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Do you think it's possible the writers will bring back cas in a female vessel right away and that's how we'll get deans proclamations of love and the kiss we've all been waiting for then? Or do you think we will get what we all hope for with "our cas" and dean.

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Lol, no but seriously…. no.

Noone would stand for it.

That would piss off the antis cos they don’t like the character CAS as well as Misha so meh they’d still be pissed and it would ROYALLY piss off all the shippers and for the GA / the main audience and non - audience it make the CW seen as so homophobic it would be a PR DISASTER, can you IMAGINE?!!!

I mean, small, 1% chance they might make AU Cas female or something just to show the UST and make it blatant for the GA, but we will eventually get Misha Cas back and the UST / love will REMAIN and it will just be more obvious.

Look, I say Destiel is endgame, and I do utterly believe this. Do I think we will for sure get even a kiss let alone a roll in the hay? THAT I’m not sure of, it depends what the actors are comfortable with ON SCREEN cos don’t even get me started on Cockles, but also the network etc etc they may not want to show this on screen. 

Lesbians is fine, its a fetish but guys kissing? Eww. Don’t even…. man I could write for hours on that but that is unfortunately the case for so many people, I literally just shouted about this to my family this weekend so I’m still sore about it, sorry.

So yeah, do I think we will know it is romantic by endgame? 99% sure.  Do I think we will see them actually kiss? Only 80% sure. Do I think we will see a modest sex scene? Well I HOPE SO to freaking make the point that it can be beautiful and not fetishised or “gross”, but my hopes go down to like 20% tbh.

So… yeah. Sorry I’m usually pretty positive on my blog because I write about the narrative and how well it is written, but when it comes to the production side, I think there is only so far Dabb can go and man do we NEED it for not just representation but to make true on the story, but could you imagine…. I’ve talked to a few people recently about what a HUGE DEAL Destiel could be when it is made canon.


This could be life changing for so many people as well as taught in cinema / writing courses for decades to come as an example of the longest and best written love story ever told as well as a personal growth story, a story about faith and trust and love… it is AMAZING and if it DOESN’T happen it literally is so WASTED an opportunity I can’t even comprehend it.

The fact that it has been overlooked by so many precisely because it is M/M is also brilliant in how they can now turn this around, it’s literally a metaphor for real life queer couples who get mistaken for siblings or whatever all the time…

It’s such an opportunity to show that LOVE is LOVE and how well it fits with their individual personal growth stories, it doesn’t FIX their own stories but leads them to be the best them that they can be, this is the point of any romance… and for real life at the moment it is PERFECT, it is PERFECTLY timed where people need this kind of story, not even just the queer community but anyone who feels alone, rejected, to see how Family don’t end in Blood and LOVE IS LOVE.

I mean literally…. this is such an opportunity for the network, the writers, the actors, the showrunner, the producers to show how inclusive and progressive they are, to show the guys ridiculously good acting skills, that casual viewers on rewatching will pick up on all the UST from seasons 4-5 then the growth from UST to CARING to LOVE, to show the amazing writing skills at starting, continuing and tieing off this so subtle love story that so many didn’t see it until season 12/13 when it will be more obvious…

It could be a PR GOLD MINE for the CW and everyone involved… I so hope and I can't believe they would waste it after building it so much in s12…

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I could forgetting but didn't Lucifer not have an Angel blade anymore?? Did he pick up Crowley's or did Cas leave his behind after stabbing Lucifer? I don't see the second one being a thing unless Cas was being influenced. Even then that's kind of weird? So I'm inclined to believe Lucifer picked up Crowley's Angel blade and that's what he stabbed Cas with. Which is more interesting to me if Crowley is meant to be Dean's dark side, but what do you think?

Yeah, it’s really interesting to me that Crowley died in a self sacrificing manner the episode right after Dean reconciled his past and his “dark side” which Crowley is associated with, its a great metaphor :D

Cas dying also fits because the metaphor works best if both sides “die” to then mingle together to create a whole NEW Dean Winchester… hence my meta titled “Dean Winchester is going to die” earlier in the season with all the foreshadowing of this.

It would serve the metaphor best if Crowley died by ‘his’ blade (even though its not technically his, its his by ownership) and Cas by ‘his’ blade (which we also assume isn’t actually his because how could he still have it after season 9).

So yeah this makes sense metaphorically but not necessarily narratively, WHY would Cas leave the blade lying next to Lucifer when Lucifer clearly won’t be killed by it (Angels must know that an Archangel cannot be killed with a normal blade and / or if for some reason he didn’t WE know and usually its safe to assume that they wouldn’t make the narrative rest on the fact that Dean and Sam never discussed this with him over the years….).

The self sacrificing part and the potential for it to be by their own blades is awesome and a great metaphor for Dean’s state right now. He is on that cusp of reconciling his past and present in order to move forwards and Cas’s death is also going to help with this. He might try to fall back into old habits, but find that he cannot now that he has let that side of him go, he might not even try to do this at all and deal in a new, different way, he might finally admit to himself his feelings about both Cas and Crowley (although it seems he kind of already did about Crowley, which makes sense given his death was in this season and that admitting he doesn’t hate Crowley would be a stepping stone to admitting that he loves Cas, whether you see it as platonic or not, love, romantic and familial, is something that Dean needs to address, hence the first ever “I love you” to his mother in 12x22).

Season 12 has been one long ode to Dean Winchester letting down his walls and is it such a surprise that this is the season that we also got this the buddy cop comedy duo? Not a team up behind Deans back with all kinds of terrible implications of season 6, but a reconciliation of Cas and Crowley, working together for the greater good… 

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I hope we see a few small changes, twerks in Dean but not too many, I don’t think they will make him completely different as that is not the story we have been told. It is great now rewatching season 1, seeing the Performing!Dean right from the start, remembering that I noticed it at the time but kind of disregarded it as ‘oh well, that’s just who he is and its kinda sad he isn’t fully himself but thats just the character’ to in later seasons really seeing how this affects him deeply on an emotional level, to have to close himself off, to hide, and THAT is why I’m so happy that Performing!Dean and his ‘dark side’ are being reconciled within himself, to allow himself to be whole and really who he is… to enable his happy ending.

The metaphor of Crowley and Cas is awesome and although it narratively makes sense for both Cas and Crowley to come back (and both be Human) I can see why production-wise they won’t bring back Crowley. However Cas is another matter, his character is much more developed and his relationship with both the boys is completely different.

I feel like now that Crowley is dead, Cas will no longer represent this other side of Dean in the metaphor, now that this metaphor is essentially void.

Cas now can be HIMSELF, Cas is not a METAPHOR for anything anymore, he is his OWN character and I am SO here for that!