i don't even know what i'm doing help


I give you my word. But in order to do that you need to trust my judgement for a little while while yours is reeling.

someone save us from this carpeted bathroom


damn Bianca, back at it again with the power point presentations

*knocks on door* hi Black Sails fandom, I’m new, do you mind letting me in? I made you this thing that stopped being popular like two years ago as a peace offer please i need your help this show killed me

Behold The Manliest of Men!

Customer (who is a man): Yeah hi, I’m looking for a lip balm, do you guys carry that?

Me: Yes we certainly do, they’re right over here!  Tell me, what kind of a lip balm were you looking for?

(Super manly) Customer: Oh you know, something not effeminate 

Me: Well there’s nothing wrong with effeminate stuff

Customer (MANLY OVER 9000!!): Well I have a penis and I need a lip balm that says that



Sigrun + Personality Types (insp.)

Mike’s dropping out.

I’m honestly glad, he’s doing it to go to Michigan and figure out what’s wrong with him. He’s been in constant pain, his eyesight is deteriorating, and nobody knows what’s wrong. They thought it was a brain tumor, but the MRI didn’t show anything. He thought it was the rare and really severe side effects of his hypersomnia medication, but it didn’t stop when he stopped taking it. At this point if he doesn’t get help he’s literally going to die.

so I’m glad he’s going to get treatment. And he says once they figure it out, he’s coming back.

but I’m so goddamn worried. I’m in the back of the PC lab trying not to cry, or puke, or both. I’m so worried. What if he doesn’t make it back? what if it’s some terminal illness? what if they fucked up the first time and it’s actually a goddamn brain tumor? what if it’s just too much all at once one night and he kills himself rather than face another day like that? what if he can’t play music again? what if there’s another freak accident like the Ohio turnpike, but this time, he can’t turn the wheel and avoid death?

my best friend is leaving this weekend and I’ve never been so worried in my entire life. I can’t shake this feeling that something awful is gonna happen and I’m never going to see him again.

I often forget how much my family has suffered and lost


We’re having our first parent teacher event at our after school center. I haven’t been this nervous in a very long time. I really hope I don’t do anything to mess things up. It doesn’t help when your a socially awkward person and any type of communication you have with people doesn’t usually go well.

What about Fantasy Leverage teams?

Like fantasy football except with fictional characters instead of football players, and you collect them to create Leverage Inc teams that would compete… somehow. I don’t know how. I’ve never played fantasy football or any tabletop roleplay games in my life, so I don’t know how we would score this. I don’t know if you get to collect a Nate, or if you are the Nate. 

All I know is that I want Neal Caffery for my Sophie and Felicity Smoak for my Hardison. And my sister gets James Bond because of course she does. (If you don’t know my sister, and I guess most of you don’t, she has a thing. For James Bond. I don’t try to explain it.)

My mom wants all of Oceans 11, which is cheating.

anonymous asked:

Hey, since youre a good studyblr i have a question for you. What to do when you know you can do much more if you just make yourself and stop procrastinating, even tho youre afraid of failure and people not seeing your worth, and struggling with possible depression which yet again makes you procrastinate even more and you cant focus because of it? Like im in highschool for 2 years (finishing 2nd) and this year i did much worse and now its too late to fix it but still

hey and thank you so much for sending this message! firstly, i wanna say that i completely understand where you’re coming from and have dealt with similar issues and i know how rough it can be. i’m still trying to figure out how to deal with similar problems so i don’t know how great my advice will be but i’ll do my best!!

i think the most important thing to try to remember is that your (possible) depression is NOT your fault and that it definitely does affect your motivation and work habits etc. so please please don’t be too hard on yourself. at the same time, you still have to try your best.

what i find works best for me is to take things one at a time and break all my tasks into smaller work loads. if you have a planner or agenda try to organize your work in advance and do your absolute best to stay on track. if your find yourself procrastinating or getting distracted i find it’s best to take a 10 or 15 minute break with a change of setting, especially if you’ve been in your room for hours. take a walk if you’re up to it or even just move to another room. it’s also helpful to be in the presence of another person if you’ve been isolating yourself for a while, so if you’re alone and procrastinating in your room, take a quick break and say hello to your parents or a sibling or even cuddle a pet if you can. i also recommend getting enough sleep and making sure you’re drinking enough water and eating enough food. it’s so so important. take things slowly and don’t expect too much of yourself. also, if you’re really struggling maybe consider getting some help if you’re comfortable and if that’s an option. you still have so much ahead of you and your mental health is so much more important than your grades.

my ask and messages are ALWAYS open if you ever need to talk or rant or whatever so please feel free to come to me if you need to. i really hope things get better for you and please don’t give up!!

sitting in silence

genre: angst

word count: 0.7k

warnings: eating disorder but not really?

x-posted on ao3

It’s not like you don’t mean to eat. You just forget sometimes, in between the bustling around trying to talk to people and the laying in your bed. Your stomach rumbles a lot but honestly that’s nothing new. Besides, you’ve learned to live with it, and you see the pudge on your stomach get tinier every day.

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        – SHORP. ayyyee ya’ll could you please remember to check over the psc’s so i can ?? know which muse to throw at you ? it’ll really help me out a lot esp since most of you don’t specialise muses when asking for starters & stuff !!