i don't even know the ship name for these two but i ship it


The snake and its hands

I heard people enjoy shipping random Striders and Vantases together (I believe most of that is @polyglotplatypus‘ doing, because of those comics) and I want you guys to look me in the eye and find a single reason that Kankri and a literal autoresponder made to do nothing but talk is not the single worst ship in history, and somehow simultaneously /painfully/ made for each other.

I blame @hexstuck for this crack ship of the two biggest pricks in the entirety of homestuck.

If Capcom won’t give me more Gumshoe, the least I can do is cling to my feverish hopes for him to have a long and happy career with Maggey!

The cases with these two ruined me. I had to stop after every piece of dialogue to scream into a cushion. I love them together so much. Though what with their luck honestly shipping them I’m like

You’re Back

               Keith stared down at Shiro who was still recovering from the drugs that the military had forced into his system when they found out about his robotic arm. The adrenaline that had been coursing through his system during the rescue was starting to wear off. He was so tired and having trouble comprehending the person laying in his bed after so long. It didn’t seem to be a big deal when Shiro had been assigned the mission with Matt and his father. Keith was prepared to wait for him to return and be finished with his own training at the academy.

               Tears welled in Keith’s eyes. He’d missed Shiro so much and when he heard the news of their expedition and how they’d gone missing, he couldn’t believe it. He knew something far more mysterious had happened. Keith supposed that was when he’d started to get reckless. He didn’t care about his superiors who were doing absolutely nothing to go out and help them. He didn’t care about the academy or the military if he was just an expendable tool to them. The last thing he’d gotten before Shiro had gone missing was a tired good morning kiss and a sleepy breakfast on his part.

               Shiro groaned and shifted in bed. Keith wiped furiously at his eyes, trying to stop the tears that had decided to freely pour down his cheeks. He turned his back to Shiro as soon as he saw his head turn towards him and his eyes flutter open.

               “Keith?” Shiro murmured. He sighed happily. “Keith.”

               Keith heard the rustle of the blanket being thrown back and sniffed. He couldn’t face him, not yet. He heard Shiro stand from the bed, springs creaking and walk up behind him.

               “Keith?” he sounded uncertain.

               Keith turned to him and watched Shiro’s eyes widen as he took in his tear-streaked face and the tears that were still spilling from his eyes. “Shiro,” he said, voice sounding broken, even to him. “You’re back.”

               Shiro raised his hands and cupped Keith’s face between his palms gently, as he always had. “Yes, I’m back.” He brought their lips together in a hesitant kiss that quickly grew passionate. It was almost as if they had to rediscover each other after having been separated for so long. If this was still something that they wanted. If they still craved each other. They did. So much.

               Keith broke the kiss far too soon and fisted his hands in Shiro’s shirt. He leaned up against his lover and sobbed openly. Shiro wrapped his arms around him and gripped him tightly to him.

               “Shh. It’s okay, Keith. I’m here, I’m back. Shh.”

               Shiro’s reassuring words just made him sob harder. “I-I never thought that I’d see you again. I thought I was going to be left alone. Again. I thought I’d lost everything that I’d cared about. There wasn’t anything left for me”

               Shiro’s heart tightened and he gripped Keith that much harder, intent on never letting him go as he remembered the conversations the two of them had had about Keith’s life and what had transpired. It wasn’t always pretty. “I never wanted to leave you. I’m so sorry that I was gone so long and caused you so much pain. This is my fault and I’m so sorry.”

               Keith shook his head where he had it pressed against Shrio’s chest. He hiccuped. “N-not your fault.”

               “Keith. Keith,” Shiro said, trying to coax the other man from where he was hiding in his chest. Keith slowly raised his eyes and Shiro smiled at him in the way he’d missed so much over the years. He brought their lips together in a chaste and loving kiss, trying to convey all of his feelings and how much he’d missed the other man while he was away. Shiro stroked his thumbs across Keith’s cheeks, wiping the tears as they finally slowed their descent. He was never going to be separated from the man he loved again. They’d lost too much time already and he wasn’t about to let any more be taken from them so unjustly.

So I just watched Lucifer 1x04...

And as always, it was fantastic. Lucifer keeps getting really weird ideas that somehow make sense, even when they shouldn’t. We got to see his scary punisher face again, and Chloe even saw him in the mirror! I can’t wait for the episode when she sees, accepts, and believes him. Anyway, two three things that I absolutely loved:

1. Lucifer giving Trixie a piece of bacon. These two are adorable. The Devil is literally giving a child a snack. I love it. I need more interaction between them.

2. When Lucifer is walking towards Lydnsey, shows her his scary face, and she says, “Oh, God.” and it cuts back to his face. Not only is it his scary angry face, he does this little head tilt and eyebrow raise, like he’s upset she’s brought his father into it. *cough daddy issues cough* But really, he’s already pissed but then that head tilt. Whew. Gave me the shivers. Literally.

3. Last, his scars. I know, I know, everyone’s talking about it. But that’s because THEY SHOULD BE. That was fantastic. Not only do we learn a little bit more about Lucifer, we also see a little bit behind his smartass facade. He asked Maze to cut his wings off, a “screw you” to you his father I’m guessing? He did that willingly. He didn’t want to be associated anymore with his family. Not only that, he doesn’t mind people looking at it, (at least not Chloe) but he doesn’t like people touching his scars. It probably doesn’t physically hurt, but he doesn’t like them to be touched. “Don’t…please.” And Chloe doesn’t push it, because she sees that it has shaken him. “…Okay.”