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Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them


//starts grossly sobbing into my pillow pet anyways

Ok but,, the reason I brought this up with Michael was because an “ex friend” (said ex-friend, told me I was delusional and living a fantasy for identifying as a transgender. They compared me to an alcoholic who refused help, but it was “their job” as a friend to stay and help them anyways. They told me I was ruining my life, and taking them down with me) of mine started talking to me again.

I told them about Michael, and how he’s very accepting of me, which OF COURSE, they hadddd to tell me that “Michael would be disgusted by me if I ever “actually “transitioned” to be a real man. Michael only stays with me because I look like a girl.“

And because I have no self control, and I was ticked off/sad, I had to ask Michael myself. His only comment, other then what’s above, was that he ‘isn’t ready for me to have a beard you’re like 3 babe I can’t see my 3 year old baby with a beard.’
Which I assured him.
I wasn’t ready for a beard either.


Spear and Hammer of Justice

“I used to be a hero myself, back in the old days. Gerson, the Hammer of Justice. When she was younger, Undyne would follow me around, to watch me beat up bad guys… Sometimes she’d even try to help!”

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A younger Undyne and a slightly younger Gerson. I just love how in the game even minor characters like the vendors have their own little stories to tell, all these little details, some of them even reveal interesting backstory-stuff about the major characters from time to time , that’s just so neat!
The stories about Alphys/Catty/Bratty, and Undyne/Gerson were the ones I probably liked the most.

Things I’ve learned from college admissions
  • your life must have a clean narrative with thematic connections and a moral to be acceptable
  • don’t waste time making friends with people who aren’t useful to you
  • if you like something it must be academic or else it’s useless
  • every experience you’ve ever had is subject to judgement by others to determine how intelligent you are
  • people who aren’t leaders/innovators are worthless
  • you should live your life according to the paperwork you’ll need to fill out
  • the primary purpose of helping others is to look good
  • everyone your age is your enemy. double for people who share your assigned gender and your race
  • suffering should either be ignored or treated as beautiful theatrics
  • the most successful people are those who can turn everything into personal profit 
  • people are interchangable and expendable
  • lying is not only acceptable but expected of you in the “real world”
  • I’m a fundamentally unpleasant mockery of a human because of the language I speak at home and the ancestors I have

So today I’m reading about activity, mobility, and manual handling in healthcare. And it turns out??? Exercise helps your heart pump more blood and the effect lasts even when you’re not being active? It increases lung capacity and gas exchange so your cells get more oxygen? It helps prevent urinary tract infections? It assists calcium formation so your bones get stronger?? It makes your muscles stronger so you can lift things more easily? It moves your joints in a whole range of motion so movement can be rhythmic and not jerky?

When I was growing up I never learned these things. Exercise was taught as a morality thing - if I was grumpy, if I sat down too much, if I gained weight, I got told to exercise. I was taught that good people exercise, and we know that they’re good, moral people because we can see it - they’re thin and they’re desirable and people want to be around them. Bad people who don’t exercise are fat and lazy and horrible and nobody wants to be around them. I spend my entire childhood listening to my dad joke about fat people who walked too slow and were lazy and gross and so I learnt that I could never, ever be one of those people.

I spent my entire teenager-good thinking that I was a bad person because I didn’t exercise enough, because I knew that however much I walked or swam or whatever, I would still never be thin enough and I would never be good enough. So now, even when it’s my mental health professionals telling me to be active, I get defensive, internally I go ‘fuck you, I already know I’m a shit person, stop telling me I am.’

I understand exercise as a moral imperative, another thing you have to do in order to be A Good Person. And so I don’t exercise because I’m afraid of not being good enough.

Now, reading all of this stuff about what exercise is actually helpful for, makes me see the body in an entirely different way. It’s not a shameful battlefield that displays all our immoralities for the world to see; it’s a fucking miracle of coordinated contraction and relaxation and expansion and it all works together constantly putting together and taking apart, constantly trying so hard just to survive. And it makes it seem effortless. It’s beautiful. Our bodies are beautiful for the ways that they live and breathe and move and nobody ever told me that before.

It doesn’t matter if you lose weight or gain weight or whether you lie around too much or how fast you walk. You can be active, in your own way, in whatever way works for you with your abilities and disabilities, you can participate in joyful movement and activity because our bodies let us do that. In some way, shape or form.

Our bodies are literally designed to be in motion, we are designed to move, and the only message I ever got was ‘exercise or you’ll get fat and fat people are bad.’ I’m legit so angry but also really happy that I am in a position to learn this stuff now.

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Request: 5 with Dean Winchester please xx - anonymous 

Words: 552 

Warnings: Mentions of sex, language 

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 5. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it." 

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Hello Cat & Mouse, thank you for running such a great blog! I was wondering if you knew of any blogs, especially muse/aesthetic blogs, that have a tag for individuals with disabilities? I know there are a number dedicated to PoC and/or LGBT+ muses, but I haven't seen anything for disabled muses other than how to guides. Thank you for your help <3

Some Pinterest things:

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I just realized that Jack’s videos really help with my OCD.

Homework doesn’t stop me from getting up and checking 7 times an hour to see if the fridge is closed, or if the oven is off, or if my younger brother isn’t injured somehow. I’ve even asked to go to the bathroom during class just to wash my hands because I had only done so 3 times that day and I just had to wash my hands an even number of times.

But when I turn on Jack’s videos, I sit through the whole thing, start to finish, no matter the length. I feel content and safe and happy. He’s such a great friend, even though I’ve never met him. He makes me completely forget about my intrusive thoughts. That’s incredible. And I’m so grateful.

Thanks Jack!