i don't even know what happened actually


..always the odd man out

                 ..the screw-up

                                 ..the bad boy.

One of my fellow whovian coworkers today asked me, “So you write fanfiction, right?” And I replied with, “Yeah, why?” So then she asks, “About Doctor Who? Is there fanfiction with Rose in it? I’d read that all day.” 

My response: “Hold on. Let me grab you a sheet of paper. You’ll want to write this down.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write something about you & Luke truly making love for the first time but even though you've both had sex before, you're a bit insecure about how his eyes are drinking you in and looking like he's actually seeing you for the first time, all of your curves and bumps and flab and flaws?

there’s just something about tonight that feels…different. there’s not anything special happening; it’s not an anniversary or a birthday, it’s just another Friday night in with Luke, snuggled on the couch and watching movies. you haven’t done anything that you don’t usually do, but there’s something in the air and you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you like it,whatever it is. after the second movie is over, you get up to go get more snacks from the kitchen, and he follows you silently, making you jump when you feel his hands on your hips. “do you know how much I love you?” he asks, and you say yes, leaning back into his touch. it’s taken you a little bit to get used to him always touching you because you’ve never liked your body very much, but Luke says that he can love it enough for the both of you, so you let him do as he pleases. “come to bed with me,” he says, and you laugh a little because he’s taken that line straight out of a movie, but you take his hand and follow him to the bedroom. whatever that feeling was that you had earlier is stronger now, and you can almost feel whatever it is swirling around you and Luke, like magic or something. it keeps getting stronger as he undresses you, and as you undress him, both of you leaving soft kisses and touches wherever you can reach. something feels different still when Luke lays you down on the bed, kisses you for a little while before moving down your body and kissing what feels like every inch of your skin, saying at least three things he loves about each new body part he gets to. he kisses all over your inner thighs before finally getting where you want him, and he kisses and licks and sucks so tenderly and in all the right places that when you come, it makes you see stars. he moves back up your body and the slick slide of your bodies together and his cock going inside you feels so much better than it usually does. he fucks you slow and deep, never breaking eye contact, babbling on about everything he loves about you and how beautiful you are and how sexy you look when you make that face when he hits just the right spot and how good you feel around him, both of you coming at the same time and coming down together, laying in bed and cuddling and talking until you can see the first hints of sunrise coming through your window. it’s only when Luke kisses your forehead and tells you he loves you one more time that you can fall asleep, cuddled into his chest with his arms around you.

but i need to think a bit more about it, because many many times, most times even, root does relie on human predictability, on them being predictably “bad code”. if she didn’t, her style of manipulation wouldn’t work. for instance, she expected that dude she kidnapped with harold, i forgot his name, she expects him to kill harold after getting the info he needs, her entire plan rested on that. so it’s not that humans are unpredictable, it’s that they are predictably a disappointment, maybe. given to selfishness, greed… i wonder what else she’s summing up in that ‘bad code’ description

Imagine Chanyeol pushing Kyungsoo’s buttons. His lapel buttons. After approximately thirty two pushes (Chanyeol counts very diligently), Kyungsoo gives in to Chanyeol’s attention by giving him his third pummeling that day, very annoyed. It especially doesn’t help when Chanyeol tries to apologize on national television.

“I must say, Kyungsoo here is certainly unique. He has what we call circle quality,” Chanyeol wraps an arm around Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo smiles shyly.

“Circle because he’s the opposite of star. He’s the only one of us who doesn’t give out that ‘I’m an awesome rockstar-idol’ kind of vibe, ya know?”

That earns Chanyeol a fourth.

elixirbb replied to your post:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You are amazing and awesome and… Holy shit! YOU ARE TOO NICE. And YOU ARE THE AMAZING ONE OK? I’m flailing around in my utmost respect and love for you.

I literally have no words for this but I think this picture says it all. <3

In talking with my friend tonight, I have decided I should start an advice column called ExcreTory Advice, in which I bullshit my way through life advice on topics I actually know little to nothing about and surprisingly occasionally say something useful.

No one in the track teams talking to me they won’t even look at me. I thought….. I thought they were my friends. I thought they CARED I thought someone did. I was wrong. I was so wrong and I’m so embarrassed I’m just…. I’m not going to track anymore I can’t do this.

Guys, what happened to giving people the benefit of the doubt? Seriously, I know Scott has lied to us in the past, but jumping at his throat, specially when he says he had nothing to do with it and we have no way of knowing if that’s true or not, is actually a bit extreme and won’t make them livestream it so let’s just stop the hate.

I really hate contacting anyone first. I know nobody in their right mind would actually want to talk to me. I’m terrified that I’m just gonna get ignored or that they answer, but I won’t have anything interesting to say, anything I say will just be annoying, or I’ll scare them away. 

So I guess I’ll just continue waiting to see if anyone will actually want to talk to me for more than five minutes.

“All the feels” is a humorous phrase often employed by the Youth of Today until it is actually happening to you, you actually have The Feels like a summer cold or a case of hay fever, they are all over you and you are having trouble differentiating them or even getting them to slow down enough to get an accurate count. Then it’s neither humorous nor a phrase. I don’t know what it is.

idk i just can’t add numbers together properly. i can do everything else. every single thing. i get everything right but then it’s like “add 140 and 200″ and my brain just shuts down and thinks it’s 240. this is what happens every. single. time. and do you know how disheartening that is? 

i’ve never gotten 100% even though i know i’m more than capable of getting it but apparently, because i get an addition error on literally e v e r y paper, i always miss marks and those are the only marks i miss.

i’m just really really done. i can do this but it’s so frustrating when i just can’t add. things. up.

sorry for super frustrated revision related complaints i just. idk.