i don't even know how i got here....

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How did you get your blog started? I want to begin a buffy fanblog but idk where to start...

Oh wow, how I started my blog, that feels like ages ago. 

I stumbled on tumblr by chance, after my latest VM/BTVS rewatch a couple of years ago. I went through the Veronica Mars and Buffy tag and realized I wanted to be a part of this, I wanted to make a contribution, I wanted to talk about these two shows that were such a huge part of my life and of who I am. 

I joined tumblr without having a game-plan on mind, I didn’t even know how it worked. I only knew I wanted my blog to be about these two petite blond BAMFs.

I’ll try to give you a few pieces of advice based on what I’ve learnt so far from tumblr.

1) Your url: choose something that makes a clear statement about what your blog is about, what people can sign up for if they decide to follow your blog. Also, choose your avatar accordingly. (btw, thanks cynassa for my awesome avatar pic, I fucking love it so much!)

2) Create your own content: it doesn’t need to be GIFs. You can post your own fanfic, recaps of episodes, ranks, meta, links to interviews/videos/music, picspams. But never repost content created by other users. That’s just uncool. 

3) Engage: follow blogs with similar content, send messages, comment other people’s posts, like posts and reblog.

4) Be nice: it’s okay to have your own opinion and share it with the world, but you’ll be awesome if you can actually listen to what other people say and respect their opinion, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. Criticize the ships/characters/shows, not the fans.

5) Tag everything you post: this is one of the things that took me too much time to learn, and I wish I’d known sooner. When you make original posts, tumblr will show your content only on the first five tags that you include on your post. So make sure that you tag your posts properly so that the people who is interested in the kind of content you are sharing will notice you. Besides, it will help you find stuff on your blog. 

6) Set up a queue: go through the tags or other blogs and queue stuff so that your blog is still alive even when you’re not on tumblr.

That’s all I can think of at the moment, if you have any follow-up questions, let me know! And happy blogging!

Demon holding a clipboard: Okay, so why are YOU here, kid?
Me: I drew boys in skirts and bunny outfits at 2 AM ‘cause my best friend told me to.
Demon: O-oh, you’re THAT kid! Right this way, Your Horribleness; Satan has a seat reserved for you at his left at the banquet table tonight!
Me: Sweet, we can chat about lanky boys in floral skirts.
(2AM I was filled with the uncontrollable urge to draw this boy in female clothes, and so it was done. Then Bunbun came on Skype and FUCKING SEXY BUNNY HAPPENED. I HAVE LOOKED GOD IN THE FACE AND SINNED AND I REGRET NOTHING.)

Hey, y'all, even though I don’t post about it here, I ship America / England. Which is to say my blog is not a safe blog for ranting/making fun of it. I would like it if people please respected this. I know I used to despise it, but after a while I got tired of hating something that is literally pointless to hate. It’s just a ship and I wish people would get over that fact. I find it cute in aus, I don’t care who ships it or doesn’t, and I don’t think it’s incest. It’s just a ship. If they’re brothers, if they’re not brothers, if they have a potato for a head, I don’t care. Please just respect my ships. Otherwise, I won’t answer the messages I get from it or I will be angry in my responses.

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How do you think the company would react to you? Would you get along with all of them or would you clash with any?

ya know i’ve never considered this before, so i’ve reflected on it for a little bit and i keep coming to the same conclusions - if it’s pre-dos, the entire company would be sick of me in under an hour lmao. especially Dwalin, poor guy, bc i’d be trying so hard to become his new best friend  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they’d tire of my shipper trash ways.
but if i met them after The Hug, we’d probably all fall deep into bagginshield hell together and maybe be okay. except Dwalin, he’d still be so done with me.


got tagged by breakyeol to do the ‘get to know me’ tag

I’m not sure how much to write, or even what I’m supposed to write but here goes anyway..

-I’m from England

-I’m 19 years old

-I spend all majority of my time reading fanfiction (recommend me some good ones) 

-I love playing Sims

-I started this blog last month, my other blog I’ve had for 3 years and it’s literal rubbish haha

-I love speaking to new people on tumblr because I’m not very good at doing it in person

-I only have three friends in real life and one of them have been away at uni for the past year ):

-I’m quite nervous about starting new conversations because I feel like I’m annoying  awkward and that people don’t like talking to me

-Being more positive.. I love hugging teddies because they’re so soft and fluffy

-Sehunnie is my all time favourite because he is a talented cutie 

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Thanks to you :’)

I wanna let you guys know how happy you make me :’) like seriously, it’s the little things, right? I get messages telling me how much you enjoy my stuff and so so so many requests on a daily basis - it’s amazing!

Then, when I see that people like AND reblog my masterlist, I start feeling all warm and fuzzy in my tummy because do you even realize what you do? You don’t just bookmark it for yourself, you literally put it out there like “dis good shit, my ppl should check it out” and these little things brighten my days :3

I love you guys, I really do :) Thank you so much for all the kind words I receive, I still wonder why you do that sometimes but not gonna lie, it’s a wonderful feeling to interact with you 🙈

*clears throat awkwardly* uh okay, I was a bit too emotional and I’m usually pretty badass… hmm… what r we gonna do about that? I mean I can’t kill you, right?

Oh wait I got sth…

*BOOM*😎 any question?

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Okay, listen here poof ball, I do not have an addiction. And I have no idea how the brew even got there in the first place! I appreciate your advice, though.

Excuse me?!

I’m just going to ignore that for a second….

Anyways, I’m pretty sure you know how the brew got there

  • *my grandma talking w/her old ladies friends*
  • Grandma:You know they're all the same, Hawaiians, Mayans, Filipinos.
  • Old Lady 1:They are?
  • Grandma:Yea, you know they all walked across to here when the lands were all still connected, the continents, and they had like all sorts of same Asian blood and then just bred and got to the lands where they are now and that's how it happened.
  • Old Ladies:Yes! That's right! I think I remember that.
  • Me:...................

OKAY UH, PSA for people that rp with me or want to rp with me (concerning Raatri)

Raatri’s stuff is on hold for now, meaning I don’t know if he’s magical, psionic, how he got here, or even what he does for a living. so basically what I’m saying is his continuity is retroactive (meaning i’m not going to stop rping him to sort it out) and so i’m holding him talking about details of his life or anything else.

that doesn’t mean that you need to play that anything didn’t happen as it did, but rather just be aware at some point I may figure out what I really want to do and that may change it.

Since a lot of people asked about it, here's the story about my knee.

Half May last year, on a friday, I had to go and pick up my dog from old friends from my parents.
Since I wanted to go on a bike, but my bike had a flat tire and I didn’t know how to make it quick, I grabbed my mothers bike and rode off.

I didn’t even reach 100 meters before things went wrong.

I had to stop for come cars, but got stuck on the bike saddle and fell over to my left side. I don’t remember much of the fall, since it happened too fast, but I do remember sitting on the ground, unable to move my leg because it was twice as thick and because of the pain.

Luckily, two people had seen me fall and helped me get up and get home, they even made sure to lock the bike and that I was inside my house.
When I finally sat down on the couch, I called my mom. She came home as soon as possible and after my dad got home and we had dinner, we went to see the weekend doctor.

Well, that doctor said that they couldn’t take a picture to see if a bone was broken, which I understood, since my leg was too thich for that.
But, she also said that she wouldn’t send me to the orthopedist, because there was nothing wrong.

A couple of months (and a lot of pain) later, I went to see an orthopedist and he asked me why I didn’t come and see him earlier, because my knee was kind of fucked up.

I got my first surgery in November.
My outer meniscus was snapped in half, but they did save some things of it.

Well, a week or two later, when I was able to walk again, I was showering and suddenly, my leg disobeyed me and made the rest of my outer meniscus snap.

So, I had to get a second surgery, on my birthday, the 6th of January.

Everything went well, actually, after the second one, until a month or two after it.
The pain slowly got back and at first, it didn’t bother me.

This went on, until today, where I have to take 30 mg morphine a day to somewhat keep the pain down, but not all of it.

I have to wait for my third surgery, where they will replace my outer meniscus and restore some of my cruciate ligaments, since one of them snapped as well and the other one was fucked up.


Okay, well, now you guys know why I am in a lot of pain all the time.

I don’t know when the surgery will take place, I don’t even know what they will do exactly to restore all of it….

Anyway, this is why there are a lot of crap posts and emotional stuff on my blog lately, the medicine make my mood swing and makes me kinda needy. Sorry for that, really, I try to keep it all down and all!

Thanks for reading all of this!

I feel so guilty for not responding to my threads but as soon as I got back from vacation my brain was like ‘no, no writing be sad’ so I just want everyone to know I’m not ignoring you and I still want to continue our threads! I will soon, like tomorrow soon, and they might be a little wonky (bad) but I want to reply and maybe that will kickstart me wanting to write again! Thank you all for understanding c:

“I know how you feel. I really do. But I can’t stand to lose you either.” She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly, taking him by surprise. “Please, don’t go. I don’t want to make Brandon keep you here.”
Danny slowly wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on top of her blonde hair. “I don’t know what to do,” he murmured softly, pain racking his voice.
His arm, Ashlin thought, but she couldn’t bring herself to let him go. She wanted to keep him right there. He couldn’t leave now. Not with his injuries and nightmares. He would never get far. “Stay here. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave us.”

Okay, yes, Dashlin is cute in it’s own way. But I don’t ship it completely. I ship Jeshlin (which is why it’s canon and not the other way around). I hope this satisfies you booksandmusicandmore, because I don’t know how much more Dashlin we’re gonna get here since we’re nearing the point where he’s locked up for the remainder of the book.