doesn’t mean that the writers are ‘problematic’ or racist douchebags)

5. Tumblr made me a way angrier person. I get offended so easily because if there’s a funny situation or a joke or anything I would usually laugh about, thanks to this lovely website I can think of a hundred reasons why pretty much anything could be offensive or problematic, even if they are so freakin far fetched that noone would assume it is offensive at all.

I could probably go on forever. I mean, yeah, there are hilarious textposts and gifs and great fandoms on here. And I love that bit. But then there’s this other side that makes me want to visit tumblr less and less. Maybe that’s just me but it’s kind of taking the fun out of tumblr.

okay here is a headcanon of drunken breaking and entering based on a real life story that absolutely happened to me:

• Andrew’s lot are out for a relaxing evening in Columbia
• (read: getting stupid drunk, except for Andrew. even Neil is tipsy and loose)
• and okay, it doesn’t matter how responsible you and your housemates are, there is at least one point where you will go out clubbing with five people who live together and one house key between you
• this is scientific fact I’m pretty sure 
• so Nicky is pretty far gone early enough in the evening that Kevin and Aaron whine about having to leave but also complain about having to look after him while he tries to embrace every living being near him
• irrespective of whether he knows them or not
• Neil makes Andrew put him in a cab (and give the driver a delivery address because god knows where Nicky would end up otherwise)
• if Andrew is a little more firm than he usually would be shoving Nicky in, then that obviously has nothing to do with the uninvited arm that Nicky slung over Neil’s shoulders and used to pull him into a hug
• which Neil took with good grace. but still.
• Neil ALSO makes Andrew give him the key off of his ring so Nicky can get inside, because ‘it’s winter, Andrew, he’ll get exposure and die. I read an article about the likelihood of drunken hypothermia. it’s a serious risk Andrew’
• it’s their only key. Neil’s are stuffed in his bag in the house. Aaron’s are probably in his room too. Kevin doesn’t have one. I don’t know, these are college-aged boys, they are slobs who lose everything
• this means that when they arrive back at the house to find it dark and still locked, they are bemused
• Aaron goes around the house calling to Nicky in that way that drunk people who are trying to be quiet do. you know, the one where they fail miserably – like very loud stage-whispering that wakes up everyone in a half-mile radius
• Neil says, somewhat despairingly, ‘you gave the cabbie the address!’
• he tries Nicky’s cellphone and it rings but gets no answer
• ‘he better not be dead in a ditch, Andrew’
• Kevin and Aaron meanwhile devote themselves to finding a way into the house with fervour. each window and door is inspected in case they were left unlocked when they left the house. no luck
• Aaron makes Kevin give him a boost onto the roof so he can check the kitchen skylight. it’s definitely locked because it’s winter, why would it be open, and also how would you get through it without breaking both ankles, seriously
• he vaguely contemplates going into the attic and getting in that way but Andrew would make him fix it if he pulled off roof tiles. that and not the ridiculous extremity of the idea is what makes him decide not to follow through
• Andrew climbs back into the car because it’s cold as fuck and he is not interested in standing around pointlessly while the others dick around. he can always call a locksmith in a couple of hours
• Neil is not that far behind him. he whines, asks permission, and puts his head in Andrew’s lap. he immediately falls asleep
• Andrew sighs for a thousand years and then returns to staring out the window while winding a finger through Neil’s curls
• however, drunk people are sometimes good at both lateral thinking and straightforward thinking
• which is why after a while Kevin lifts the sliding doors on the back porch and simply shakes them firmly, once. the crescent latch, beaten into submission, clicks open to admit him
• he toddles to the couch, lies down, and proceeds to sleep the sleep of the very severely intoxicated
• Aaron by this point is sober enough that he, too, is worried that Nicky might be dead in a ditch, so he checks Nicky’s room on his way to bed
• all this time, Nicky has been inside, fast asleep. he was so drunk that he forgot he had a key, so he took the screen off of the bathroom window which was cracked, climbed through, closed and locked it behind him, and then got into his bed with his shoes on. the key is still in his pocket
• in the morning he has no memory of his daring break-in at all. this is deeply disappointing to him
• the only sign of how he managed to get in is the trail of grass and leaves between the bathroom and his bedroom
• Neil and Andrew sleep in the car all night like romantic nerds. Neil wakes Andrew shifting around when the sun is just coming up so they move to their actual bed. they get to sleep for another several hours and wake up with the sun on the bed because they deserve it

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: why didn’t Marius ever visit Armand after the fall in Venice? He knew where he was, he practically stalked him at one point. Surely he saw how it crushed him to try to accept his master’s death?? Like not even one letter? Not even two words of ‘I’m alive, - M.’ ? And why won’t Armand go back to Marius now? They have just as much chemistry as Lestat and Louis, if not more and they can both live together with Sybelle and Benji anyway. This is haunting me because Armand has admitted that he still could go back to him but he would become too dependent on him again but what’s wrong with that? Marius is dependable!

I'm sorry but I'm not. I'm livid.

So I just got the most disturbing ask. And I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but we know absolutely nothing. And it’s truly sickening and revolting, and so many others things that I can’t even begin to express, when I read people degrading someone, calling them names, for what they choose to do with their PERSONAL lives. And at this point it’s all just assumptions and rumors. And even if it were confirmed or proven to be true, that doesn’t make bullying someone ok, cause it’s never ever ok to bully someone, no matter what. And this particular situation, has nothing to do with any of us. So stop being assholes, and trying to insert yourself where you don’t belong. If she wants to date around, or not date at all, hang out with her FRIENDS, or if she wants to become a fucking loner, she can. NONE of us have any right to try and dictate what she does with HER life, or who she hangs out with. I know this is a crazy concept to some but girls are allowed to have guy friends, that DOESN’T make them a slut or whore, or any other demeaning thing that you can think of. That is so unbelievably sexist, and small minded to think that. Grow the fuck up and let her live her life the way she intends to. I’m sure she’s just trying to move on, no one can change the past, and no one can benefit from living in it. She’s never let any one of her “fans” or any trolls depict what she does or doesn’t do. So please do us all a favor and go crawl back under the bridge in which you crawled out of, and stop being so hateful, it’s seriously disgusting.

anonymous asked:

Why? I'm legit trying to get away from the 'point and laugh' at Bioware stuff right now, it's annoying and people are just being sheep

Dude, I paid for there Super Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect, bought the artbook, booked time off, got a full new PC build to run it smoothly in 60 fps on best resolution.

You telling me I seriously can’t have some fun at the things that made Mass Effect funny and great? I’m still pissing my pants about Shepard’s expressions and this series is my third fave of all time. I don’t hate them, they’ve gotten more money from me than any (aside of Ubisoft) other developers. Heck I even own and played all Dragon Age games thoroughly, spent a full year playing ME3 multiplayer daily and replayed the previous series 6 goddamn times.

Don’t come in here and tell me I’m being sheep. I’m having a laugh at the funny things, but being so hype about the game anyway that I won’t have a life for months. Nuh-uh bro, wrong blog to tell this to.

Mass Effect die-hard fan for life. What other blogs do is their stuff. I reblog this because I found it hilarious!

Me having the interest in personality that I do, I got curious as to what people see the 1D guys as in terms of MBTI and I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE THINK HARRY IS AN EXTROVERT.

It’s so abundantly clear that they base their assumptions on stereotypes of personality types and hyperbolised dichotomy of introversion and extroversion - the whole “introverts are social awkward, shy, and super quiet; whereas extroverts are the only people that can exude confidence and capability to hold an interesting conversation”.

He is clearly an inward, abstract, thinker who engages in outward behaviour as a decided measure. Action after thought, not thought after action.

That boy has got to be an INFJ without a doubt.

People saying Smoky Quartz is ugly

I’m not even here to debate you, if I see you saying it I’m just going to block you without remorse. Get out of the fandom with that nonsense. If you’re so offended by Smoky Quartz’s appearance that you’re in the tags spreading hate, stop watching the show, you have missed the point. Smoky Quartz is not for you. 

When I was a small, fat, dark-skinned child everyone told me I was ugly, and for so long I believed it, especially when it was only reinforced by the fact that I never saw anyone like me on TV. Smoky Quartz is SO IMPORTANT, and I can not believe there is any hate for this beautiful new character.

not to be That Weeb but it’s so frustrating talking w/ ppl who have only watched the anime for things like bnha and mp100 which both have mangas that are way beyond the current point of their respective anime. like…smh some of y’all don’t know what’s coming for ya and i don’t want to spoil anything but i’m also like. *gets down on my knees* go read the manga.

A Glitch of Magic

(( @windlichofhyrule ))

they’d been on the surface for a year now. everything was fine, even Sans had begun to relax! There’d not been any save points on the surface, but Frisk saw a yellow glow by the door. if they could save on the surface they could keep things from going wrong easier! of course, the child took the opportunity, standing by the point.

                                        [Knowing you can keep everyone happy for this long Fills you with Determination!]

There was a breeze- was a window open? her hand stayed on the save point- she could move it away. “Chara, what are you- okay okay then what’s” things began to blur, and change. it was fading away. It was like a ‘shortcut’. the kids eyes clenched, until everything seemed still and her hand lowered to her side.

Slowly, Frisk opened her eyes. where in the…? Maybe the person in purple would know. her Phantom companion drifted forward to get a good look at the weird person, while frisk spoke up slowly. “Uh, Hello there.” start with something simple. “This is rather nice weather, isn’t it?”