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Don’t have the time to clean these up at the moment, but I thought I would share anyways.

Anyways, I still want to wait until the game is complete before I decide what to do with this idea, I couldn’t help but play around with possible scenarios. 

I’ve been preparing for a Ye Olde SCA campout this weekend.

My technique in sewing medieval clothes without a paper pattern is a little involved, but I like being able to make a garment and have it fit perfectly the first time I put it on, without having to do a fitting even one time.

How do I do this? Two programs - MakeHuman and Marvelous Designer

- I made a perfect 3D model of myself in MakeHuman by using my measurements and height, following this tutorial

- I imported the creepily perfect 3D model of myself into Marvelous Designer.

- I took medieval patterns from the internet, traced them, and resized them to fit the perfect 3D model of me. Like this t-tunic.

or more complicated clothes:

- Cut out the fabric using the same dimensions, adding a seam allowance

- sew it together (correctly the first time, not wasting fabric)

The first time I made a t-tunic, it went over my head and fit perfectly. I made a t-tunic for my brother using this technique, and he didn’t have to be involved in the process at all except for putting it over his head and it fitting perfectly. 

The hard part would be cutting out the fabric for more complicated clothes, but with ancient/custom clothing like this, you’d have to find a way to do that anyway. With this program, you know at least that it’s going to fit your beautiful body, and there’s less chance of wasting expensive linen..

I was actually using this technique to make custom 3D clothing to fit a Skyrim character (a much more difficult and painstaking process), but then realized that the skillset of making 3D model clothes could be applied to real life. And now all I want to do is invent my own weirdly perfect wizard fashion clothes, or even just make custom normal clothes that fit me weirdly perfectly.

Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them


Mettaton doesn’t look THAT heavy on paper. But in truth…

Voiced by @katreal-fic and @robbobecausewhoneedsoriginality

Edited by @trollyxzx

Comic by @spectrumelf

Comic is here~ :3c

sorry to ask this, but i’m really struggling financially for several reasons right now and donations would be really appreciated. my mental illness symptoms got so severe that i had to go to the hospital (i can provide proof if needed) and miss days of work + my hours were temporarily cut. additionally, my wallet, which had over 100$ inside, is missing. the financial issues are really taking a toll on my mental health. i’m not sure how i’ll pay for things like my medication, which is vital to my wellbeing.

any help would be appreciated- even just reblogging this post! if you want me to pay me back, let me know, and i swear, i’ll repay you as soon as i can. i can also make icons (i don’t have a ton of experience, but i’ve made some before) in return! a link to donate is paypal.me/khthree!

Let’s do this

So Mark is a little over 10 thousand subs away from seventeen million! So I figured we’d start this tomorrow (4/2) Thank you @duckydew for giving me a plan for this! I have made a few changes.

Day 1 (4/2) Say hi to the community! You can post a selfie, (you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable) Tell us your name, where your from, and how long you’ve been watching Mark!

Day 2 (4/3) Favorite quote!

Day 3 (4/4) Favorite video/series Mark has made!

Day 4 (4/5) Favorite color and/or style of the wonderful floof!

Day 5 (4/6) What brought you to the channel? Have you met any friends through it? Tag them here!

Day 6 (4/7) How has Mark helped you? You may get as personal as you wish or it could simply be “he makes me laugh”

Day 7 (4/8) Fanart/Edits/Videos You all have made for Markimoo!

Again please reblog so people see (hopefully even Mark) and follow me! I will be posting reminders starting tomorrow telling you what we’re doing for that certain day of the meetup! By the way we will be using the hashtag #Markimoo17mil Hope to see you all there!

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Overtime - Chapter 3 - JadeTigress - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug (Villainous)
Characters: Black Hat (Villainous), Dr. Flug (Villainous), Hero Original Characters, because villainous has four characters and ones a bear guys help me
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, literally i’m sure they’ll be on fire at some point, Slow Build, Angst, but there will be a happy end… eventually, Alternate Origin Story, (because we don’t know the actual one and i’m covering my bases), I /swear/ Flug and Black Hat get together eventually /I promise/, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, I talk in the tags a lot if you can’t tell

Dr. Flug is an overworked, underfunded scientist creating weapons for heroes. It’s not his dream job (actually he hates it), but at least it pays the bills- and besides, he’s dedicated. Sometimes you just need to chin-up and take one for the team, even if that “one” is being held at gunpoint by a villain. It’s not like he has any other options.

(It’s villainy, being a villain is his other option.)

ok so even tho i follow mostly bts blogs my dash is still lacking bts?? how?? but anyway, i need more mutuals too so….like or reblog if:

  • you post bts (doesn’t have to be strictly bts but i would like it if it’s like 90% bts)
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it might take me a couple of days to chek out all the blogs since i’m working but don’t worry i’ll check them all out ^-^. i follow from my main blog @jeonswhiteshirt 

anonymous asked:

Hey hey! I'm 17 and I really want to get into digital art and drawing. I don't know where to start on the topic of learning. Should I just draw freehand or should I take lessons. I'm really confused on this. I know this is a dumb question, but you have some amazing work and I want to try to start my own stuff, but I can't seem to get the right help anywhere.

Well just so you know, I’ve never took lessons to start drawing.  I only got into art school to improve the work never to learn how to.  there are many tutorials you can find online, I even have an art tag on my blog that has some references you can find extremely helpful.  So for me, draw what you like and learn from other artists and copy their styles to understand how to draw when you’re having trouble.

as long as you’re having fun creating things then go for it! looking up things like “how to draw this” is how I learned how to improve.  It was mostly how to color on programs that I used tutorials but yeah, honestly just start and look up things that you’re having difficulty with and you should be good :D


Let's talk about Kpop~

Let’s talk about groups

1. What animal do you see the members of _____ as?
2. How long have you been interesting in ______?
3. Group face rank
4. Group voice rank
5. If you could make your own group from the different groups, who would you choose, for what part and why?
6. Who seems like the oldest/youngest to me

Let’s talk about bias for ___(enter group name)

7. Who I first noticed
8. Who’s my bias
9. Who’s my least favorite
10. If I have a bias ruiner

Let’s talk about ships(by group)

11. My first ship
12. My first otp
13. My current otp
14. My notp

Let’s talk about favorites(by group or overall)

15. My vocal favorite
16. My dancing favorite
17. My favorite song
18. My favorite MV
19. Favorite rapper
20. Favorite male group
21. Favorite female group
22. Favorite group
23. Favorite solo
24. Favorite duo
25. Favorite performance
26. Favorite dance
27. Favorite song based on how it sounds
28. Favorite song based on lyrics
29. Favorite lyric from group
30. Favorite male vocalist
31. Favorite male dancer
32. Favorite male rapper
33. Favorite female vocalist
34. Favorite female dancer
35. Favorite female rapper
36. Favorite era
37. Least favorite era
38. Favorite show ___ has been in
39. Favorite costume your bias has worn
40. Favorite hair style/color your bias has had


scyide  asked:

I didn't want to spam you so I am including three requests in one. I will absolutely not be offended if you skip any, lol. Requesting headcanons for Kakyoin and his s/o going on a road trip together. Also headcanons for how Kakyoin would regularly show his affection to his s/o. Even the little things he does to show that ya know? And finally headcanons for Kakyoin trying to help an s/o with barely any self esteem or self worth.

I hope these are okay!

☆ Road trip with Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin has done more traveling abroad than anything else, so he’s excited at the thought of a simple road trip, especially with his s/o. He’s generally not a very spontaneous person, preferring to put a lot of thought and planning into everything, but he’d also be perfectly willing to drop everything and just leave with his s/o, if that’s what they really want.
  • He’d like this to be an entirely new experience; rent and sleep in the car instead of getting a room somewhere, eating almost exclusively at restaurants that serve food they’ve never tried or grilling out of the back of the car, hell, maybe foregoing a map entirely and just seeing where they end up. He understands if any of that makes his s/o uncomfortable, though, and is grateful that they even entertained the ideas for him for a little while.

  • He personally doesn’t have a set destination, so the route they take is almost entirely up to his s/o; he’ll most likely find a few stops he’d like to make, but that’s really it. He tends to get sidetracked the most whenever they’re crossing a countryside, because he wants to see what they can fish up in the nearest lakes or rivers. He also wants to take these chances to sleep under the stars, and his s/o almost always agrees, because it’s hard to say no when he’s getting so excited.

☆ Kakyoin’s shows of affection ☆

  • In general, it takes him awhile to warm up to showing much affection at all. He isn’t sure what boundaries typically are, so he’s afraid of crossing lines and making his s/o uncomfortable, or accidentally embarrassing either of them.
  • He tends to buy things for his s/o without realizing it; he may’ve seen a cute stuffed animal that reminds him of them, or he may’ve noticed that their favorite scarf is unraveling or their wallet’s worn at the seams. His s/o’s going to end up with a lot of new stuff, because he takes note of what they seem to need at the time. He plays it off as just being considerate of people, but his s/o will probably notice that he doesn’t do it for anyone else.

  • PDA embarrasses him for awhile, because he’s just not used to it, but he does enjoy it once he gets past the initial wave of shyness. He’s not going to be much for initiating it, at first, so it’ll be up to his s/o to grab his hand or drape his arm around their shoulder. He thinks it’s super cute when they wrap the ends of his scarf around themselves, or try to bury themselves in his coat while he’s wearing it.

☆ Kakyoin helping his s/o with their self-esteem ☆

  • Kakyoin has a vague grasp of his s/o’s feelings; he’s never felt quite the same as they do, but he’s had similar experiences, so he understands a bit better than most people would.
  • He’s aware of the fact that everyone is different, so he doesn’t try to overstep any boundaries; he prefers to sit down and just talk honestly with his s/o, and let them say whatever they’re comfortable sharing. He won’t try to pry too deep into things, and just lets them talk, because sometimes that’s all that’s really needed. The most he’ll ask is what his s/o wants him to do, or how he can help.
  • He can read his s/o really well, especially after they open up to him like that, so on their worst days, he gets almost overbearing with his affection. He’ll dress them up and take them to a fancy dinner if they can handle it, or he’ll just wrap his arms around them and make them lay down and rest for awhile if that’s what they need. And through it all, even though he knows it probably doesn’t help much, he’s constantly reassuring his s/o that he loves them just as they are, and he always will.

     ——–  do  you  like  smart ,   sexy  doctors  ?       how  about  smart ,  sexy  doctors  with  australian  accents  ?       if  you  answered    ‘ yes ’    to  either  of  these  questions ,   then  you  are  in  the  right  place .       if  you  answered   ‘ no ’   to  either  of  these  questions ,   then  .   .   .    well,   clearly  something  is  wrong  with  you .     fortunately ,   i  know   just   the  person  who  can  help .      behold ,  the  doctor   is  in   the  house !!!      HE’S  BEAUTY ,    HE’S  GRACE ,    HIS  NAME  IS    ROBERT  CHASE .

Oh man I haven’t drawn anything in forever so sorry if it’s kind of bad, but I guess I like how it turned out. I’ve never drawn anything like this before hehe!

To explain what’s going on my friend @iheartanime14 and I have been doing a Zumin rp together! I’ll explain under the cut.

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