i don't even know what to tag this it's just so weird

It’s weird. It’s just different… It’s not men. It’s just him. It’s only him… And I don’t even know what it is really, so I’m not broadcasting it.
—  Ianto Jones [about Captain Jack Harkness] (Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day One)

**Also relevant as my head canon for every one of my ships hence the tags so sorry not sorry read learn enjoy thank you goodbye**

Soo this happened XD Happy (early) Halloween from Herald!

The idea to make this popped out of nowhere last month literally on the day of the super blood moon.
I’d seen THIS post pop up on my dash again the week or so before and when the idea popped up I couldn’t ignore it XD I thought it was too hilarious not to! (My way of doing a sort of fanart since I don’t draw much anymore)

I finished him within a week too, probably the fastest I’ve ever completed something for the fun of it. It worked out perfectly though since you know Halloween and all :p
I really want to redo the kigurumi though, I ran out of free time to work on it.

@spaggel thank you for making that ridiculously hilarious post (and creating Herald!) because it makes me laugh way too much every time I see it XD and without it, I never would have come up with this ridiculous plushie!

I have a feeling Halloween would be Heralds favorite holiday and I can only image how terrifying it would be (or rather how terrified everyone would be of It)