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quick little thing about broken up/angsty/rough patch narry, and niall seeing the AnotherMan spread and seeing harry at home. where they used to hide away together. and remembering This Town that he wrote, so many months ago when they first broke up, and despite being all the way at the ryder's cup, rushing to get the record to ryan seacrest and all the radio shows and pleased with columbia. bc he needed to grab harry's attention (& it working)? PLEASE

The phone vibrates between his hands, and he’s not psychic but he knows. He can feel it. He knows who it is without even looking, and his stomach plummets. This feeling is all too familiar, when it comes to him, he thinks. [The butterflies, they come alive…]

He laughs softly at the imagery; thinks it’s a bit ridiculous too, though.

He answers on the third ring, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Harry murmurs, breathing softly through the phone. He must be in too. “What are you up to?”

“Just…lying in bed,” Niall admits. He wonders if maybe he should have partied a bit harder. He did just release his first single as a solo artist, and it’s got to be a requirement or something, right? Oh well.

“Long day?” 

“Incredibly,” he breathes. “It’s different, doing it on your own. It’s more, you know?”

Harry hums.

“It’s good though. It’s exciting.”

“It’s beautiful.”

And, fuck- Harry’s not talking about Niall’s day anymore. He should have expected it, he reckons, except…well, it catches him a bit off guard and his heart finds residence in his throat. “Thanks,” he whispers.

He doesn’t even really know how it happened, if he’s being honest. He just- He remembers seeing HarryHarryHarry, and reading Harry’s carefully crafted words – and then suddenly he was on the phone with his manager, and now here is.

Here he is, coming off of a long day of interview after interview. Here he is, coming down from the high that it releasing his own song, made up of his own words and his own feelings, and putting them on display for everyone to hear.

Here he is, on the phone with a bloke he hasn’t spoken to in weeks and trying to keep himself together just long enough to get through this conversation in one piece. 

“It really is,” Harry says softly. “I really mean that. I love it.”

Niall swallows hard around the lump in his throat. “I know you mean it. Thank you.”

“Why’d you rush it?”

And Niall hates how Harry’s voice sounds. So curious, yet so knowing at the same time. And Harry probably does know, is the thing. He probably knew the minute Niall texted him last night – and yet here Harry is, wanting to hear it from Niall.

“You know why,” Niall murmurs. He finds himself sinking further into the fluffy hotel pillows, as if they’re going to swallow him up so that he doesn’t have to answer.

“Niall,” Harry says, and his voice is low and gravelly. He’s tired, and Niall sort of wants to crawl through the phone to get to him. [Drive highways and byways…] “Tell me, Niall. It’s just me.”

“That’s sort of the problem, Harry,” Niall breathes.

“Alright, I’ll start,” Harry replies. There’s a rustling sound, and Niall imagines him sitting up in bed, the thick, white duvet sort of pooling around his hips. “I’ve been looking for an excuse to call you, and this was it. Your turn.”

And, Jesus- How is Niall supposed to tell him? Isn’t his writing this song for him enough? Why does he have to say what he knows that Harry already knows? Why does this feel much more intimate than writing an entire song, within which he’d poured his heart into months ago?

Niall takes a breath, runs a hand through his hair, licks his lips. “This was it,” he echoes softly. “I didn’t know how to approach you, didn’t know if you’d even want me to – and this… This was my last shot. They’re literally the words I never got to say.

“If you didn’t- If you hadn’t said anything, then I would have known that it was over.”

He’s met with silence on the other end, and for a moment Niall thinks that Harry might have hung up, but then there’s another rustle – and Niall imagines him lying back down.

“Unless you’re calling to tell me that it’s over,” Niall says, and he tries to sound as lighthearted as he can. “In which case, I’m pretty sure it’s too late now. I can’t take it back, because it’s already everywhere.”

“It is already everywhere,” Harry hums. “And I wouldn’t want you to take it back anyway.”

“Yeah?” Niall finds himself holding his breath.

“I mean, I think you summed it up pretty well. Everything comes back to you, so…”

He breathes a sigh of relief, and the butterflies don’t die away but they sort of settle down to a gentle, almost soothing feeling. And it’s ridiculous, really, that after all these years, Harry still makes him feel so fucking…much – but he’d never want it any other way.

“We’ll work it out, yeah?” Harry whispers. “Whatever it takes this time around.”

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I just don't understand how you can (rightly) call out panels like that, but still justify everything about Grayson. I don't get it. Dick has been brought down so much from the amazing character he was before, it's insulting to him and fans. Not to mention the gross and constant sexualization of his character while belittling all his other skills.

answer below the cut. sorry, this become such a long, long answer probably bc I’ve been avoiding this discussion on fydg but I can’t avoid it forever so here we go, everything spilling out in a mess of emojis and feelings and bad unedited grammar 

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I Need to Talk About Snape and James

There is no hate intended here here. I’m not trying to be anti either one, just look at the facts we’re presented with and what they imply. I love the Marauders, and I find Snape a super interesting character whose experiences I can actually relate to, but none of this will pretend any of them aren’t flawed as fuck, because they are. Every one of them.

So, the most obvious starting point; bullying Snape.

Fucking awful. It was consistent, cruel and unnecessary.
But you know what? Them being arseholes to Snape does not negate any of the good things they do or did any more than Snape going on to bully children in his class negates his good deeds or qualities.
They’re both in the wrong for that. Snape’s treatment of Hermione and Neville was really bad, especially considering they were children in his care. His treatment of Harry from day one also wasn’t acceptable.
James and Sirius, well, it’s obvious how in the wrong they were with what they did to Snape. It was disgusting. However, the war likely didn’t help and it was building all throughout their years at Hogwarts. Sirius probably had issues with dark magic due to his family and the connotations it has for him. James, from what Sirius says, was equally as disgusted by dark magic, again likely because of his upbringing (though not in the same way as Sirius).

Now Snape and dark magic? I’ve always thought he genuinely didn’t mean to get involved in it. It likely held no negative or positive connotations for him. He probably had no input on it from his family and was just interested to learn as much as he could, with dark magical, unfortunately, ending up fascinating him.
An academic interest in something is by no means and excuse to be the level of foul Sirius and James were to him, it’s really not, but it was undoubtedly a contributing factor.

Snape’s worst memory was horrendously awful and one of his lowest points.

You know what you need to get over being brought that low? Love and support of friends and family. Snape never got that. Lily took her support from him when he needed it the most and they are both to blame for that really. Snape should not have called her a mudblood, but he had just been humiliated viciously in front of half the school, he was embarrassed and furious and people lash out and people say all sorts of shit they don’t really mean in those situations. It was the wrong thing to say and unfortunately the worst thing he could say, but he didn’t truly mean it. Lashing out like that was a perfectly normal response to what happened to him.

Now, Lily could have forgiven him, but chose not to. I don’t know whether this implies there were other factors at play (perhaps he hated muggleborns in general but, since he knew Lily, saw her as an exception. Though if this were the case, his experiences growing up could likely be blamed for this feeling) or if she, like James and Sirius, saw things in a more black and white manner. Like Snape had crossed a line and that was it as far as she was concerned.

I don’t think Snape was a stalker for waiting outside the common room to try and speak to her though. He needed his friend and hadn’t realised just how firm a stance Lily was going to take on the matter. The removal of Lily’s support and friendship was likely the beginning of a the downward spiral that led to joining the death eaters.

I’ve heard it said that James didn’t really grow up as he was still very very young when he died. Sirius and Remus as much as confirm he eventually around sixth/seventh year stopped hexing people for laughs and matured. However, He probably didn’t mature that much. He was 17, he likely just stopped being a bully, helping existing parts of his personality shine through, like his loyalty and love for those he cares about, but he was probably still twat to those who’s
I don’t think he was interested in finding out about other people. He never once put himself in Snape’s shoes and, likely having had a privileged upbringing, it probably wouldn’t even cross his mind that other people have issues engine not being able to win the affections of the girl they like.
But he did improve. Lily would not have fallen in love with him if that wasn’t the case. Sirius confirms he still bullied Snape though, which was a problem by that point that would be very difficult to resolve. Snape would be either on the defence or jump to offence at the sight of James which is perfectly reasonable considering what James had spent years doing to him. James, even if he made an effort at some point to stop, his effort wouldn’t have lasted long because he’d already developed a deep hatred of him over the years, had never tried to understand him, now had issues with what he perceived as something Snape had done to Lily and would see his attacks as a response to Snape’s attempts at defence or retaliation for Snape striking first. He created the problem and either didn’t know how or didn’t want to resolve it. James I think saw things as too black and white. Snape showed an interest in dark magic, he was a bad guy.

Now, Snape’s persistent attachment to Lily. It is unhealthy to remain in love with/still deeply care about someone who has severed all ties with you. Again I feel this comes back to the need for a stable support network to help the person move on, which Snape did not have. In similar respects it is so easy to imagine the Marauders as loving because a great deal of their actions in the series were dominated by it (James and Lily’s sacrifice for Harry, Remus with Tonks and Teddy, Sirius’ flawed but undeniable attachment to Harry) while Snape never had anyone to whom this side was revealed to us. However just because he didn’t feel that way about any of the characters, bar Lily, that we see doesn’t mean he didn’t care, in his own way, about them.

Snape and Lupin.
Remus could have and should have stepped in during their school years, he’s said it himself. It’s been said a thousand times but Remus was basically that desperate for friends and acceptance and his morals were not getting in the way of that because he could likely focus on James and Sirius’ good qualities (which tbh at that age could literally have been nothing more than accepting him).
Snape telling people Remus is a werewolf. Yikes.
It was wrong of Snape to do it the way he did it, but equally, Remus, a werewolf of 29 years, forgot it was the full moon, didn’t take proper precautions and endangered the lives of Snape, Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione (technically Peter too but him dying at that point would not exactly have been the end of the world).
I don’t know whether to say Remus should have resigned regardless or not, because I’m personally not sure (the curse considered, he’d have had to leave anyway). However, Snape was right to be concerned and I feel Remus understood this and may have done so of his own accord anyway.

Long story short, if we measure a persons goodness by a sum of their actions to others James and Sirius outshine Snape because they can be seen as caring and loving other people. Snape seems to be lower down on the scale because of how bitter he was as a result of his childhood. He didn’t have anyone he cared about left to love and devoted his time and ultimately life to being Dumbledore’s secret right hand man. Good here is objective because, while undoubtedly a hero, Snape’s actions to others were not always good and we barely see any sign of care towards others from him in an obvious way, however he did care. I believe, without a doubt, that he is the only reason children didn’t die at Hogwarts when he was headmaster, he cared and he prevented it because he was, in the end, a fundamentally good person.

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Gosh I love your art so much. I'm really sorry for sending this on anon but I really do love your art and I'm nervous u///u. Hope this is okay to ask since I checked your FAQ and it wasn't in there but how do you think about critique and how do you deal with it? You probably don't have to deal with it as much as the rest of us but sometimes I feel really discouraged and hate my art if anyone says anything is wrong with it. They say it helps me learn but I lose motivation. How do you handle it?

Hey there!!

Well, that’s kind of a “hard to answer” question! The answer really varies depending on a case-by-case, person-to-person scenario. I’ll try to answer the best I can, but keep in mind I’ll speak from a point of view that is skewed more towards doing art on a professional level.

First and foremost, yes, I get critiqued all the time! I don’t think I’ve done anything, even some of my “silly for-fun art”, in the past 7 or so years that hasn’t been under heavy scrutiny, critical analysis and an approval stage. I can’t say for certain, but pretty sure I do actually deal with it as much as everyone else who feels they get critiqued all the time. Remember! just because the fan art I put up doesn’t fall under scrutiny doesn’t mean my professional art isn’t under constant scrutiny. So don’t worry, we’re all on the same field here!

I think some people really are loathe to hear this though, but there is one thing that is an absolute fact: “If you are at all interested, and serious, about pursuing art as a career or a serious endeavor, you not only have to seek and take critique but you have to learn to accept it with grace”. Critique is an absolute necessity, and you’ll never be “so good” that you’re exempt from it. Now, with that said, I will also calm down some people who are probably upset, fretting or worrying: Hobby artists, people who draw purely for themselves, for fun, for self gratification, can choose wether or not they want to seek critique. It’s still a good idea to learn to be open to it, accept it with grace, and learn from it… But let’s be honest, this is your hobby, you do it for fun, and you shouldn’t stress yourself out. You can’t stop someone from giving you critique t hough, so you should probably work on accepting it with grace instead of fighting over it. You don’t have to do or change what was pointed out to you or suggested, but you will find a graceful “thank you” and moving on will save you even more stress in the long run.

Regardless or wether or not you are a professional (or professional seeking) artist or a hobby artist, one fact will always reign true: Not all critique is valid. Sometimes a critique is simply an opinion, or someone else asserting their taste.  There are situations in which you can brush off an invalid critique, and there are situations in which you may debate against one (a particular scenario that comes to mind is a creative-controlled, working process like storyboarding and why you would choose a certain story path or element). There are also situations in which the critique may not be valid, but that’s tough cookies and you are in no position to argue (usually paid work, but not always). You really have to get a feel for your job, your coworker, your boss, your supervisor, your team, etc. for when you know if it’s okay to challenge a critique you disagree with.

Let’s now shoo that bit of negativity away with some positivity:

Critique should not be bad or stressful. It’s more than understandable that it can feel that way when you are more than proud of your artwork, proud of your aesthetic and worked very hard. We all get attached to our work and feel proud about our decisions! But let’s change how we look at critique: Most critique is not an attack on you, or even your art (and if it IS, well, that does happen too. but MOST often it is not. Most often if a message is hateful, mean and spiteful, it is not coming from the mouth of anyone you should waste your time listening to as they’re most likely an escapee from a youtube comment section). 

Most critique is, in fact, there to serve one purpose: “This is a great drawing or idea. Let’s make it MORE GREAT.”

If you have trouble processing critique, it really helps to train yourself to think about it as something to look forward to, to feel excited over. Disassociate it from the idea that it is a negativity aimed at you, that it’s an attack on your artwork or a dismissal of your skills and worth. It’s not. Think of it like a teacher correcting your spelling when you were still a wee thing. They never did it out of maliciousness, but only to help you learn. Maybe you didn’t like being corrected at first, right? In any subject… but there’s always something we found that we loved, that we got excited to learn about and we started seeking information, guidance and resources. This is the best mindset to grow into when it comes to art and critique. 

Accepting critique gracefully, seeking it out with a pure desire to learn, or even feeling excited when you get some critique can come naturally to some, but it has to be learned in some as well.

Either way, try to look at it as a positive thing, because maybe you just weren’t positive about a thing you struggled with. You tried and tried but you couldn’t get it. How frustrating! how maddening! Now you’ve spent all of this time on a piece and you can’t tell if you even like it. Maybe you wasted your time? Then, finally, some saint happens along and tells you how to fix it, giving you the answer to something that really gave you a hard time. This isn’t much different from a friend offering you a hand after you fall.

So I guess, before I hobble off to work, I’ll sum it up as this:

Critique is a fact that isn’t going to go away, but it isn’t an attack. It’s a tool, it’s a resource, it can be fun, it can be valid, it can be invalid. There is good crit but there is also bad crit. You have to learn how to assess it and how to take from it for yourself. With time, you’ll either stick with art seriously and learn to look at it as the extended hand that it is, or you will do your own thing and be awesome at that too. Professional artists need to become more acquainted with the process than hobby artists do, but I strongly suggest (for both your growth and comfort as an artist) that both teams learn how to rethink how they approach the “C” word.

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I don't know how credible this is, but apparently Alex Hirsch answered a fan question around the time of "Sock Opera" confirming that Bill actually owes Dipper since he didn't fulfill his end of the deal, but that he's "still not to be trusted." If this is true, what implications do you think this might have for the finale, since this still hasn't payed off plot-wise?

I can’t recall Alex having that answer at the time of Sock Opera, but he DID have a comment later on about that deal: [X]

It was spoiler territory to ask about Bill’s deal with Dipper, and how he doesn’t have any code of honor with his deals. So, maybe he doesn’t owe Dipper a favor, and that’s why he’s been ready to destroy the kid after entering their dimension. However, if he does owe a favor somehow, maybe it already happened and it’s slipping my mind (though one thing at least comes to mind), OR it’s something that’s yet to happen in the final episode. We’ll have to see!

A part of Bill’s deal was to help Dipper find the some clues from the laptop, and that sorta technically happened in SotBE. However, that episode aired BEFORE this panel, and this deal’s purpose/details had been kept behind the curtains. At least, that’s what we can assume.

The one idea I have in my mind is something I’ve kinda believed myself for a while since Ford came into the show….

All throughout the series, the Author of the Journals has been set up to be this “super knowledgable” and mysterious character. Even after his stay for the last half of the final season, he’s remained mostly mysterious with a big “I know what’s best and don’t question it!” type of ego. So, he’s still presented as some important guy with tons of knowledge… Yet, actual evidence in the show also proves otherwise, with how dangerous and even wrong or inconclusive the journals have been… They’re written by a flawed human, afterall. Not some godly idol. A human trying to play this godly hero role, but falling flat because of his very human limits.

I actually explained before what this has to do with Bill’s deal, but I’ll sum it up again here and with updated stuff since Weirdmageddon Pt. 2 had aired!

Anyway, while Bill probably got the Blind Eye Society to shutdown (for whatever reason) by letting Dipper find a clue through the crushed-by-Bipper laptop, he still mentioned some other things before they shook hands on this deal.

“A puppet seems like a small price to pay for all the secrets of the universe!

[Meanwhile, the image shown in Bill is also shown in Gideon Rises within a 6-fingered hand… Whether this has a connection or not, I feel it does have a reason for using the same galaxy background as the one shown in the frame of Ford’s hand.]

Bill likes to make deals that he can be confident in getting what he wants out of them. Tricking Ford into building the portal to “give him answers to Gravity Falls” but it actually was meant to be a bridge between the Nightmare Realm and reality. Giving up on the deal with Gideon after it was cut off, ‘cause he had hopes that Gideon would help him with “something [he’s] been working on.” He wasn’t getting what he wanted with Gideon, so he let the deal be cut off and went on his rampage in Stan’s mindscape at that point.

So, with Dipper’s deal…

He took advantage of his wording as he viewed Dipper as the puppet he wanted, destroyed the laptop (revealing the McGucket Labs label), and tried to destroy the Journal within Dipper’s possession because that’s what had warnings about the portal that would prompt Dipper to shut it down (and he nearly did). Meanwhile, he decided to have a little “fun” with his deal to make things go his way even more. Using Ford, and using Dipper’s idolization of Ford, tipped more of these dominoes over.

And again, the author truly isn’t some “super intellectual being with all these secrets of the universe.” He’s flawed, his knowledge and understanding of the world is flawed, just as any human and their knowledge/understanding would be. Bill just decided to take advantage of the “rose-colored glasses” of sorts that have lead Dipper (and even fans) to believe the author DOES know everything there is to know. That he’s some perfect mentor and all that. But it’s not the case in the reality of it. And hey…

Fits with the running theme of Fantasy VS. Reality, huh? Bill using peoples’ fantasies, delusions, and dreams against them is a consistent occurence in this show’s story. It’s been happening since the demon’s debut. That’s how he also gets away with “lying until it’s not a lie anymore.” The lies are like fantasies, and when pushed enough can seem as true as delusions that people fall for.

So, in a sense, I think Bill already offered this “favor” from his deal with Dipper, but of course only to get what he wants. To him, there’s no point in making deals or committing to deals if he can’t get anything out of it himself. He goes in with the hyper-confidence for it, and often succeeds!

As to why it’s kinda treated like a spoiler, maybe it’s not what I theorize and will mean something else in the show. Otherwise, it IS what I theorize and it’s just “spoilery” ‘cause it hasn’t been officially discussed in more depth from the show canon or its creators.

So, that’s what I think on this topic. Thank you for the interesting ask, anon! :D It allowed for me to discuss this a little more and with updated information as new stuff has happened since my last post taking on something similar.

  • "Your file has been most interesting to read, ____."
  • "You tell anyone about that and I will rip every last resistor off your circuit board with my teeth."
  • "We're tight. We go way back."
  • "Oh. Wasn't worried..."
  • I don't wanna come off as a gushing fanatic but I've really enjoyed your work."
  • "Oh are you an actor!? I'm talking about how well you handle a gun, it's very impressive."
  • "I read your book when it came out."
  • "You teach diplomacy, I get called in when diplomacy fails."
  • "I just need to feel a familial connection, ya'know?"
  • "___ says I'm not really allowed to say that word anymore."
  • "Really!? What did you think?"
  • "I'd rather relive those days than drink another one."
  • "I hope you're not offended, but I'm not really familiar with your career."
  • "I hear you're also an actor."
  • "The great thing about you not knowing much about me is I can tell you bullshit like that."
  • "So all these years later has your opinion of me changed?"
  • "I'd rather not state the names if it's worth the same to you."
  • "That is a nice exterior you have."
  • "Alright, but make it quick."
  • "Permission to speak freely, ___?"
  • "I have come to a singular conclusion. You scare me..."
  • "In hindsight, do you see that as a wise decision?"
  • "I'll have you know everything we use is 100% designed and made in the U.S.A."
  • "You honestly can't believe that can you?"
  • "Yeah! Just like- Damn!"
  • "Why is that so hard to believe?"
  • "You make a very compelling point."
  • "Good, you're learning,"
  • "What? Me? No, I'm sure of thinking of somebody else."
  • "_____ and I had a long standing business arrangement."
  • "I don't believe you."
  • "I never understood why men with your natural martial talent never joined the special forces."
  • "What's it like being part if that?"
  • "Thank you for pointing that out."
  • "I can't really be there if I'm already there. You know what I mean?""
  • "Are you high?"
  • "Heard you kidnapped me or something."
  • "That was business."
  • "And what about seducing me and make me serve your every little fantasy?"
  • "Never really thought I'd be seeing you like this again."
  • "Hey, aggressive and vengeful is fun. Though I think that's the part you didn't catch on to."
  • "Uh, sometimes you have to spell it out for me."
  • "You ever take anything seriously?"
  • "I still don't believe you're real, you know."
  • "OK, now you're projecting here."
  • "Well you're a... Wait, what?"
  • "Hey, I just call it as I see it."
  • "Well, let me give you a tip. There is no even."
  • "I believe that you did that all on your own, little [GENDER]."
  • "What have you ever accomplished?"
  • "I was a big fan of yours."
  • "I learned so much from you."
  • "No, man. I learned so much about the real world. You know, the real world. With the people with no faces and messages on everything."
  • "Baby Jesus, you folks are freaks."
  • So, you got anything good on you?"
  • "I tried to kill you and you're hitting me up for ____?"
  • "Sounds perfect to me."
  • "Bet it was a good read."
  • "The list of people killed by you was the longest I'd seen in my entire career."
  • "Shit seemed so much simpler in the old days, didn't it _____?"
  • "What's so funny?"
  • "Not if you wanna keep breathing."
  • "It's like someone is intentionally trying to put us together to see what'll happen. Fucking fan-fiction."
  • "So, how many times?"
  • "I dunno fifty is pretty impressive."
  • "Despite everything I've done with my life, apparently that's what I'm known for."
  • "Well, you're in impressive company."
  • "Me? No, God no, of course not... not that I didn't consider it, once or twice."
  • "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
  • "Guess we both fucked up."
  • "Yeah, we were a pair, you and me."
  • "It is fucked up that we can talk right now."
  • "Looks like we were both too blind for our own good."
  • "Tried to blow 'em up on a boat."
  • "What? No, nothing like... ha, well I'll be damned."
  • "A-ahm. Then, how are you here?"
  • "I can't get over how much different you are from your other you."
  • "I guess you and me have a lot in common after all."
  • "How about that sport's team?"
  • "Hell, if someone wrote that in a book there isn't anyone in the world who'd read that shit."
  • "Why you gotta be a dream killer, man?"
  • "That chick told me something pretty interesting."
  • "She says a lot of crazy shit."
  • "I did mess you up pretty bad."
  • "I already won once. I don't need to do it again."
  • "How you holding up? Things getting too crazy for you?"
  • "Did I ever tell you about the time I choked a man to death with my bare hands?"
  • "I can still feel his pulse, beating against the palms of my hand, getting slower and softer, until nothing."
  • "Oh, where have you heard that?"
  • "From the last fantasy game I saw online."
  • "So, you were some big hotshot gangster?"
  • "Did it piss you off to find out she faked her death just to get out of her contract?"
  • "Hurts like a bitch when it's gonna rain."
  • "Watch yourself old man."
  • "Don't get mad at me for telling the truth."
  • "It's amazing the lives I've changed just telling my story."
  • "If I got even one kid off the street it was all worth it."
  • "This was not the downer I was looking for."
  • "Yeah, I had to give that up at some point."
  • "Cause I am totally family material."
  • "I'm not getting anywhere with this argument, am I?"
  • "Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime?"
  • "It is just that I have been alone for so long and you and I have so much in common."
  • "I gotta be honest, I don't see any real similarity."
  • "Thanks for rescuing me."
  • "It was on the way!"
  • "Why a whiny brat like him?"
  • "But he's so fucking annoying."
  • "Are you jealous that I did not approach you with the offer?"
  • "Wait, you haven't told anybody, have you?"
  • "Do you want me to tell everyone about what you kept in that locked drawer in your desk?"
  • "You set an example for a lot of men who were questioning their own fashion choices and maybe even who they were inside."
  • "Hold on. By repopulate you mean?"
  • "So, I hear you're really good with computers and stuff."
  • "I guess being taken hostage really changes you."
  • "He ended getting killed when he tattooed the number for the police department's tip hotline to the back of his hand."
  • "Why do humans see the need to permanently mark their body with ink?"
  • "Why do robots see the need to ask such stupid pointless questions?"
  • "You simply don't get it, you had no chance, ever."
  • "You heard about that psychotic witchdoctor before me?"
  • "Kind of a cliché answer."
  • "Kind of a cliché conversation."
  • "Good point. I'll be quiet now."
  • "You know, I had a best friend named ____ once."
  • "I hope for your sake that's a compliment."
  • "How are you enjoying the field work?"
  • "Mastermind is more my speed."
  • "An allure? Is it spy-code for dirt, blood, fire, nausea and the insufferable blatherings of monosyllabic enemies that all look alike?"
  • "I imagine they have already seen themself naked."
  • "What are you doing after this? Maybe see where things go?"
  • "You're not nearly the psychopathic killing machine I was led to believe."
  • "You and I share that."
  • "Oh God! You're one of those."
  • "A thug? Are you saying that I am just a thug?"
  • "You really wanna shut your mouth now, son."
  • "I admit I feel the most direct kinship with you."
  • "We're outcasts, you and I. Strangers even amongst peers."
  • "This is... probably a strange time to mention it, but you were one of the best bad guys."
  • "I even had one of your action figures."
  • "Who would have thought, eh? You and me fighting side by side."
  • "Your brawn and my brains, your sass and my good looks, we're like a buddy cop show."
  • "There's no way you could have known that information, my cover was flawless."
  • "Well, that's quite a theory you have there."
  • "You know, I was like you once, I thought I could take down ____ and carry on with business as usual."
  • "You know, that wouldn't have been a bad idea."
  • "It's nice to get to talk to you on a more personal level."
  • "On second thought, I have enough friends."
  • "You almost remind me of my former assistants."
  • "Well, they actually had a measure of intelligence"
  • "Hey, if you ever get back into the whole criminal thing again, I can totally get you the hookup for good product."
  • "You don't employ any crazy dudes with Machetes do you?"
  • "Do I make you uncomfortable? If so, I apologize."
  • "You are always backing away from me and giving sideways glances as if I am contagious."
  • "So you're the playa's right-hand man. How's that working out for you?"
  • "Sorry man, but you gotta let that shit go."
  • "Oh that's funny. Coming from the people who scarred my face."
  • "I'm not looking to make friends here."
  • "That about sums it up. Yeah."
  • "You think you've gone crazy, don't you?"
  • "You know, I'm a pretty popular singer now."
  • "I was thinking we can hang some time. I let you hear some of my tracks."
  • "I have been watching footage of your old fighting matches."
  • "Funny how two completely different worlds can create things that are so similar."
  • "I am sure it was completely coincidental. You will be hearing from my attorneys."
  • "It's nice to see a celebrity who can handle a gun, seems most of them can barely land a punch."
  • "I hear you brother, no shit."
  • "Guy who played you sounds nothing like you though."
  • "____ is more powerful than you can imagine."
  • "Are you saying I don't have personality?"
  • "Cool it, ___. I'm just fucking with you."
  • "Oh no! Don't even speak to me. You don't get that right."
  • "Open your mouth again and you'll be singing falsetto permanently."
  • "I know. Man, those were good times."
  • "I thought I listened to you die. I thought that if we'd only gone back for you we could've stopped it."
  • "I'm right here, I didn't die and besides, that wouldn't have been on you."
  • "I'd say sorry about ____, but that bitch nearly ran me over with her car."
  • "You know, we took on a whole gang of maniacal wrestlers in masks years ago."
  • "Oh, well. He's dead now."
  • "Ahh, it takes a strong soul to stand up to ____. Huh, you seem to me more than your hooker getup suggests."
  • "But you do look completely like a hooker."
  • "You are a terrible mistress and should be ashamed."
  • "Oh! Ah, terribly sorry. It's just, well, look at you."
  • "I like your shoes."
  • "Yeah, they're pretty nice, I guess."
  • "The skirt, looks good on you."
  • "Ya got anything to eat? I'm starving."
  • "I'm just saying I'm willing to forgive and forget if you are honey."
  • "You ain't getting close enough to shank me."
  • "This whole invasion thing has fucked up everything. You know?"
  • "You step out of line just once and I'll find an even bigger building to drop your ass from."
  • "Just how much of your body is tattooed?"
  • "Any chance you might be looking for a good time?"
  • "Streets are so noisy, I figure we could go some place more quiet. Maybe my place at nine. You bring the wine, I'll bring... my questions."
  • "Two glasses of that and I just can't control myself."
  • "Man, I loved you as a bad guy back in the day."
  • "Then you became a good guy and I was like what the hell."
  • "God! I don't know why the ____ calls in you people for help. I mean what the hell."
  • "Look, just because I was on the opposing side doesn't mean I'm some lesser being."
  • "I was a member of a voodoo gang. Thank you very much."
  • "So can you play music or anything useful?"
  • "Yes, I have quite a large library of music from your world."
  • "I thought you were some kind of servant robot, so come on play something."
  • "Is there any way I can get an autograph some time?"
  • "Personally I hate hippy bullshit."
  • "You, woah, this is trippy. I can't believe I'm hanging out with the guy from that Ghost Busting movie."
  • "You're like an empire god, you know all the tricks. I learned a lot. That's how I built a legion of loyal followers."
  • "You know someone who deals in tiny plastic toy ponies?"
  • "What the hell. This is bullshit, man."
  • "It's just, you know, it's a skirt. Not exactly the manliest outfit, especially for taking alien hordes in crime ridden city."
  • "Just because we're not in the ring doesn't mean I won't lay your ass out."
  • "You know what I wear under my kilt? Your girlfriend's lipstick."
  • "I gotta say ____ you're looking really good."
  • "Come on, if we're gonna work together you have to get over..."
  • "Nice. Something about power makes a woman really sexy."
  • "You know maybe after we're done here you and me should talk some more."
  • "I suppose ____ told you about the time I tried to get her take a bullet for me."
  • "Ehh. I've had guys do worse."

anonymous asked:

I'm really sorry, but regarding that post you reblogged about Gaza, how are Arabs considered "terrorists" when they're defending their country? Israelis have basically invaded their country, killed hundreds or even thousands of innocent people, and you don't consider that terrorism? but when people defend their country and fight back it is?

Oh, honey.

First of all, I never once said that Arabs=terrorists, just making this clear. It’s not true and it’s definitely not something that I believe in, please don’t put words in my mouth.

Now, to make another thing clear - this mess did not begin with the Palestinians defending themselves. In fact, there wasn’t a single missile, a single bullet, a single bomb so far in the past 17 days that was aimed with the purpose of defending Palestinians. All of them were either to kill Israeli civilians and soldiers and protect weapons and missiles (courtesy of Hamas), or to defend Israeli civilians (god bless the IDF). In fact, just in case you want to know, here’s how things started (surprise, surprise, it’s not just “Israel attacked Gaza” - we just don’t do that, dude):

1) Hamas (just in case you don’t know what ‘Hamas’ is - if you don’t then you probably don’t know a single thing about this conflict - it’s a terrorist organization who’s stated goal is to destroy Israel and kill all Israelis indiscriminately, and who’s now an official part of the Palestinian leadership, after gaining wide support among Palestinian citizens - and probably losing it after getting hundreds of them killed in the past two+ weeks. Basically, a massive pain in like 70% of the leaders of the modern world’s asses) kidnapped and murdered 3 Israeli teenagers. THE PALESTINIAN CITIZENS WERE REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THIS WHOLE KIDNAPPING DEAL. Israel did not attack Gaza at this point. it did, however, send the army to search for the kidnapped kids and arrest suspects.

2) An Arab teenager from Israel was murdered by some fucking piece of shit that I can’t even call a person, as revenge for the 3 boys. LITERALLY NOBODY IN ISRAEL THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS AN ACCEPTABLE DEED AND THIS MAN IS HOPEFULLY GOING TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Many Arab citizens of Israel started rioting, threatening to kill people and destroying entire neighborhoods. The police and the army were sent to take over things and clean the mess, they didn’t kill anyone and used relatively harmless riot control means. Israel still did not attack Gaza at this point (seriously, why would we?).

3) Hamas, the life of the party, decided to launch a shitload of missiles at Israel! (I mean, they’ve been firing this stuff at Israeli settlements for like 13 years, but who cares about that! Right?). Here is your act of terrorism that started the current mess (they are literally targeting Israeli civilians. “Targeting” as in “ON PURPOSE”. Shocking, right? Nah, not really, we’re pretty much used to it). At this point Israel attacked Gaza. To be more accurate, it attacked Hamas’ terrorists and ammo stocks. This is what you call, my friend, SELF DEFENCE. Not firing missiles at civilians because you’re angry, but bombing terrorists who try to kill your own civilians. It can’t get any simpler than that. And every single thing I said so far is a fact, not an opinion.

4) After a few days of fighting - mostly Hamas firing it’s missiles and the Israeli Air Forces bombing the launching sites and ammo stocks to stop them (please take note that most of the missiles are stored in mosques, schools, civilian houses, hospitals, etc., which makes these places  legitimate targets according to international laws - but not to the IDF, who still tries not to hurt civilians when attacking) Egypt initiated a cease fire, which ISRAEL AGREED TO but Hamas DIDN’T. Israel obviously had the upper hand at this point (with the Iron Dome preventing Israeli civilians from getting hurt effectively but Hamas being massively attacked) and it even accepted the cease fire despite the fact that Hamas didn’t, and stopped the attacks, resuming them later because Hamas just wouldn’t stop firing.

5) A few days later, seeing as the missile attacks threatening like 2/3 of the Israeli population didn’t stop, Israel decided to “Invade” into Gaza. A major reason for sending soldiers into Gaza to risk their lives rather than keep bombing using the Air Forces was because those attacks were causing a lot of casualties on the Palestinian side (you see, Hamas’ terrorists are so brave they use Palestinian civilians as human shields, and they hide in tunnels underneath hospitals and schools).

6) Basically the situation right now is that brave 20 year old kids die fighting terrorists in Gaza because the terrorists attack them from behind a human shield, from behind women and children that the soldiers don’t want to hurt. While Israel asks Palestinians to evacuate from the dangerous areas their LEADERS, Hamas, threaten the citizens’ lives and force them to stay in their homes so that the terrorists have people to hide behind.

Again, everything stated here is FACT. And I say this as a person who actually lives here, not just someone who sits behind their laptop screen on the other side of the globe and reblogs stuff, or someone who sees bits and pieces of the news and thinks he knows everything. I run to the shelter when the alarms go off, I see and hear the explosions in the sky, I read entire newspapers that represent different opinions.

Anyway I think I summed it up pretty well. Feel free to ask me more questions.