i don't even know if she noticed

You know how it’s basically canon in fanfics that Kara is really worried about telling Alex about her and Lena dating/being really good friends.. Kara’s face when Lena and Alex are actually meeting in canon is HILARIOUS

it starts with the “what is she doing here”

*smiling at Lena* (of course)

*worried look thrown at her sister*



there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

here is something I’ve been thinking about.
that scene where sana tells isak that “according to the theory of evolution all gay people should have died out already” and then they get interrupted by emma, isak is obviously confused and disappointed by emma saying she talked to sonja about the halloween predrinks. he tries saving face and obviously sana notices. she then gives him her Knowing Look™. I keep seeing everyone say that she knew isak liked even but honestly I’m not convinced. personally I believe she misinterpreted isak’s interaction with emma as isak having a crush on her and being flustered and disappointed they won’t be spending time alone together. sana can’t know who planned what with whom so making the connection of isak + even seems unlikely. especially given her earlier comment. I doubt she would have said any of that of she would have Known. She took offense in isaks comment about religion but it’s not like her to hurt someone’s feelings like that on purpose. That also explains why a few weeks later she stares at vilde’s message for so long and seems genuinely shocked by it.

“Do you miss her?”

These four words.These four damn words.

Sure, he had been a little cranky this morning. Yuzu, who usually noticed him first if he wasn’t feeling alright asked him what was wrong. Mizuro was silent the whole walk to school - something he often did if he noticed Ichigo’s mood was off. And now Chad.

“Of course not,” snorted Ichigo. “It’s only been a few hours.”

4 hours and 28 minutes.

Last night, when Orihime suddenly told him she was going to miss school for about a week to visit her aunt, he had been fine and instructed her with the regular take-care-of-yourself protocol.

But this morning when he woke up, feeling her reiatsu slowly move away from him - from Karakura - he felt empty inside. When she was here, right beside him, their reiatsu bonded so strongly that every time she was away, he felt like he was missing a piece of himself, even though it had been just two months since they began dating.

“Who wouldn’t miss Orihime-chan?!” exclaimed Keigo. “Especially a lucky bastard like Ichigo who gets to kiss her and do unimaginable things to her every day -”

“Shut up!” roared Ichigo, his ears turning red. Although he had to admit, this morning didn’t feel quite right without her ‘Good Morning’ kiss.

“I can’t help but feel bad for Inoue-san,” pointed out Ishida, looking up from his book. “Engaging herself in a relationship with a dimwit like Kurosaki.”

“Shut up, Quincy!” retorted Ichigo.

He didn’t miss her all that much. It was not that big of a deal. He could handle a few days, he wasn’t that desperate or lonely.

Still, he ended up checking his phone every five minutes for the rest of the day.

“I thought you didn’t miss her?” Said Tatsuki, noticing him flip open his phone for the billionth time.

“Just making sure she’s okay,” he snapped. “I’m FINE .”

“Whatever makes you sleep at night, grumpy-pants.”

Suddenly his phone buzzed and he excitedly opened it. A text!

Dearest ungrateful son of mine, bring home some vegetables for dinner. Don’t forget!

Ichigo sighed. He yanked his hair in frustration. Another text came in but this time he lazily opened it.

Ichigo-kun! I just reached my aunt’s home and my hair is such a mess! Look, one strand looks like Saturn!

A picture was attached. Sure enough, a curl in one strand of her hair looked like Saturn. He grinned at her cute expression.

Maybe these few days wouldn’t be that bad with her texting him.


An hour later she messaged him saying

Forgot my charger :P won’t be able to text much. Sorry :(

So he went home.

Three days later, Ichigo was sure he was losing his mind. Not ONE word. Not one syllable of her sweet voice. His friend’s began avoiding him due to his more-than-usual scowling nature.

Until one fateful day, when he was staring outside the window in class and he saw a figure at his window.

“Hii, Ichigo-kun!” she said, sitting on the sill. “Did you miss me? I cut my trip short-”

“Did Inoue-san climb the drain pipe?”

“What is she doing up there?”

Ichigo didn’t care. He walked up to her, grabbed her face and kissed her roughly.

“So much for not missing her,” muttered Tatsuki.

“Don’t ever leave again.” he said, fiercely.

Ichigo was back to normal again.

I like to imagine Keyleth using druidcraft the way other people doodle all over the place without even noticing. Absentmindedly letting flowers blossom and leaf buds bloom wherever she goes, her fingertips brushing them as she walks by, a slight breeze always caught in her hair, candles lighting up when she passes them, vines crawling up her arms, leaves and flowers trapped in the creases of her clothes…

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I've noticed something on the show that I don't get...why was Sansa locked in a room all day? I mean she's inside Winterfell, it's not like she would pass the gates unnoticed. And Myranda? Why does she dress like a fancy lady, if she is just a commoner? Why does she attend the wedding, almost side by side with Roose and Walda like she's family? How come she knows how to use a bow and what power does she have to injure Sansa? Could she just warn a guard about Sansa's escaping? Thank you!


I’m so, so sorry, but I really can’t try and rationalise anything in this plot. Literally nothing makes sense. Seriously, nothing. Myranda and her bow among other things.

When did Sansa learn to pick locks? No idea. Why does she decide to cross the courtyard to go to that tower, when she was raised in this castle and probably knows like a hundred of better ways? No idea. Why does she think that lighting a tiny candle in the middle of the day is a good plan to start with? No idea. Why is Myranda attending the wedding at all? No idea. Why no other Northern lord was invited, when this charade was supposedly to give the Bolton rule some legitimacy? No idea. Are there any other Northern Lords at all? Who knows. Why is Myranda dressing in a corset with nothing underneath when she’s in the North, during the winter? No idea. How long did she stand there, waiting for Sansa to appear through that door? No idea, but damn, strong arm! What was the point of this character? Don’t look at me. What was the point of this story line, besides shock value and making Ramsay shine? Beats me.

And I could go on all day. The whole thing makes no sense at all, from the beginning to the end, I’m truly sorry. I mean, I’m sure all these things made sense to D&D, because they wanted them to happen. But, to me?

I’m really, really sorry, I simply can’t understand any of it. Or take it seriously, for that matter. (I really don’t mean to be rude, but I truly can’t).


i draw serious things….i promise…

@hubris-but-no-writing wrote a short fic and i just… *sigh

Silent Night - T

Oh my gosh, I just realized I never posted day 13 and already posted day 14…Welp! This continues after Snowed In and before Beauty and the Beast, it doesn’t effect the plot too much.

Katara had finished the pot of tea, all the while expecting the owner of the house to check in on her or at least greet her. She even made a few loud noises with the metal poker in the hopes that someone would notice she was awake.

It was one thing to help herself to tea but another to start exploring the house in the search of someone or an actual bedroom. She also hoped that there were some staff around because the house was far too quiet for her liking. It was unsettling to think that she was alone in the house except for the owner.

There should be noise, she thought to herself, even in large houses, I should be able to hear someone moving about. Could it be that they’re all asleep?

Now that she was warm, Katara decided she could wait no longer and to start looking for signs of someone. Finding a candle she could carry, she left the blanket on the settee and her bag next to it.

There were two sets of double doors, one more ornate than the other which she hoped led back to a front entrance, a good focal point for exploring. The door actually opened to a hallway but the next door brought her to the front room, the backside of an ornate door she vaguely remembered along one wall.  

There were two paths she could take now. She could take one of the hallways on that floor in search of servants or a kitchen where there had to be action. Or she could go upstairs in search of the owner or a bedroom.

A clock chiming after midnight made the decision for her; bedroom it was.

It was a grand main staircase. She went up one side of the double staircase, noticing the polished cherry wood and clean red velvet runners. In the shadows, she could see giant crystal chandeliers and she could only imagine how everything looked when they were lit. Again, the state of the mansion showed there had to be multiple people here for the upkeep.

And yet still not a sound to be heard beyond the clock. The wind wasn’t even howling outside anymore. The floors didn’t creek under her steps as she came to the second floor.

Katara was nervous about trying all the doors to find someone. What if they actually we’re sleeping and she disturbed them? Even though she had just woken from a nap, her sleepiness returned. Trying the first door she saw, she was thankful to find an empty bedroom. She lit a candle next to the window, away from the curtain, and set the other on the night stand by the bed. It didn’t take much longer for her to get situated in the thick covers. The room was chilly but the blankets warmed up quickly.

As she closed her eyes, the silence crept back. She began to wonder, what if she was alone in this giant house.

Of course there had to be someone to have saved her, but in the silence of the night she forgot about that detail. The mind can think up many scary things when there’s no one around. But there was.  

The owner of the mansion, who hadn’t gone to sleep the moment he took in the traveler, looked in through the open hallway door. There was a pull to the traveler that he hadn’t known before. It scared him to his core. It was poor timing for her that she got stuck in the snow, and the rain wouldn’t come for another few days. He would have to ensure she didn’t leave too soon.

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You know su is racist when my white friends notices it and ask me if im comfortable with watching it. She asked me this a few times but the last straw for us was the human zoo...ty for speaking up about this. I really appreciate it !

no i definitely get that!! i don’t know how anyone can even excuse something like that, i really don’t know how they can get away with not even understanding the connotations or real world instances of human zoos… 

but honestly, i am not the person who’s speaking up the most about the racism in SU, probably because i’m a white passing person of mixed heritage and it affects me less than it does a WHOOOLE lot of other people who criticize the show– in fact, the person you should most than for criticizing racist aspects is @centiprincess !! honestly, there’s a lot of stuff that i didn’t really catch onto before reading their criticisms and it’s really important to listen to someone who’s most affected by it and i’ve certainly benefited from it a lot!!

u know what i’ve noticed in group rps lately? rpers calling their characters bi to seem ‘diverse’ but not actually making them bi, like….. i’m not even talking about connections, but rather about their backstories and bios. it’s like? it’s just a thing that’s mentioned MAYBE once except it’s never explored or played out? and as a bi piece of trash, i am #tired.

Operation Zeitgeist: Before

Juliana Crain was raised by the Resistance with one aim only—to infiltrate the structures of GNR and kill its leader. 

But when the time comes, she hesitates. 


There is something about her that astounds him from the start.

He does not notice her at once, of course. Not when he comes in and not when he sits down. It is only after the lengthy standing ovation, after everyone else leaves that his eyes find her—a slim figure in a neatly pressed black uniform, decorated by a striped armband. It is, perhaps, the rarity that intrigues him or maybe it is his intuition, a herald to what is to come. Women were not officially allowed to join the ranks of the Schutzstaffel, but for those who desired to do so, there were always ways—options one could take. In the Greater Nazi Reich, it could be done through the Schutzstaffel itself. In the Third Reich women needed to join a related institution focusing specifically on female engagement in the war effort. The most famous of them, Heinrich Himmler’s lover and current wife, Hedwig Potthast was of the first generation in the context of the Reich. The brunette in front of him will be one of the first generation raised by Greater Reich.

Ideologically, no woman was seen as suitable for such position. Nevertheless, when being in possession of the right credentials and fueled by a pure motivation, even this regime was willing to make exceptions and accept the fairer sex as something else than mothers of the Volk’s future.  

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Rey spent so many lonely nights asking if someone would ever care about her, if someone would ever be worthy of her trust, if someone would ever come back for her. Then one day…

Finn does.

Finn is.

Finn did.

The questions used to make her cry. Now, if they bubble to the surface from sheer force of habit, Rey just smiles to herself, her eyes watering but not with sadness. Sometimes, (every time) Finn notices and asks why she’s smiling. She blushes, says “Nothing,” because she can’t say the truth–that it’s everything, that


everything. Not yet. But soon. Because now she’s asking herself if someone will ever love her, and she’s pretty sure that Finn is already the answer. Finn is


the answer.

When it Rains

Summary: Hanji finds the strength to move on.

Read here for notes.

Inspired by this

Hanji woke up to the sound of rain outside her room. It was still dark. Even though it was cloudy, she could tell it was still too early. She closed her eyes, searching for her sleep again. Then her mind wondered elsewhere.

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I’ve taken a handful of photos of her carrying her box of flowers. It’s comically large against her petite stature. Later that day I notice she’s uploaded one of the images to her Instagram account, selecting one of the photos where her face is hidden. - Vogue Australia

Jake’s nose is bruised and Gina is pretty sure she knows why

The reaction from the precinct was almost instantaneous as Jake exited the elevator and tried to hurry to his desk.

“Jake, who broke your beautiful face?”

Charles’ cry echoed through the bullpen as he leapt out of his chair and hurried over to his best friend.

“It’s nothing.”

Rosa eyed him over the top of her computer screen. “You look like Barney.”

Jake’s nose was a violent shade of purple and alarmingly swollen, making his distinct facial feature even more noticeable than normal.

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sansan ficlet part 2 (S6E10 spoilers)

[continued from here]

It was when she noticed the servants’ curious looks as she followed Jon through the pleasantly warm halls that she realised she’d made a public spectacle of herself. She could not help flushing, even as she told herself she didn’t care. Her insides felt like jelly, and her thoughts were still outside with the man formerly known as the Hound. Sandor Clegane, it was now. She didn’t know why he caused her such feelings, but she didn’t regret her actions.

Jon led her upstairs into the solar she used most often, near her mother’s sept. He closed the door, and then turned towards her wearily. “You know you shouldn’t argue with me in front of the men, Sansa. I’m supposed to be their bloody king. I can’t have my orders undermined by you.”

“I wasn’t undermining. I was informing.” Sansa sagged onto an embroidered sofa. Her feet were still cold and her insides felt wrung out. “I know I shouldn’t have yelled like that. I was…taken by surprise. But I’m your sister, and the lady of the castle. You should respect my opinion.”

“I do.” He sat next to her and clasped her cold hands with his own big warm ones. “Sorry. I know I need to learn to listen to you, and Davos, and even Tormund occasionally. I’m just not used to…any of this.  Especially all the Your Majesties.” He shuddered theatrically.

Sansa giggled before she could stop herself. “It is very odd, isn’t it? Think what Arya would say.”

Jon snorted. “She’d probably tell me my head’s gotten too big and then kick me in the shins.”

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