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What if Nightmare actually had super strength to some extent since gaining his dark powers and he didn’t even need his tendrils to pick people up?

(… oh my gosh imagine him just breaking stuff all the time by accident like pulling doors out of their frames)

  • Interviewer: What's your ideal type?
  • Ten: they should have pretty hair
  • Ten: I prefer taller and older people
  • Ten: they have to speak English
  • Ten: I really like Americans so that would be a plus
  • Ten: they should cook with me, especially chocolate
  • Ten: a dancer, that's important
  • Ten: oh they have to make shitty puns
  • Ten: they should have famous friends
  • Ten: it'd be great if they had a radio show
  • Ten: and have knowledge about fashion, maybe even a fashion show
  • Interviewer: you're basically describing Johnny
  • Ten: Maybe and maybe I wanna be on we got married with him but like that's not what I'm saying, that's what you're saying

Anonymous said: about the prompts - sick!dan and kyle taking care of him or they had fight about something

this didn’t turn out the way i anticipated it to turn out… but dan has been having a cold lately, and that inspired me. and they’re not fighting in this, per se… but bickering like little kids. hope you like it anyway! some fluff and kinda crack-ish, ~2 600 words

Dan wouldn’t think of himself as a very fussy person when it comes to being ill. He never complains about it, not wanting to worry anyone else with him not feeling good, and he’s never had to have a gig cancelled due to illness. And today is not going to be the first time.

“You should probably see someone for that cold.”

Dan looks up from his phone screen, having been busy going through his morning Twitter feed. It’s still filled with positive comments about ‘Comfort of Strangers’, and Dan can’t help but feel flattered over the artwork their fans put the time and effort into creating, based on their music. “What?” he asks, watching as Kyle flops down on the couch in the lounge area of the bus.

“You’ve been snoring worse than Woody.” Kyle points out. “Been keeping me up.”

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