i don't even know what happened actually

11:30 Friday night, home alone, reading horror manga and listening to spooky Dutch prog rock. Life can be good.

Sucks for my husband, still at work. Will suck even more when he wakes me up in the middle of the night and I scream or throw my phone at him. For now, no regrets.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

Fred being a third wheel would include...
  • You and George would be sleeping in the same bed (which Molly forbade you two from doing but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt right?)
  • and Fred obviously knowing because you’re all in the same room
  • so if he ever wakes up earlier he would so get into bed with the two of you just to be obnoxious
  • like you and George would be all cuddled up facing each other and then Fred would just climb in
  • George would swear/groan,
  • You would laugh most of the time,
  • and Fred would just act as if this was totally justified
  • He wouldn’t just lie next to you either
  • he would full bear-hug you
  • just to get a reaction out of Fred
  • He wouldn’t usually say anything at first to give the impression that this was definitely a normal thing to do
  • But if the two of you would ignore him, that wouldn’t work either.
  • “Good morning beautiful, you too Y/n”
  • “Wowee, good thing this bed is so small so we can all be closer!”
  • “Hope you two weren’t asleep over here haha that would be pretty shit”
  • George: “actually fuck off”
  • Fred would definitely be thrown out of the bed on every single occasion
  • but since you’d be in the middle then that means that you’d get the force too
  • but also this is an excuse for you to push Fred out and blame it on George
  • George genuinely finds it annoying because you two rarely got any alone time together as it was
  • but you saw it as a fair price to pay since the two boys have been practically joint at the hip since birth
  • plus frustrated Georgie would be hilariously cute

“It’s good for him to be with you.”


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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I have a theory..

A while back, during book 3, I came up with a theory, but since it was still pretty early into the Freshman/Sophomore series, it just looked like a coincidence I think not, but now that we’ve got 5 books, I’m starting to notice a pattern, and I can’t be the only one.

On the cover of book 1, we have Chris and MC. On the cover of book 2, we have MC by herself. On the cover of book 3, we have Kaitlyn and MC. Book 4 doesn’t matter right now cuz it was just an interlude. On the cover of book 5, we have Zig and MC.

I don’t think anyone has forgotten the cringeworthy “dispute” between Chris, Becca and our MC. Putting everything aside, we all know Chris is the one MC had the most trouble with in book 1.

Initially, I thought James was on the cover of book 2, why? idk, may have had something to do with that Christmas special. And since I thought it was James on the cover of book 2, I also thought James was the one MC had the most trouble with. My MC was dating James so therefor his storyline was more present and interesting to me lmao. But I still clearly remember MC getting blamed by Kaitlyn for outing herself. Tbh I don’t quite remember why Chris and MC were fighting but it happened.

I’m sure we can all still remember the fights with Kaitlyn and her band in book 3. Like I don’t even need to explain this one, do I?

Like I mentioned above, book 4 doesn’t really matter, as it was just an interlude.

Now, book 5, there Zig and MC. Every time a LI was featured on the cover, MC’s relationship/friendship was tested to the point of breaking and to the point of me hating them but I digress. Taking everything said above into consideration, I fear for whatever is coming for Zig and MC.

  • Me: I have no reason to ship camren anymore maybe i should just...
  • Me: *spends whole week reading camren fic*
  • Yuu: I don't care about what happens to the world so long as I can protect my family
  • Mika: Yuu-chan, no. This is a terrible idea...
  • Crowley: I agree. Yuu, listen to your boyfriend
  • Mika: yes, listen to- wait, boyfriend?
  • Crowley: yeah, I'm talking about you
  • Mika: but we're not-
  • Crowley: are you trying to tell me you two aren't dating? But you behave like an old married couple
  • Narumi: I know right? It's kinda gross even
  • Shinoa: I actually thought they were a couple too
  • Yuu: *mumbles* I thought so too, actually. I'm kind of hurt.


  • zack: hey, zordon, so what would happen if we broke the rules of being a power ranger? like if people found out we're the rangers, would we lose our powers or what?
  • zordon: no, but i would be very disappointed in you
  • zack, jason, kim, and trini: *make various scoffing and 'yeah whatever' noises while rolling their eyes*
  • alpha 5: *thinks for a few seconds*
  • alpha 5: billy would be disappointed in you
  • zack, jason, kim, and trini: *faces turn to shock and horror, almost start crying*

okay so i was having thoughts this morning about how i believe that obi-wan was probably t h e best master for anakin under the circumstances (and a few others) and how as much as i hate predestination, if you accept anakin as (one of?) the chosen one(s), then he is fated to bring about the fall of the Jedi - cos you can’t have balance when the lightside outnumbers the darkside by as much as it does. and i started thinking about how what if the universes where obi-wan is his master greatly delays him fucking off to the darkside and bringing about the end of the Order? well, he was all of 23 when that happened, which means in other universes, where obi-wan is not his master, he probably abandons the order much younger than that.

okay, so - an au where.

an au where qui-gon lives. despite reasons why it probably wouldn’t happen, he becomes anakin’s master, obi-wan fucks off to do Knight Things and Grow As His Own Person. anakin has his canonical crisis of faith and great realization that being a jedi is difficult and not actually all that he thought it was going to be. he fucks off from the order - say around the age of fifteen?

qui-gon, despite everything, goes off to hunt him. despite this “betrayal”. after all, anakin is the chosen one, right? so he even goes so far as to call in obi-wan to help him find anakin. meanwhile, anakin is employing every last trick in the book to remain out of reach. he won’t go back - he won’t. he can do more good out there in the galaxy, instead of tied down by the (hostile, tbh) jedi order.

it just so happens that obi-wan finds him. rather than try to arrest him or anything (leaving the order is not a ‘take into custody’ offense, as obi-wan well knows) and actually talks to anakin about the reasons why he’s fucked off. he finds the reasons understandable. besides, becoming a jedi is not being conscripted. anakin has the right to leave if he feels like it. obi-wan tells him that it’s fucking dangerous for a half-trained force sensitive out there in the wild galaxy, but when anakin doesn’t change his mind (because he’s hella stubborn tbh) obi-wan is just like “welp” and lets him go. he tells qui-gon he never found anakin, but that it’s really unreasonable to hunt the kid down for fucking off. it’s another thing that qui-gon and obi-wan don’t see eye-to-eye with.

so that’s that, right? they’ll never see the chosen one again.

but wait, there’s more. So of course the Sith find anakin. he must bring balance to the force. Dooku and Sidious play bad cop/good cop until anakin is firmly under Sidious’ thumb. (presumably, Qui-gon would have found nine hundred different ways to keep anakin away from palpatine, who might even have been the one to plant the idea of running off into anakin’s head on the few times when he was allowed to speak with the kid). anakin goes corrupt, as you do when siths are fucking with your head, and the story proceeds.

here it is, the fall of the jedi order, and order 66.

ymmv what happens to qui-gon. does he live through even this? or is he shot down protecting obi-wan? in either case, obi-wan survives as he tends to, trying to regroup with the rest of the surviving Jedi. of course, you have this wretched sith lord, Darth Vader, hunting them all down. his skill with a blade is unparalleled. no jedi who has faced him has survived.

when he finds them, obi-wan stays back, sacrificing himself to save the others. and yet, to his surprise, darth vader does not kill him. darth vader himself does not understand entirely why, only that once when he was very young, a jedi heard him out and let him go.

he does not let obi-wan go, but neither does his blade fall.

BTS Reaction: Their S/O talks in their sleep.
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • You while sleeping: Here. Kitty.
  • Jin: ??
  • Jin: meow?
  • You: -Snoring-
  • Jin: You made me say meow to no one and embarrass myself.
  • Jin: I don't know how you Manage to do this even in your sleep.
  • Jin: Stob it.
  • You: Hmm? Jin? Stop talking to the air, I'm sleeping.
  • Jin: -Deep breath- IwillnotthrowmygirlfriendIwillnot-
  • Min Yoongi/Suga:
  • YG: -Listens-
  • You: Jae6
  • YG: You need to unfollow Jae and his meme fans.
  • YG: I should have never introduced you to them.
  • You: Rock
  • YG: Where did that even come from?
  • You: ShhhH
  • YG: Ah so you're awake
  • You: -Actually Sleeping-
  • YG: I don't think I can process what just happened. Even in your sleep you have the audacity to shush me.
  • Jung Hoseok/J-Hope:
  • JH: -Pinches your cheeks-
  • You: -Somehow targets his cheeks and slaps em-
  • JH: My butt wasn't even in range. Confess you're awake.
  • You: Pretty
  • JH: We are having a long and serious conversation when you wake up.
  • JH: What are you even dreaming about?
  • You: -Sleeping-
  • JH: Fine then don't answer. -Bitter-
  • You: -smacks him-
  • JH: HoW???
  • Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:
  • RM: Cute Cute Cute
  • You: Cute
  • RM: Namjoon is great
  • You: Grape
  • RM: No. Great!
  • You: Grape
  • RM: I shouldn't have gone purple for Not Today.
  • You: Grapejoon
  • RM: This is unbelievable. -Shakes you and realizes you're actually saying this in your sleep-
  • RM: In your sleep you insult me, This is not okay.
  • Park Jimin/Jimin:
  • JM: -Finds it odd but cute- What could you be dreaming about?
  • You: I.. Bub..ble
  • JM: You're not a bubble well at leat last time I checked you were human.
  • You: J apeach
  • JM: Oh no. I know where this is going no—
  • You: Jimin is apeach
  • JM: I'm not..
  • You: Jpeach
  • JM: I'm begging of you, don't remember this. I don't want to be Jpeach on your contacts.
  • Kim Taehyung/V:
  • You: Tae
  • TH: Ohh?
  • You: lunch
  • TH: ?
  • You: plunge
  • TH: Tae plunge? Tae Lunch?
  • TH: -On Google typing- Should I be worried if my girlfriend is calling me a plunge.// What does it mean to be my girlfriends lunch?
  • Jeon Jungkook/Johnkook:
  • You: Memekook
  • JK: Stop acting asleep
  • You: Kookie
  • JK: -Shakes you around-
  • You: -Still asleep- Bad
  • JK: Oh my god you're actually sleeping.
  • You: Jung
  • JK: kook?
  • You: yuck
  • JK: Watch me block you on all my socials. Just watch.

queenhelenblackthorn  asked:

I absolutely love the Blackthorns especially Helen and Mark but something (actually a lot of things) about them has been bothering me for a while. I know there's so much about their origins that we don't know so how is it that they know their age even after all that happened with Andrew and Nerissa and the time difference in faerie?

Time does behave strangely in Faerie. What we (and Mark and Helen) do know is how old they appeared to be when they were brought to the Blackthorns, and how they have matured since then. So what we know of their ages is a guesstimate, based on what Andrew knew of his time in Faerie and observed in Helen and Mark’s development. We don’t know their actual birthdays, though Andrew probably made up days to celebrate. They might learn their actual birthdays eventually, if they meet someone who could tell them…

A (Very) Promising Update

Wow. Okay. Hey everyone (that’s still around). YCPfE and I are finally back. Like. Actually back.

I know it’s been a long break and I kind of disappeared after saying I’d update - and I know there’s only so much I can say to excuse myself, but a bunch of things kind of all happened at once. (After I got out of the hospital, my father went into hospital (hence the trip back to my other home), and then because it was so bad, I had to move him halfway across the country to come live with me for a while. THEN, if that wasn’t enough, one of my partner’s family members was murdered. And they left behind a 4-year-old daughter, who, for quite a while, it looked like we were going to adopt. (It didn’t end up happening.) Plus a few other things I don’t want to get into.

BUT, now that my life has somewhat calmed down and there doesn’t seem to be any life-changing things on the horizon, I can finally get back to writing.

I hope you’ll all forgive me for the really long hiatus and not getting a chapter out when I said I would. I promise that I’ll do better at keeping you guys updated. I’m going to do my best at responding to the messages I can and getting back on track with original content here. If you have any questions or just want to rant to me, please feel free to message me.

AS IT IS. I’ll be updating Wednesday. I just need Tuesday to do a bit of editing and I should be good to go. I’ll get you a teaser in a few hours as well, just so you know this is actually happening. 

  • How people think Ni works: "This exact thing will occur in this exact sequence of events in this exact place and it is going to happen on July 18th 2017 at 11:45 AM sharp and I am 100% sure that the thing will happen this exact way so don't you dare question me"
  • How Ni actually works: "Oh god I have the most terrible nagging premonition about a thing happening soon and I don't even know precisely what thing it is or when it's happening but it's a thing that I know will be really REALLY bad so now I have to be mega-anxious and paranoid about it for the next 2,540 days"

anonymous asked:

Speaking of Yuuri pre series. We don't actually know what his free program personal best was, but I have a headcanon what Yuuri did really, really well in his qualifiers that year. Like, gold and silver good probably. That's why he was expected to do well, but the pressure got to him even before Vicchan died, which is something that happens frequently in the anime. Yuuri does well, then he gets into his own head and his anxiety sabotagues him. I wonder what his FP PB was pre series tho. 200?

I think so too!!! 

In ep1, Yuuri says that today–referring to the GPF–was supposed to be his “big day.” So as much as Yuuri struggles with anxiety and self-worth, he was clearly expecting himself to perform exceptionally well. And Honda and Morooka said that Yuuri didn’t perform like his usual self, implying he’s normally so much better than this. 

Later on, Yuuri states in ep5 that people believed he was injured at Nationals because he did so poorly. I think that puts a lot into perspective; audiences believed that the only explanation for Yuuri performing that badly was bodily harm, and I think that really speaks to how good Yuuri is.

In ep1, you can see the article on Yuuri’s phone translated as 

the sentence actually reads more like “Katuski Crushing Defeat: Caused by Mental Weakness,” and that’s fucking harsh, but it also tells us that the media may not be used to seeing Yuuri’s anxiety?

Still Needs to Work on Nerves” implies this is something that’s happened repeatedly; not to this caliber but that Yuuri collapsing is something they’ve seen before. However, the original Japanese doesn’t imply any of that. I think Yuuri is a lot better at hiding his anxiety from the public than we think. 

Woo, sorry, that was a bit of a tangent. I have no clue what his FS scores have been like in the past, but I bet they were pretty good!  

Dan what does this imply?? Are you actually there? Did you get lost on the way back from Orlando? Are you collabing w someone and lost a challenge, so they got to tweet from your account? So many possibilities wtf

anonymous asked:

M, 5h won best music video for the iheart awards. They posted it on their official website. Harmonizers are calling the awards fixed. However iheart just tweeted afterwards that Zayn won break out solo artist. I don't know what happened, but this makes even less sense for GG to be brought into his acceptance speech. I think they had him for best video, but then changed it when they double checked the numbers? Otherwise why intro GG as his costar for his break out solo award?

I’m confused what did Zayn actually win yesterday because 5H won best music video but Zayn posted a thank you for best music video but now they’re saying Zayn won best breakout artist but that wasn’t even a category? ahhhh this has no punctuation because thats exactly how it was in my head

Oh man. OH MANNNN. So the short of it is, it looks like iHeart gave Zayn an award that he didn’t *actually* win, and then to cover up their fuckup, invented a category that never existed in the first place.

Some intern really done fucked this one up, because Zayn sure thought he was accepting an award for Best Music Video (otherwise, Gigith’s presence makes even less sense), and iHeart posted on their Snapchat that he did - you can see the graphic on the original video (that they since deleted):

Hell, the media even reported on it:

Buuuuut yeah, Fifth Harmony actually won that award and accepted it:

In reality, Zayn did not win that award, but actually won a seemingly random category called Best Solo Breakout:

But guess what? Best Solo Breakout is a category that never existed in iHeart’s original list of nominations, as you can see on their page and a screen shot I uploaded here just in case hoes try to update that. 

Here’s the thing. Televised award shows are usually fairly rigged (even socially voted ones), because it makes for shit TV if you’re giving awards to artists that aren’t there to accept them. That said, Fifth Harmony had the analytics for best music video, their win seems legit. 

But this is me at iHeart’s fuckup right now:

Okay so hear me out, Nesta has Borderline Personality Disorder.

This excerpt, which I got from here, shows multiple symptoms of the disorder:

You only need to have five of the following to be diagnosed:

  1. Fear of abandonment. 
  2. Unstable relationships. 
  3. Unclear or unstable self-image.
  4. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. 
  5. Self-harm/suicidal behavior.
  6. Extreme emotional swings. 
  7. Chronic feelings of emptiness.
  8. Explosive anger.
  9. Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality. 

The ones in bold are the ones she presents in this short passage alone.

Explosive anger is the first to show up in the passage, and there’s no arguing with it - she literally wants to ‘rip and roar and rend the world into pieces’

Extreme emotional swings are presented next. She flits between hate, caring, loving, and read a) more than others, and b) flits between them ‘in a matter of moments’. I don’t think you can really argue with this one, either.

Unclear or unstable self-image is perhaps a little harder to see. She describes her emotional swings as ‘trying on different sets of clothes’. As someone who has BPD, and who has friends with BPD, and who has done her research on BPD, it’s pretty common to flit between personality traits, trying to figure out who you are, picking up traits you like here and there. This is, essentially, the sentiment Nesta is expressing. 

Now, for the ones that aren’t shown in this passage, but Nesta clearly has:

Unstable relationships. Feyre and Nesta have always had a rocky relationship. One moment, Feyre believes that maybe things are going to be okay between her and Nesta, the next second Feyre’s like ‘oh shit, no they aren’t’. I don’t have my book on hand to look up quotes (I’ve leant my copy out) but… yeah, Feyre seems pretty mystified by Nesta. There’s also the fact that since BPD people feel things a lot more than others do (which Nesta does, ‘too keenly, too sharply […] more than other people’ they tend to care for people to extreme amounts. It can get obsessive. I’m not sure whether Nesta’s love for Elain is just sisterly or BPD levels, but the difference between her feelings about Feyre and Elain definitely hint at something.

And another passage, once again from here:

Impulsive or self-destructive behaviours. You could probably argue that kneeing Cassian (one of the greatest immortal warriors of Prythian) in the balls is probably a bad idea, born from impulse and very self-destructive. He could literally kill her within seconds (had earlier on spoken of shattering every bone in a human’s body and how much he wanted to). Of course, he likes her, so he won’t but whether or not she knows or suspects it’s still very impulsive and reckless. Lashing out with violence is also part of the explosive anger thing. 

I’m not sure which symptom ‘and no one could tell or care’ fits under, but it’s pretty common knowledge that BPD people constantly doubt themselves and whether or not people like them, etc, so this does showcase this kind of behaviour. 

So basically, I’m pretty convinced that Nesta has BPD, and it’s not just because I want my favourite characters to be like me (which is, of course, part of it) but mostly because I genuinely do think she could have it.