i don't even know how to colour

  • dumbledore: attention students! this week we've decided to change the house colours because i lost a bet with professor grubbly-plank. so! your new house colours will be...
  • dumbledore: hufflepuffs get heliotrope and lemon. don't know how that's gonna look, but hey, you'll be easier to spot!
  • dumbledore: ravenclaws are looking fashionable in vantablack and 'pinkest pink', not sure how we're gonna manage that.
  • dumbledore: slytherins get cerulean, just like draco's eyes in bad fanfics. sorry, orbs.
  • dumbledore: and gryffindors wear tie-dye exclusively now. yes, even your underwear.

So… I took a bit of an ‘unannounced vacation’ for a few weeks while I tried to regain my sanity but everything’s cool now and I’m going to get back to drawing responses.

andykayudha  asked:

Hi senpai, do you open request art? If yes, can you draw Jerza or Nalu inspired in chapter 529? Thanks before^^

Yes I always take requests!! :D And omg I am not worthy of being called Senpai - I’m so flattered

Hope this is okay! The chap was missing a proper Jerza reunion hug but I guess they were with an angry dragon Angrylogia so I’ll forgive them ;) Thanks so much for your request! <3

Quickly giving a shoutout to @kipio who has opened commissions - please go and support this wonderful artist!! <3

Oh and tagging @erzawesome who wanted to know when the Jerza was finished ;)

15.04.17 - Do you ever see a character design so cute you must draw fanart for it? Because it happened to me. Meet Pam the pansexual fairy. She is @milkybel ’s character, and I love Pamela very, very much. She is so incredibly cute! Thanks for letting me draw her! 💙💛💓

anonymous asked:

i was watching that ep with derek's mugshot and i think it says that his eye colour is brown. like ????? i mean the shot is very blurry and not clear but the letters match that of his "hair colour" which is brown. so i'm guessing it says brown. what even? have they not met tyler hoechlin or....? have i missed something? don't tell me tyler was wearing brown contacts and i just didn't notice?? O_O

I just went back and squinted at the image, and I’m pretty sure you’re right on both counts (his hair and eyes both being listed as brown). Hoech definitely doesn’t wear contacts for the show, but I’m not surprised the report says that. We know how bad the props/documents are in the show and how little effort the team puts into them.

But honestly… this might be a rare case where the bad props are kind of accurate to real life. Official documents can be really inaccurate about things like that –– especially if the person has hazel eyes. Try googling Hoechlin’s eye color and you’ll see a ton of sites saying they’re green (so much so that I have a feeling that’s what’s on his actual driver’s license/official info) even though they’re visibly multihued/hazel (potentially central heterochromia? [And if it is central heterochromia I suppose they could be considered green because I think people tend to refer to the eyes as the outer ring color in that case… but that’s another story]).

Hazel/multihued eyes just stump people. I can totally see an officer squinting at Derek’s eyes and thinking “they’re kinda greenish…blueish. Kinda… brownish? Sure, brownish, why not.” And just punching that in.

The more baffling thing is the hair color being listed as brown and not black. But for that we can just bounce right back to “bad props team” explanation.

I think people pointing out that women of colour were left behind when we finally got a female Doctor are absolutely in the right, but how depressing is it that we don’t even say that about trans women and disabled women.

anonymous asked:

If you think it's good, could you draw something with autumn colours or theme (orange/red/yellow)? I say 'something' because I don't wanna sound greedy but I would love if it would be the trio or Hinata, BUT draw what you feel like! I love DR and I love autumn and seeing those two mixed would be awesome :D Thank you in advance if you consider this request^^

Day 247: I still haven’t figured out how to draw Komaeda’s hair.

I’m so sorry for being slow. I really hope you like it. I don’t even know if you will notice this unless you follow me- haahaha- fml.


Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!

anonymous asked:

I love love love the way you color and use color to shade!! I really wanna learn how to use color similarly in my own art but I don't even know where to start learning color

thank you! here are some guides to the basics of colour theory: 1 2 3

getting a good understanding of how colours work together is pretty key to making smart choices in art but there’s also a lot to be learnt from just trial and error - assuming you do digital art, try putting your colours on different layers and changing the hue of one colour at a time and just see how the overall look of the picture changes accordingly, and try to figure out why. 

you can also study limited palettes (there are a million blogs and sites for these) and try to break them down into what hues are used, how many are highly/lowly saturated, which are light/dark and so on. Getting a basic understanding of which colours work well together will allow you to expand from there! i think an important part of art is trying to think through problems & it can lead to forming your own strong understanding of stuff like colour theory.

these are just kind of starting points for getting into colour use. i’d always recommend studying others’ art (classical and contemporary) and looking up resources if you feel stuck.

anonymous asked:

Ok, so in regards to that 15 y/o ask, do you think you could just do some short hc of what their relationship would be like with the other agents? Mostly McCree Hanzo Genji and Zenyatta? Bro you have me obsessed with LilSis Zenyatta and I can already tell that this could be another winner! I love your writing so much! If you don't want to do it feel free to ignore.

I’m glad you’re enjoying these and also Zenyatta lilsis. These are all strictly platonic as reader is underage. 


  • The two of you are as thick as thieves
    • He feels a kinship with you
    • The two of you are cracking jokes together
    • He even lets you wear his hat
  • He trains you how to use a pistol
    • World not as safe as it was back in your day
  • You start using some of his more colourful southernisms
    • McCree just smiles and everyone else groans


  • Doesn’t really know how to react at first
    • You’re a teenager out of time
      • Too old to be a child, too young to be an adult
    • Treats you with a bit of awkwardness
  • As the two of you grow closer 
    • He gets less cold
    • Inviting you to drink tea with you


  • The two of you are immediate friends
    • As soon as you talk to him
  • He brings you snacks and candy
  • He shows off his ninja skills
    • You’re a little in awe
    • Having though ninjas were a thing of fiction
  • He brings you souvenirs from each mission
  • When you get homesick he talks about Hanamura
    • His time with his brother and growing up


  • He enjoys being around you
    • You bring a fresh perspective
    • Having not lived through the crisis 
  • He talks to you about the future
    • The one where he hopes human and omnics can live together in peace
    • He says that you’re meant for greatness
    • Just keep your hope
  • He can sense if you get homesick
    • He gets you to tell him about your life
    • about homework and teenage drama
    • Things that felt important at the time
  • He tells you about life at the monastery 

anonymous asked:

I think a lot of people don't see harry 'associating' with pink as 'breaking gender norms' because to them it's like 'but it is ok for guys to like pink!' but the fact is that in our society, unfortunately, pink is a gendered colour, no mater how much we know it's just a colour and how much we know it's okay for guys to show a more feminine side, it's still associated with the female gender, and so a male doing anything with pink so publicly is challenging that. Even tho it shouldn't have to.

exactly many of us understand that yes pink is just a colour but when you take a step back from what you believe you can see that a lot of others don’t think the same i mean my dad’s always making comments when he sees a boy wearing a pink shirt like it’s revolutionary society’s weird but what’s new scooby-doo

  • Jang Keun-suk: Attention girls! This week we've decided to change the colours of the ranks because I lost a bet with the coaches. So! your new colours will be...
  • JKS: F get heliotrope and lemon. Don't know how that's gonna look, but hey, you'll be easier to spot!
  • JKS: D and B are looking fashionable in vantablack and 'pinkest pink', not sure how we're gonna manage that.
  • JKS: C get pecan, just like Chaeyeon's eyes in bad fanfics. Sorry, orbs.
  • JKS: And A will wear tie-dye exclusively now. Yes, even your underwear.

[Kiss Meme 03/?] #1 Brienne & Jaime for @flyingthroughtheeyre621