i don't even know what my voice is

Look at this dork. Doesn’t even know what game it is.


  • Oscar: So... I'm me, but I'm also a 50 plus year old man?
  • Qrow: And several 100 plus year old men!
  • Oscar: But, like, what if I find a girl I like, and I, uh, you know? Does that make me a pedophile or something? Like, this is so freaking weird.
  • Qrow: Oh don't worry, Ozpin jacked off to girls your age all the time, so don't worry about it.
  • Oscar: How does that make me not worry about it?
  • Oscar: The fact that the voice inside my head is giving me instructions on how to kill you and hide the body for you knowing that worries me even more.
  • Qrow: Yeah that sounds about right.

For @whumpdump (AKA a super awesome friendo!) 

“I’m dying,” Lance moans, draping one arm across his eyes while the other rests tightly around his stomach.

He had woken up that morning to a twisting stomach that left him stumbling into the bathroom of his small apartment, but after twenty uneventful minutes of kneeling in front of the toilet, he slipped shoes on, not caring that the two didn’t match, and started toward Keith’s apartment on the floor above his.

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still practicing watercolor

I need to stop liking the ink so much because I will inevitably end up ruining it and I really dont need additional shame


sketches from tonight ❤ gen outfit redraws 💙 + kin 💛 + why shiro’s hair is so short 💚

Michael getting flustered on Letterman after David shows him a clip from his work on CBC, when he was 15 years old.

Taken from this video

My Saviour - Nine

A/N: Thank you to all who are following this series and all of you that are giving me such amazing feedback. I love writing this, and I love reading all of your reactions, comments and predictions. You will never understand how much your kind words mean to me. Also a special shout out to my amazing beta @thorne93, I could not have done this without  you.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, talk about abuse, miscarriage.

Wordcount: 2342

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“Come here,” Dean said, helping you to your feet, holding your hand as you stepped out of the shower. “Here-” he put the towel around your shoulders and rubbing his hands up and down your arms to try and warm you. “-what kind of pain?”

“In my back.” Your eyes were wide in horror as you spoke, but for the first time you kept your eyes glued on Dean’s. “I thought the warm water would help.”

“We need to get you out of these clothes, okay?” You nodded. “Stay here and I’ll go get you something to wear.”

You did as Dean said, not moving a muscle as he went to grab you some clothes, returning with one of his large sweatpants and a sweater, hoping they would warm you up. He stood outside the door as you changed and then he followed you into your bedroom once you emerged. Your entire body shook as you sat down on the edge of the bed. Dean grabbed the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around your shoulders before kneeling down in front of you.

“You want to tell me what happened?” he asked, one hand resting on your knee.

“I… uh… I had this pain in my back, and it wouldn’t go away so I figured the warm water might help.” You pulled the blanket tighter around you as you spoke, your voice flat and detached. “Then it got worse before I could even get to the bathroom, this kind of sharp, stabby pain in my stomach.” Dean already knew where this was going. “There was just so much blood, and now I don’t have anymore pain.”

“I don't…” Dean started but you interrupted him.

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hiya vivi, have you seen that one older vampire au where the s/o is mad at their s/o and puts on a bunch of silver to keep them at a distance. imagine binu where eunwoo is sitting at a mirror just putting on all the jewelry he owns and when bin whines about what he's done wrong eunwoo is so passive aggressive and is like nothing at all. "babe what are we eating for dinner" "italian" "BBY COME ON"

dshlfkajdhfs hi i’m sorry this took so long but i thought of this in the shower today and started laughing really hard this is pure fluff

  • eunwoo thinks bin has to be the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • never mind vampires, he highkey thinks bin is the snuggliest boyfriend ever
  • the moment eunwoo gets home from work?? bin’s clinging to one of his limbs
  • the moment eunwoo finishes preparing dinner?? bin’s backhugging him and dragging him to the sofa and peppering him with small kisses
  • and eunwoo whines a little about it every day because who can prepare their meals with an over-grown man-child-who-happens-to-feed-off-of-blood clinging to him????
  • ???? not eunwoo 
  • do vampires as a general population even cuddle?? eunwoo wants to ask or is it just bin?????
  • except today 
  • today is weird
  • bin’s calmly lounging on their sofa when eunwoo gets home
  • no hugs, no kisses
  • eunwoo sneaking a peek from where he’s chopping ingredients in the kitchen 
  • bin flipping through channels like eunwoo isn’t even home????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo calling out for bin to come help him get the onions out of the fridge 
  • bin sliding into the kitchen and humming and handing eunwoo his onions
  • and at this point he’d usually backhug eunwoo and hum into his ear and ask how his day went 
  • eunwoo narrowing his eyes at bin
  • eunwoo: “no kisses?”
  • bin humming and beaming at eunwoo before sliding back out into the living room with no response 
  • eunwoo: ?????????????
  • ngl, he already misses bin’s skinship
  • sure, it made stuff like chopping vegetables and stirring noodles hard and he complains about it but 
  • eunwoo sulking a little and finishing up his meal prep and setting all his ingredients on the counter
  • eunwoo going into the living room and settling himself next to bin on the sofa, arm to arm and leg to leg
  • bin just stopping himself from melting into eunwoo’s touch 
  • he wants to wind himself around eunwoo, he really does but !!!!
  • eunwoo complained yesterday about how he couldn’t do the dishes with bin’s arms wrapped around his middle and bin’s nose in his neck
  • and so today bin has Resolved to Keep His Hands Off
  • see how eunwoo likes that!!!!!
  • not that it’s working very well
  • especially with eunwoo glancing at him every minute
  • eunwoo pouting at bin
  • and wiggling under bin’s arm and doing That Pout™
  • you know
  • this one
  • bin’s heart is slowly weakening
  • he!! a vampire!!! with no heart!!!!!!
  • bin coughing and disentangling himself from eunwoo and standing up and heading into the kitchen to get some water
  • eunwoo looking at bin in slight bewilderment because what is bin doing??????
  • all eunwoo wants is a cuddle :-(
  • and snuggly bin is usually very forthcoming with cuddles but today ????
  • ???????
  • eunwoo sulking 
  • fine, two can play at a game
  • he knows bin is weak for skinship and no matter how hard he’s holding out now and no matter the reason bin’s doing it for, he probably won’t last very long without cuddles 
  • eunwoo gives it until he starts cooking dinner for bin to give in 
  • but in the mean time 
  • eunwoo going into their bedroom and changing and heading straight for his jewelry drawer
  • eunwoo pulling out a cute silver ring mj gave him a while ago 
  • eunwoo slipping on a silver chain rocky got him from his trip to america 
  • eunwoo contemplating some silver ear cuffs jinjin got him before shrugging and slipping them on too
  • if bin intends to not cuddle him then eunwoo will help him as best as he can 
  • bin walking into their bedroom to see how eunwoo’s holding up without cuddles
  • bin walking up behind eunwoo and straight into a rippling silver wall and bouncing off slightly 
  • bin: D: 
  • eunwoo: “oh hey binnie!!”
  • bin making a whiny noise 
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong?”
  • bin pouting: “what did i do wrong???” :(
  • eunwoo blinking calmly at bin
  • eunwoo, adjusting the clasp on the silver chain: “nothing?”
  • bin narrowing his eyes and sulking 
  • eunwoo brushing past bin to head into the kitchen to prepare dinner
  • bin trailing behind eunwoo like a slightly lost puppy
  • bin pouting more as he sees eunwoo start to pull noodle packets out of the cupboard
  • it’s usually this time when bin starts hugging eunwoo but eunwoo also usually whines for bin to stop hugging him when he’s near fire so 
  • bin hoisting himself up onto the kitchen counter and just barely stopping himself from whining at eunwoo
  • eunwoo: “what’s wrong, binnie?” 
  • bin sulking because eunwoo has silver on, that’s what’s wrong!!
  • he can’t go near eunwoo!!!!
  • not that,,,, he was supposed to anyway,,,,,,
  • bin looking down at his hands sheepishly 
  • bin: “so what’s for dinner?”
  • eunwoo, humming and pulling garlic out from the fridge 
  • eunwoo: “italian?”
  • bin, retreating from where eunwoo’s holding garlic in his hand: 
  • bin, truly about to weep:
  • bin, from the doorway: “BABE, COME ONNNN”
  • eunwoo: ?
  • wow he was intending to Not Cuddle and Not let eunwoo wearing silver and eating garlic affect him since he originally meant to not cuddle eunwoo anyway but
  • but obviously it isn’t working because bin is a weakling for skinship
  • and it’s not like eunwoo can fault him!!! all bin wants is love :(
  • and cuddles!!!
  • bin: “i promise not to cuddle you when you’re cooking now pleeeeease please stop” :(
  • eunwoo: “oh, is that why??”
  • bin: ?????? :((
  • eunwoo, pouting slightly: “is that why you refused cuddles the whole time?”
  • and eunwoo’s suddenly laughing brightly and walking over to bin 
  • bin retreating further into the living room because !!! eunwoo still has garlic in his hand!!!!
  • bin, looking with slight fear at eunwoo’s hand and eunwoo laughing more 
  • cue eunwoo chasing bin around the house with a clove of garlic until bin is a giggly mess and pleading with eunwoo to stop
  • eunwoo laughing and putting the clove back into the kitchen before going over to kiss bin
  • bin wincing when eunwoo comes too close and gasping out a “silver!!”
  • eunwoo blinking and laughing and tossing off his jewelry (onto a table, because eunwoo’s actually responsible) before peppering bin with small kisses 
  • eunwoo might think bin’s the snuggliest vampire ever 
  • but really? he’s just as soft for bin’s cuddles as bin is for his 

i, too, want cuddles :(


It was good knowing you Junpei

Flutter of a Butterfly

written by momentofclarity

Main pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Mature

Chapters: 1/1


Harry’s eyes shine, the green of them somehow made even more so in contrast to his pale skin and dark pink lips. I wonder what it’s like to kiss you. To have your hands on me. Your voice in my ear, your— “Oh fuck!” Louis drops the cigarette to the ground and puts his burnt finger to his lips to soothe the pain. He hadn’t even realised he was staring.

That Harry had been staring too.

This is the extraordinarily ordinary AU where they both fall in love for the first time.

chandramohl  asked:

Drarry request! I'd love a cute fluffy Halloween or Christmas themed drarry, maybe with little Scorpius and teddy too!! Also, I love your stuff! Keep doing what you're doing!!! =D

“What on earth are you doing?” Draco all but screeches, displeased at the pitch in his voice.

Harry does that half smile, half shrug thing he does often, wiping at his cheek with his forearm careful not to get the orange goop covering his hands onto his face.

“We’re carving pumpkins, Draco!” Teddy shouts happily, shoving his hands inside the pumpkin and pulling out handfuls of slimy orange pumpkin bits. “It’s so gross, Uncle Harry!”

Draco is hard pressed to understand why Teddy sounds quite so pleased at how gross it is. “Yes I can see you’re carving pumpkins. But the question is, why are you doing it like that?!” He waves his arms around a bit at a loss for words.

“Like what?”

“The muggle way.”

“Draco, don’t tell me you’ve never carved a pumpkin.”

“Of course I have! With magic. Like all civilized witches and wizards.”

“This is way more fun than magic, Draco! Come help us, please.” Draco wants to say no but Teddy has his bottom lip out in the fakest pout he has ever seen and Draco knows Harry must’ve taught him that. It shouldn’t work, but when Harry makes the same face Draco knows he’s lost.

“Fine you heathens.”

Draco frowns in displeasure, having no intention of actually sticking his hands anywhere near the pumpkins. But then Harry is sliding up behind him on his knees, pressing his chest into Draco’s back and making it very hard for Draco to think of any suitable reason to not do anything Harry asks.

“You’re going to owe me later,” he mumbles, feeling it necessary to keep up at least some pretense of displeasure. He can feel Harry’s warm breath on the side of his neck, watching in morbid fascination as Harry slides his messy hands over the tops of Draco’s, guiding it into the pumpkin. It should be revolting, and in a way it is, but there’s something unexpectedly erotic about it and Draco is just glad he’s wearing robes or he’d have an awful lot of explaining to do.

He doesn’t even realize what Harry is doing until Harry grabs his hand, sliding his finger into the hole he assumes is meant to be an eye and twisting it. “The hole is a bit small. Perhaps you can make it bigger,” he whispers, sliding a small carving knife into Draco’s other hand. The innuendo hangs heavy in the air and Draco is eternally glad that Teddy is too absorbed in his own pumpkin to notice.

“I’m very adept at making holes bigger,” Draco mumbles, smiling in satisfaction when he feels Harry start to shift behind him, his own hard to explain predicament pressed up against the small of Harry’s back.

Harry’s nose brushes against the back of his neck as he presses small kisses just above his collar. “Need any help?”

Draco doesn’t speak, just takes Harry’s finger and aligns it with his own, drooling them sideways to scrape along the side of the eye. “Mmm, two fingers always better than one when making a hole bigger wouldn’t you say.”

Harry makes a sound somewhere between a moan and a coughing noise and Draco feels his smile widen.

Perhaps this will be fun after all.

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It's good to see you being positive about EA's content ! Maybe you didn't knew it but your negative comments tend to just, well, kill the fun for others players. You're just so popular even people who don't follow you have your stuff and words on their dash, mostly by reblogs and recommandation. That's not a bad stuff to voice critics on the game but I thought it was weird that you've something to say when you don't actually play the game but just took pictures.

You know.. everything was right on point, well written.. well explained and all UNTIL you managed to butt in some shade on your last sentence. 

Mind you, as shocking as it might sound to you, taking pictures is MY GAMEPLAY. It’s how i enjoy the game. Just as how many enjoy building or CAS or even machinimas. Does that forbid them (us) to voice what we expect or think about the game? How interesting! The answer is no. I’m going to say the things i like and the things i dislike where it is due. Whenever i want to. Because it’s my page and that’s how i run my page. 

“ Maybe you didn’t knew it but your negative comments tend to just, well, kill the fun for others players. “ For who exactly? I’ve never received that from anyone but you, just now. And it’s not my fault, if they feel that way then maybe they agree to one extent and know that sometimes EA doesn’t deliver quite the things we players want. If you feel that i’m “ruining your game” then why do you still follow me?

“ even people who don’t follow you have your stuff and words on their dash, mostly by reblogs and recommendation “ If ppl reblog my opinions it means that they agree with me. So are you going to complain with them too? did i force those ppl to reblog?

Also, for your information, i’ve played sims 2 AND sims 3 the “regular/normal” way. I’ve started playing that way with sims 4 but i got BORED pretty quick for the lack of things to do. Even now 2 years-ish later, i still find a lack of things to do. That’s why i started creating my OWN world, my own gameplay to meet my needs.

Lance, slowing down in the hallway when he hears someone singing. He presses his ear against the bathroom door: Pidge, is that you?

Pidge: Wha - Lance!

Lance: Ah, it is you! I’d recognize that voice anywhere-

Pidge, becoming a flustered mess: Get out!

Lance: I’m not even in there with you. I’m in the hallway..


Pidge: Just go.

i mean nothing to you & i don’t know why

Jeff called his mom about every two weeks. She always wanted to hear how things were doing – things with hockey, with Christopher and Bethany’s kids, with Kent. She always asked about Kent, and in the last year or so, Jeff had gotten the feeling that she was asking for reasons other than the fact that the family liked him.

“I saw the news,” she said, as soon as she picked up. “Is everything okay?”

She meant Kent. “Yeah,” said Jeff. “Things are fine. I mean, mostly. We’re all a little on edge because it’s kind of a big deal, you know.” He shrugged, even though he knew she couldn’t see. Kent’s coming out was stressful, and Jeff had tried to make him feel better, but he hadn’t really recovered until he’d finally returned his boyfriend’s calls.

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