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Don’t have the time to clean these up at the moment, but I thought I would share anyways.

Anyways, I still want to wait until the game is complete before I decide what to do with this idea, I couldn’t help but play around with possible scenarios. 

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Drarry request! I'd love a cute fluffy Halloween or Christmas themed drarry, maybe with little Scorpius and teddy too!! Also, I love your stuff! Keep doing what you're doing!!! =D

“What on earth are you doing?” Draco all but screeches, displeased at the pitch in his voice.

Harry does that half smile, half shrug thing he does often, wiping at his cheek with his forearm careful not to get the orange goop covering his hands onto his face.

“We’re carving pumpkins, Draco!” Teddy shouts happily, shoving his hands inside the pumpkin and pulling out handfuls of slimy orange pumpkin bits. “It’s so gross, Uncle Harry!”

Draco is hard pressed to understand why Teddy sounds quite so pleased at how gross it is. “Yes I can see you’re carving pumpkins. But the question is, why are you doing it like that?!” He waves his arms around a bit at a loss for words.

“Like what?”

“The muggle way.”

“Draco, don’t tell me you’ve never carved a pumpkin.”

“Of course I have! With magic. Like all civilized witches and wizards.”

“This is way more fun than magic, Draco! Come help us, please.” Draco wants to say no but Teddy has his bottom lip out in the fakest pout he has ever seen and Draco knows Harry must’ve taught him that. It shouldn’t work, but when Harry makes the same face Draco knows he’s lost.

“Fine you heathens.”

Draco frowns in displeasure, having no intention of actually sticking his hands anywhere near the pumpkins. But then Harry is sliding up behind him on his knees, pressing his chest into Draco’s back and making it very hard for Draco to think of any suitable reason to not do anything Harry asks.

“You’re going to owe me later,” he mumbles, feeling it necessary to keep up at least some pretense of displeasure. He can feel Harry’s warm breath on the side of his neck, watching in morbid fascination as Harry slides his messy hands over the tops of Draco’s, guiding it into the pumpkin. It should be revolting, and in a way it is, but there’s something unexpectedly erotic about it and Draco is just glad he’s wearing robes or he’d have an awful lot of explaining to do.

He doesn’t even realize what Harry is doing until Harry grabs his hand, sliding his finger into the hole he assumes is meant to be an eye and twisting it. “The hole is a bit small. Perhaps you can make it bigger,” he whispers, sliding a small carving knife into Draco’s other hand. The innuendo hangs heavy in the air and Draco is eternally glad that Teddy is too absorbed in his own pumpkin to notice.

“I’m very adept at making holes bigger,” Draco mumbles, smiling in satisfaction when he feels Harry start to shift behind him, his own hard to explain predicament pressed up against the small of Harry’s back.

Harry’s nose brushes against the back of his neck as he presses small kisses just above his collar. “Need any help?”

Draco doesn’t speak, just takes Harry’s finger and aligns it with his own, drooling them sideways to scrape along the side of the eye. “Mmm, two fingers always better than one when making a hole bigger wouldn’t you say.”

Harry makes a sound somewhere between a moan and a coughing noise and Draco feels his smile widen.

Perhaps this will be fun after all.

I’ve been preparing for a Ye Olde SCA campout this weekend.

My technique in sewing medieval clothes without a paper pattern is a little involved, but I like being able to make a garment and have it fit perfectly the first time I put it on, without having to do a fitting even one time.

How do I do this? Two programs - MakeHuman and Marvelous Designer

- I made a perfect 3D model of myself in MakeHuman by using my measurements and height, following this tutorial

- I imported the creepily perfect 3D model of myself into Marvelous Designer.

- I took medieval patterns from the internet, traced them, and resized them to fit the perfect 3D model of me. Like this t-tunic.

or more complicated clothes:

- Cut out the fabric using the same dimensions, adding a seam allowance

- sew it together (correctly the first time, not wasting fabric)

The first time I made a t-tunic, it went over my head and fit perfectly. I made a t-tunic for my brother using this technique, and he didn’t have to be involved in the process at all except for putting it over his head and it fitting perfectly. 

The hard part would be cutting out the fabric for more complicated clothes, but with ancient/custom clothing like this, you’d have to find a way to do that anyway. With this program, you know at least that it’s going to fit your beautiful body, and there’s less chance of wasting expensive linen..

I was actually using this technique to make custom 3D clothing to fit a Skyrim character (a much more difficult and painstaking process), but then realized that the skillset of making 3D model clothes could be applied to real life. And now all I want to do is invent my own weirdly perfect wizard fashion clothes, or even just make custom normal clothes that fit me weirdly perfectly.

Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them


Mettaton doesn’t look THAT heavy on paper. But in truth…

Voiced by @katreal-fic and @robbobecausewhoneedsoriginality

Edited by @trollyxzx

Comic by @spectrumelf

Comic is here~ :3c

I’m so incredibly pissed right now….my mom failed to pay the property tax and now after several months of it lapsing she has until Monday….thats not that long from now. She has until 5pm on Monday to pay it or the house goes on auction that very next day. My dad doesn’t get paid until Wednesday !!! My grandfather had told my family he would help pay if they paid him back and they agreed…..now my grandfather is backing out and if it doesn’t get paid they will be kicked out and have to live in the car. I have two younger brothers who have to go to school in less than a few weeks. My dad won’t be able to get to work….guys I’m freaking out…..i don’t know what to do….why does my mom have to be so stupid to let something like this happen….PLEASE I KNOW IT WON’T HELP BUT I HAVE A DONATION BUTTON ON MY TUMBLR….IF ANYONE CAN HELP JUST A LITTLE….I KNOW I SHOULDN’T ASK…BUT I HAVE LITTLE BROTHERS WHO ARE GONNA BE HOMELESS…PLEASE!!!

Otp parents meme with Harry Styles:

Originally posted by thedailystyles

Requested by @fionnredhead / @androgynoustyles

A/N: Nope, I don’t write for singers in general, but I couldn’t say no to my girl Gabe, so here I am, writing for one of the most important persons in my life again (my 13 years old me is probably crying right now)

  • Who’s the one to wake up the kids:

You are, and you also have to wake up Harry sometimes because he doesn’t sleep like he should all the time

  • Who makes the breakfast:

It switchs - sometimes you do, sometimes he does, sometimes all of you do and it’s just a huge family mess, etc

  • Who’s the one to cry for everything:

Harry. He’s emotional, you know that. So if he sees his kids doing something adorable or whatever, he will probably have tears on his eyes (but in a cool way)

  • Who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one:

I feel like you’re the one who has to teach the kids some discipline, since Harry spends a lot of time away from home. I mean, he knows how to educate his children, but he’s definitely way more lenient than you

  • Who helps with the science fair:

You do, because Harry will be just as excited as the kids about it, so he won’t actually help, he will watch everything with an amazed look on his face as if his kids were genius for building up a vulcan or something

  • Who does baby talk:

He does! He had an special voice to talk to the kids (when they were still babies, you know?)

  • Who wakes up for midnight feedings:

Both of you do, but usually you do more than him

  • Who’s the one who always worries:

Harry. It doesn’t matter if something small happened, like one of the kids got a bruise while playing on the backyard, he will be worried

  • Who picks up the kids early from school for some fun:

Harry does, and he’s like “we’re not telling your mom about this, alright?” - then he takes the kids to have ice cream or to have lunch on Anne’s house

  • Who’s the competitive parent:

You two are, which means that things are a little bit hard for the kids, although you let them win sometimes (but only sometimes)

  • Who kisses the ouches:

Harry does, while you’re the one who hugs them and put some medicine on it

  • Who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes:

Both of you, although you can resist it sometimes. Harry can’t, so if he’s telling the kids “no, we’re not gonna do this” or something like that, and they look up at him with those puppy eyes, he will definitely do what they want to - and will curse everyone and everything because he always used puppy eyes against people and now it’s his turn to suffer with them

  • Who makes the “dad jokes”:

I can’t even explain how awful are Harry’s dad jokes (or just jokes in general)

  • Who embarrassed their kid for fun:

You two, just like a team 

  • Who’s the over protective one:

Harry is, and nobody can tell him to stop protecting the kids (he likes to have them under his wing)

  • Who’s the “take a sweater!” parent:

Both of you (but mostly you, I guess)

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I need help. I really want to get Marks attention BUT WAIT, it's not what you think. I have such a small following on all my social medias, I wouldn't be able to ask... And I don't want to seem annoying or pushy.. I JUST... Really want him to do a charity live stream one day.. for a certain rare illness, but I don't know how to get his attention. Or really even how to ask... Have any ideas? Please help me figure this out, thank you <3

i think your best option would to be to keep posting in the tags here on tumblr, or even on twitter or other social medias that he has. if you’d like, you can tag me in it and i’ll see what i can do to help try to get mark to notice it. or maybe during one of his streams you can try asking there. its hard to get his attention considering there’s so many people, but i’ll do whatever i can to help you out, sweetheart! 

sorry to ask this, but i’m really struggling financially for several reasons right now and donations would be really appreciated. my mental illness symptoms got so severe that i had to go to the hospital (i can provide proof if needed) and miss days of work + my hours were temporarily cut. additionally, my wallet, which had over 100$ inside, is missing. the financial issues are really taking a toll on my mental health. i’m not sure how i’ll pay for things like my medication, which is vital to my wellbeing.

any help would be appreciated- even just reblogging this post! if you want me to pay me back, let me know, and i swear, i’ll repay you as soon as i can. i can also make icons (i don’t have a ton of experience, but i’ve made some before) in return! a link to donate is paypal.me/khthree!

Let’s do this

So Mark is a little over 10 thousand subs away from seventeen million! So I figured we’d start this tomorrow (4/2) Thank you @duckydew for giving me a plan for this! I have made a few changes.

Day 1 (4/2) Say hi to the community! You can post a selfie, (you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable) Tell us your name, where your from, and how long you’ve been watching Mark!

Day 2 (4/3) Favorite quote!

Day 3 (4/4) Favorite video/series Mark has made!

Day 4 (4/5) Favorite color and/or style of the wonderful floof!

Day 5 (4/6) What brought you to the channel? Have you met any friends through it? Tag them here!

Day 6 (4/7) How has Mark helped you? You may get as personal as you wish or it could simply be “he makes me laugh”

Day 7 (4/8) Fanart/Edits/Videos You all have made for Markimoo!

Again please reblog so people see (hopefully even Mark) and follow me! I will be posting reminders starting tomorrow telling you what we’re doing for that certain day of the meetup! By the way we will be using the hashtag #Markimoo17mil Hope to see you all there!

It’s 3AM but I wanted to do this so badly lmao

@itsnobbie tagged me in for this prompt:

 In a paragraph or less, create the most shamelessly generic male protagonist you can and a cookie-cutter plot to throw him in, then tag other creatives perhaps and see what the lowest common denominator is, in the fewest words or something

This is more than a paragraph (Nobbie’s was too!) because I just had so much fun n got carried away!

Feel free to read the Nobbies original here it’s so funny lol: LINK

IDK if I’m supposed to tag anyone but I’ve been seeing @brialavellan around lately so if you have time please join in on the fun!

He was her mark: the man she would, inevitably, fail to kill despite her judgment and years of training.

Like every beautiful stranger, he was tall, dark, and peculiarly handsome. Susan knew to keep her distance but despite her best judgment and years of training, there was something alluring about him– a quality some would call intense. She couldn’t help herself.

He had no friends no family, no pets, no nothing–just a little leather notebook sitting on his work desk. Inside, Susan knew, were drawings of his Mother.

It was time to take the shot, but Susan recited his file instead.

The Mark was nearly six feet tall, his hair was the same golden color of unplowed wheat, his eyes gray and heavy like clouds before a heavy rain. His skin was as smooth and white as porcelain glass. And of course, there was the scar–just above the corner of his upper right lip. It was faint, of course, but the scar seemed so foreign, so unfair and out of place, it was as though his maker frowned upon the beauty of his form and felt the need to take it.

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Um is there a word for feeling like you don't care about gender? I don't know how to explain it. It just doesn't bother me. I can't find any gender that fits because I'm just me. Not even agender fits. Me is my gender. Does that make sense?

Lee says:

You could just say that you don’t feel like labels fit you maybe?

Q4: Help! I don’t know how to identify my gender! What does gender feel like?
A4: Here you go. Here is another helpful post. And another. Here’s a blog that categorizes genders by type. We also have tags for different genders (such as /tagged/bigender) if you want more info. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us!

Followers, anybody know of some helpful labels for anon?


After finishing “Good Omens,” there must come from me a stupid, stupid headcanon skit about the side characters

At some point, War has entered the same room as Famine, who appears as though he’s about to eat a sandwich, and she groans, “I’m hungry. Practically starving.”

Famine oh-so-conveniently tells her, “It looks like you need this sandwich far more than I do.” And he offers it right up.

War is about to take a bite when she remembers just who exactly she’s accepted a sandwich from, and he seems altogether too happy that she’s about to eat the sandwich. “Raven. Is there actual food in this?”

“Would I offer anything that wasn’t actual food to YOU, Scarlett?”

At which point, Pollution happens to be walking by, and notices the sandwich just as War takes a bite out of it, and he remarks, “Oh, good! It’s the sandwich I helped make! War, do you like it - “

And War spits out the bite and screams “NOW I KNOW THERE’S NO FOOD IN THIS.”

I’m up way too late everybody

We’re very pleased to announce that a total of 272 USD (4965.14 MXN) donation has been made to Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, A.C (a professional non-profit rescue team who did all the heavy lifting right after the earthquake and continue being absolutely amazing)  

To all of you, from the people of Mexico (my friends and family know of this and they are so touched and grateful) THANK YOU!


To two extraordinary people and talented artists who volunteered to make art in exchange for donations. The mastermind behind it, @smuttine reached out to me right after the earthquake, donated to the cause herself (and donated again, five minutes before this post was made) and came up with this wonderful idea. Soon after, @zanephiri offered to help out without hesitation. The world is brighter because of the two of you. 

To everyone who donated in order to help provide disaster relief after the devastating earthquake in Mexico of September 19. Thank you, all of you:


The response we got was truly overwhelming and I am deeply touched by your kindness and generosity. Once more: ¡Muchas gracias!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Overtime - Chapter 3 - JadeTigress - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Villainous (Cartoon)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Black Hat/Dr. Flug (Villainous)
Characters: Black Hat (Villainous), Dr. Flug (Villainous), Hero Original Characters, because villainous has four characters and ones a bear guys help me
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, literally i’m sure they’ll be on fire at some point, Slow Build, Angst, but there will be a happy end… eventually, Alternate Origin Story, (because we don’t know the actual one and i’m covering my bases), I /swear/ Flug and Black Hat get together eventually /I promise/, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, I talk in the tags a lot if you can’t tell

Dr. Flug is an overworked, underfunded scientist creating weapons for heroes. It’s not his dream job (actually he hates it), but at least it pays the bills- and besides, he’s dedicated. Sometimes you just need to chin-up and take one for the team, even if that “one” is being held at gunpoint by a villain. It’s not like he has any other options.

(It’s villainy, being a villain is his other option.)

Dabi Theory Series: Feelings Towards Shōto - Hate

Feelings Towards Shōto Part 1: Hate

Now that I’ve hit the main points of their possible upbringing here, I’m going to get into some of the more interesting (in my opinion haha) aspects of my theories. This time it’s one of the possible ways Dabi could view Shōto.

As I mentioned before, even if Dabi wanted to be a hero, he wouldn’t be able to. He would be given no support, no help, etc. His father never believed he could succeed, and therefore never gave him a chance. What could this have molded Dabi’s feelings towards Shōto into? Hatred.

Note: This is just theory! You don’t have to agree or disagree. I really don’t mind! Just please don’t be mean. I spent a lot of time writing this out and just wanted a place to share my ideas. I don’t even believe all of it, it’s just thoughts I had.

Another Note: In this theory, I assume that Endeavor did not train any of the children prior to Shōto. I also assume that Dabi is Shōto’s full biological brother who grew up in the same household as him (although I suppose parts of these ideas could work even if he wasn’t). 

More NotesMy next theory completely contradicts like… Everything here. So if you don’t agree with this, or think it’s totally unlikely.. Maybe you’re more along the lines of the next one. Or a whole new one. Let me know what you think after both come out!


Assuming that the other children did not see the absolute hell Shōto was put through (which wouldn’t be too far-fetched, considering they are said to have grown up in a “different world”), it’s possible that the other children (Dabi, specifically) were envious of him to an extent.

Shōto was the “special” one that was given everything they couldn’t have; the training, the attention, the money, and the sayings following him his entire life “My perfect creation. The hero who will defeat All Might. The next greatest hero”.

A young Dabi may have bitterly thought to himself that he had the potential to be great too, but was given no chance. He was never believed in, unlike Shōto who was seen as a source of potential success from the second his quirk manifested- maybe even before that, based on his half-and-half appearance.

Aside from being jealous of the chances Shōto was given, he could have been jealous of the attention he received from his parents. His father’s never-ending time, and his mother’s never-ending concern. Dabi may have desired affection from his parents, which he did not receive because of (in his mind) Shōto’s existence.


Following this idea of jealousy, Dabi may blame Shōto for his feelings of rejection and unwantedness. If it wasn’t for Shōto, would his father have believed in him? Dabi is the most similar to Endeavor appearance wise (red hair, cyan eyes, as mentioned here) and therefore (plus based on what we’ve seen of his quirk) the most similar power wise. He could have been the next Endeavor. Perhaps he even planned on it, until Shōto was born. Shōto’s birth officially marked him being a failure. He could blame Shōto for this.

Outside of just these ideas, Shōto could be to blame for everything that happened to their mother. From what we have seen, their mother was beaten for Shōto’s sake- she was abused protecting him. On top of that, the child she said drove her the most mad was Shōto- “Shōto’s… Sometimes his left side looks very unsightly to me”. She then poured boiling water on him; because of her injuring him, she was sent away. To Dabi, Shōto could be faulted for this. If Shōto was never born, would his mother have been pushed to this point? 

Conclusion: Hate

Wrapping up the first part of Dabi’s feelings, I think it is possible that Dabi absolutely despises Shōto, or at least did when he was younger. He sees him as a spoiled brat, Endeavor’s “golden” child, or “favorite”. Because of Shōto, Dabi is a failure. Because of Shōto, he was given no opportunity to shine. Because of Shōto, his mother was taken away from him. 

This really, in my opinion, plays into the whole “How sad, Todoroki Shōto” thing- “How sad. Special, spoiled, perfect, favorite boy Shōto lost something for once. But I beat you here. I guess you’re not so special after all”.

That concludes this theory! It’s sort of short but including another idea would make it so long. I’m a huge Shōto fan. Like he’s my favorite character- I don’t blame Shōto for anything at all and really sympathize with him. Because of that, writing this was hard at some times because I was screaming at myself like no! Wrong! He is! Innocent! 

Anyway! My last one did better than I thought, so that’s good. I seriously spend too much time thinking about the future of Dabi, haha. My next theory will be Part 2 of Dabi’s Feelings Towards Shōto, and will look at their relationship from very different perspective. I already have it written, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to actually post it until next weekend. 

Thank you for reading! 


this is a new selfie trend i’m trying 2 start called “i don’t quite know how to stick my tongue out help” and its amazing. lmk if u wanna join the club we’d be pleased to have u