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tbh i feel you on the whole keith w/ cryptids thing?? i mean i don't hate it and it's not the worst thing ever imo but i feel like it was just one of those things where one tiny detail from the show was taken out of context and blown up?? i doubt keith even knows what cryptids are

same I thought it was funny and cute at first but now Im just like…….enough……….Im very done

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What do you mean by the "pee your pants" retaliation? What do you think that means, I'm curious how you see it as ableist. I can't find any reference to it in your previous posts so I don't know the context? Also what's with that guy, he needs to tone down the edge, it's not even funny, he's trying way too hard tone offensive

Nobody’s done that to me so far, but there’s this new “SJW” insult. Whenever some of them don’t like what you’re saying and don’t have a rebuttal to your argument, they’ll say “pee your pants” like that’s some kind of witty and hilarious retort that’s “safe.”

People, in general, used to be more open with their insults in the past. They would call someone “stupid” or “idiot” or “moron.” But then those terms were classed as “ableist,” so they moved on to childish insults, like “wet sock” or other nonsense. Everyone still knew that they meant “idiot” etc, but because they didn’t actually use the “bad” terms, the childish ones were deemed “safe” and became widespread. They’re exactly the same insults. They’re exactly the same meanings. But because they don’t outright say “idiot” etc, then they’re suddenly fine.

The “pee your pants” term is exactly the same thing. Where “SJWs” would go to anonymously tell others to kill themselves or wish violence on others, or even just say “kill yourself” or “I hope you die” to reply to posts that they hated, now they say “pee your pants.” It’s a stupid, nonsensical insult that nobody cares about, but the same intention is behind it.

I don’t think it’s ableist at all, but they’re “SJWs,” so sometimes, the only way that you can get through to them is by holding them to their own standards. And by their own standards, laughing at the idea of someone wetting themselves is equivalent to mocking the incontinent, which includes the disabled. Therefore, by their own rules, that would be them engaging in ableism.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not offended by it. I’m not clutching my pearls or shocked or horrified or anything so silly like that. It’s just the most embarrassing thing to witness. Because people are so afraid of being seen as “problematic,” they’re hiding what they really mean to dumb their insults and intentions down so much that they genuinely sound like six year olds. Pointless insults are pointless, obviously, but either say what you mean or keep your mouth shut if you’re too afraid to do so, you know?

"Things that I have heard people say" starters (part 2)

•"This is an interesting conversation to walk in on.“
•"I didn’t have any breakfast.”
•"My lunch was half a chicken strip and a peanut.“
•"Which thing should we do first?”
•"Huh? What’s going on?“
•"I just got like a million notifications.”
•"You look really nice today!“
•"Why is this month so busy?”
•"Where are you going?“
•"Where are they going?”
•*bell rings* “Shut up.”
•*sings imperial march*
•"Is my face less red now?“
•"You wanna go? Let’s fight. You and me, right now. C'mon.“
•"I am so hungry.“
•*“You’re in trouble~” ooing*
•*amazed ooing*
•"Ooh, you’re gonna need some ice for that burn!“
•"I’m gonna drop this thing and it’s gonna make a loud noise.”
•"How to kill a conductor: by low brass.“
•"Are you a singer? You’d be a great singer.”
•"Stop being such a nazi, I can do what I want!“
•"I once convinced my entire 6th grade class that I was related to Hitler.”
•"Just shove it in their torso!“
•"This is completely wrong.”
•"Someone come sit on me I’m cold!“
•”[First name]! [Full name, including middle name(s)], where are you?!“
•"I’m from Nova Scotia where the weather is evil.”
•"What did I do today? I accidentally set my dad’s hair on fire.“
•"Yes, I’ve already eaten three children.”
•"Everything would eat a baby.“
•"And that is how you set your ass on fire.”
•"I go inside for one minute and the dog sets himself on fire!“
•"This person doesn’t have a head.”
•"You can just steal someone’s head.“
•"I’m collecting body parts.”
•"It’s weird; they have noses!“
•"Would you like a shoe?”
•"I love human feet!“
•"Nonononono! Lick my feet instead!”
•"It’s just a big pile of no.“
”Hah as if I need sleep you petty mortal!
•"It’s so beautiful! F*cking dangerous, but beautiful.“
•”Just let them die. It’s a time-honoured tradition.“
•”Now there’s a trail of slime on my leg. Great.“
•"What a cute snail. Look at it. It’s so cute!”
•"Ice cream trucks are of the devil!“
•"If they will bring me shiny stolen things I will give them food. I feel like that’s a fair trade.”
•"I will live under your porch because I love you.“
•"Curse you, mocking ducks!”
•"Ducks are evil. But delicious!“
•"Um… there is a fungus on top of your trash can.”
•"Hypothetical book-spoiling assholes. They’re out there.“
•"Please do not burn the father.“
•"That is not a good.”
•"That solves the problem of killing people for shoes.“
•"Ah! I’m fine. Just tripped. While standing still. Nothing’s wrong.”
•"Flashlights aren’t exactly a skill.“
•"This is why I shouldn’t have a lightsaber.”
•"Those stars look like a giant stomping people to death.“
“Star! I mean, I know it’s a meteor, but star!”
•"What are you doing!? …You’re charging my pelvis.“
•"Shh don’t wake the sleeping truckers.”
•"Just think of the army of kittens coming out of the mist!“

Learning languages in the US public schooling system:
  • Year 1: "Hey let's learn our manners! Please! Thank you! My name is! Here are prepositions! This is how you say 'I like X'! Let's have some cultural cuisine! Also here are some verbs."
  • Year 2: "conjugate these verbs. Conjugate more verbs. More verbs to conjugate. Are you remembering these? More verbs. Conjugate them. Like, not even in context. Fuck context. Just fill out verb conjugation tables. Why are you failing your oral exams just do more conjugation tables. Conjugate these irregular verbs now. More irregular verbs to conjugate. Have a mango or a croissant or some shit okay now conjugate 'to eat.'"
  • Year 3: "let's read this story! What do you mean you don't know that verb in context? Didn't you do your conjugation table for it? Do it again. I don't care if they don't use vosotros in the western hemisphere just remember to conjugate it! Let's read more stories and you can just pretend to know what the verbs are!"
  • Year 4: "I'm going to start the first semester off trying to teach the class exclusively in the language I'm teaching but since you obviously have no foundation in the language I'll give up by November and we'll just dick around with games and have food parties since you're all seniors and are taking this class as a joke anyway. Hey do you remember how to conjugate 'vivir'? Ha just kidding have some tostadas."

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I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the reunion scene in (I think) 2x15 or 2x16 where Bellamy and Clarke see each other again in Mount Weather. I mean, I can clearly tell what Clarke's emotions are from her face but Bellamy's is a little bit more difficult to decipher. I really can't tell if his expression is mad, shocked, or heck, if it's a glare or of it's something else entirely. I don't even know lol that's why I wanna ask your opinion?

I need to provide some context in order to answer this question. I think that their previous scenes together help to reveal Bellamy’s feelings and expressions in the 2x16 reunion scene. 

First, I think Bellamy pushed away his feelings for Clarke and built a huge emotional wall around his heart after 2x09. At first, when Clarke confessed to Bellamy that she couldn’t lose him at the beginning of 2x09, you can see a transformation in Bellamy: he became more vulnerable and open about his desire to protect Clarke (hmm… almost like he was beginning to embrace his feelings for Clarke a bit for the first time). But then she basically said his life was expendable, and we saw his heart (visibly) break into a million pieces. After that, I think he forced away his deeper feelings for Clarke and went back to viewing Clarke as a business partner more than someone he deeply cared for (btw, I think 2x05–the campfire scene and the hug scene–is when Bellamy realized that he loved Clarke. Maybe he didn’t realize he was in love with her yet, but he definitely realized that he loved her deeply and that she was special to him). Therefore, Bellamy goes into the mountain with a protective wall around his heart when it comes to Clarke, but Bellamy isn’t someone who can divorce himself from his emotions for too long so… 

Bellamy’s wall cracks a bit when he hears Clarke’s voice on the radio in 2x11. He is visibly affected by hearing Clarke’s voice on the radio in the same way she is visibly affected by hearing his voice, but we can still see Bellamy steeling himself a bit in this scene (see the video below). She stops in the middle of their rushed conversation to reestablish an emotional connection with him (perhaps she is trying to make up for what she did in 2x09 a bit?): “and, Bellamy … you came through. I knew you would.” Bellamy’s walls suddenly shoot up, he doesn’t reciprocate Clarke’s invitation to reestablish their emotional connection, and he ends the conversation with a self-deprecating, though realistic, half joke (side note: he doesn’t really value himself a lot, does he? and he sucks at telling jokes–remember 3x16? yesh …). I think he does this in 2x11 because he’s still protecting himself against his feelings for Clarke… 

Third, the last discussion Bellamy and Clarke have before the scene in 2x16 is when Clarke lied to him about his sister being in TonDC. If you rewatch the scene in which Bellamy finds out about Clarke’s deception, you can see he feels deeply betrayed by Clarke. Raven even knew that part of Bellamy’s pained voice came from Clarke (again) hurting him, which is why Raven immediately reassures Bellamy that Clarke was just trying to protect him (remember Raven had a front row seat to the 2x09 “it’s worth the risk” Bellarke interaction, so she knows something is going on between them); the pain wasn’t just because he was afraid for his sister. I think Bellamy saw this betrayal as more evidence (in his mind) that Clarke doesn’t view him as important to her as he felt she had become important to him (of course, the audience knows better. We saw Clarke’s constant worry for Bellamy and her desperation to keep Bellamy alive throughout 2B, but Bellamy didn’t see it unfortunately). He thinks she sees him as an expendable solider, and the last thought he had of Clarke before the 2x16 reunion was that she had betrayed him. 

The Raven and Bellamy 2x11 Scene: 

All right, so in the 2x16 Bellarke reunion scene, we need to keep four things in mind. 1. Bellamy has steeled his heart when it comes to Clarke. It’s all business for him at that point. 2. The last time Bellamy and Clarke talked, Clarke lied to him and almost let a bomb drop on top of and kill Octavia. 3. Bellamy is desperate for a plan to save his friends because the one they had just fell through and 4. I think that (at this point) Bellamy does indeed love Clarke deeply, but he’s pushed those feelings aside. 

I sort of love this scene because you can tell that Bellamy and Clarke have unresolved personal issues. Everyone hugged each other in this scene EXCEPT for Bellamy and Clarke (which is a huge contrast to their 2x05 hug and I think the writers intentionally had them NOT hug in order to show the audience that Bellamy steeled himself against her). But, it’s worth noting that as soon as Bellamy layed eyes on Clarke, he couldn’t look away—and that’s deeply intimate. However, I honestly think he’s more mad at her in this scene than anything else, but that he also can’t help himself from looking at her and seeing that she’s alive and well. Of course, any feelings of love, anger, disappointment, or even friendship are immediately pushed aside, he approaches her and gets right down to business and asks if she has a plan. They talk business, Bellamy turns away after he comes up with the idea to talk to Dante, and Clarke gives a look at Bellamy as he turns away. I think she’s giving a “I know you hate me right now” look because she looks … disappointed with his response to her. What was she hoping for? Why does she look so guilty? His response to her was cold and aloof, and I think he acted that way because he was mad at her still because of TonDC AND because Bellamy had steeled his heart against her: 

So, yeah, that’s my interpretation of Bellamy’s look in the 2x16 reunion. He’s mad at her and he’s steeled his heart against her, but he also can’t help himself from looking at her and knowing that she’s okay while also hoping that she still has a plan to save their friends. 

It’s sort of a difficult look to analyze because I don’t think it’s a romantic look at all, but at the same time, the “I’m looking at you while I’m hugging someone else” is typically shown in film to reveal that although person A is hugging person C (who person A is suppose to love the most), person A is looking at and thinking more about person B (who is the person that Person A can’t keep their eyes off of) … so it’s an interesting look, for sure, and it’s a common look to use when directors want to show that Person A and Person B have strong, unresolved feelings for each other. Sort of like this one:

But yeah, I think it’s as I described above. 

if this isnt the best line in all of doctor who i dont know what is

My guy friend was asking me for love advice--Sherlock-style! Help us out?
  • My friend: I just realised something.
  • Me: What?
  • My friend: This girl I'm in love with. She's a lot like Sherlock--keeps a small circle of friends, skeptical and reads people well, sarcastic, bitchy, doesn't see sense in things that doesn't interest her... That stuff...
  • Me: Okay... So?
  • My friend: Well, the problem is that I know she cares about me but only in a John Watson kind of way. I've been Molly Hooper-ed tons of times too. I wanna be her Irene Adler, you know.
  • Me: And that means?
  • My friend: You know what that means! You ship them, right?
  • Me: But I don't know what that means in this context okay!
  • My friend: Well... I know she's not into the whole 'love' thing right now (just to clear things out--apparently, she used to be in a shitty relationship and when it was over, she had a whole new perspective on things) but I wanna connect with her like Irene did with Sherlock! Be 'The Man' in her life or something. Like we know we're canon even if we don't explicitly say it.
  • Me: I don't know how to help you. Love is totally not my division right now.
  • My friend: Did you just Lestrade me?
  • Me: Yep. You know I'm off this love thing, right?
  • My friend: Exact reason why I'm asking you. Thought you'd understand.
  • Me: Nope.
  • My friend: That's just plain Moriarty coldness right there.

so I’ve seen people talk about the symbolism of the extra bodyparts that manifest when gems fuse, but what about the clothes?

Garnet talked about how fusion is about gems inventing themselves together, and I just kinda wanna talk about how the fusions’ clothing plays into that.

Malachite is an unstable fusion held together by hate who looks messed up physically. Lapis and Jasper have never fused before, they don’t really care about each other and don’t care to know anything about each other. Malachite’s clothes are basically Lapis’ top and Jasper’s verbatim, and that’s it. No redesigning, no exploration, no care.

Sugilite is a relatively unstable fusion due to Garnet’s and Amethyst’s personalities combining into something that’s a little more… impulsive than thoughtful. Since they’re unstable together, it’s probably safe to assume that Sugilite is a last measure and that Garnet and Amethyst don’t fuse often. Sugilite’s clothing is a very logical conclusion from Garnet and Amethyst’s; it looks almost like their clothes were just hastily overlaid on top of each other and mashed together.

Opal’s a little different. She’s a pretty stable fusion, when nothing unexpected is going on. Without getting too much into thoughts about Pearl and Amethyst’s complex relationship, I’m going to hazard a guess that because they’re mostly stable, Pearl and Amethyst used to fuse more than Garnet and Amethyst did, and Opal has probably been formed a good number of times. Opal’s clothing is different from Malachite’s and Sugilite’s - it’s not a direct mashup of Pearl and Amethyst’s regular clothing. It’s reminiscent of the two of them, and it definitely makes sense, but Opal’s clothes would look very different if, like Malachite and Sugilite, pieces of each gem’s clothes were just taken and put together on the same body.

And then there’s Garnet. Ruby and Sapphire have been fused as Garnet for a very long time and are super close. Garnet’s design makes a whole bunch of sense, but again, is very different from if Ruby and Sapphire’s designs were just mashed together without care. There are elements present on Garnet’s outfit that do logically follow from Ruby and/or Sapphire’s outfits but are not explicitly present and are more of an extrapolation or a creation than a mashup.

What I’m getting at here is that I think a fusion’s clothing is just as indicative of gems’ relationships and how well they know each other as other aspects of their designs. Which isn’t surprising, I mean, that’s how good character design works after all! So like, I think a first-time fusion’s clothes would be more straightforward than a fusion who gets formed over and over again made up by two gems who know each other very well and know themselves very well in the context of their relationship.

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Excuse me but you explain to me what an omegaverse fic is because I see people talking about omegas and alphas and I have no idea what that even means in that context so yeah. Don't wanna be a bother but I would appreciate if you could explain! Thanks 😘


Putting it under the cut because I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes and some people are squick-y about it.


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While it's nice that many canadians have protested C-51, I think it needs to be said that protesters (from every picture I've seen) don't seem to know the specifics of the bill, and are sensationalizing generalizations about it, and can't protest it without misrepresenting what it truly entails. Which also means that people are out of touch with what effects the bill is going to have. It still won't be acceptable to target left-wing activists, but the same can't be said for canadian muslims

Even the most extreme examples aren’t that out of line with the context of this bill.

This bill lowers the threshold for spy agency surveillance and preventative arrest. It extends the amount of time you can be arrested without charge for.

Its vagueness does mean that if you interfere with critical infrastructure or put Canada’s economy in jeopardy you could be arrested with this bill. Which is terrifying to environmental or first nations advocates.

This bill allows not only CSIS to spy on Canadian citizens but to share your information with over 10 other government agencies and request information from these other agencies. It can then use this information to profile and screen ordinary Canadians.

It allows CSIS to take ‘preventative’ measures to interfere with anything that may threaten Canada.

It allows CSIS to do illegal acts with permission from a judge. A judge only has to give permission. It won’t know what CSIS will do and you won’t even know if you’re being targeted.

Protests are always going to be exaggerated to an extent, because protests are political. But very little from what protestors have said goes outside of the box of this bill.

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i'm a little lost sorry i'm new hehe but is this always a thing? like the boys getting drunk even if they have a concert the next day? and actually letting people know about it? is this because of an image they're trying to portray? i don't know what's happening but right now i'm a little off with what liam's tweet implicates. not judging anyone tho i mean if it's there thing and it works for them

It’s a little strange. The boys go out and have fun of course when they’re on tour. Even on concert nights. Sometimes we know about it with rumors or actual pictures, sometimes we don’t. But it’s weird that the boys are starting to actually broadcast it now….especially with Louis… and I’m not really sure what to make of it yet. Since you’re new I’ll give you some context. For the last year or so, Louis in particular has been pretty low key. Even when they were on tour we’d rarely see much of him offstage. He’d just go ghost. We would get proof of the other boys out and about but the running joke was that he never left the hotels. He did go out of course. Again, it was just on the down low. But the fact that they seem to really be pushing this new party image is a notable difference. We’ll see where it goes *shrugs*