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You know what? This is not only about the Sheriff/Natalie thing. That’s not the reason I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off because in season 4 we barely got any good scenes between Stiles and Lydia. And in season five they’re not even interacting. Not even a bit. It’s been three episodes and they haven’t even talked to each other. I’m not talking about romantic scenes here. I know nothing romantic is gonna happen between them yet (duh slow burn) but the thing is: they’re friends. Lydia is the second person Stiles is closest with. And Stiles is literally Lydia’s best friend now that Allison is gone. They’ve supported each other and helped each other through the worst moments and now they don’t even acknowledge each other’s existence. I KNOW there’s gonna be that scene in eichen house, and believe me I’m holding onto it like my life depends on this shit, but honestly I’m fucking tired of Stiles and Lydia interacting only during life-threatening situations. In season 3 they were together basically all the freaking time and I want that friendship back. It’s not even about making them romantically canon anymore. It’s about not erasing an entire relationship from the show for no reason at all and with no explanation.

So here’s the thing: if they don’t show Stiles freaking the fuck out when he sees that Lydia is injured and refusing to leave her side until he’s one hundred percent sure she’s fine I’m gonna lose my shit.

I explained the bet with Finn, reminded her about my near-drowning, and gave a few boring details about my first swimming lesson. I’d expected a lecture about taking the pickup without permission or a license, but she surprised me.

“You didn’t fall in the pool at that party,” she said.

When I first read Trisha’s line, my mind went, “WHOA PLOT TWIST.” Though it probably was a relatively minor plot twist, it reminded me that Hayley is the narrator. We’re going to see who she thinks are the heroes and who are the villains (if there are any) of this story. Memory is biased. 

When Trisha gives her memory of the event, it reminded me of a scene in Pacific Rim. (spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film) It’s after the trial session of the partnership between Becket and Mori and Becket sees Mori’s memory of how her city was devastated. In it, Pentecost is painted as the hero. Because in a little girl’s eyes, he is. He’s come to save her. And in the confrontation between Becket and Pentecost afterwards, Pentecost says, “I don’t care what you think you saw.” Becket’s only seen one side of the story. Much like how this whole novel is one side of the story. (I will admit that most stories are structured like this.) 

Overwhelmed, under-slept, stressed and with no way of figuring out how to talk to someone about it because everyone is so busy with life and I don’t like being a burden

It’s just…there’s so much on my mind and now it’s starting to pile up with other stuff and I just want to talk to someone, but whenever I think i can bring it up they seem busy, or they leave, or someone else is there and yes I can talk to almost anyone, but I would like to only talk to one person at a time and I just can’t and I can’t bring it up and I have thought about it endlessly on how to bring stuff up, but I can never bring myself to do it….so i shall type it and…probably cry and hope I feel better afterwards.

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We should return Toshi’s lost heterosexuality to him if we find it. Well, maybe he hasn’t lost it fully if he’s in love with that moody bitch aka Yoshiki… It’d be great if Toshi married someone but I think he doesn’t want to be disappointed again.

I don’t know the code for heterosexuality…sorry Toshi can’t help you…you’re gonna be stuck forever confused about your feels just like the rest of us…clock is ticking before Yoshiki walks away. What will you do then…

So we all know how Baymax was Tadashi’s big project, and how he slaved over 83 failed tests to get Baymax working perfectly right?

I guess you could say that, after finally completing the most complicated robot he ever built, Tadashi was pretty exhausted and just kinda

…burned out

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why do you care so much about them

i don’t even really understand what you mean by this question??? why would i not care about her?

i care because i’ve talked to her before and i would consider her a friend

i care because i don’t want her to do this

i care because she has so much to live for

i care because this is never the answer

i care because this is awful

i care because i hate depression so much

i care because suicide is the worst fucking thing

i care because i’ve been in this situation before

i care because i’m worried sick

i care because she felt alone even when she wasn’t

i care because i feel like i can’t do anything to help right now and i hate it

i care because i’m a human being with compassion

i care because i don’t want a single person to ever do this to themselves

i care because i don’t want anyone to ever harm themselves in any way



oh my god just when you thought pearl couldn’t POSSIBLY get even gayer for rose…

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At first i was like *saucer eyes* “wha- what did i d- do?” But then i read that it wasnt directed at me and i was so relieved. BUT YEAH I AGREE. @ c.lexa shippers, why so rude about bellarke????? We know your otp kissed now leave us alone.

YOU ARE A BULLY ABI just kidding ily, but yeah that is an exemple, tho i know the hate is not one sided lbh c.lexa is my strongest notp and i think everybody who follows me knows it, but i never made a post hating on the people who ships them…….

I think I’m cursed … Since February I hear bad news about my family every month ! Like, my uncle died, my father has a cancer, my mother fell down the stairs and hurt herself badly and now, my grand-father is in the hospital and the doctors said it’s probably the end … And the worst is, I can’t tell my friends because I don’t want to ruin their day or remind them of their own problems … 

i am too overwhelmed to speak my own words about charleston. i do want to say that i’m white and i will call people out who don’t call it what it is: terrorism.

ok you know what no i’m gonna talk about this b/c now i’m all up and having feelings even though i don’t even watching this freaking show (i mean i’m trying i’m just horribly behind shut up) but like okay goddamn

b/c we’ve seen the narrative before right of the surprise royal, of the chosen one who is suddenly thrust into a position where people know them and respect them and expect them to make wise leader decisions but they were just a normal person and they don’t WANT this, they want to be NORMAL, now people treat them different and they’re not different just b/c they’re a special person of power now!! but that’s not what steven universe’s narrative is

b/c steven doesn’t KNOW. he’s just a little kid, he’s still learning about the world and seeing it through a heavily tinted lens b/c of the gems, he doesn’t know what being a normal kid is, he doesn’t know how to differentiate between being treated like a leader and being treated like a child, and the gems- esp pearl- don’t seem to know how to either! so all the gems put so much expectation on steven, wanting, needing him to be rose, but he just isn’t! he can’t be! he’s just a kid! but he doesn’t even know what they want from him, why they’re so upset when he can’t be what they want him to be. he’s just a kid! he’s just a goddamn kid!!!

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◙ (For Judas, about Harold)

“She… She’s a good friend, I really like her. I’m feeling good when she’s near and I have not to laugh when she says stupids things. In a way, she reminds me of Sthan and…

And don’t tell her I told that! That’s really embarassing. 

By the way. I’ve never told that. 

I don’t even know what we’re talking about.”

Today I cut one of my friends out of my life who doesn’t trust me with their personal struggles, but now I feel guilty and I regret it. I know it was probably for the best, but what the hell do I even want? There’s no way that I could redeem our relationship. I revealed things that I’ve bottled up for months. Even if we did become friends again, it would never be the same. If you’re reading this: I’m sorry. I hope that you can forgive me one day.

About to call my mom and talk to her about what I’m going to do when I get to Arizona this weekend.. I hope it doesn’t result in another breakdown after.

question why is my mum so mean to me

I'm literally just been sitting here with a huge smile/crying for basically the whole day.

I’m literally still as ecstatic as I was this morning about it, and I’ve been off and on crying because of how happy I am