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Mornin' Tink. I love your meta and I never really see it in the show until you've said it and then I agree BUT that "I don't know what to say" and "I do" was so jarring, that even I, as a sort of 'GA on the first viewing', could see what it was supposed to mean. There was literally a neon cross. They aren't even trying to be subtle anymore. I'm not sure what I'm getting at really except that the only ooc I can see is oddly worded double entendre? Does that make sense? I'm trying to make sense!

I’m so happy I love when people who don’t really read into things notice them! Thank you for telling us!

if when I was younger someone told me that when I’d be 24, I’d be blogging about how the Pink Ranger from that weird dinosaur robots show my brother is forcing me to watch is a power bottom and the Yellow Ranger is a service top at 1:40am on a Wednesday like it was the most important subject of debate in the world, I’d have probably cried for 10 hours straight

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I'm so sorry but I'm unsubscribing. Your channel's quality is degrading steadily the past couple of months. I used to watch your videos to calm myself but now I can't even watch 3 minutes without getting annoyed of you. I don't know what happened, but if this is permanent, I'm sorry but I can't stay. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, I'll be able to find joy in your content again. Let's high five one last time ✋ So long, irish bean.

Hey there! That’s alright. You don’t have to like something forever and I would never expect you to. We all come and go about our lives all the time and if something isn’t for you anymore then you do you and I’ll do me.  Thanks for at least being there at all to begin with and yeah hopefully you can come back and enjoy the channel again eventually :)

Oh and *WHA-PISH*!

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?


Steve Yockey (probably): Ok, let’s see. So far we have this:

Montagues/Capulet/God/John: “You shall not fall in love with those guys on the other side of the fence.”

Juliet/Romeo/Cas/Dean: “Haha, lol, oops. Too late.”

Cas/Juliet: *“Dies”*

Romeo/Dean: “Oh dear, how shall I live without my Sun? *kills himself*”

Cas/Juliet: *Comes back to life*

Andrew Dabb (probably): Oh good, good. I started this metaphor in “Bloodlines”, but they didn’t pick me up for a season! *fumes**fumes*

Steve Yockey: Ok, so now - Romeo got the message, and went to a church to find Juliet dead… So I guess Dean will get the message, and go to a church to find Cas alive?

Andrew Dabb: Awesome. So now, how do we make sure that people get this parallel?

Jerry Wanek (probably): No worries, I gotcha! Look at this visual -

Andrew Dabb: But Jerry, just ONE cross! We don’t want to overdo it.

Jerry Wanek: Lol, sure, you got it.

Andrew Dabb: Amazing job, you guys! We repaired Shakespeare. Next week: Brokeback Mountain.

The "I know I have other things to write but these seem so cool/weird/etc" sentence prompt meme

Because I’m absolute shit and have a habit of coming up with sentence prompts instead of writing stuff I should be working on, I present this list of sentence prompt memes.

Send me a few of these and I’ll write a drabble based off of it, naturally it’ll be a reader insert. Be sure to include which character you’d like.

You can even use them as rp starters/fanfic/whatever.

1) “I’m like 85% sure that’s illegal but sure I’ll help you.”
2) “Don’t wake me up unless there’s a fire and even then don’t.”
3) “I don’t want to talk about them, they give me a headache, and they’re dumb.”
4) “So is that a no on the burning down the place?”
5) “Ok, I may or may not have started an occult.”
6) “Alright but you gotta promise you’re not gonna be mad if I tell you what happened.”
7) “Explain to me what exactly possessed you into thinking this was a good idea?”
8) “Just for that I’m gonna have to remember to kick your ass twice as hard.”
9) “It’s 3 in the morning, why is it always 3 in the morning when you call me?!”
10) “You meme loving fuck.”
11) “You say that like it’s supposed to be offensive.”
12) “Wanna know how many fucks I give? Negative six, you owe ME fucks to give.”
13) “I don’t see the problem…what…oooh you’re talking about the fires.”
14) “I love you but if you play that song one more time I will strangle you.”
15) “Those dead bodies were here before I even got here…well like half of them but that’s details.”
16) “So the apocalypse started and I may have had a hand in starting it, so um sorry?”
17) “If you get arrested I’ll bail you out…pfft let’s be real I’ll probably be in the holding cell with you.”
18) “How the actual hell did you manage to cause this much trouble in 5 minutes?!”
19) “Why is there someone tied up in the backseat of my car?”
20) “This is why you read contracts before you sign them!”
21) “Uh, there’s someone that’s shitfaced at the door and they say they know you, is it cool if I let them in?”
22) “They say this place is haunted…but I think that’s bullshit.”
23) “The amount of alcohol I’d need to drink to make me forget about this would literally kill me.”
24) “Your daddy issues are a real turn off.”
25) “I’m gonna punch you in the mouth…with my mouth…gently…several times….”

[I’ll add more as time goes on, feel free to add some!]

  • Dean: Sam, tell Cas if he could stop putting himself in danger every two seconds. That that would be just great
  • Cas: Sam, tell Dean that he constantly puts himself in danger and I'm just trying to save him
  • Dean: Sam, tell Cas-
  • Jesus: Dean, tell Sam not to take my name in vain. Thank you, my son