i don't even know what this photoset is

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uhh, I'm kinda embarrassed to ask this even though I'm on anon... but how do you set up pic resolution on paint tool SAI? and what file type do you save it as? every time I upload art to tumblr it's blurry, and I don't know how to fix that...

when you make a new file just make sure it’s larger than 540px

if you upload something smaller than that tumblr will stretch it to fit the frame unless you make a 2 columns photoset! :o

if it’s 250px (?) or smaller it won’t be resized (if you’re making icons and stuff) even if you upload 1 single file

just ignore the 72-300dpi part of the resolution settings, you don’t need to change it from 72 default unless you need to print it ahh

and always save the final picture as PNG, jpg is just good for photos (or drawings with an amount of detail/texture that resembles a photo, to some extent lol)


It’s almost your favorite pin up prince/ss’s bday and the excitement is through the roof um

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Hi I don't know if you could help but could you write or redirect me to a good gif tutorial please ? I want to start giffing but I have no idea how. Also do you know what are the new gif dimensions for tumblr please ? Thank you!

gif dimensions are always the same: you can upload til 2M gifs and the sizes are the same of the new tumblr photoset (even tho i still use 500px settings). i can write this one as well, but i’ve also found some good tutorials:

(to make a gif you can use photoshop + quicktime, but there are some people who use other programs instead of qt. it’s your choice, i’ll link some different tutorials and you’ll choose what’s the best for you)

these are the ones i’ve found, but i’ll write one as well cause i use photoshop cc and quicktime as support and sometimes it’s a faster way to make gifs, i find the whole “use kmplayer” annoying. anyway these are good to learn the basics. i hope this is useful, happy giffing!