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the saga of is it a fic or are they headcanons continues.

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  • so michelle starts to get buddy buddy with ned and peter, ish.
  • she starts to actually kind of like ned, even if he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. but they argue about the merits of comic books as a form of literature and he teaches her some words in tagalog and she learns how to call peter a son of a bitch so she’s pretty entertained.
  • but the weird things just keep piling up with peter.
  • he rushes off at random times, freezes whenever she asks him where he’s going, shows up to school with cuts and bruises looking like he’s been fighting in an underground boxing ring. she even saw him go into the chemistry lab the other day at lunch time even though they both took chemistry last year and he’s taking biology now.
  • he just does really weird things sometimes and michelle can’t help but notice.
  • michelle also can’t help but notice that spiderman is becoming more and more popular. people sell t-shrits, masks, shot glasses, tote bags. everything, basically. and maybe one day michelle might spend a little too much time looking at a t-shirt with a picture of spiderman in all his toned, muscly glory. but she just shakes her head and keeps moving.
  • she gets curious about him, though. where did he come from? who is he? why is he doing this? why did he sound oddly familiar in DC when he saved her friends?
  • and then one day she’s walking home from school after academic decathlon and she missed the bus which is totally her fault for staying later after practice to chat with peter and ned about the upcoming weekend and how their plans to construct a lego version of the starship enterprise were so utterly boring she could barely stand to listen to them. (and weren’t people supposed to choose star wars or star trek? was that not a thing? not that she cares about things peter likes. well, peter AND ned. anyway.)
  • she’s turning a corner when she sees someone out of the corner of her eyes. there is a man on the opposite side of the street walking several yards back from here. it could be nothing. but she’s also been taught to always be on high alert. so she grips her backpack to her body a bit tighter and walks a little faster down the street, cursing herself for not taking the more populated albeit slightly longer route home.
  • she continues down the street when she notices the man cross the street so that he’s on the same side of the road as she and at that point she just starts running. better that he thinks she’s odd if he isn’t following her than be caught if he is trying to catch her. she sprints down the street and turns another corner as she looks back to check if the man is following her and then bam. she’s on the ground, gripping the shoulder that practically crashed into a brick wall.
  • “oh my goodness, are you okay?” she sighs and looks at the owner of the panicked voice and she is left speechless. it’s…well, it’s spiderman.

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Since requests are open if you don't mind could ya do a extra petty MC/Reader giving RFA++ a case of blue balls because they got into an argument over the littlest thing. If you don't want to I completely understand. Thank you ❤️ AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING LIKE THIS ANON MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME TO READ EVERYTHING ON YOUR MASTERLIST🙄❤️

Lol, I kept laughing everytime I read this request, idk why. Thank you, honey, hope u like this!^^

RFA with a MC on sex strike (NSFW-ish)


  • He was late for dinner with your family. Again.
  • When he finally arrived, you pretended that everything was fine, and everybody believed, including Zen.
  • So after you two get home, he’s pretty sure you’ll be in a good mood and ready to play with the beast a little… WRONG!
  • “Good night, Hyun.” You turn your back on him and keep it like this all night. And so it continued for the next two weeks.
  • And he thought the beast would be crazy, drooling and biting its leash, but… the beast now is just a puppy curled up in a corner, whining.
  • You wish you could say you feel bad for him, but in your defense, it’s not the first time he prioritizes work over you, as he told a million times before he wouldn’t do.
  • So yeah, you’re kinda having fun looking at him pouting at you and trying to get more than a quick kiss or hug.
  •  And though he’s struggling so much, he knows why you’re doing this, he deserves. But he needs to focus, he can’t keep forgetting his lines and missing marks like this, if you at least went to watch the musical he’s been working so hard…
  • You might be mad at him, but you wouldn’t lose a premiere of his new musical, it must be really good for him to keep dumping you in order to rehearse for this.
  • And boy… it’s not only good, it’s AMAZING! Maybe it’s because you’re missing him as well, but… this character of his seems a little sexier.
  • As soon as the musical is over, you run to his dressing room. “Hey, babe… did you like the mus…mmmmm.” You practically attack him.
  • “B-babe?” “Why didn’t you tell me this was the musical that was taking all your time?” you ask, but don’t even let him answer, your mouth is on his again.
  • Zen is shook, but in a good way. He’s kinda relieved you missed him as much as he missed you.
  • “B-babe… let me… ahh… let me just take the costume off…” he says breathlessly while you kiss his neck. “I want you to keep it on.”
  • Okay… so who’s the real beast here?



  • He failed one of his tests in college. The one he did the morning after pulling an all nighter to play LOLOL
  • You can’t count all the times you told him to forget this game and go to sleep that night. Did he listen? No. So now here he is whining about this exam and you’re not having it.
  •  All he wanted was a little… comfort from you after the test fiasco.
  • “Go play some LOLOL or whatever to get that comfort, since this works so well for you.” And you go back to your book.
  • That long book you’ve been reading for two weeks and a half now, it must be good since you’re not paying any attention to your boyfriend. Any kind of attention.
  • This poor baby, he could handle not having sex when he was single, but he never prepared himself to be without it when you came along.
  • So yeah… he’s back to those very loooong showers and that constant nervous state of mind from when he was single.
  • But he never shows it in front of you, so you’re pretty sure he’s doing fine without smexy times…
  • And he is, most of the times, the problem here is that it feels like he’s grounded, like a little kid. Because he behaved a like a little kid and ugh… he feels so pathetic.
  • So he replaces those long showers for long study sessions, he needs to ace the next test to get his grades and his relationship back on track.
  • And you’re not made of steel, so of course you help him study. And having this boy so close, so focused, acting so serious and mature… it’s so sexy…
  • “Earth to MC?” he calls for you as he notices you keep staring at him. “I… think you understand a lot about the… constitution of amphibian’s hearts now, Yoosung.”
  • “You think? Well, we’ve been studying for a couple of hours now and… hum… MC?” you keep coming close to him, he’s shuddering.
  • “Why don’t we focus in human’s heart right now? For example, mine and how you’re making it race by acting so grown up…” you manage to sit on his lap, and he’s sweating as you nip his jaw lightly.
  • “M-MC… what about… my test tomorrow?” “It’s early, you need some encouragement for tomorrow and after I’m done with you, you’ll sleep like a baby.”
  • That’s exactly what happened. And after he aced his test, you gave him a reward.


  • Of course you like Zen’s DVDs, okay? You just don’t like that’s the only thing you two watch.
  • You want her to relax and have fun, but… come on, she really needs to be that selfish and not even consider your suggestions for movie night?
  • And she gets so in the mood after watching it, so generally movie night leads to something else… well, not tonight.
  • You doze off in the couch while the DVD is still playing and wake up a little later, telling her you’re tired and going to bed now… oh, okay.
  • And every movie night has been ending like this for a couple of weeks now…
  • Okay, sex is not the most important thing in this relationship, she enjoys just spending time with you without getting all hot and bothered.
  • But… a woman has her needs, you know?
  • And Zen’s DVDs may do the trick for a while, but… she’s missing the real thing… with you…
  • She handles pretty well, but she keeps getting distracted at work and getting a little snappy even at Zen in the chat room.
  • But she knows why you’re mad and… well, it wouldn’t kill her to give a chance to your choices, would it?
  • So yeah, she’s wondering how to discuss it with you and apologize after you two close the café for the day.
  • And you’re kinda worried you’re being too harsh on her, since she’s obviously acting like she’s in some kind of abstinence crisis.
  • So time to make it up for lost time… “Honey, do you mind showing me how to do that brownie dough again?”
  • She sighs, she’s so tired, but you just called her ‘honey’, how can she say no? She stands by your side, you hands moving messily around the dough on purpose.
  • “No, MC. It’s not like this, it’s just…” “Why don’t you guide my hands? Here, you can come behind me.” Lord help her…
  • She’s behind you, but her hands are not guiding yours, they’re all over your body.


  • He got jealous of an old friend of yours.
  • No matter how much you told him this guy was almost like a brother, he was still acting cold and distant.
  • Usually when this happens, you give him the most passionate kiss you can, and you two end up in bed, but… he can’t get away this easy this time, not with such a good friend of yours…
  • Is he acting cold? You’re acting colder as you told him you were sleeping with Elizabeth in the guest room that night.
  • And so it continued for the last three weeks.
  • Okay, this man lived not minding sex for a very long time, so he should be fine, right?
  • WRONG! He lived fine without sex because he had no idea it could be this good with someone he loves.
  • Though he looks all calm and collected, deep inside he could climb up walls in despair.
  • He’s drinking more wine than usual and coming back from work more and more exhausted.
  • You’re feeling a little bad? Yes, but just remembering how your friend said goodbye to you telling he didn’t want to put you in trouble with your fiancée makes your blood boil and you end up enjoying this punishment a little longer.
  • But then you get a call from Jaehee asking if something is going on, since Mr. Han is acting really weird, getting all distracted and rude to some employees.
  • Ugh… you didn’t want to harm his job and his employees… also, you miss him too.
  • So you show up to his office for your usual lunch with him, not so usual when you sit on his lap, he widens his eyes as he realizes you’re not wearing panties.
  •  “I-I apologize for what happened with your friend, MC, I…”. You reach for his ear “You’ve been a bad boy to me, and I already punished you enough. Am I not being bad to you right now?”
  • “I… yes, kitten. A little.” “So… what are you waiting for? To punish me?” his lips crash to yours as you smile teasingly.
  • Mr. Han was calm for the rest of the afternoon, the employees now are trying to find when it’s your birthday to send you a gift.


  • Honestly, you don’t even remember why you were fighting.
  • Probably it was because of a bunch of little things that turned into a big thing as you usually don’t discuss a lot.
  •  Because he quickly fixes what he did wrong with some big weird gesture like showing up at your workplace dressed as a teddy bear to apologize, you laugh and forget why you were mad before.
  • Which is usually adorable, but talking like the two adults you are would be better in order to not get into big messy fights like this last one.
  • And since you’re not even talking, he wasn’t expecting you would let him touch you, so… yeah, he’s pretty conformed he’s not getting any of that.
  • But after almost three weeks, he’s starting to freak out a little.
  • And since he doesn’t have his job anymore to hide himself in his office and just work, he’s spending even more time with his brother.
  • Saeran knows these bonding moments are important, but… ugh, his brother is getting even more clingy than usual.
  • Seriously, his brother is annoying him more than he normally does, making him do these weird hobbies like pedicure and gardening.
  • “Go easy on my brother, MC.” Saeran asks you bluntly, but deep inside he wants to beg on his knees for you to take his brother away from him, because he’s driving him nuts.
  • And though it’s kinda of funny, you’re worried for both twins. Saeran really needs his own space and you… need your boyfriend.
  • So at night, when you finally roll your body to face Saeyoung in bed, you smile sweetly and stroke his hair.
  • Your mouth finds his quickly and he has no shame in showing how desperate he is and how much he missed you.
  • “I’m sorry. Let’s not fight anymore, please?” “We’ll fight again, but it will be fine as long as we talk about it, okay?” he nods, and your lips crash against his again.
  • “MC, before we continue, just know that’s been three weeks of sexual frustration, I hope you don’t have any plans tomorrow because I won’t allow you to leave this bed so soon, copy that?”
  • You copied, and neither of you walked straight for the next two days, which grossed Saeran out.

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Hey, how does watching jjba work? Is there more than one anime for it or do you read the manga first? I just want to get into it but idk how to start lol

No problem, anon! I’m new to it as well and it took me a while to figure out bc it can be a bit confusing gfhjdkf

Basically there are 8 parts/story arcs in total, 4 of which have been animated. Some people prefer to read the manga first but I think the general consensus is to watch the 4 parts of the anime and then read the other parts (that’s what I’m doing anyway! Plus I find the anime incredibly enjoyable so far even though apparently it does cut out some scenes from the manga?)

I’m basically watching it all on gogoanime but kissanime.ru works too. SO, some links:

Part 1 “Phantom Blood” and Part 2 “Battle Tendency” (the 2012 anime covers both arcs which is convenient)

Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” (First Season)

Part 3 “Stardust Crusaders” (Second Season)

Part 4 “Diamond is Unbreakable” (most recent one)

end of anime stuff so far. Now to the manga. If you want to read coloured scans, I was recommended this site but if you’re like me and you’re too lazy to download the files, you can use kissmanga or bato.to instead. Just keep in mind that kissmanga has a lot of ads and is missing part 7 while bato.to has all the parts plus they’re coloured. You do need to make an account for it but it’s free.

Part 5: Vento Aureo 

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Part 8: Jojolion

The manga is pretty long so take your time and don’t rush haha. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

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I like how you headcanon that all these cuties are virgins cuz I do too lol. Of it isn't a problem, could I request some Lance relationship headcanons? You decide on what they can be (I don't know what I want and I'm embarrassed about it lol). Have a nice day!

Oh don’t you worry, I have a lot about Lancey Lance (but here’s only a few bc I’m lazy and cooking while writing this) And i’m just throwing this out there but Hunk totes got laid in high school and at the Garrison. Lance was pretty jealous

  • Doesn’t believe you at first when you agree to go out with him
    • “Yeah, haha, that was a joke! I know you wouldn’t really go out with me, we’re great just being friends and we shouldn’t jeopardi–wait what?”
    • “I said ‘Yes’? As in, Yes Lance, I will go out with you?”
    • “Oh….I didn’t–what?”
  • He’s processing. He was so ready for you to turn him down. He might have prepared a few scenarios
    • Might have a Hershey’s kiss in his pocket. Just for if he got the nerves to ask you out by asking you if you wanted to kiss. And when you said ‘ew, no’ he could whip out the candy. bam. a Kiss!
    • Practiced the Yawn and Shoulder Wrap™ for during a movie. He wanted to be subtle.
    • “So, Allura said we were cute together and I was like ‘Whaaaaaaaat?? Gurl, you crazy!’ haha Isn’t that crazy???? Unless….”
  • But finally it clicks that you’re blushing and fidgeting with your fingers because you actually like him too!
    •  “Holy quiznack…you’re my boy/girlfriend…I DID IT!!!”
    • totally grabs your hands and pulls them into the air while he screams that last part
    • He’s so excited
    • “Prepare to be wooed”
    • “Lance, I’m already wooed. That’s why I…you know what. Yes. I am prepared to be wooed. Whoo away.”
  • You may never hear your name during standard conversation again
    • he lays it on thick with the nicknames
    • Boo, Bae, Darling, Babe, Baby, Sweetheart…you name it. he uses it
    • after love confessions he throws Love an mi amor
    • Sweetheart is his favorite though, Cutie is the close second
    • He usually only says your name during sexy times or when referring to you when talking to someone else (but he can also not, it depends on what he’s feeling)
  • Constantly in awe. Catch this nerd just gazing at you randomly with this lovesick look on his face
    • “What are you looking at????”
    • “Just you… I’m so lucky.” He’s so sincere.
  • His flirting is now solely reserved for you. Be prepared for pick up lines.
    • “Lance! Why are you–? We’re already dating??”
    • “Doesn’t mean I can’t use pick up lines, babe.”
    • “Ok but, seriously? ‘Come here often?’ We live in the castle.”
  • Also, cuts people off if they try to flirt with him
    • “Uhm, Okay one second. I appreciate this and all…but I have the best girl/boyfriend right now? So, thanks but no thanks. Hope this doesn’t ruin your chances of joining The Coalition!”
  • Weekly spa dates where Lance makes a face mask specifically for your skin, hair masks (thank god he found what he thinks is coconut oil), he’ll paint your nails for you, massages for you both!
    • aaannd of course he’s on his best behavior when he’s giving you a massage (but he’s weak)
    • but no one wants to bang when the other is wearing a green face mask. (Shiro voice: No, just. No.)
  • He loves swimming so you’ll probably be roped into it
    • and if you don’t know how to swim he’ll teach you!
    • or if you hate water he’ll be happy enough with your company, but he might try every once in a while to get you in
      • *puppy face* But y/n!!! Don’t you love me???
  • Gets you a gift from every new planet he lands on
    • So. Many. Flowers.
    • And pretty rocks he thought were neat.
    • If there’s a community then he’ll get you things like jewelry, weapons, books, whatever you like, he get
    • blushes super red everytime he gives you a gift 
  • He’s a touchy feely kinda guy
    • so many hugs
    • he honestly just always has a hand on you somewhere, even when just lounging. He needs to touch.
    • The biggest nose kisser! GIVE HIM THE NOSE
    • When you walk by he’ll reach out to grab you around the waist and tug you into his lap, just cause he wants to hold you
    • If he’s passing by he’ll give you a passing massage or shoulder squeeze
    • he can’t walk past you without touching
    • and if you happen to be bent over looking for something while he walks by? Yeah, he’s grabbing that ass. 
  • If you do the same to him he turns beet red and starts stammering
    • definitely can’t take what he gives.
    • will put on a song and just serenade you in the worst possible way
    • and once he’s got you laughing he’ll pull you into his bad dance moves
    • ironically though, he can sing and dance. it’s more fun to do it bad
  • Does serenade properly when he decides he needs to tell you he loves you for the first time
    • which he wants to tell you about one month in, but he knows that’s way too early
    • waits until about month 4 and he cries
  • A bit insecure about your relationship. Talks himself down a lot
    • sees Keith make you laugh once and he’s like ‘Oh no, this is it. It’s all going down hill. Because who doesn’t want to date mullet? He’s super cool and edgy and good looking and–”
    • You gotta stop him.
    • He firmly believes you are too good for him.
    • My poor nugget.
    • “You sure you still love me? Because–”
    • “Yes Lancelot. I love you very, very much. Don’t listen to those nasty voices. You. Are. My love.”
    • “Sounds fake, but okay.”
    • “Don’t meme me when I’m being serious, Lance.”
  • You’re biggest supporter and roaster
    • You walk in the room wearing mismatched lion slippers. Lance: “What’re thoooooose!!?”
    • You get put in some god-awful ceremonial outfit. Lance: “You are so lucky I love you.”
    • “Don’t kiss me in the morning. You have dragon breath.”
    • “Kick his ass baby, I’ll hold your flower!” “LancE! ENOUGH WITH THE MEMES. ”
    • Lance whenever you do a mundane taskl: “YASSS BABY! SLAY!!!!”
    • Also Lance: “No, nope, gimme that. I’ve watched you choke on water.”
  • Overshares late at night when he’s crawled into your bed after a nightmare
  • Yells “Honey! I’m ho~ome!” everytime he comes back from a mission and makes a beeline towards you for a kiss.
  • If you get caught in a battle you best believe Lance is 100X more badass than usual
    • he’s making shots he didn’t even know he could make
    • and he’s hitting every. single. one.
    • Ain’t nobody touching his baby
    • even jumps in for a little close combat, working seamlessly with you to take enemies down
    • pulls you in for a desperate kiss after they’re all dead
  • You can’t be sad when dating Lance, he notices immediately and makes it his mission to brighten your day
  • if you do something super cute Lance will practically squeal, scoop you up, and twirl you around  before putting you back in your spot with a kiss
  • He’s a good boy who just wants to spend time with his babe and spoil them

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You're not a true bearded man if you don't do boat stuff™ with a girl.

Yeah, it does seem it’s a thing. A trope? A play out of the fauxmance handbook? And I guess I can see why. Pleasure boats are synonymous with vacations–i.e. voluntary and by choice. And that’s a key selling point fauxmances need to make to seem “real”. There’s also often minimal clothing involved (ooohh heterosexy) and that’s the perfect backdrop to “sell” a fakelationship.

This ask must be because of my tags on the Cristiano Ronaldo post, right?

I tagged his latest yacht shenanigans like that because 1) I think he’s closeted  2) It reminded me of his previous yacht shenanigans…

…I mean, come on dude. Some celebs really, really, really struggle to find any privacy. Even on open water. *eyeroll*

3) It reminded me of other celebs widely rumored to be closeted….

…like Bradley Cooper. He’s here with Irina Shayk who is also pictured above with Cristiano and also hails from the Victoria’s Secret beard farm. What a series of coincidences.

There’s so many pix of Leonardo DiCaprio on boats with Victoria’s Secret models that it’s farcical at this point. I guess there’s no need to switch it up because heteronormativity comes with an I-want-to-believe power pack, apparently.

And 4) It definitely reminded me of 1D. And many of us know what the deal is there.

Oh Liam. A gondola ride through the canals of Venice should be super romantic.

Yeah…not so much. Danielle is having an intense relationship with her phone, though.

This was back when Payzer 1.0 was circling the drain and unofficially over (post Zayn vs Liam vs Danielle Vegas showdown). Hence, it’s not a very cute, cuddly or romantic moment.

The water based foolery would continue for Liam.

All the yuck. At least Cheryl’s affinity for getting her face tweaked (she needs a lot of time out of the public eye) has limited the stunts for Chiam. I’m probably tempting fate by writing that. LOL *cue Chiam’s stunt coordinator inquiring about yacht rentals*

But Liam wasn’t alone, sadly.

This mess is one of my faves (meaning I hate it a lot). Not only was this on my home turf, but because it was on my home turf I can verify it was HOT that day. Hot and humid–around 85 degrees F. I guarantee you this airboat went nowhere. But relationship goals, according to this easily duped fandom.

Poor Louis. Faking it via group again, this time in Sydney and with Liam again. I remember back in the day someone posted that it was unfair that Liam never had to stunt. Ummm…excuse me?

Is everyone having fun without Louis and Liam even though Louis and Liam are physically present? That would be a yes.

Harry didn’t get away unscathed, either. Here he is doing his part pre-Freddie My Boy Lad Baby Son’s arrival.

Good thing he was wearing sunglasses to hide the dead-eyed thousand yard stare he was probably rocking at that moment.

Louis, sadly,  gets back at it again. Out with fake babymamas. In with thirster doomed to failure.

She’s trying to make it look legit. He’s trying to to fight the urge to jump overboard.

And now a moment of hilarity, courtesy of Zigi.

They never even left the beach, God love ‘em. Zayn lighting up with no life jacket is a dead giveaway. If he could swim by this point I’m sure he still wasn’t a strong swimmer. And of course, those pesky paps stalked them so hard (in Tahiti, no less) that they made it out into the ocean before Zigi did. Imagine that.

So yeah, boat stuff seems to be a thing. A thing that only gets shadier upon closer inspection. But hey, if people wanna believe it, it’s whatever. As for me and Liam, we know better.

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Hi,I'm the anon who asked for the fluffy piece. If I had known it would make you doubt yourself I wouldn't have suggested it. Anyways, you asked for a prompt so here it is 'Katniss taking care of a comatose Peeta' and I challenge you to keep it smut free. dun dun dun. Thanks again. Don't doubt your self, you are an excellent writer.

no worries, you didn’t make me doubt myself. i already doubted myself lol anyway, here you go, hope this pleases you!

Katniss took a deep breath before opening her eyes, steeling herself for what came next.

Her gaze was immediately drawn to him, laid out on the bed. He looked as beautiful as ever, his flaxen curls shiny, his skin pale but rosy, infused with life. He was strong, his body honed by years of wrestling.

How was she supposed to believe he was in a coma?

She moved closer to the bed and hesitantly perched on the edge, afraid to disturb him. He didn’t move; she watched him for a single flutter of his eyelashes, a twitch in his cheek. Nothing. Her breath whooshed out of her lungs, and she gingerly took his hand in hers, leaning close.

“I can’t believe–” A hitch in her voice, and she pressed her lips together. “You were stupid to get in that car that night. Stupid to drive off angry. It was just an argument. We could have–” She stopped again, looking away. Swallowed, then lifted her eyes to his placid face. “Please. Wake up. Please. I can’t–I can’t do this without you–”

A pained gasp. She closed her eyes, choking back the words. It hit her now. She could see it perfectly: Peeta storming away from her, driving erratically, the roads wet from a recent downpour, hitting that slick spot, the car careening out of his control and going over the cliff, rolling and rolling until, finally, it came to a dead stop with his limp body trapped inside.

Her throat closed, and her sinuses stung with the press of tears. Katniss sniffled, but an errant tear slipped through her eyelashes, streaking down her cheek to drip off her chin. She hastily shook her head, expelling a rush of air to get a hold of her self. What was she saying again?

“Are you crying?”

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But really, the more I watch it the more I realise it’s not only a fantastic Ignis moment, it’s a fantastic Chocobros moment in general? REALLY LONG POST AHEAD + UNFINISHED GAMEPLAY WRITING BUT THIS SCENE

Lemme start with Ignis because duh (if you’ve seen anything out of me the past two weeks, it’s probably been Ignis related). He’s been pretty passive about losing his eyesight up until this point. He calls it a minor sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. When Noctis and Gladio fight on the train, Ignis says nothing, even though part of the argument is his own injury. He only tries to stop Gladio by saying his name; Prompto is the one who tries to break it up (more in a moment. anyway not that Ignis really could break it up rn but you know) He’s been optimistic enough about it, though. “I’ll manage somehow” when you invite him into the mines. “This is considerably harder than I expected” he says about fighting. But sometimes you hear the boys say something and Iggy just sort of sighs. They’re dancing around him, and his injury, and the argument, and this scene is where it culminates.

The first time he actually says that it isn’t okay is because of their friendship hitting a low point, rather than his actual injury. But he is so, so aware of that injury and how it has the potential to drag them down. He still says “I would remain with you all. Til the very end” because these are his brothers and he damn well plans to, but that said.

This is the first time we hear Ignis raise his voice, I think. Not including battle cries and the like. Which is saying a lot because this boy is very, very calculated on his emotions. (ie later on when Prompto falls off the train, you hear the very audible difference in Noctis’s voice vs Iggy’s) He’s Crownsguard, Noctis is his king, he will do anything for him, and believes he has no reason to complain even if he has gone blind. But that’s a Big Thing. His yelling in this scene exactly “I know full well!” is finally, finally his frustration coming out and it’s triggered because of their bickering (or anti-bickering, since they aren’t really… speaking much).

He says he is willing to bow out if he starts to slow them down, which imo is like asking him to suffer a physical injury all over again (he is Crownsguard, Noctis is his king, he will do anything for him) but he still will DO IT because he won’t be a burden.

He goes on to give Noctis what, I think, is a much needed confidence boost. “A king pushes onward always, accepting the consequences and never looking back” and in the opening sentences for the next chapter, it literally uses those same words to describe Noct’s reaction to Ardyn’s trick: never looking back. (Also never looking back is exactly what Ignis is doing right now, which is why the choice to focus the camera so much on his scars in that moment is AMAZING.)

He continues with that to tell Gladio that Noct will be king and he will rule, but “only once he’s ready”. And this is SO important. Gladio’s interaction with Noct is painful at least and rage inducing at worst (more below) but not only does Noct need to hear this, Gladio does, too. They can push Noctis into that throne but he will never be able to lead until he is ready, and that involves coming to terms with some very, very heavy stuff that’s been happening. Everybody doesn’t handle grief the same way and they’re all having a hard go at it in very different ways thanks to the events of late.

So all of this makes this the DAMN GOOD IGNIS MOMENT. But it’s also really good for the rest of them, both in mentioned ways and others, but since I’m apparently waxing poetic 

Prompto, Gladio, and Noctis under the cut ↓ (note: 150% zoom for easier reading)

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may i request Bakugou finding out about fem! reader's secret love for him after she dies in a tragic accident? make it as angsty as you want~ i totally understand if you don't want to write it

Something I noticed about new age reader fanfiction is that people really love seeing themselves die in it… me too fam LMAO. ♡☆ 
this got long lol and i suck at angst but enjoy writing it

Bakugou Katsuki
[ “Today, we will take a moment of silence for our fellow student ____, who was in heroics class 1-B. She was involved in a villain-related accident, and passed away yesterday. Please be respectful and quiet.” ]

Bakugou breaks his pencil suddenly, shocked about the announcement over the intercom. What?? She’s.. she’s gone?! No wonder why she didn’t answer any group texts yesterday. Something starts to nag in the back of his mind, trying to get his attention, but he ignores it, focusing instead on everyone else in the class. This is no time for him to be showing grief.

[ “Thank you for your participation. Please continue in your studies.” ]

The first to start sobbing is Mina, which is something that catches him off guard. Momo and Jirou rub at her back, unable to find words to comfort her. Mina just curls in on herself, and Aizawa-sensei lets her and some of the other girls leave the room to calm down.

“Man, that must be extra hard on her. They became really close due to their quirks.” Denki whispers to Kirishima, Sero nodding along. “Mina talked a lot about how she admired her. I’ve talked to her a few times as well”

“Do you guys wanna take her out for ice cream later or something?? She is part of squad, after all.” Sero suggests towards Bakugou, and he props himself on his desk with an elbow.

“Whatever.” is his only reply. He feels choked up

“Oh wait, Bakugou! Didn’t she switch to work under Best Jeanist after a while??” Kirishima asks, then notices the broken pencil in his hand. “Are you okay??” Bakugou feels his temper flare, feeling a bit threatened.

“Stop being nosy! I’ll kill you,” He bites, and Kirishima apologizes. Bakugou just turns his attention towards the blackboard, fed up with his little group of followers.

The walk to the ice cream shop is filled with a lot of silence, which has Bakugou wanting to just go back to the dorms. Mina’s back to joking around, but it sounds more like a coping method than genuinely her persona. Bakugou excuses himself to go use the bathroom at the shop, feeling a little suffocated over everything today. 

“Bakugou-kun,” He turns to face Mina, who’s looking at him with a serious expression, unlike herself. He raises a brow, letting her know he’s listening. “I just… Wanted to give this to you. I feel that since you’ve known her for a while you deserve to read it.” She hands him a small notebook. The edges are worn, and the pages are slightly yellowed. It looks like it’s been through a bit. He takes it from her.

“[July 7th]
Today I was invited to go hang with some people from 1-A! Even though Monoma-kun talks a lot of negative things about them, I find them really fun and great. Ochaco-chan complimented me on my haircut, so I was really happy that people thinks it looks nice- I was worried that I looked a bit off, haha☆. 

Other than that! Bakugou-kun was really nice to me today?? Or nice for him, at least. I don’t think he really realizes it, but he’s really handsome when he’s not screaming. But I think every Bakugou-kun is handsome, anyways.♡
Plus Ultra!”

Bakugou squints at the journal entry. After scouring through multiple pointless entries about lessons and how much super rare steaks Tetsutetsu can eat in one sitting, they start to slowly turn into other things– things about him.

“[August 28th]
Today’s really warm for the end of August! I went swimming with Manga-kun. He’s a really good friend of mines, I’m glad I met him! While we were talking, he asked me about Bakugou-kun!!! He told me that I happen to stare at him a lot, how embarrassing!! But he’s right– ever since the sports festival, my eyes just kind of wander towards him.

Recently, while working under Best Jeanist, I’ve gotten really close to Bakugou-kun. He’s actually really smart, despite showing off more of the Brawn part. He even told me about some strategies for battling. I kind of hope him and I can get closer at some point! I really like him♡♡♡♡… But I don’t think I’m his type lol.
Plus Ultra!”

That feeling nags at his head again, and makes him close the book quickly. What the fuck. What the hell is wrong with him?? Yeah, he’s really upset that she’s gone– everyone is! That was…

He recognizes the feeling of tears running down his face, and wipes them away like they were scorching his skin. Bakugou Katsuki doesn’t cry. He’s not a wimp, crying is for wimps, he…

He sits up, flipping through the book quickly, aggressively.

“Bakugou-kun kind of complimented me today! I’m glad!”

“Bakugou-kun says he’s not my friend a lot, but he still hangs out with me around the office! lol”

“I hope Bakugou-kun feels the same way about me, too…”

The ink of one of her doodles gets ruined by a few tears. The nagging in his brain gets to be too much to handle

“You fucker, why didn’t you tell me?? Why did you run away from telling me?” He whispers, white knuckled by how hard he was holding the notebook. “I would’ve responded, I would’ve agreed! And now you’re dead, and I…”

He feels weak. Everything feels wrong.

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hi!!! can u give me/us some more details about the boy's house because i feel like we don't get much from isak's pov lol we know the kitchen the living room and even's house but i'm really interested to know just how big/how much more there is in the house! thank you and i love you!

fun facts about the acar/bech næsheim/bakkoush household that isak never ever mentions because he’s either 1) too preoccupied having sex or two) does not know things because he was in that house a total of two times for a year probably before he actually got along with even or three) never had a chance to use/be in that room and so never brings it up in his internal monologue and it’s so sad bc i’ve spent so much time like, designing it in my head lmao

yay for limited pov!

that said, for you curious souls:

  • the living room everyone is using throughout the story, the one that is directly to the right of the entrance, is not their actual TV room. this is their “formal” living room. they set up a television in there because the TV in their actual TV room died on them, and none of them have a) the money to replace it and b) the energy to remove it and deal with all the wirings and shit, so they just brought elias’s old tv that he kept in his closet and set it up there until they can replace the one in their supply room. yousef’s uncle has come over and seen this and his poor house-decorating heart almost gave out, and he offered to replace their TV so long as they got rid of the TV in the formal living room, but they were like, nah, we’ll do it on our own, you’re already renting us your house at a good deal like wtf.
  • the “real” tv room is toward the back end of the house, in front of the kitchen
  • to the left of the entrance you, nestled deeper into a small hallway, you have elias’s bedroom! yes, elias’s room has been downstairs the entire time, and right beside the entrance, so the pretty big window looking out to the porch/driveway outside belongs to elias. it’s the master bedroom, which means he’s got the biggest room, closet, and bathroom, and though he insisted yousef should have it since it was his uncle giving them a deal, yousef admitted that he and even were terrified of being the first ones murdered if an assailant every came into the house, and elias called them ridiculous and stupid but took the room anyway. n*ce cheers for elias
  • they have a covered porch both in their front yard and in their backyard
  • they have a pool. yes,,, before you ask,, isak and even will eventually make out in it, calm down people i know the power this pool gives me
  • they also have a balcony. i know, i know, more power. isak is literally the worst at mentioning anything, but, you know, he doesn’t spend time thinking about their house structure, other than “it’s a big house”. the balcony faces their large backyard.
  • there are two guest bathrooms: one downstairs, that’s only a half bathroom, and one upstairs, that is a full bathroom w/ a tub
  • elias has a small office for himself downstairs; this is because he’s actually the sole editor for a small company trying to make it big on youtube — on-camera hosts that speak both norwegian and english to accommodate to larger audience — and they’re doing well enough so that elias sometimes has to take the job home, and he’s getting paid just as well as yousef and even are (well, even’s income fluctuates, and sometimes he does make less than elias, but it depends on the season)
  • the house actually comes with four bedrooms — they’ve turned the fourth one into a “supply room”, where all three of their boys stuff the things they can’t fit in their room. it’s tight and messy and for the most part remains unvisited lmao
  • yousef and even’s rooms are upstairs. yousef’s is in the front end of the house while even’s is in the back end
  • all three of them have a private bathroom, but only elias has a walk-in closet. yousef and even have a double-door shelved closet
  • they have a built-in bookshelf upstairs, right beside the balcony doors and in front of even’s room. there are more knick-knacks than books in there, though, which yousef’s uncle also despairs of. for his sake, the boys contributed a couple of their books, such as “how children succeed”, “the art of seeing”, “the lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, “harry potter and the order of the phoenix”, and “cut by cut”.
  • despite isak always making it sound kinda dreary and dark (idek why???) the house is actually very bright and happy; the living room/dining room/entrance walls are a nice cream color, while the not-working TV room and the kitchen are a nice, cool brown. they have light hard-wood floors and their door/cabinets/panels are all white and they have a LOT of lights so the house never looks sad, just when the lights are off or what elias likes to call “the mood lighting” is on. yousef’s uncle, the designer and owner, is just a happy dude. he ain’t going around making depressing-ass houses.
  • the living room is open to the upstairs, so it’s got a high ceiling and very high windows and lights — which is why the boys slack off sometimes changing the bulbs that go out, because it’s ridiculously high and they’d need a very long ladder
  • the stairs aren’t straight up, they’re straight up then take a sharp turn to the right. the steps and the railings are also made up of the light hardwood that the floors are made of while the front of the steps and the banisters are painted white

i’ve sketched it out already, to use as reference (even though i hardly need it thanks to isak lol but it’s good to picture it anyway) but eventually i will clean it up and post it for you guys, i love you!!!

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thoughts on the pets ep? everyone is being so negative even though it's what they asked for lol EA are doing the best they can

Thoughts on the Actual EP 🐶

I’m actually really looking forward to it! I haven’t purchased a sims pack in a while because none of them have really interested me! But I’m definitely going to be buying this one! Pets has always been one of my favourite additions to sims games, I think they add a lot gameplay wise. I’m hoping that the addition of cats and dogs will make me actually want to play the game for a change. The new world also looks amazing, very unique and detailed from what I can tell! I’m really looking forward to being able to explore it. Some of the CAS and build items also look intriguing and I can’t wait to see what the cc creators of the community do with it! I also think the vet career and being able to build your own practice will be very fun!

I know there’s been some rumblings over there not being horses, smaller animals or birds and the fact that you won’t be able to control your pets. At first I was surprised to see that horses weren’t going to included within the pack but really, it makes sense. The Sims 4 isn’t open-world so where would you even ride your horse? Around the back yard? At the same time if we look at this EP from the perspective of EA these deductions also make sense. When The Sims 4 was in development one of the things that EA wanted was for it to be less bloated and PC intensive than it’s predecesor, The Sims 3. They wanted it to be able to run on lower end computers and laptops meaning it would be available for a wider auidience, meaning more money; so it makes sense for them to cut back. All in all the lack of horses doesn’t bother me personally, but I can see why it upsets others, and not being able to control the pets doesn’t bother me either, as long as the AI is somewhat sophisticated. It also wouldn’t surprise me if pets such as birds, rodents and reptiles were added later through a stuff or game pack.

At the end of the day It’s clear to see why so many people, including myself, are so excited for this EP. It’s very reminiscent of the previous games! I really hope that it’s a success and that there aren’t too many disappointed faces on release day.

Thoughts on Negativity (it’s okay!🐱

The same thing happens every time a new pack is released or announced; the community gets all shaken up and tensions begin to rise. Let people have their opinions, if they’re excited, awesome! If they’re disappointed, that’s fine! As long as they’re not hurting anyone, it’s fine. But please don’t tell people that they can’t express their opinions and thoughts simply because you think it’s ‘negative.’

I love that so many people within this community remain so positive about The Sims 4 despite all it’s short comings, I love that people put complete faith in EA and are constantly giving them the benefit of the doubt. But at the end of the day it’s important to remember that EA is not a video game company, they’re a publically traded, profit making company. They have a legal responsibility to try to maximize profits for their stockholders and they will take any chance they can to create a profit (that includes releasing subpar dlc but keeping the high end price tag and if no one challenges them on it?? then they won’t change)

It sucks to say and I bet a lot of people don’t want to hear it but honestly, criticism and doubt are key in order for the video game industry as we know it to survive. If everyone constantly praised EA for releasing any old bit of half-assed content then the communities voices would never be heard and they’d just continue doing it. I could talk for hours about big publishers such as EA and how they’re effectively ruining the gaming industry, but I won’t, don’t worry! All I’m trying to say is it’s okay for people to be skeptical and as long as they’re not hurting anyone then their opinion is still valid! 

so, i ranted about spideychelle in the tags of one of @spideychelleforever‘s posts and @aqhrodites called me out by posting my tags here and i’m a sucker and will write anything probably. this is inspired by tom’s instas here, here, and here and a conversation with @spideychelleforever. also tagging @spideychelle-romanogers bc she loves me. part two now here.

pretending to drown is immature and wrong (ao3 link)

It’s the summer after sophomore year and Michelle has a problem. And this problem presents itself quite often because Michelle’s designated (and paid, which she’s quite happy about) job for the summer is to babysit her little sister Leia. And Leia loves going to the pool. Which, okay, Michelle’s all for her sister going to the pool and playing Marco Polo and doing dives with her friends. It’s just that Peter Parker happens to work at the pool as the lifeguard. And he’s there nearly every day she goes with Leia. And he’s also almost always shirtless. Hence, Michelle’s problem.

Look, it’s not as if Michelle didn’t know Peter Parker was attractive before the summer. She spent most of sophomore year staring at him from a distance. She watched as he fawned over Liz and as he started to flake more and more and saw the sudden change after Liz left when he started showing up as a teammate and classmate. (What? They did projects together. She had a vested interest in his dedication to school.)

If you watch a boy all year, eventually you’re going to notice when he has some attractive features. Like when he showers and heads straight to school so his curls are all damp and twisting all over his head. Or when he runs around the gym during PE class and his shorts are tight on his ass. Or when Ned makes a joke at lunch or during practice and Peter’s whole face lights up and his features scrunch together as the pure joy takes over all his features.

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RFA Members Korean Name Meanings (will edit in the future)

Hi nonny♡

Once again, I looked through my requests to find the fastest one I can get done. This one seemed the fastest for now so I am answering this question first ^^;;;; I should stop saying I will answer these questions the order they come in.

But in all honesty, I’m really sorry for the hold up in the requests, especially to those that sent them in a long time ago but I haven’t gotten back to. A lot of them takes so much time and I currently don’t have the time to actually get them done.

But this one seems really fun. I can finally put the 한자 (Chinese Characters) I learned from like preschool to high school to use ^^

You are definitely right when you say that names do have meanings. They all derive from the 한자 that I mentioned above! Depending on the character, the meaning to one’s name could be completely different! Currently, the only precise 한자 name I know from MysMess is Jumin’s because his was on his business card. I can guess what Yoosung and V’s are, but for now I’ll tell you guys what I think.

So, let’s start with mine since anon would like to know~

Seol Ryu (류설)

My name is very unique in the sense that my name itself is only one character long (외자). Most people in Korea tend to have two characters in their name.

I was wondering if I should reveal which Ryu I am, but I decided not to because it doesn’t really have a meaning? It is just a family name so I will just go on to explain my first name.

偰 맑을

My name means pure, clean, clear, things like that! I…seriously don’t live up to that LOL. Sometimes I wonder what my parents were thinking when they named me ^^;;; I still think about this. My brother always says that my name is so misleading.

Well, so is his. Jk I love you.

I’ll explain because while I also thought about this for a while. I wanted to share this fun fact a long time ago, but I decided not to. Now, I have a reason to lol and that is, my brother actually dead ass has the same name as Zen.

Yep, my little bro is also Hyun Ryu. Except he’s 20, two centimeters taller than Zen, and a medical major not a musical actor =w=

ZEN/Hyun Ryu (류현)

Well, I don’t exactly know what his 한자 name is. But I can definitely share my brother’s. I’m not sure if it would be the same but let’s see lol.

炫 밝을

My brother’s name means, bright. If Zen also shares the same 한자 character then hey, that’s what his name would mean! I’m not sure which “Ryu” Zen is, but I think in my imagination all the time that we have the same character =w=

Sorry, Hyunnie. I didn’t mean to expose you but lol, too bad. He doesn’t even have a tumblr, what am I sorry about lols. Noona still loves you♡

Jumin Han (한주민)

So, Jumin has his name in 한자 if you see his business card in either the calling menu or the VIP package~

韓 한국 , 나라 (우리 나라의 성의 하나)

主 임금 , 주인

旻 하늘

Let’s start with Han! If I remember correctly there is only one Han for family name. Which is the same character for 대민국 (South Korea). Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m an uneducated little walnut.

Next is his name, Ju Min.

임금 means wage (Ju) or 주인 means owner

하늘 means sky (Min)

I will be honest, I knew what the characters meant separately but lol, I don’t know what they are supposed to mean together. Am I just stupid? I think I have issues. Maybe it is related to how he is the company director of C&R. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it means something like that ^3^

Yoosung Kim (김유성)

Same with the family name, I do not know which Kim he is, but I can definitely predict which Yoosung he is, and he gives it away when he refers to himself as a shooting star ^^

流 흐를

星 별

Exactly as it is written, 흐를 means, falling and 별 means star. His name is so pretty ;3; I remember this name a lot because my first crush’s name was 유성 with this exact 한자 don’t tell Hyun.

Jaehee Kang (강제희)

I wish Jaehee’s business card had her 한자 characters on it. I am curious to know because a friend of mine has the same name and I will just assume that she might have the same meaning? Who knows =w=

帝 임금

喜 기쁠

We see 임금 again for the “Jae” part of her name! (The same meaning in Jumin’s name meaning wages).The “hee” part of her name is 기쁠 which means happiness.

I feel like this would make sense since she works for C&R in the game.

V/Jihyun Kim (김지현)

This one I made a guess judging by V’s personality lolol.

至 이를

賢 어질

His name (that I just made up just from his personality in the game) virtually means 매우 어질고 착함. 더할 수 없이 어질고 슬기로움.

Orrr, in English, very gentle benevolent, wise.

As you can see, even though both Zen (and my bro lol) and V have the “hyun” character, they could have different meanings.

Lol, I had to bring my 한자 book from my shelf to try and make this and I think it worked out well. I really hope that this is the 한자 for his name because it fits him so well.

Okay, for 707 and Saeran….I am actually on a blank T3T I’m not sure how to go about their names. I’m sure if I look around enough I can make a name but it is a lot harder than I thought. I wish everyone was given their names just like Jumin =w= if I have enough time maaaaybe I will go through my 한자 textbook and try to assemble a name that I can base from their personality, but I tried thinking for now and nothing is coming…

Saeyoung and Saeran fans, Seol is sorry ㅠㅠ

I will come back in the future and edit this post. 세영 and 세란 is kinda hard for me…if there are other people out their who have some sort of 한자 assembled for their names, please let me know. I would love to know because I am at a loss TwT

For now, I’ll go bye bye~

See you next post!

- 류설♡

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how did you and your sister get into photography? i wanna get into it and eventually freelance in my spare time when i get enough experience but don't how to begin and 2) have you both done wedding photography and if not is that something you'd be interested in doing? also do you think it's better to be self taught or is it okay to take a photography class at my local community college? like i feel like almost everyone is self taught and idk if taking a class is a waste


We have always been into anything art related. Our parents bought us small digital cameras for our birthday when we were in 5th or 6th grade I believe. We were always taking photos of nature, vacations, and various events. When we got to high school (right around the time dslr cameras were becoming available to everyday consumers not just professionals) my dad bought one for himself. At first our dad wouldn’t let us use it without him there but eventually when we got the hang of using it and he let us take it places without him there. Natasha started taking photos of school events and posting them on Facebook. I started doing the same but a little bit after her. Eventually she bought her own entry level dslr and I bought my dads old dslr when he upgraded his. By sophomore year we were both posting lots of photos on Facebook. We also started asking our friends if we could photograph them. We would style our friends and have mini photoshoots. This was all just for fun for us. We have always been into editorial makeup/photography and styling our own shoots was our way of getting into that. Then during the summer after sophomore year a student asked Natasha to take his senior pictures which she ended up doing did. And later more and more people asked both of us to take their senior pictures. We had no idea how to price anything or what to include in packages initially. After 2-3 years we both were honing in our photography style and were getting better at pricing and guaranteeing a certain level of quality to our clients. When we got to college we would go home and take senior pictures during the summers. In college we took peoples headshots. So it was overtime that we started our photography businesses. We didn’t start photography with the intention of making a business out of it/going into it professionally. We still ask our friends to photograph them and have mini photo shoots that we style. Its important to us to constantly create personal work as well as client work. During all of this we both tried our hand at surreal/photo manipulation photography but it wasn’t for us. By the end of high school and throughout college we also shot a few wedding but both didn’t like photographing weddings. By the time we finished college both of us realized that our favorite genre of photography is portraits. So now we mainly shoot headshots, portraits, and senior pictures professionally and create editorial shoots for our personal work. 

Even though we both went to art school neither of us has taken a photography class. The photo department at U of M mainly focused on documentary photography which we were not interested in. Plus the photo professors were known to be sexist and/or racist. We are about 95% percent self taught. One of our digital media professors did help us learn some stuff in photoshop but that’s about it. When either Natasha or I start a hobby we go into it full force lol. So right when we got into photography we followed a TON of photographers online and were constantly trying to figure out how they edited there photos so we could improve our editing. Over the course of 8 years we have really developed our photography styles and editing skills. Early on we would sometimes try and copy other photographers which helped us figure out what we liked and disliked for our own photography. I don’t encourage people to copy other artists especially if they are going to sell their work. But it can be helpful when figuring out your own style but it’s important to make sure you are not ripping someone off and give credit where credit is due. When I would use another artists idea I always explained in the description who the artist was and linked to their work. A photographer I know was notorious for copying another well known photographer but her audience thought she was super original because they didn’t know about the well known photographer. Plus you will never be as good as the original photographer/artist and will end up constantly comparing yourself which is no fun lol.

Even though both of us are self taught I don’t think taking photography classes is a bad idea if you think it will help you learn. One of my favorite illustrators, Sam Spratt, took many illustration classes when he was at SCAD but that doesn’t mean he is any better or worse than other illustrators that are completely self-taught. I always wanted to take commercial/fashion lighting classes but they were never offered at my university. I also would love to take some photography workshops but they the ones I want to take (Lara Jade’s in particular) are too expensive for me. Also as an artist I’ve generally been self-taught. I had a few great drawing teachers and professors in high school (I took a college drawing class in high school) who helped me a lot. But when it comes down to being an artist you really have to push yourself to make stuff outside of class. This was a challenge for a lot of my classmates once we graduated. A lot of them didn’t know how to create work outside of class. (I’m simplifying a lot here bc i could go on and on about how much i disliked or liked u of m’s art school lol) My whole life I’ve been making stuff outside of class so creating a photography business wasn’t super difficult for me. 

This brings me to the business/freelance part. Turning something you are passionate about into a business can be great and horrible. A lot of my friends don’t freelance because the business side of it destroys their interest in the art. Some of my clients are very particular and they don’t always like the photos I take. But this is something I have to get past. Also over time you start to get better clients because they come to you knowing what they will get. Early on people would hire me because they knew I took photos not because they liked my style of photography (I hope that makes sense). Now people know what they are getting and it’s less likely that a client will be unsatisfied with their photos. As a freelancer keep in mind that it’s a lot of emails and advertising yourself. Yes it’s great that I can make money off of something I love doing but I have to keep in mind that it’s still a business. When I first started out clients would ask for lower prices and I would lower them because I didn’t want to lose a client and I didn’t know if I was too expensive or not. This was fine at first but now I don’t budge on my prices because now I know my worth and it’s not fair to my other clients to change prices. Also photography gear can get expensive and when you freelance/do photography professionally there is a point when you’ll probably to invest in professional gear. Part of this is to put you among other photographers in the industry but the physical quality of your photos will also improve. This way you can better guarantee what a client will get. Ex. my dad’s old dslr that I used had a cropped sensor so if the lighting wasn’t the best i couldn’t edit the photos as much in photoshop as I can with a full frame camera. Basically I just want to make it clear that once you start freelancing it’s a business so just like other business you have to know when and where to invest and how much. 

I’m sure you were not expecting this long of answer but I hope it helped! 

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Can you please write more about Taehyung? My heart is about to explode. This is exactly why I find him so interesting. I wanna know if maybe I missed some things so I like to read your perception. Sorry don't wanna burden you and please do it when you want to of if you ever have the time. It's just - amazing to read. Thank you.

💖 since i’m sick today & feeling emotional, i’m going to FINALLY do this. so here goes, bout to wax some sick poetic about my man. (instead of answering the 985 analysis things in my inbox) 🎻

Kim Taehyung is my 🌏, and lemme tell u why. This man smiles & loves from the bottom of his soul, way past his heart, way past that meditated place where sometimes we tend to go when people are talking to us, telling us things that we’ve heard before and we hear a lot. Taehyung hears compliments a lot….

“…Everytime he hears compliments he becomes shy and thanks people sincerely.” / “he’s very kind.” / “he [taehyung] is my savior.” / “He’s a very bright person.”  

…he receives a lot of love and dedication, but despite this, Kim Taehyung genuinely comes from a place of such beautiful warmth and kindness, that he never takes a compliment for granted, he absorbs love as much as he can and always repays it with as much as he can and yet he still feels like he’s not giving back enough.

“I think I received more love from you than I ever gave you, so thank you….I want to try my best to give more, more, more, love to you…..I’ll try harder and love you [ARMYs] more and more.” X

Ya know, Taehyung really has so much love to give. Explosive amounts. More love in his heart than anyone I’ve ever known. He cries easily, he feels things so deeply, he’s so terribly sorry to disappoint people, he wants to fill his heart with loved ones, he wants everyone to not just love him but love each other and respect each other. Taehyung is the most beautiful soul.

Taehyung who always tries his very hardest to make fans feel comfortable, make them laugh, make them smile, hold their hand. who isn’t afraid to play around and show vulnerable sides of himself too. Despite the fact that he doesn’t seem to like feeling exposed, and despite the fact that recently he’s stated he really truly wants to become a very ‘cool/manly’ person, and tries really hard to become that person. he still shares sides of himself that are uncool, and he still is willing to be goofy and fun with us, even though it’s always gotten him called things like ‘weird’ and go*forbiD ‘alien’ asjdfkljasf.

He who would give up everything he had for others. Who’s first thought when receiving the gift on the recent guest appearance they did, was to pick the food. Everyone laughed and thought; lol, of course, Taehyung WOULD do something goofy like that. When there’s all these cool things, of COURSE he’d pick the random food basket. And then when asked he said it was going straight to his parents. Or during Now 2? I think? when they did the seasons Kings, and he won the 2nd best food item, but he was so happy because it was the one his parents would like. And what he didn’t send he said he would share with the others. Taehyung who spends lowkey thousands of dollars on birthday presents for the other members, who ALWAYS puts other people first. Always. Without a second thought. Especially family and friends.

Taehyung who when he speaks sometimes gets nervous, has bad public speaking skills, constantly says the wrong words, uses the wrong tenses, sometimes speaks banmal on accident, speaks with satoori when he doesn’t mean to, accidentally uses the wrong words and ‘buffers’ (as in he just kind of stumbles over words, stutters and pauses because he’s thinking). This is because people have said that he’s hard to understand and weird, so he tries really hard and has to think a lot about what he’s trying to say. You can clearly tell when he’s feeling nervous even just speaking Korean. Forget abt it when he’s trying to speak English, which he said he wants to learn and has been practicing. But despite this he’s always trying to relate. Even if he can’t relate traditionally, lots of words and conversations. He tries. His Vapps that people make fun of him for, sitting around, eating, listening to music; this kind of thing…people think that he’s being weird. He’s just being himself. He’s trying to share his time with us without forcing himself. 

People like to think Taehyung is an extrovert. Taehyung is 100% not an extrovert. If anything he’s a fluctuating Ambivert. Taehyung isn’t much of a talker. Taehyung is also a rather physically inclined person (much like Jeongguk and Jimin). He doesn’t often speak much in Vlives (which people sometimes complain or like to say that his vlives are pointless) because it’s not what comes naturally to him, and maybe because when he does talk a lot he struggles. I get tired of people asking him to share himself with us, and when he does that in the only way he really knows how, they just kind of think it isn’t enough.

Taehyung honestly….the point I want people to never forget is that Taehyung really never goes anything less than 150%. 

Yet, people think that he’s a flighty, goofy, air headed guy. Despite the fact that he said he did very well in school. That he reads. That he’s an art, film and music buff who spends his spare time watching abstract, poetic angsty movies like sunshine of an eternal mind and knows how to play saxophone, listens to jazz and blues and classical music in his spare time.

Taehyung honestly…is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever seen, and also one of the most misunderstood idols I’ve ever seen. Really truly. It’s like, actually a lil crazy when i think about just how much people refuse to acknowledge in him, his growth, the kind of person he is. I feel like people are stuck with seeing him as the 2013 teenage boy who was a little bit anxious, excitable and goofy, who had an image to maintain who was told to act silly for the cameras and who was just a farm boy who was worried that he wouldn’t fit in, who barely made it onto bangtan as it was and who would have done ANYTHING to stay because he didn’t know it until it happened, but being a star was the life he was destined to have. Who’s parents scrapped up money to get him a fancy jacket so that he’d fit in and who never really planned to have much of any major life besides having lots of kids and a partner and loving his family a lot. But instead his family became bigger and he just embraced all of bangtan, and the staff, and the ARMYs, and random strangers, and random animals. Anything, everything. Taehyung is……..

MaN.. … . . Listen…I really…love…Kim Taehyung. I would cross an ocean to see him smile. Because honestly, he’s a li t e r a l    actual  angel.✨🐯 imma stop, this is literally a novel already. i’ll just continue waxing sweet poetic in the next ask or something. i’m exhausted by my love.

Dating Mark Tuan(Got7)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Hope you like this! I want to say sorry in advance incase this is weird I might rewrite this bc I am on too much caffeine right now and a little hyper in general today

  • okay let’s start way back when he started crushing on you
  • You’d start off as friends
  • but then one night, let’s say three a.m y'all got some burgers
  • Caps, hoodies, facemask and everything, not looking fine at all
  • you stuffed your face ugly eating your burger
  • ending up with a little sauce in the corner of your lip
  • and he was like “C'mere I got u”
  • and then he was looking at your lips
  • a napkin in your face
  • initally trying to remove the sauce but damn your lips looked kissable
  • and you’re just like
  • “Bruh u done or?”
  • and he suddenly blushed and was like “wtf Mark” to himself and just laughed it off
  • ”I was just mesmerized by how chapped your lips are. Use a chapstick smh”
  • ”You’re not Jinyoung stop trying”
  • so and after that he would look for more physical closeness but if anyone commented on it he would get all defensive like
  • *puts arm around you*
  • “Aww Markie-Pooh is hugging his crush”
  • and suddenly he drop kicks Jackson to the ground and is like
  • “Ew!!!1! Crush??? on thEM????”
  • cue awkwark silence and whimpering from injured Jackson and everyone is just like “wtf Markus”
  • and he would always stare at you for longer than necessary and think about how pretty you looked and how he’d like to trace your face with is fingers and how your lips look so soft
  • and suddenly he would just shake his head and mutter under his breath and everyone is concerned because he be acting like a psycho
  • and then he would tell Youngjae some night while they were laying in their room
  • and because it is Youngjae he would just kind of scream and be like
  • “YOU LIKE Y/N?”
  • and the whole dorm heard it
  • great Youngjae now Mark is annoyed and embarrassed :/
  • So then the whole band knew and pressured him to tell you
  • and he did
  • he just took you out and was like
  • “I like you”
  • and you were like “lol ok. I hope the fuck you do”
  • but he was serious an suddenly you were like “oh”
  • but then you told him you liked him too and he was like “GRReAT LET  ME TAKE U OUT ON A D8?”
  • and you went to that burger place and then he asked you to be his gf and you said yes
  • fast forward:
  • there’s dead silence or you two laughing like dying seahorses
  • nothing in between
  • ”are you ever jealous?”
  • ”why?”
  • ”because…”
  • ”Mark don't”
  • ”Every lady wants a piece of me”
  • ”One more time and I will break up with you I am not even kidding”
  • when you two fight it’s like
  • are you giving each other the silence treatment or just chilling already?
  • no one knows
  • sometimes you don’t know
  • and then other times
  • especially when he messed up and you ignore him
  • he’ll just
  • take off his shirt hug you from the back and whisper
  • ”I know you want me, let’s start talkin”
  • and you don’t know wether to slap him bc what a fuckboy or well…fuck him
  • both if y'all kinky
  • I’m so sorry
  • Papa Tuan loves u probably
  • also probs send you baby pics of Mark
  • or tells you things you can use to roast Mark
  • like ‘little cock’
  • ”Hey little cock how you doin’ today?”
  • ”I’m good how ab- HEY”
  • “You sure weren’t complaining bout that cock being little last night ;)”
  • he is very possesive of you
  • and gets jealous easily
  • ”Did he just look at you?” while throwing his arm around you
  • ”Mark he was like 8 and we’re at the candy isle”
  • leaves so much of his stuff at your place
  • not his shirt so you can wear it but like
  • his socks
  • ”Mark I am sitting next to you, you could hug me instead of Jinyoung
  • ~insert sassy Jinyoung comment abt you being jealous~
  • having a cuddle threesome bc Jackson
  • ”Stop bullying Yugyeom. No wonder he is becoming just like you, Jesus”
  • as he said he wouldn’t want to annouce his relationship until he got married most of your dates would be pretty lowkey
  • neither of you would mind though
  • If you two are alone at the dorm or your place and you see a spider it’s over
  • ”We should call JB”
  • ”Or you could be a strong woman and go get that spider”
  • ”Why me?”
  • ”Feminism”
  • hearing him swear
  • often
  • like… very often
  • ”if I die I want you to date Jinyoung”-You
  • ”if I die I want you to live alone with your 6 cats”-Mark
  • always slapping your butt
  • and grabbing it
  • and squeezing it
  • and stroking it
  • and you get the gist
  • gives you his hoodie
  • ”I’m not even cold”
  • ”Take it that’s romantic”
  • then when you put it on he pulls the strings of the hood until he only sees the tip of your nose
  • and laughs and you’re just like
  • ”Wow very mature Mark” :/
  • but it’s funny tho
  • according to the members he farts the most so you’re probs comfortable farting around each other
  • burping contests
  • he’d be proud when you win
  • ”Hey Mark can you bring Coco next time you come?”
  • loving Coco and giving her all your attention
  • ”Yeah now that she is here you can leave btw. Love u. Bye”
  • having some reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally inconspicuous couple item
  • like rings
  • but like silver rings that could be from H&M that have your initials on the inside
  • no one will ever know or suspect though
  • romantic Mark
  • like when he got you said rings for your anniversary
  • fuckboy Mark
  • ”Hey lil lady, wanna play Titanic? You’ll be the ice berg and I’ll go down” ;) ;)
  • ”Hey babe, my parents aren’t home”
  • ”Mark you live in a dorm with ur band members what are you on?”
  • being able to tell he spent too much time with Jinyoung when his disses get better
  • baking together
  • ”Let’s start being healty”
  • ”Does homemade burgers count?”
  • ”Absolutely!”
  • watching movies together
  • ”Mark I don’t want to watch a horror movie!”
  • *slowly puts the movie on staring u dead in the eye*
  • ”I will pour Sriracha into your anus while your asleep. Try. Me. Little cock”
  • Suddenly a sappy movie seems like a great idea to him
  • asking you if the selfie he shot is too hoe to post on Instagram
  • ”yes”
  • ”If that’s what you think I will post it :*”
  • posting really lit or racy pics when you want to see him suffer
  • or make him jealous
  • but when he sees thru your lies he’ll be like
  • ”if ur tits are falling out of all your shirts I can buy you new ones babe ;)”
  • dammit
  • buying wigs for the two of you so you can have dates outside
  • My handsomeness is so striking even if they don’t know I’m an idol they want to know me because I am so beautiful”
  • teaching you how to skate
  • laughing when you fall
  • throwing your shoe at him in return
  • ”I wanna bang you on the table”
  • ”But it’s stuffed with my paperwork”
  • Pouty Mark
  • ”And it’s where we eat”
  • poutier Mark lifting his Shirt
  • *sigh* “FINE”
  • ”I wanna have sex but I don’t wanna move”
  • ”We could nap now for half an hour and then commit later?”
  • ”Sounds realistic”
  • no it doesn’t y'all sleeping through
  • Overall: Having a lot of fun with each other and feel no need to have constant conversation and you two are loving towards each other in your own way that no one else needs to understand

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Hi there! I have a little problem... I'm trying to start my own art blog but no one goes by to see it and I'm about to give up... I don't know, what should I do? Thanks!

Alright, I’m gonna give you some tips on how to get your art noticed. I know it makes you feel bad when no one seems to see you, but you can’t give up! Because that’s how every artist who starts on tumblr goes through.

1.) Post every doodle you make: Especially the ones you aren’t working on anymore, they can be considered done. An art blog isn’t necessarily all finished drawings, doodles can look as good as a finished piece!

2.) Remember to tag it: If I remember correctly, the first 5 tags of an original tumblr posts are the ones that show up in searches (I could be wrong though, idk lol) But do give it lots of tags so it can show up in people’s searches!

3.) You might have to go a bit mainstream: If notes are what you’re aiming for, then you probably want to post stuff that are fandom-related or are just popular at this moment (Ex: Right now if you post star wars art, it’d probably get a lot of notes since the trailer for the next movie recently came out so people are definitely searching for it) But please don’t let that stop you from posting original content! A lot of people on tumblr will just reblog stuff cause it looks visually pleasing!

4.) Don’t stop posting art: Whether or not it gets notes, posting art is a good way to improve your skill and practice drawing I would recommend posting at least once or twice a week, or just post whatever drawing you make at your own pace

5.) Put a link to your art blog on your main: Maybe people who follow your main blog didn’t even know you had an art blog? There’s no shame in self-promotion!

(Bonus step) Post stuff at about 5-7pm: Idk if this will get you more notes, but tumblr is probably pretty active around this time lol

Aaaaand that’s all I got. Remember you can’t expect to get popular overnight, gaining followers takes time! And also remember try not to focus on followers too much. I know it’s really nice to have them and to be noticed, but art is something you do for fun! Don’t let anyone take away your fun, especially other people who want things that you don’t. You have something great to give to the world that only you can create! Good luck and don’t give up! I believe in you! ♥

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Hi, I saw that you were advertising commissions. Even though they are the highest I have seen on this site, looking at the quality of your work, I think youre under valuing yourself. I was wondering why many artists like yourself don't charge anywhere near what your work is worth. I'm sorry if this seems weird.

It’s not weird! I haven’t gotten this question in a while, so I’m not really sure how to answer without being self deprecating. Lol.

The truth is, I’ve raised my prices a LOT over this past year. I went from taking $17-20 full body/full color character commissions, to taking $55 for the same. Granted. it’s not a big jump, it’s still a lot more than what I was charging last summer. (And I honestly only raised my prices because 1.) my art improved significantly and 2.) Because of that improvement, pieces started taking a bit longer).

That being said, I do know that my prices are still considerably low for what I offer. I think it’s something between being nervous that my ‘inconsistent style’ will produce an image that the customer won’t be happy with(granted, I typically try not to send a final piece that I don’t think they’d like) and knowing that I have a track record for being late with orders. Until I’ve gotten back into a regular routine of getting things out consistently, and on time, I won’t feel comfortable charging anymore than what I already am, because I don’t want to take higher priced commissions, and still make people wait a couple of months because of my queue.

THAT BEING SAID, I’ll tell you exactly why under-priced commissions is a growing, and unfortunate trend on this site, and hopefully soon, I can stop contributing to that tide.

1.) People want to fill slots. And sometimes, it’s easier to sell cheaper slots faster. Trying to sell higher commissions doesn’t always guarantee that a person’s quota will be met, and often times, people either can’t afford the higher prices, or no one’s really signal boosting the artist’s post. So, they’ll offer discounts or lower prices to ensure they’re getting something, instead of nothing at all. I did this a LOT when I first started taking commissions. (You guys remember last summer when I was offering sales on sales on sales, and overloading myself with dozens of cheap commissions?) Sometimes, when things are tough and business is slow, lower prices are what help get the ball rolling. But it’s not fun, because then the artist/writer in question ends up biting off more than they can chew(Like I did!) and they get burnt out, and then they’re looking at a year old backlog(like I am!)

2.) Artist’s look at other under-priced commission posts for reference. Hell, that’s what I did, and sometimes STILL do. I look at artists that I think are as good, if not a little bit better than myself, and check what they charge for commissions. It’s not good practice, and I can’t defend it. It’s just something we do to see, “Hm. What are people willing to pay for this quality of art? I’ll check another popular/equally talented artist to see what they charge.” and then we base ours off of that. Sometimes, artists charge $5-$10 less than their “competition” because they feel like they’re not ‘popular enough’ or ‘as talented’ and that’s. Bad practice. (Looks in the mirror.) “You’re setting a bad example, Chris.”

3.) They’ve been repeatedly harassed into charging less. I’ve never really had that problem on THIS site, but on when I used to take commissions on instagram a few years ago, every other email, someone was telling me, “Is it really $30 just for ONE realistic painting?” or “Is there any way we can shave $15-20 off of that so I can pay you NOW?” or “Why is it so much just for a drawing? Sorry, I’ll have to reconsider.” And while NOW, if I ever got that sort of comment, I’d probably decline business with the person, but back then, when I was desperate for any income at all, I’d let them talk me down. So, after that, and after losing my job, when I started taking commissions full time again, I worried that a lot of people would do the same thing, so I kept my prices pretty low. And if it weren’t for the amazing support/friends that I gained this past year who KEEP supporting and commissioning me, and encouraging me to value my skills more, I wouldn’t have ever raised those prices. Self worth is important, and being worried that you’re going to lose business over $30 does a number on that.

Plus, a variety of other things. It’s overall a very bad practice, and I KNOW I’m guilty. My end goal is to clear out my queue and get back on a regular commission schedule so I can charge a bit more in the future so I’m not always overloaded. I’d still make exceptions for long time commissioners and patrons, should they so choose to take it Lol. But overall, it’s just a bad cycle of artists charging very little because of bad experiences or low self worth or minimal exposure(or slow as hell turnaround times HMM).

ALT: Does anyone just want to hire me? I do comics/character illustration. I’m fun to work with. I have a pug. That’s my resume. Thanks. 

Dating Hae like:
  • it either go two ways tbh 
  • he’d be all fixed up and really nervous to ask you to be his grill and then you’re just like ‘hoe why r u dressed so nicely and why r u sweating so much??' 
  • then he just says it like “Y/N I really like you and dknsksnsowbdibe” and you’re all chill and when he calms down you two talk and boom you’re dating 
  • OR it’d go like 
  • “hey y/n do you wanna see a magic trick?!" 
  • "sure" 
  • "poof you’re now my girlfriend" 
  • "okay DongHyuck" 
  • tbh I see it going both ways -anyways omfg it’d be so fucking fun 
  • he’d tease you a lot how cute -he knows where to stop and he’s actually really soft for you 
  • like he’d always check up on you when he’s out of the country like five minutes later ring ring oh look it’s him again asking if you washed up yet 
  • and the same with him whenever you’re gone you always check on him and ask him how he’s doing and it’s just cUtE 
  • he’s really soft for you like he wants you to be happy all the time and doesn’t want you to be sad ever -but at the same time 
  • "you’re such a bitch y/n" 
  • "I know" 
  • "fuc u" 
  • "thank you Hae" 
  • it’s such a playful relationship 
  • you two are best friends like you do everything together and make fun of each other and just have a lot of fun 
  • "y/n come here I have a secret to tell you" 
  • "What do you want this time" 
  • he leans in real close and then burps into your ear 
  • but it’s all good cause you burp louder 
  • he probably texts you at 3 am just to make fun of something you said before 
  • okay but 
  • imagine accidentally sleeping on his shoulder and him just worrying not knowing what to do but doesn’t move cos he doesn’t want to wake you 
  • and then then he falls asleep after taking pictures to tease you 
  • but the members take pictures of you two and they make fun of you 
  • denies the fact that he likes it, but when you say you won’t do it again he says to do it again lol 
  • he cAnt even beleaf he’s dating you like he’d think you’re an angel and that you own the world or smth 
  • whenever you two fight over dumb shit he’s all like "are we done fighting” and ur just like “ya” and then you’re all good 
  • you two never really fight over anything serious because when one of you guys make a mistake you two own up to it and apologize 
  • like the most serious thing that probably happened was him getting upset you didn’t tell him something first 
  • tbh he just really wants to be number one and wants to be lof by you 
  • like trust is the biggest thing to him and you two would nEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT EACH OTHER 
  • when you visit him when he’s practicing he takes a break and you two sit and he talks about what he did at practice and even though he’s sweating you still get close to him -and then someone would yell “Lee DongHyuck get your ass over here stop making out" 
  • He’d get upset but you’d stay to watch them practice 
  • after he’s done getting clean and you two go out sometimes (more like all the time you visit) and he’s so happy to treat you and you’re like 
  • then he’d say "save your money for our wedding day" 
  • Youd shut up lmao because you’re so embarrassed like who says that y'all only 16 or smth 
  • but you like it 
  • you would scream whenever you two pass by any clothes store and want to buy everything but have no money and you leave before he tries to buy it for you -anyWAY 
  • y'all so soft and nice yet hate each other you kno??? Like it’s so nice to be around him and you think you’re not enough but to him you’re so much more than enough you can look at him and he’d be like ilysm 
  • pls don’t hurt him cos he would never hurt you

daphtheowner  asked:

Heelloo sweetie i don't remember if i already request something for you (omg i request so many things i can't count LOL) and if you want to, feel free to ignore (idk if someone can request twice, omg, each blog have their own rules SORRY) but can I have some angst hc where toshinori say something hurtful to his s/o when she was just trying to be sweet for him in front of some people? I know it's kinda confused, but i feel that he's somehow shy LOL thank you darling <3 wonderful blog *------*

I had another request that was similar to this where Toshinori and his s/o get into a fight and he says something along the lines of “you’re nothing but a burden to me” and they run away and he tries to find her. This one was very similar so I’ve combined the two!

Hello! ^^ You didn’t send in an ask before, but even if you did that’s perfectly fine because there’s really no limit to how much one person can request, so go crazy! Hope you like this ( ^ω^ )


Yagi Toshinori

• He really didn’t mean to hurt you like that. He was just overwhelmed by everything going on around him. If he could take it back, he would in a heartbeat.

• Your boyfriend was in his “muscle form” and was giving an interview for some huge network. You were invited, too, because apparently people wanted to hear what it was like to be All Might’s girlfriend.

• It started out great! You and your boyfriend were having a lot of fun in the beginning, enjoying answering the reporters’ questions.

• “So what’s All Might like at home?” one reporter asked. It wasn’t a super invasive question, but still one that you had to be careful about answering.

• “He’s really great,” you responded. “He’s always helping me out with things. Even really simple things like laundry and cooking. Sometimes he’ll give me flowers or take me out on dates, and–”

• “I-I think that’s enough, ______,” All Might said with a nervous laugh. Since you said that he took you out on dates, the media would begin to question why they’d never seen you out together before. Then people could become suspicious and All Might really didn’t want that right now.

• You didn’t get this, though. Maybe you did, but that didn’t help the fact that he shut you down when you were trying to thank him for all of the wonderful things he’s done for you. You didn’t speak for the rest of the interview.

• After the interview was over, All Might knew he had to talk to you. He’d made you so upset, but he couldn’t address it just then. “______, listen, I–”

• “That’s enough, Toshinori,” you said, not daring to meet his eyes. “I don’t want to talk right now. I’ve obviously done too much of that during the interview, huh?”

• He frowned, seeing how sad you were. “I didn’t mean it like that. If I could have talk to you about it during the interview, I would have, but I–”

• “So all you care about is the interview now? Are you for real, Toshinori? Forget it, I don’t want to talk right now. You had your chance during the interview you care oh so much about, but you lost it.”

• There was a moment of silence. “I’m leaving,” you said after a while. “Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow, but I don’t know. I really hope you’re happy.”

• Toshinori had no idea what to say. There wasn’t anything that he could say; you’d already made up your mind. He could only watch in stunned silence as you shoved some of your belongings into a bag.

• “I’m going to my friend’s house. Don’t follow me, okay?” Why didn’t he say anything? Why couldn’t he say anything? As you shut the door behind you, Toshinori stood stunned, trying to process what just happened.

• He’d lost you. You left him and he wasn’t sure if you were coming back or not. He couldn’t call you or follow you because that would only make things worse. There was nothing he could do. And if there’s one thing the number one hero, All Might, hates, it’s feeling helpless.

• So he did the only thing he could do. He sank to the floor and cried.

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I don't think you're homophobic, a bad person, or any of that and am sorry you're getting outright hate BUT I think you're missing a lot of the point. I am not going to presume that you aren't LGBT, but I am unsure if you understand how LGBT people are irritated at how het pairings as "overt" as v*****ri are typically accepted as they are (/cont)

(cont) yet so many gay pairings portrayed in the same vein are “ambiguous” or argue that it isn’t canon. The “they’re DEEPER than romantic love” is also hurtful as people aren’t discriminated against for friendships and erases what makes them so special to LGBT fans.

(cont 3/3) Essentially, I think although you have good intentions in trying to be objective, with what I said in mind when you add separate commentary such as pointing out that soulmates can be platonic or the late night drama thing it does deeply hurt people, because it sounds like you’re trying to downplay them—intentionally or otherwise

Hello! First of all, thank you for making a concrete example and articulating your point logically!

I’m taking this occasion to write a long reply that encompasses my view of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship also with regard to heterocentricity. It’s long, but hopefully it’s exhaustive… 

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