i don't even know if will or jacob is his real name

Javid- Falling out of a tree

Davey released a long breath he didn’t know he was holding. Slowly, he let go of the tension in his body and approached the large oak tree as if it had a hold on him. With a peaceful smile, he sat down at the base of the tree and took out his novel.

Today has been shit. Davey’s alarm didn’t go off, so he missed his bus and was late to class, some jackass speeding splashed him on the way to campus, everything that could go wrong did, and to top it off he had a migraine that didn’t go away until a few minutes ago. He was exhausted, but at least the sun was shining and he was sitting under his favorite tree in a secluded corner just off of campus.

Davey sighed then buried his nose in his favorite comfort-book. It couldn’t have been five minutes later when he heard rustling in the tree above him and a scream filled his ears. He couldn’t find the clarity to actually process what had just happened until the guy started talking, all he knew beforehand was there was this heavy weight on him and an overwhelming pain in his right arm.

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Seriously did Jacob just have Mike on the phone tell Michael to stay away from his dad?!?! Is Jacob that stupid Mike is way smarter then that he knows Michael is his real dad. With fling that based on promo Jacob literally signed his death warrant Michael is coming for him now. Hell's fury aka Michael is going to defeat Jacob and beat him down and I can't wait. You don't mess with scofield's family

yes. yes that idiot did that. also the more i got to thinking about it, and once you watch the clip that was released of that scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLR3T86yhoU) i almost feel like mike thinks he’s yelling at kaniel outis to stay away from his dad (michael), not jacob. we’ve already established that mike doesn’t call jacob dad, so why would he start now? jacob is so caught up in his little plan of… i’m actually not sure what his plan is now. does he want to keep mike? does he just want to kill all the scofields? but either way, he’s so caught up in what he’s doing, trying to manipulate michael, that he’s not stopping to think “this kid has never called me dad before. why did he just do it now?”

because he’s not referring to you, idiot. mike still knows. he’s a scofield, he’s not stupid. and even if he was, all it will take is sara, the most important authority figure in his life, being like “mike, he was lying to you. this is your father. it’s really him.”

god i can’t wait for jacob to get his. he will be the one that regrets the day he ever heard the name michael scofield.

When Dreams Come True

Title: When Dreams Come True (guys I still suck at titles help)
Words: 1900+
Request/Summary: #6 from this prompt list: “Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…” // Reader grows up a No-Maj-born and thinks she’s the only one of her kind until she meets Newt and the Goldsteins and discovers the wizarding world. 
A/N: Okay I meant for this to be a oneshot, really, but it turned in to much more. I don’t know how many parts it’ll be and this first part doesn’t even contain the actual part that was requested. Whoops. So this has turned into much more than the original request and has become a slow build and I’ve probably gone overboard with it and I’m really worried about how this is going to turn out. Anyway, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like in future parts?


You had always known you were different, ever since you were little. You could do things with your mind sometimes, like levitate books. Sometimes you could control your abilities and you attempted to practice to try and control them. Other times, however… Let’s just say they tended to get out of hand—particularly when your emotions had run high. Once, when you were extraordinarily upset, you had caused an entire china cabinet to explode. Instances like those were few and far between, however.

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When an interviewer almost sums up my sentiments exactly...
  • Merrill: GMW is like, I should have stopped watching. Every bone in my body said it's time to stop watching, you watched the Pilot, you know where they (Cory and Topanga) ended up, cool. Couldn't. Just something hit me, like, it was a little seed, I don't even think I remember what the seed was, but there was a little seed where I said "I need to keep going". And I think the seed, for me, was Maya. And that, Sabrina does such a great job on the show (MJ: She's great). That's what I meant by your casting, you guys cast the *shit* out of this show. (MJ: Thanks) I mean whoever was, your agent was on that one(?), they deserve a medal, and flowers, and a lifetime supply of chocolates.
  • MJ: Sally Stiner and Barbie Block are our casting directors. They also cast BMW. We had original casting directors as well, Howard ... When we looked for these kids, we were so stubborn as to who we wanted and why we wanted them. We just added a new kid, he plays the role of Isaiah Babineaux. His name is Amir Mitchell-Townes. This kid's wonderful. A real actor, a REAL actor, a stage personality. Wait till you see what happens with this kid. There's more coming. We're very happy as they grow up. Remember, in the first year of any series, it's an INTRODUCTION. NOW we're starting to PLAY. Each year will be better.
  • Merrill: I can't wait to see it. I mean I have to congratulate you on being able to pull this show off, and my hope, my honest-to-God hope is more people follow in your footsteps cause that's what I need to see now. You have set a new bar for live-action Disney channel programming. Hell, you've set a new bar for kids programming in general.
  • MJ: Thanks. I can't take a compliment, so I'm gonna change the subject. I will tell you if kids would be examined, if you look, um, Happy Days, Wonder Years, the ENSEMBLE with kids in it is a staple of television. When it is taken away, television is imbalanced. It's slowly coming back now, however we're gonna have to find a new form because multi-cam, as you say, and half-hour itself is sputtering.

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i don't know if you watch doctor who but if you do can you please write an au where laura is the doctor's daughter and she takes carmilla home (to the tardis) for the holidays or something

(Hope you like it.)

“My dad is a little…different,” Laura explained to Carmilla when she was convincing her to join them for Christmas. 

“Cupcake, your girlfriend is a three hundred year old vampire. Eccentric isn’t really a factor here. No matter what, he’s your dad so I’m sure I’ll like him.” Carmilla pressed a kiss to Laura’s head and then, realising that she had given away too many feelings all at once, she disappeared out into the night. She didn’t bother to use the door, just climbed out the window. 

Laura sighed. “What about a nine hundred year old Time Lord?” she asked quietly. “Is that still classified as eccentric?”

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