i don't even know i'm bored and this always amused me

  • Okay but hear me out 
  • There are a surprisingly small amount of percy Jackson!malec au
  • So I ask you to consider:
  • Magnus as calypso
  • Oh my god
  • Just think about it
  • Alec is on a mission, super important and bad against like, Valentine or whatever
  • And he plans to destroy camp half-blood and take over the mortal world?? Idk
  • He wants to wipe out the gods and their supporters???
  • Think like how luke (not garroway, castellan) got so many demigod allies thanks to the flawed system mixed with the Circle and that kind of prejudice, you know?
  • Anyway
  • Alec’s a part of the mission to defeat him
  • And while he’s not the famous percy or jason kind of hero like clary or his siblings, he’s more important than he knows
  • But anyway
  • They’re fighting, a battle at sea- valentine’s Andromeda (I mean, both luke castellan and valentine had an evil boat)
  • And alec goes overboard, sacrificing himself to save the others
  • and then of course
  • Alec washes up on the shore of Ogygia
  • He’s very confused, of course, when he wakes up to a beautiful stranger with golden cat eyes tending to his wounds briskly and efficiently
  • But the stranger informs him he is on a magical island and he’s been knocked out three days
  • And alec’s like ???
  • At first, the raft doesn’t show up, because alec doesn’t necessarily fall so quickly in love
  • And magnus is closed off, afraid of getting his heart broken again
  • After all, people hadn’t actually washed up on his shore in a while
  • He’d decided he wouldn’t do it again, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t, and soon the visits had dwindled and then stopped
  • Because maybe even being alone was better than having loved and lost a thousand times
  • (it’s not)
  • But then alec came and well
  • You’ve unlocked something in me,”
  • But anyway
  • soon they get to know each other and they just-
  • they can’t help but fall deeply, deeply in love
  • It maybe takes a while (Although time is different in Ogygia)
  • Many days of Magnus gardening, painting, telling stories
  • Days of alec sharing with him, his secrets, his stories
  • And magnus…. Slowly beginning to trust him with the same things in return, the same fears and hopes and dreams
  • It starts with them sharing a bed when one of them has a nightmare
  • And then it grows as alec tries to teach magnus archery, and magnus teaches him about herbs and potions
  • As alec tries (and fails) to paint magnus
  • As magnus shares stories of past people, ranging from funny to sweet to sad
  • (I say people because not all were lovers- after all, love didn’t have to necessarily be romantic. Apparently friends, counted too. In fact, ragnor, one of the ones who had stayed the longest, had only ever been a friend, and one of the deepest cutting losses he’d ever experienced)
  • As alec tries to teach him to dance (magnus only knows some very old-fashioned dances, and he’d never been good at them anyway. Meanwhile, alec claims it’s a lot like fighting, just more… loose. And free.)
  • As magnus helps him make a new bow, new arrows, out of the trees and such
  • As alec tells him that he loves his eyes, that they’re unique and pretty (magnus usually hides them as they tend to freak out his visitors, but after that he hides them less and less)
  • As magnus gives him a little moonlace flower to take care of
  • And alec knows magnus has fallen in love a thousand times before
  • But this time- this time it’s different
  • And maybe alec has insecurities about that but he knows magnus loves him, and that’s what matters
  • And it’s just
  • It’s beautiful, okay?
  • But
  • But the worst part about their relationship,
  • Is that he has to make that choice
  • The choice they always have to make
  • His family… his friends…. or the man he fell in love with
  • Because the Fates are fucking cruel
  • And he knows he has a duty, a job-
  • But…. the world has jace and izzy and clary and simon and so many others
  • Who does magnus have?
  • Who has ever chosen him? Who’s ever stayed with him?
  • Who needs Alec more?
  • “I just want the person who loves me to choose me over the world”
  • I don’t want the world, I want you”
  • Because he tells himself they don’t need me. Magnus does
  • The raft comes, and alec looks at it for a long time
  • And magnus is sad because alec is going to leave him
  • But then
  • He doesn’t
  • Alec chooses magnus
  • It hurts so much, but it’s worth it
  • And alec looks down at that fucking raft, magnus turns away because he almost can’t bear watching alec turn his back on him
  • But then alec sets it on fire
  • And he’s like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”
  • And alec smiles (a little sadly, he has thought about this- he’d figured that the raft would come at some point, he’s thought about this, and knows, he knows what he needs to- wants to- do) and says “I’m choosing you”
  • And magnus doesn’t know what to think, and he can’t help but begin to cry, not sure if he’s sad or happy, angry or relieved
  • Alec wraps his arms around him and holds him close and all magnus can think is no one has ever chosen me before, no one-
  • And they’re on this island together
  • And they love each other so fucking much
  • And on Ogygia, Alec won’t age
  • Alec knows they’ll likely be together a very long time- possibly forever
  • But he can’t ever imagine getting bored of Magnus, imagine not wanting to wake up to his beautiful face, imagine not wanting to hold him and love him and keep him
  • He couldn’t imagine not wanting to be his forever
  • Of course, the raft comes back, and each night alec burns it
  • It’s almost like a ritual
  • they’re happy together, but every day, alec wonders
  • are they okay?
  • His siblings, his friends, his family….
  • And magnus worries, because what if alec regrets it??? What if alec grows to regret this? Regret him? What if he leaves?
  • He didn’t want to keep him here if he wanted to leave, but he wasn’t sure if he could bear losing him after getting his hopes up like this
  • Sometimes, albeit very rarely, a god or goddess will show up with information- Aphrodite, all sympathetic smiles and bubbly laughter, Hermes bringing news of the war (Alec finds he enjoys feeding George and Martha- they’re good conversationalists, too), that kind of thing
  • (I know the gods aren’t that emotionally involved shut up)
  • But then, like a while later
  • Then…
  • the gods free them
  • Aphrodite fought hard (for the power of true love, of course), Athena believed it would be a wise strategy (two powerful allies, she says), Apollo argues for his son’s happiness, Hermes affirms that he has been visiting Magnus for quite a while and believes him to be no threat
  • Hades, Artemis, and Dionysus are all in favor
  • (Apparently Magnus and Dionysus used to be pretty good drinking buddies, Artemis had grudgingly admired their loyalty to each other- and alec’s archery skills, and Hades- well, who knew why he chose to support them?)
  • Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and Ares are all undecided/unbothered
  • Zeus is like ugh no.
  • But they end up…. deciding to do it (obviously)
  • And it’s glorious
  • like one day, they’re eating together, talking quietly and trading soft kisses and sweet words and then… alec looks over to the beach…… and there’s a raft
  • and a figure, dark and silhouetted against the rising sun
  • it’s Apollo, alec’s godly father
  • and as they approach, magnus’s lips turned down into a worried frown, and apollo’s grinning widely
  • they’re standing near the shore, and magnus asks “why are you here?” and his voice is tight and his eyes are bright with worry
  • because what if he’s going to take alec away?
  • After all, that was the whole point of Magnus’s curse, wasn’t it?
  • That he’d always be alone
  • That thanks to the parentage he couldn’t control, thanks to the way he’d been so scared back in the first war and he hadn’t helped either side, he would always be alone
  • (as a creature made for love and attention, thriving among people, among friends- this is the worst punishment they could have imagined)
  • But now… he has alec
  • So what if the gods want to take that back???
  • He’s scared and defensive, and he stands in front of alec protectively and he doesn’t even notice the sparks dancing on his palms, the tongues of flame curling around his fingers
  • Apollo, luckily, is completely unoffended
  • He’s amused (And not unsympathetic)
  • But he hasn’t answered yet
  • And alec brushes past magnus (magnus twitches like he wants to shove him back right now and protect him, but he can’t) and says “father, i’m not leaving. Not without magnus. I’m sorry, but I refuse to. I love him.”
  • And Apollo shakes his head, still smiling, and says slyly, “I wouldn’t ask you to. No, it’s something else, son”
  • Alec looks concerned, and magnus steps forward and says, “is something wrong?”
  • And Apollo grins wider and says “no, nothing’s wrong…. In fact, it’s the opposite”
  • Alec looks skeptical, and Apollo gestures to the raft and says, “table for two?”
  • After a moment, alec’s eyes widen and magnus gasps
  • “You- you can’t mean-?” magnus asked, shocked, and Apollo gave him a surprisingly gentle smile
  • “you’re free,” he replied happily, “both of you”
  • Magnus couldn’t help but fall to his knees, feeling weak, knowing he was trembling, but it had been- it had been so goddamn long
  • He’d been on this damn island for literally hundreds, thousands of years
  • And already alec had chosen him, after such a long time of people leaving him, over and over and over again, but now… now they were going to be free
  • Free together!
  • And alec-
  • Alec is going home.
  • He’d already reconciled himself with the fact he wasn’t going home again, wasn’t seeing his friends and family again
  • But now he would
  • He would, and he would with the love of his life
  • He could introduce magnus to them- and magnus could meet them, too- and- just the idea, of everyone he loved in one place-
  • Alec throws his arms around magnus
  • They were both grinning widely, tears sparking at their eyes
  • They kiss, but the kiss is messy and full of emotion and it falls apart under the weight of their love and relief and sudden, crushing hope
  • Apollo grins, tips his hat (He hadn’t been wearing a top hat a second ago, but whatever, he was a god) and says, “pack your bags, kidd-os!”
  • Magnus has barely anything to pack
  • A part of him will miss his island
  • The peace of the gardens, the clear sky, the lack of idiots
  • But most of him can’t wait to get out and see the people, the world
  • To have rain, snow- it never snowed on the island and it very rarely rained
  • And he had few actual possessions on the island itself
  • So he had a small bag and that’s it
  • And alec had the bow magnus had helped him make and the little moonlace flower
  • And they step onto the raft together, the wood rocking unevenly under their feet
  • And Apollo grins cheerily and waves them off as the raft begins to speed away
  • Alec puts his arm around magnus as they watch the island that had been magnus’s home- his home, and his prison- for so, so long zoom away… forever
  • And it’s a long journey home (they run into two different sea monsters, somehow)
  • Okay, but here’s the thing
  • everyone thinks alec is dead
  • it’s been like idk a year? Half a year?
  • I know that in the books he was gone longer than he thought but I say that the time fluctuation can go either way because I want to
  • So like he thinks he was gone for like idk a year or two
  • And for them it’s been like half that
  • But anyway
  • They’re mourning and grieving in their own ways, and they’re like making battle plans or whatever??
  • When the alarm goes up
  • And they get to the beach, expecting an attack
  • And there’s a raft, washed up on the shore, and two people clinging to it, kind of wet but grinning and breathless
  • And it’s alec, alec and someone they’ve never seen before
  • Ooooh wait
  • You know how I mentioned that it wasn’t always romantic people who washed up??
  • What if clary did???
  • To like blend the canon of magnus knowing little!clary and of calypso knowing at least one person still alive idk
  • But I mean like when she was a little kid, before she knew she was the daughter of some powerful greek god
  • So magnus had been like chilling, gardening or whatever
  • And this little redheaded girl washed up
  • Like a fucking toddler
  • And he’s like “good heavens this little girl just fucking washed up on the beach what are the Fates fucking playing at????
  • And he, of course, helps her
  • And he grows to love this sweet little girl (love what he could’ve had, love the family he would never have, but also just her- she was fiery and fierce and strong) which means the raft showed up, like a little sister or something
  • He nicknames her biscuit because she keeps eating all of his fucking biscuits
  • (Hermes brings them sometimes and magnus finds he is quite fond of what he knows about the current mortal world- the wine Dionysus occasionally brings has certainly gotten better. And later, the diet coke)
  • but he knew she had loved ones, a family, and so once her wounds were taken care of, he sent her away on the raft and knew she would find those people who loved her again
  • Maybe this is part of her backstory oh my god
  • Like when she was a kid, she and her mom were attacked by monsters on a cruise or something?
  • And she only remembers a kind young man taking care of her, calling her biscuit (for some reason) then a bobbing raft at sea, then waking up in her sobbing mother’s arms (“Luke, I just found her, she was on a piece of driftwood, of all things-”)
  • Her friends (The ones she’s told about this, anyway) nicknamed him Biscuit Man
  • Because she’s the daughter of one of the Big Three and she’s destined for great things
  • Which includes weird-ass stories like that
  • So when these two show up on the beach, soaked, everyone’s rushing to Alec (“holy shit you’re alive wtf???”) but she’s like “it’s you!”
  • And he kind of squints like “biscuit?”
  • And Alec’s like “wait clary’s biscuit?”
  • And simon’s like “wait that’s Biscuit Man?”
  • Alec snickers
  • Anyway
  • So like alec, someone they thought was fucking dead just sort of shows up
  • With a minor god
  • And is like “not dead?”
  • Izzy nearly punches him
  • Jace does punch him (in the arm) and then hugs him and says I’m glad you’re okay
  • And he’s like “so this is my boyfriend. Magnus.”
  • And Chiron (or the Chiron equivalent… Hodge? Idk) is like “Magnus Bane? Like, minor god, son of one of the worst Titans, Asmodeous? That Magnus?”
  • “yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss?”
  • But basically
  • Happy endings!!!
  • And like Magnus is very confused by the modern world
  • And he loves every second of it
  • He’s fascinated with cell phones and the internet
  • And he actually gets the hang of it pretty fast
  • (never forget magnus bane is a fucking genius- I mean, for one example, he invented the Portal, guys, he’s fucking brilliant)
  • He loves the latest fashion trends and make-up and stuff
  • Isabelle helps with that part ;)
  • And they’re all kind of suspicious at first
  • But magnus ends up being a pretty powerful ally whom is very clearly on their side
  • (just because he spent the past few thousand years on an island with gardens and paint and shit doesn’t mean he isn’t badass as fuck. He still works out and practices and shit)
  • (he also finds Valentine absolutely deplorable)
  • And he’s a really good friend
  • And he obviously adores Alec, he looks at him like he’s everything
  • And Alec looks at him the same way
  • They’re clearly ridiculously in love
  • Magnus stays with him at the Apollo cabin (same bed and everything even though they’re not supposed to- apparently, they’d gotten used to it) and there was no cabin for Magnus anyway
  • Sometimes one of the campers will wake and look over, curious
  • They’ll see them, curled up together, squished against each other and the wall in their little bunk bed but perfectly content
  • A god, albeit minor (or would it technically be Titan? I’m not actually sure) sleeping soundly in the arms of their stern, quiet brother, breaths deep and even
  • It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s right there in front of them
  • Like when they do finally defeat Valentine and shit
  • Magnus is still immortal, see, but Alec isn’t
  • They hadn’t realized this when they’d left the islands (the Fates were still angry, Magnus mutters bitterly) but it was the case
  • But then Alec (whom had done some ridiculously heroic deed) pulls a Percy and is offered a favor
  • And he becomes immortal????
  • Idk
  • But the point is they get their happy ending
  • And just
  • This whole au, man
  • fuck

i don’t know what i’m doing i’m sorry

SCM: The Royal Red Myth Ch. 8

Pairing: King X MC
Mostly romance, some angst and drama later in the series
MC’s Name:
Word Count:
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Note about the King’s Name: So many people have sent in suggestions for his name and I really appreciate it!! I’m not sure if I want to do a vote or just pick the one I like best… What do you think? Do you want to vote or will you be happy with whatever I choose? I don’t mind either way.

Anyway, again, thank you for all your support guys!! It means a lot to me! :)



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Okay, but why do people continue to insist that almost every woman on BBC Sherlock must be a secret villain of some kind?

Here’s a number of theories I’ve come across since the airing of series 3:

  • Janine is Moriarty’s sister.
  • Mary Watson is in fact Sebastian Moran.
  • Molly has been in cahoots with Moriarty all along.

Right. I’m going to go through these one by one.

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nevertrustawildfox  asked:

in addition to what i've already mailed you: "sorry i'm an art student and i don't have any friends who would model for me so are you into nude modeling" au

This is quite rushed but I wanted to get it posted today because I know you’ve had a crappy week. I hope this can cheer you up some.

Rating: G
Tags: alive Laura, human, artist Derek


It’s not that Derek doesn’t have any friends because he does. He has his sisters, Laura and Cora – and okay, maybe sisters don’t count as friends, they’re obliged to like him and hang out with him and make fun of him – and Erica, Boyd and Isaac. But drawing his sisters or his best friends nude would just feel weird. He doesn’t have problems drawing nude people – he’s an artist and he’s drawn countless nude people in class – but he’s quite sure that his sisters and friends would make the experience very uncomfortable. Also, he doesn’t want to see his sisters naked. What if they have piercings in weird places? (Though he’s quite sure he would have heard of that because neither of them seems to know the concept of privacy.) What if they have are shaved there?

He really doesn’t want to see them naked.

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