i don't even know what happened actually

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What's going on?? What. IS. GOING. ONNNNN??? I can't watch till tomorrow night and I'm trash for spoilers. What happened with Bellamy??? What did they do to my baby???

I….I can’t even describe it. 

Clarke is having romantic-ish midnight meetings with Commander Spraytan in her bedroom while Bellamy is throwing his lot in with Dumbass ‘I’m wanna shot things even tho we’re stupidly out numbered and would stand no actual chance. Really, I just enjoy being unreasonable.’ Pike…because reasons?!

  • Me:I have no reason to ship camren anymore maybe i should just...
  • Me:*spends whole week reading camren fic*

a/n: after rereading, i think this turned out to be much more of a drama club!au than i’d originally intended. oops….

This is the dumbest thing in the world (and it’s not even a real ficlet bc I’m too stressed to actually write anything using ‘sentences’ and ‘grammar’ and blah blah blah) but I really REALLY want a coliver hs!au where they are both nerds, like the nerdiest of the nerds. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love hs!aus where Connor’s popular and Oliver’s not (or vise-versa - love them all) but I also really want a fic where Connor Walsh is little bit a lot of a nerd. 

Like, where he’s captain of the debate team and actually campaigns for class president. Connor totally makes posters and wears a button and tries really hard on his campaign speech. (And he’s super pissed when he loses out to that asshole captain of the football team who promised everyone pizza for lunch. Like the class president has any authority whatsoever over the cafeteria menu. Come on, Adam!)

Pair that with Oliver who is the editor of the technology section of the school paper and runs the sound and lighting boards during school plays and assemblies. Oliver who says ‘good morning’ to all of the janitors and not only knows all of their names but also about their kids and families because he’s kind enough to ask. Oliver who uses his study hall to help Ms. Winterbottom put away books in the library and helps organize the coat and food drive in the winter. 

Now, they’ve always been sort of friends. like they say ‘hi’ when they pass in the halls and share a few classes together. They instinctively have each other’s backs in the living hell that is gym class. Not that anyone actually messes with them. I mean, they’ve all see Walsh on the lacrosse field. The guy’s a freaking animal. Not to mention Oliver’s captain of the wrestling team and a few of them were witness to Oliver taking down Frank Delfino in last year’s conference final. Delfino didn’t know what hit him. (There was a rumor floating around that Oliver actually dislocated Delfino’s shoulder and made him blackout but no one ever actually asked Oliver if that were true.) 

But that’s all it really is. Just those sort -of-friends friendships you have in high school. They don’t hang on the weekends or see each other outside of school. (Well, they did once. Oliver was grocery shopping with his mom and Connor was their cashier but that was really it and all they did was exchange small ‘hi’s while Mrs. Hampton dug eighteen cents out of her purse.)

Then it’s time for the play tryouts and Ms. Winterbottom is getting desperate. 

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That time when Kylo decided to perform The Black Parade from My Chemical Romance. 
Phasma’s actually ok with playing drums, Lieutenant Mitaka’s wandering if he can sue Kylo for bossing, TR-8R misses his spinning training. General Hux regrets everything in his life.

i feel that since last friday i’m constantly dissociating from the very concept of being a person i’m done i can’t feel like a person who actually exists and is alive and walks amongst other people and they can see me it all feels so fake it can’t be a thing!! that is happening, i can’t grasp that


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This is an actual thing that’s happening. I…I don’t know quite what to say…


“911 what’s your emergency?”
Hearing domestic violence happen below you and not being able to do a thing is probably my the most terrifying thing to listen to and feel course thru your very own skin. I’ve never been so scared… And to wake up to it is the worst part… My first instinct was to actually call a certain someone for comfort but I restrained myself from that.. Even I really wanted to, knowing that person knows how to cope in that situation. But anywho, I probably won’t be sleeping anytime soon, not correct anyways. I’m beyond freaked out and honestly, I feel so mentally exhausted from this experience. I want to go home, to my room, I’m my bed with Oliver and Balthazar with a knife under my pillow. Idc. I’m freaking out so bad. Just hearing a woman take beating and hearing yells and just ugh….. No….. I hope whoever the lady is downstairs is okay. And I hope the dog is too, cause it barked a couple times and it magically went silent after hearing it start to wimp.. Smh. That poor little fluffy dog and lady.
Fucking hell, man…..

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Hi Lou, I don't know if you like song-themed fics but for the fake title fun I've got: Strawberry Fields :)

most of my fic titles come from songs so i’d say i like them haha 

hmm i could see this being a dreamy fic that you read more for the atmosphere than the actual plot. maybe a domestic sort of au, let’s go with zarry cos i am feeling zarry rn. they’re living in this house in a small village, and zayn’s started calling it the ‘loveshack’ which harry tells him he hates but secretly loves because it’s a b-52s reference. they live in this bubble together, with a cat because of course they have a cat. harry spends his time working in the garden, planting all sorts of things. zayn mostly just sits around and reads and smokes, he’s an author who’s meant to be working on his latest manuscript but the words just aren’t flowing, and harry tries to inspire him but it’s probably more distracting than anything. when he finally gets an idea zayn starts writing this mystery novel about a murderer in a small town that’s based on the one they’re living in, which harry thinks is pretty funny considering it’s the most boring place on the planet. idk there’s probably a lot of sex 


That moment when you choose an art course for one of your bachelor’s degree applications just for shits and giggles, but as expected, you didn’t get an interview call, which is fine anyway, and then one and a half month later when the application result came out, lo and behold, you actually got the art course

What the actual fuck university

you know what is the most hilarious about this situation?

I was a fuck-and-chuck, but WE NEVER ACTUALLY FUCKED. we made out, there was some neck kisses, I got some cute lovebites (but without the love I guess lmao) but there was no actual sex that happened

and then a day later, hours after I’ve broke down sobbing telling him I love him, he blocks me. not just on tumblr, not just on Facebook, but I’m p sure he even blocked my number

you know the stages of grieving? which stage am I in if I am hysterically laughing at the stupidity of this whole situation???

I wasted a whole year on this guy who told me he’d prove me wrong when I told him I was afraid he would abandon me. I actually came to trust him when I don’t trust ANYONE. why did I trust him?? why did I listen when he said he’d be there for me?? am I just that pathetic that I can’t see when people are playing me?

and at the end of it all, there was no explanation, no “I’m sorry”, nothing. he just cut me off. he just abandoned me. I’m so fragile still, it’s only been a year since I got away from my abuser and i haven’t recovered and then this happens. I want to hope it’s some mistake, but it’s been 3 days and I’ve heard nothing. maybe just one last phone call? and then I’ll give up, I guess.

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😱:What mortifies your muse?

At this point, nothing really does. There hasn’t been anything that’s been done to him that phases him anymore. I guess the only thing that gets to him is when he’s treated like an actual human being. Having constantly dying over and over, you tend to forget the simplest things. How people can be nice and actually give a damn about you, verses people not caring at all, because they know you’ll come back.

😡:What happens when your muse is furious?

If he’s angry enough, it goes out into a blind rage to the point where he won’t remember a thing that happened, but sometimes its for the best. He doesn’t need to remember half the stuff he does because it’ll pile on top of other things to the very point where he stresses himself out far beyond the usual point. This leads to him staying cooped up in his room for days on end, not coming out, not even to eat or drink. He gets over it eventually, once he realizes he made the issue way bigger than it needed to be.

👔:What does your muses’s formal attire consist of?

His attire could go either way, from formal suits, to dresses.
A tux would consist of something with tacky ass coloring, bright colors that are annoying to look at. Versace has great examples of it.
As for dresses, it can range anywhere. He favors the long, loose, flowy ones, but the ones that fit the frame are nice too. Darker colors are nice, but he tends to get cold and goes for the more brighter selection of colors.

We all think that we can imagine what it’s like to live after being raped. I was like that. I thought I was able to understand. I was wrong. Okay, we’re right when we think that it impacts your life durably, that your relationships with other people will be different and all this kind of generalities.

But actually, the worst probably concerns the very little things. Things that happen on a daily basis.

The walls, for example. I’m so terrified when someone presses me against a wall that I could be extremely violent. I just want to escape. And when I think that there’s no way to escape, I feel so defenseless that I just want to disappear. It already was a problem when I was young, I don’t know why. It’s worst now. Sometimes, it even bothers me when I read it in books/fanfictions or see it in a movie or a TV show.

I can’t dance with someone either, because I feel trapped and it scares me.

I’m almost unable to breath everytime I hear his name. The problem is that it’s a very common name in France.

Sometimes, I think I see him everywhere I go. Some weeks ago, I had a panic attack at the supermarket because I thought I saw him. It’s impossible, because he lives at the other end of the country and I know it, but still. I left my cart and went back home to try to calm down.

I don’t speak anymore with our common friends, because I can’t stand the fact to hear about him.

I don’t speak anymore with almost all my other friends, because they don’t understand why I’m not the same and I don’t want to explain. It has always been impossible for me to show weaknesses and, I know it’s stupid, but for me talking about it is like confessing a big, big, gigantic weakness. Because I wasn’t able to see how bad he was and I let him hurt me (yes, yes, I REALLY know how stupid it is, but eh…). Besides, I think even your close friends don’t need to know all the details about your life. Bref. I don’t have friends anymore and when I meet new people, it always scares me, because I know I won’t be able to be as friendly as I was. And I have the feeling that all my new “friendships” are biased.

I recently shoved a friend away, because he told me he developed feelings for me. And I was scared. I know he’s a good man, I know he’s very kind, but I was so, so afraid. Because ‘he’ was kind too. What scared me was also the fact that I didn’t know how to tell him and even if I had to tell him. What do you do when you start a romantic relationship with someone? When do you tell that person? At the beginning, to “warn” them or later, when it’s “too late” because you’re already engaged in something more serious? Or never?

It’s a constant struggle. It is little questions, stupid fears, the perpetual feeling to live in a small box with something sticky all around you. And the walls. Always the walls.

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It's more like almost 18 to older (aka you), I have no idea if that's ok but it's not wrong in my eyes it's just weird in other people's eyes and that's actually what I'm afraid of to be honest. Even though I know I really shouldn't.

You’re almost 18 or almost 18 years older than me? The former I wouldn’t consider but the latter I would.

Setting aside the legal aspect of dating someone who’s not quite 18, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable (on both a moral and emotional level) dating someone that young.