i don't even know if this is white or blue


red lips, nasa eyes 💋💫💙

  • Blue Diamond: Who broke Pink Diamond
  • BD: I'm not mad, I just want to know
  • Steven: I did, I broke Pink Di-
  • BD: No. No you didn't. Yellow Zircon?
  • Yellow Zircon: Don't look at me, look at The Pearls
  • Pearls: What? We don't know who broke her!
  • YZ: That's weird, how'd you even know she was broken?
  • Pearls: That's what this court case is all about!
  • YZ: Suspicious
  • Pearls: No, it's not!
  • Blue Zircon: Uhm, if it matters, probably not, Yellow Diamond was the last one to see her
  • YD: I'm going to break you too.
  • Steven: Okay, okay, lets not fight, I broke her let me pay the consequences, Blue Diamond
  • BD: No! Who broke her!?
  • BZ: My diamond... White Diamond has been awfully quiet.
  • Fandom: *breaks out in havoc*
  • BD: I broke her. Bitch was looking at me weird.

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I fucking love your "all the diamonds are White's teenage children" au. It's fuckin GREAT. Like, I imagine yellow is the biggest fucking edgelord in the galaxy.

LMAO thanks and THAT IS VERY TRUE, she is so edgy she could be placed as ornament on the Crown of England

spot the kid who will grow the edgiest

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Today a woman bought a balloon and the string got stuck in the wheel of her shopping cart and asked for a new 1. All of balloons come with white ribbon already attached but we have a roll of purple ribbon just in case. She asks for a blue string. I tell her I don't have blue only purple. She then says she wants white. She then goes "I don't know how I feel giving purple to a boy" like idc. I don't even have to give you a new ribbon. She didn't give up until I took the ribbon from another balloon

But think about Dean driving through Tulsa late one night and Sam is asleep so he feels safe enough to flip to a country station and he’s quietly singing about where the green grass grows and supper from a sack (99 cent heart attack) and while he’s warbling on about pointing his rockin’ chair towards the west he’s thinking about who he’d like to be in that other rocking chair and he goes from singing about green grass to thinking about blue eyes but uh oh Sam wasn’t asleep and he filmed the whole thing on his phone and keeps threatening to tell the world about Dean’s low key country music appreciation.

Cas is utterly baffled when Dean takes him to buy two white rocking chairs.


Ok, first of all poor model, now he’s infected by anti too. Second, i just wanted to show how the design is in black and white with green, red and blue “glitches” = RGB, which immediately made me think about this post… even though i have no clue what it could mean…

(thanks @lum1natrix for making me notice the fanfiber shirt)

I think I sort of made a galaxy slime! I’m pretty pleased with it honesty, especially considered it was a spur-of-the-moment 4 AM idea.

It’s not as striking in gif form sadly, but it’s mostly black glitter with some blue, some white, and some pink that I can’t seem to find… Irl there are some green glints and I have no idea why? I don’t even own green glitter, guys.

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I'm the only one kinda annoyed by the fact that we don't even heard the name of White Diamond? I mean, I get it, she's a mystery but come on! We have five seasons already (just my opinion)

well hopefully we get another 5 seasons uwu i don’t ever want SU to end but I know one day it will until then I’m along for the ride. I’m sure probably near the end of season 5 we’ll at least  have learned of her existence 

though i  already know how she’ll act, like a giant freakin robot emotionless and cold. no doubt yellow and blue are fearful towards her.

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I may or may not be working on a project but I need your help. What neon colours do you associate Seán's egos with? I personally associate Anti with green, Schneeplestein with blue, Chase with yellow, Marvin with white and Jack (assuming he's one of Sean's egos) with pink. But what about Jackieboy Man? I was thinking red, but I don't know... Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!❤

I associate Jackaboy Man with red, yes! Anti with dark green (even if it’s hard to find a neon dark green haha), Jack with green, Schneeple with blue, Chase with yellow, and Marvin with white! :D - Mod Lily


Dark Matter - Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose

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seafoam and celadon 😆👋🏻❤❤❤

seafoam: we should be friends

b-but i thought we were already friends??????????????

celadon: I want to hug you


The fans have been overwhelmingly supportive when Kent and Alexei go public with their relationship, but when Alexei starts seeing “patater” being added to hashtags of various retweets, it’s Kent who explains to him the cultural phenomena of creating a portmanteau to describe a couple in a relationship.

This leads to Alexei asking what “shipping” is because he’s confused by that too, and the best explanation that Kent comes up with is, “when you think they would be really great together.”

Cue Alexei saying “shipping” when he thinks something would pair well together.

“This wine goes well with salmon. I ship it.”

“White and blue. Such good colours together. I ship it.”

“Eric. He’s so good cook with the oven. I ship it.”

Kent cringing and face palming every time Alexei uses it wrong.

“No, Tater. That’s not how you use that word.”

The only time Alexei gets it right is when he snaps a selfie of himself and Kent. He posts it on social media and writes in the captions:


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94 Daniel

Your shaking hands, slowly grabbed the card in front of you. Your mind began to flood with thoughts as you lifted your head to the blue eyed boy. He smiles back goofily, showing off
his pearly white tooth gap.

You just frowned at him, knowing what you had to do. Corbyn and Zach were on the other two sides of the table, confused at why you were sad. But then it hit them, you pulled the divorce card.

“Danny, there’s no easy way to say this but, I’m getting a divorce.” Even though this was just a board game, your heart broke as his face fell apart.

“Bu- but I thought you were happy. I thought we were happy. Is it something I did wrong? Did I leave the toilet seat up again? You know it’s a habit, Y/n. I can’t help it but you know, I can change I swear. Please don’t leave me.”

You swore you saw his eyes get glossy and then in a second he was crying you a river.

“I’m sorry. It’s just not working, you should know that. I don’t feel the same way about you like the way I did before. I hope you understand that.”

Then all of a sudden you could see his eyes go dark.

“Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” You actually were debating on taking him seriously. The other two boys were just enjoying themselves, as they got caught up in a sappy dramatic movie.

“Okay, I think that’s enough. Game over.” I said folding the board game in half and putting the pieces away in the box.

“But we didn’t see who got to live in the mansion. Corbyn whined.

“At least we know who didn’t” Zach said nodding his head to Daniel.

Daniel glared back at him. “Well we’ll never know because Y/n ended the game. So boohoo.”

You were warned by the other boys that Daniel gets very competitive and that he’s very emotional. So you thought long and hard for a game that you all could enjoy, but apparently board games are just as bad as video games.

“Good riddance to you all” Daniel snarled while snatching the huge box away and walking away.

again not edited. sorry this took awhile, im on vacation. but anyways ya. baii

  • Hiyori: You're impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes are bright blue, and sometimes you speak like--like you're from a different time. You don't need to eat or drink, or even use the bathroom.. You wear long sleeves and pants, even during the summer..... How old are you?
  • Yato: ... 22.
  • Hiyori: How long have you been 22?
  • Yato: A while.
  • Hiyori: I know what you are.
  • Yato: Say it. Out loud. Say it!
  • Hiyori: A vampire.
  • Yato: Yes I am a god- wait what?
Me Things

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♥ Name: Kerri 
♥ Nickname: None that people say to my face 
♥ Zodiac: Gemini
♥ Height: 5′5″ and I will fight anyone who tells me otherwise
♥ Orientation: 

♥ Ethnicity: White
♥ Favorite fruit: Strawberries
♥ Favorite Season: FALLLLLL BITCHES 
♥ Favorite Book: Catch-22
♥ Favorite flower: Um. The pretty ones?
♥ Favorite Scent: cedarwood, campfire, pine–the woods, basically #stereotype 
♥ Favorite Color: Blue
♥ Favorite Animal: Koalas. OMG, they’re lazier than house cats and I love their stupid furry butts
♥ Average Sleeping Hours: 6-7
♥ Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: 

♥ Favorite Fictional Characters:

- Ellen Ripley
- Sarah Connor
- Liara T’Soni
- Commander Shepard
- Cassandra Pentaghast
- Imperator Furiosa
- Max Rockatansky
- Captain Kathryn Janeway
- B’Elanna Torres   

♥ Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 2, one of which is a huge fleece Green Bay Packers blanket that I have to fight my cat for
♥ Dream Trip: Europe, man. Anywhere. I’ve never been.
♥ Blog Created: Um, 2013?
♥ Number of Followers: Like 70. I’m a big deal  

which of the OUAT characters should you fight?

emma: fight her and basically you get a punch in the face. but now that she’s the dark one, you’ll get something much darker than that, probably a darker black eye. hahah ok sorry, too soon. just stay away, dark!emma coming at ya.

belle: maybe you’ll win but you’ll feel bad about it.

rumplestiltskin: now that he’s not the dark one anymore, you gotta line up just to get a chance to fight him. lots of people wanna beat his ass and take revenge now that he’s powerless. aw. watch out for that cane, tho.

snow white: i understand. snow white is very… uh, fightable. she screws up a lot so u kinda always have a reason to fight her. didn’t say you’ll win though, she has a newborn baby so rn, she is ball full of irritated, angry, sleep-deprived energy. so just a warning: fight her and you could be the person she takes it all out on. yikes.

hook/killian: tbh he’s the guy everybody wants to fight. its got sth to do with the devlishly handsome face i guess. it’d be fun to fight him actually but pro tip: only four things happen to those who fight killian - 1) he outwits you 2) he outhandsomes you 3) he outlives you (survivor af) …or 4) you manage to hurt him but u get a punch from emma

charming: you may win if swords don’t come into play. but never underestimate the nicey-nice face. he may… ahem… stab you in the back. heh heh. alright, sorry i know, also too soon.

regina: are you a worthy opponent? i guess i’ll just say try? she might acknowledge your existence out of boredom… probably.

robin hood: he seems like a big softie but idk cause no one knows yet what he’s capable of so yea go fight him so we find out.

roland: but???? how can you even come up with the thought that you’d wanna fight him????? what kind of person are you?????

blue fairy: YEASSSS heck yea heck yeaaaa fight her!! please!!! do it now!! i’m getting some popcorn! take that suspicious bug down