i don't even know how to be funny anymore


okay, it took me a while to write everything down, but here are my thoughts and reactions to the last 19 days chapter!! (an alternative title for this could be ‘how to make people regret asking about your thoughts’)

anyway, it’s been pretty hard for me to put some order to my thoughts, because im just!!!!!!! so in love with this chapter!!!!!!!! it’s been a whole day and im still such a mess, there are noises coming out of my mouth but they’re not human, and i can’t find the right words to express how i feel because this update wAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART

i think this might be my favorite tianshan chapter, tho it’s a very close tie with chapter 185, and im afraid i’ve been kinda all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense!! (putting this under a cut because it’s really long and there are some pictures)

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How did the first meeting between Alistair and Tabris go?

Not particularly well, actually. Tiny elf crammed with rage and ready to kill any and all humans, not a solid foundation for interpersonal relationships.

What if Tadashi and Hiro both got jobs out of the city or abroad and everyone they meet insists that they’re boyfriends. 

You’ve got the giggling gaggle of gossip girls in the local cafe, glancing over at them when they think that Hiro and Tadashi aren’t looking,

the disapproving grandmas who are like ‘Honey he’s too old for you’ and give them ‘the look’,

the homophobes who just look at the bros like they’ve just swallowed a lemon,

and then there’s the bros who are just in the state of I-don’t-care-anymore mode because even though they keep reminding people that they’re brothers they’d just be like: 

Mhm sure honey, sure.’

The fandom going from writing post after post extolling over how Clarke loves Bellamy and Bellamy loves Clarke, from watching the finale which was peak Bellarke that even ended with Clarke literally having spent 2,199 days sending messages to Bellamy not knowing if he is even alive, to believing Echo will in any way be an obstacle to Bellarke is giving me whiplash.

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I KNOW I’ve been thinking about it for the last HOUR, and I’ve concluded that the best possible way it could work out is if he had a nanny or a teacher from the delta when he was really small, and that was his first exposure to English, so he picked up the dialect. I imagine he wouldn’t be able to keep it for long– that would get corrected pretty quickly, I figure, and he would kind of forget about it, but THEN

Maybe someday there’s a lil old lady from south of the M/D line that came up to Gotham to visit her grandkids, and she just happens to be a witness in a very important case okay they all gotta go talk to her, and all of a sudden it’s all comin’ back to him, and he’s droppin’ his G’s, and all his L’s are draggin’ and oh god what is this he can’t stop yes ma’am of course he can walk you home it’s no bother at all

And the entire family is totally blindsided by this, but they love it and oh no, they are NOT letting it go, believe them. Tim had to go lie down for awhile because he laughed until he couldn’t breathe anymore. Jason’s been monologuing about sweat tea for an hour in an imitation accent, and Damian’s just about ready to rebury him. Todd better watch his back. This isn’t funny. Stop laughing. He means it. Fuck y’all.

i am coming to find that i can’t be genuine or open with my best friend anymore. and now i feel so alone and isolated and terrible, as i usually do, but lately it’s been intensified tenfold and i don’t know what to do. i’m such a baby i can’t even confront people and talk about my feelings i just really can’t do it

3923) This disease is a funny thing. It starts out and you can control it, or at least you feel like you can. Then as time progresses, you almost come to rely on it, not even realizing how much it's taken from you. You think you're content, happy even, but you don't see that your slowly deteriorating; you just aren't yourself anymore. And not to mention the physical health issues that you so easily ignore because 'things are fine'. I don't know it just gets to me how many people suffer without even realizing it.
Arranged marriages

We be laughing at Bollywood movies but Muslims and brown people are expected to marry someone without even interacting with them directly. So yeah Simran falling in love with Raj after a couple of days isn’t as funny and unrealistic anymore now is it?

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I don't understand the hate towards Leo... Don't people realize how much his character has developed? He started out immature and funny, and slowly his character grew. We saw him realize that being the funny guy wouldn't save him anymore. He gained so much maturity, it made me love him even more. Leo Valdez is perfection. Whoever says otherwise needs to reread the books.

Personally, I liked Leo’s development in BoO.  Was it darker? Yes. But I found it natural and appropriate, and I know a lot of readers interpreted his actions as selfish, but I honestly didn’t see it that way.  At all. 

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Okay, I'm going to try and say this in the least obnoxious way, but is it normal to not have a boyfriend for about 2-3 years when you're a teen? I'm no 11 year old, but I feel like no one thinks of me like I'm special or nobody is really interested in me or what I like. How do I start getting people's attention? I just don't know what to do anymore.

as humans, the main thing we want out of life is love, and that comes in many different forms, the love of a friend, the love of family, the love of a lover, or even the love of a stranger. You shouldn’t be someone else just to get attention because the right people will come, and those people you want to love you for who you are, not someone else. I promise you that there is your special someone, your person out there, just waiting to meet someone like you. Its funny how usually when you’re not expecting love, that’s when you get it…