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How did the first meeting between Alistair and Tabris go?

Not particularly well, actually. Tiny elf crammed with rage and ready to kill any and all humans, not a solid foundation for interpersonal relationships.


Me waiting for Old Xian to finish her next chapter of 19 Days that will hopefully focus on what happened after Zhan XiXi asked Jian Yi if he liked him but also I am anxious that Old Xian will laugh it off and push this plot moving moment away because she has never followed through with any of the love confessions in any or her work ever before and this could very well be another example of not following through with a cliffhanger, but I am also holding out hope that she will write a love confession scene where Jian and Zhan’s feelings are mutually exchanged because that would be the first time she’s ever done that with one of her manga, but it will also make tons of people happy to finally have a pair be visibly canonized in 19 Days. Also a kiss scene where Zhan doesn’t kick Jian’s ass right after would be nice.

Lmao but idk, fam. Lol.

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My Lady Red... you're a real life goddess, I swear. I have such a massive crush on you it's not even funny anymore. I don't know how someone can be so incredibly talented on anything you do and just so beautiful. You're killing me, you really are. *signed an infatuated Lavellan*

With looks like these I cannot blame you…

#Selfie #NoFilter


PS: No but seriously now thank you so much for being lovely <3 You’re really sweet.

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bearing in mind my mum is not great with anything lgbt+ she said to me today, 'how can people even say that they are not together anymore, it is so obvious?' she has seen about two videos of them together? If my mother can see that DnP are together than i don't know what to say to you!

literally all my family members who’ve seen clips of them immediately ask if they’re together it’s so great. also my aunt’s ex boyfriend is The Most Gay so she knows her stuff

  • Emu: Now that you mention it, that was the one part of this I was never able to figure out. What exactly were your plans?
  • Dan: Heheh, you know, it's funny. I don't even remember anymore...
  • Dan: Hahahaha, oh my god, no! Could you imagine, two months and that's what I give you? Man, that'd be unsatisfying!
  • Dan: Uh, no, I did this because of Metacritic.
  • Emu: ...Like, the website?
  • Dan: Oh, you know how it goes; it's a tale as old as video games themselves. You've got a deadline looming for your new console's launch and your only game's not exactly playable. So you panic and work for three weeks straight without sleep so you can get the damn thing done on time.
  • Emu: Okay. I follow you so far, but how do we get from that to—
  • Dan: Unfortunately, in your sleep-deprived state you accidentally manage to create a glitch that manages to kill people when their Player Rider's die!
  • Emu: Yeah... there it is.
  • Nico: Wait, did you say "accidentally?!"
  • Dan: Next thing you know, your tutorial NPC is nowhere to be found and your players are dropping like Dorito-encrusted flies.
  • Dan: Now in this case any sane man would simply turn off the servers before anyone else got hurt, but now that you've been awake long enough to think the government is run by "Mamoru, King of the Mole Men," the best idea that comes to your mind is to double, triple, and quadruple down.
  • Dan: So you lock everyone in the game, tell them they die if they don't finish it, and make it look like all part of your master plan instead of an ever-spiraling series of events that you have long since lost control of.

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honestly at this point, i'm always wary of WHO is wishing for 'hot' malec kisses because a large chunk of this fandom fetishizes mlm couples (as pointed out by actual mlm in the fandom and how uncomfortable they are about it). do you want it because you want physical intimacy between two men to be normalized or do you want it because you find it hot and want to get off to it? :\ it's really colored my views on things (that's a general you, not you specifically)

Totally understandable, Anon. I am also very sideeye-y whenever I read about people wanting this stuff. I mean I am not a m|m but I am just tired of them constantly panning away from Malec scenes f.e. I mean apart from the wedding kiss every single kiss imo after that has the exact same adjustment. Just the heads, no body. While I am just here whining like…. where are their hands??? Why aren’t you showing them touching each other? Siiiiigh. 

As for my personal opinion regarding that matter: I would be already happy with them lying in bed, head on chest and a forehead kiss, you know? I don’t need to see heavy making out against a wall or whatever. On the other side, imo it is important to also show this passionate and sensual side of a relationship on tv when it comes to same-sex-couples and to normalize it finally. And not constantly pan away from these scenes and/or show pecks only (which are also nice, don’t get me wrong but yeah…..) and no touching. Like excuse me, but this is also a couple who kisses and touches and who is allowed to do just that openly, it’s not reserved for the straights only. Especially when they have no problem showing explicit a straight couple heavily making out/having sex in the very same episode (I am so baffled that they actually did that and nobody said a thing against it, wtf?!). Showing physical intimacy of same-sex-couples is not something where you need to throw a blanket over it because it is sinful or whatever. It’s 2k17 ffs. I wish they would just stop with this nonsense. 

I mean even an idiot can see the different treatment of straight couples and the lgbt+ couple on the show (wondering how this will be when Heline happens). Especially when the lgbt+ couple is actually endgame (not to mention a fan fave and the most popular ship on the show) and the straight couples, who get all the sensual and intimate scenes, are not. 

What if Tadashi and Hiro both got jobs out of the city or abroad and everyone they meet insists that they’re boyfriends. 

You’ve got the giggling gaggle of gossip girls in the local cafe, glancing over at them when they think that Hiro and Tadashi aren’t looking,

the disapproving grandmas who are like ‘Honey he’s too old for you’ and give them ‘the look’,

the homophobes who just look at the bros like they’ve just swallowed a lemon,

and then there’s the bros who are just in the state of I-don’t-care-anymore mode because even though they keep reminding people that they’re brothers they’d just be like: 

Mhm sure honey, sure.’


Guess what? This game includes LGBTQ+ characters, it’s a fucking visual novel, a mystery one, and there’s no violence shown on screen. Oh but I’m not allowed to show violence right because of their rules/guidelines. Well how the fuck am I suppose to know what’s “advertiser-friendly” when THEY ARE SO VAGUE TO BEGIN WITH? 

It’s funny, did you also know that if your video is set to “limited or no ads” the views drop? Is it because no one wants to watch? Not really. It’s because the fucking AI system makes it so your video isn’t visible to other viewers (ex. not your subscribers). 

So not only can I not make money and pay my goddamn bills, my channel can’t even grow. 

Thanks a fucking lot Youtube. 

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I KNOW I’ve been thinking about it for the last HOUR, and I’ve concluded that the best possible way it could work out is if he had a nanny or a teacher from the delta when he was really small, and that was his first exposure to English, so he picked up the dialect. I imagine he wouldn’t be able to keep it for long– that would get corrected pretty quickly, I figure, and he would kind of forget about it, but THEN

Maybe someday there’s a lil old lady from south of the M/D line that came up to Gotham to visit her grandkids, and she just happens to be a witness in a very important case okay they all gotta go talk to her, and all of a sudden it’s all comin’ back to him, and he’s droppin’ his G’s, and all his L’s are draggin’ and oh god what is this he can’t stop yes ma’am of course he can walk you home it’s no bother at all

And the entire family is totally blindsided by this, but they love it and oh no, they are NOT letting it go, believe them. Tim had to go lie down for awhile because he laughed until he couldn’t breathe anymore. Jason’s been monologuing about sweat tea for an hour in an imitation accent, and Damian’s just about ready to rebury him. Todd better watch his back. This isn’t funny. Stop laughing. He means it. Fuck y’all.

i am coming to find that i can’t be genuine or open with my best friend anymore. and now i feel so alone and isolated and terrible, as i usually do, but lately it’s been intensified tenfold and i don’t know what to do. i’m such a baby i can’t even confront people and talk about my feelings i just really can’t do it

3923) This disease is a funny thing. It starts out and you can control it, or at least you feel like you can. Then as time progresses, you almost come to rely on it, not even realizing how much it's taken from you. You think you're content, happy even, but you don't see that your slowly deteriorating; you just aren't yourself anymore. And not to mention the physical health issues that you so easily ignore because 'things are fine'. I don't know it just gets to me how many people suffer without even realizing it.
Arranged marriages

We be laughing at Bollywood movies but Muslims and brown people are expected to marry someone without even interacting with them directly. So yeah Simran falling in love with Raj after a couple of days isn’t as funny and unrealistic anymore now is it?

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I don't understand the hate towards Leo... Don't people realize how much his character has developed? He started out immature and funny, and slowly his character grew. We saw him realize that being the funny guy wouldn't save him anymore. He gained so much maturity, it made me love him even more. Leo Valdez is perfection. Whoever says otherwise needs to reread the books.

Personally, I liked Leo’s development in BoO.  Was it darker? Yes. But I found it natural and appropriate, and I know a lot of readers interpreted his actions as selfish, but I honestly didn’t see it that way.  At all.