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“From the beginning you and the dragon had been one. You are becoming, and the dragon is your higher self.”

The way this show is currently paralleling Will Graham and Francis Dolarhyde is absolutely brilliant. The above conversation is even more significant when you consider Bedelia telling Will that he is capable of righteous violence because he is compassionate, and that extreme acts of cruelty require high levels of empathy, certainly something Will is in no short supply of.

Dolarhyde is not killing his victims because he wants to inflict pain upon them. In his madness he believes he is helping them. He believes he is elevating them to their higher selves by giving them to the darkness within himself that he calls the dragon. This is righteous violence. This is his compassion. But Hannibal knows that this darkness is something that has been inside him all along, and this harkens back to Will at the end of season 2. As he attempted to trick and trap Hannibal, Will unlocked a part of his nature that has always been present, and is just as natural to him as being sweet and good and kind, which he undoubtedly is. But as he said earlier this season, he never knew himself more than he did when he was with Hannibal.

And speaking of which, as soon as Dolarhyde said this:

I was immediately reminded of this:

Molly is to Will as Reba is to Dolarhyde. Through her he has found an escape from the darker side of himself. He consumed the Blake painting because he wanted to desperately to be someone else for her. He wants to step away from the darkness and into the light, but to do so would be to deny half of his true self, and Hannibal is dependent on him embracing that darkness at this point.

Hannibal’s ethics and motivations are fascinating. He is undeniably capable of experiencing love, but the nature of that love and the nature of who he is twists it and turns it into a truly destructive force. He likes testing people, he likes placing them in situations where they have a choice to do right or wrong to see which they will choose, and he is no stranger to a good old game of cat and mouse. But his motivations with Dolarhyde go a bit deeper than that… I believe he thinks if he can help Dolarhyde become his higher self, if he can help him become the dragon, then he can help Will come around again too. He can pull him away from his family (the family that he believes is a poor replacement for the family they were creating together) and back into his orbit. 

A striking difference between the canon of the books and what took place on the show is that Hannibal did not send Dolarhyde after Will AND his family… he only sent him after Molly and Walter. Hannibal doesn’t want Dolarhyde to kill Will in this universe, but he is unbelievably jealous and wants Will’s new family out of the picture as soon as possible. This isn’t simply about playing a game out of boredom for him. In the end it all comes down to his deep and twisted love for Will Graham.

Will and Molly love one another, there is no doubt about that, but we are being shown through visual subtext and absolutely blatant and heavy handed dialogue that Will and Hannibal belong together. They are two sides of the same coin, but Will’s true destiny to be with Hannibal cannot be realized until he learns to, once again, give in to his own becoming.

Will wanted to run away with Hannibal not only because they were friends, or because they truly do love one another on a deep and profound level, but because through Hannibal, Will found his freedom. His transformation at the end of season 2 also felt very deliberate, it began as a premeditated plan to capture Hannibal after all, but it resulted in Will discovering the true nature of the beast residing in his own belly. A part of him will always want to be with Hannibal, will always wish they had run away together all those years ago, and I guess only time (aka the final two episodes) will tell if that part of himself will be victorious in the end.

This is Only for Lightis Headcanons and no Disrespect to Other Characters or Ships, Ignore if you don't like it

Going to delete this later anyway but I wanted to write it down somewhere. I know that Lightis won’t ever be canon and they could only possibly meet in a possible Dissidia or KH game so please no hate even though I don’t ship Noct/Luna. I appreciate these two characters individually and I wouldn’t bash anyone’s shipping them.

I dunno, you could agree or disagree or send me comments about it and I’ll answer XD You can talk to me about the whole Lightis headcanons thing without fear of anyone bashing Luna as she is included. Hell, we can arrange a Light/Noct/Luna thing

Playing with the idea of Luna having romantic feelings that Noctis cannot return:

- Noctis may have feelings for Luna for when they were younger but when he grew up, those feelings change as well, people change

- Luna had a rough childhood where it felt like she had nobody to lean on emotionally and relied on the happiness of her childhood memories and dreams/ promises that she made with Noctis so it’s natural she would love him as much as she does. Noctis is her emotional clutch but being in love or having a silver lining doesn’t make her a weak or abnormal character

- Luna is mentally more mature and prepared for the trials in her life than Noctis. Since Regis sheltered Noctis from the cruelties of the world that Luna endured, it can be assumed that Noct wouldn’t know how to cope or handle his situation but fortunately, he has his friends and allies whereas Luna may only have a few to call allies and herself

- Maybe Noctis had loved the memory of Luna when they were children but Luna has changed dramatically in her ideals and personality, hence loving a shadow. Same thing for Luna loving the boy that became a man

- Noctis loves Luna as one would love a sister or a sibling and therefore cannot return how Luna feels about him, a unrequited love

- Luna loves him romantically, but it is a political marriage, perhaps she knows that Noctis doesn’t feel the same way and feels guilty that the arrangement puts him in an awkward situation. But she knew that the union would help both their countries. Maybe she has no idea that Noctis doesn’t have the “confidence” to return them or she had faith that he would have it one day. Either she or Noctis are ingrained with tradition and the workings of politics

- Noctis knowing that it’s better to marry his best friend than a stranger, hasn’t told Luna about how he feels so that it doesn’t affect their marriage

- Noctis is in love with someone else or he doesn’t feel romantic love; Luna’s the not-love interest and there’s more going for her role than that destination

If I had to incorporate Lightis ideas, maybe Noctis would have a strong connection to the heroine of the past by their spiritual ties. Noctis, when he encountered his near-death experience saw visions or “met” Lightning in his dreams and fell in love with her visage. Ever since his near death experience, Noctis began seeing her in his dreams and because of that became the reason why he’s afflicted with insomnia. Maybe he would read about her in history books and become obsessed with her image and story. Light in her timelines and her world caused a ripple effect that affected Noctis somehow. Poles apart in the world Light had created, these two are on the same world. Should Light have ascended to levels of divinity, she plays a role in Noct’s survival and his journey to reclaim his throne and the two communicate. If Light is still alive in this world and forsaken being a goddess, she would pass down her knowledge and her blade to Noctis, wishing him luck and all the strength he will need, advising him to lean on his friends and not to abandon their company. If not any of those above and Noctis begins to have doubts and pours out every single emotion imaginable about not being strong enough, Light will snap him out of it and tell him all about her story and how she overcame her obstacles and even if there was nobody alive left on his side, he won’t ever be alone. I just want them to meet so that they could give each other a good pep talk and give each other advice, to help each other when one of them is down and become stronger for what’s to come.

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Hi im a little n00b over here and I don't understand the theory of jin being dead?? Could you explain?


Also, I’m not saying that this is 100% a correct theory. I can see some flaws, and I can also see some supporting for other theories, such as a rumoured ‘Peter Pan’ theory and ‘Alternate Universe’ theory that I really wanna get around to reading because maybe it won’t hurt me as much as this theory does 

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Hello! First of all, thank you for your attention, I haven't seen any post or answer about what I want to ask and that's why I'm here. I was wondering if you could help me. The thing is, I want to write but I don't know what to write and I don't know what to do anymore and when it comes to expressing myself, my thoughts, I cannot express myself and my words how I want, so it's kind of difficult to communicate and write for me and if you could help me I'd be very very grateful. Thank you, Irene.

It’s great that you want to write! Getting stuck can be frustrating, but fortunately there are lots of ways to get unstuck. Different things work for different writers, so try a few of these and figure out what works for you:


  • Start small. Trying to face down a nine-book behemoth of an idea you have squirreled away is probably going to make you feel even more frustrated. Start with a smaller project—a poem, a few short stories, unrelated scenes. Write something small first, and if it ends up becoming something bigger, great!
  • Work on something old. Do you have any projects from the past lying around somewhere? Dig them out and reread them. Try editing them or restructuring the plot, changing the characters. Altering an existing project can be a good way to get your creative juices flowing again.
  • Read something. It might be time for a break—sometimes your brain rebels when it’s been working too hard for too long. Give it a breather and read a good book. (Or, read a bad book and think of ways you might try to fix it if it was yours.)
  • Music! Music is usually my go-to when I’m having trouble thinking of something to write or when I’m stuck on a scene. Check YouTube and 8tracks for playlists in a given genre, mood, character type, and more—maybe your inspiration is hiding in a tune.
  • Enlist some buddies or betas. Start a writer’s group or chat with friends who like writing as well. If you have a piece you want someone to read, look for beta readers (links below). Having someone to bounce ideas around with can help you get unstuck, too. (And it never hurts to hang out with friends for a bit!)
  • Most importantly: Do not beat yourself up about having writer’s block. It happens, and it’s ok! Now is the time to figure out how you get un-blocked. Check out some tags below.


  • Back to basics. Brush up on grammar and vocabulary—see if any of those vocab words gets you thinking.
  • Write a story based on a writing prompt. If you’re stuck on what to write about, check the prompts tag for written prompts, first line starters, and dialogue starters.
  • Get inspired with a picture. We have tags for setting inspiration and character inspiration, if you find inspiration best by seeing something.
  • Get unstuck! There’s all kinds of wisdom in the stuck? and getting started for being unable to start a story, dealing with a story you no longer like, and general writer’s block aid.
  • Beta readers. Tips for working with betas here. The betafinder blog is a great way to get in touch with people willing to beta read your story.

Best of luck to you!



The townfolk of Storybrooke apparently have nothing better to do than to gossip like high-schoolers. Robin overhears. 

a/n: posting this regardless of being rushed and un-edited. contains some 3x18 spoilers. 


Regina and Robin were having a conversation. From where she was sitting - it looked to Tinkerbell like the conversation was light hearted, and fun. Like they were teasing one another and thoroughly enjoying the attention from the other. It made her smile… they’d finally found each other… and it was clear to anybody - even those who knew nothing of the spell revealing them to be soul-mates/true-loves whatever you wanted to call it - that they belonged together.

‘So, what uh- what do you know about that?’

Tinkerbell was snapped out of her trance of watching them and turned her attention to David.

'What?’ she asked.

'You’ve been watching them quite intensely for the past fifteen minutes.’ Snow chimed in. 'And come to think of it - you and Regina have been rather close recently… you must know of whatever is going on between them.’

'Between who?’ she tried playing innocent.

'Regina and Robin.’ David said.

'Oh… right… yes.’ She said.

'So…?’ Snow asked.

'What?’ She asked - still playing the part of innocent.

'So… what’s going on?’

Her resolve broke and she grinned. 'They’re perfect for each other, don’t you think?’

Snow frowned. 'I don’t know… Regina and Robin? I don’t see it working… not long term.’

'Oh but you’re so wrong. They’re made for each other.’

'I’m going to have to disagree with you there.’ David said. 'Regina is the evil queen - she had Robin hunted for years. She is everything he stands against.’

'No.’ Tinkerbell shook her head. 'They are actually made for each other.’

Snow frowned. 'What aren’t you saying?’

Tinkerbell looked back over to the pair - sure enough they still only had eyes for each other - so she was safe.

'You cannot tell anyone.’ She said. 'But… years ago - before the curse, Regina came to me, looking for help and so… I helped her track down her true-love. The man she’s supposed to be with.’

'And…?“ Snow asked.

'It was the man with the lion tattoo.’ She grinned.

Snow and David exchanged a glance. 'Robin has a lion tattoo… on his wrist.’ David said.

Tinkerbell nodded enthusiastically. 'True love, soul mates… whatever you want to call it.’

'Regina… and… Robin?’ Snow asked.

Tinkerbell nodded. 'Mmhmm.’


She sighed. 'And aren’t they perfect together - I’m so happy they finally found each other.’


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Now that 2016 is finally and thankfully coming to an end, I thought I should thank all the people who at least managed to make some of it amazing, those who helped me, who took care of me, who made me smile and laugh and who made me realise that no matter how difficult life can get, it’s all worth it. This is NOT a follow forever. I did one last Christmas and last July, and I didn’t want to do another one again. If you’re not included it doesn’t in any way mean I don’t like you or your blog, but I tried to keep it limited to those I actually interacted with at some point this year. I also really want to apologise if I forget anyone - there are too many amazing people on here and even though I tried so hard to include everyone I could think of, sometimes it’s easy to forget someone, especially from the first few months of this year. If you think you should be here please do send me a message or something though. Please ignore that basic af edit but I didn’t have time to do anything better 😂

@gigibuffone - Jack!! When you came to talk to me just a little over 6 months ago it didn’t cross my mind you could end up being my best friend. Can you believe we never shut up for not even a single day since then? 😂 Thank you so much mate for all the times you listen to me rant and for being one of the best parts of my 2016. You are amazing in every sense of the word and I hope you know that, you cute doughnut bean ☺️❤️

I know most of you don’t use tumblr anymore but if you see this pasta squad aka anti-bleaching ❌: @swanvika @desciglio2 @fabiantasticschaer @mesut-and-tie @neymessigriziman @loriskariius21 @diesama5 @sampers; thank you all so much for everything. You have become some of the most important people in my life, I know I can be myself with you all without being judged. Your words help get me through hard times whilst no one could make me laugh as much ad you can. We also bond over our love for pasta, and there can never be a stronger bond 😂 I’ll always support you girls through everything and once again thank you. ❤️❤️

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I’d also like to thank @iwriteyourfanfiction for writing me the sweetest fic about Mats!! I still have no idea who you are but you deserve the world 😘💕

And last but not least, a big thank you goes to all those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!! I cannot tag all of you here but know you made my day special, and I appreciate every single one of them 💖

And that wraps it up, and I do truly hope I didn’t forget anyone. This also includes any cute anons I’ve received this year - I do wish I could tag you here to thank you but of course that’s not possible, but if you see this know I appreciate 💖 Thank you so much for everything!! 2016 would have been wayyyy more horrible without you all. Of course, even if you’re not included here, I still want to thank ALL of my followers and mutuals. You’re all fantastic ✨ I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2017 from the bottom of my heart, because you deserve nothing less. ❤️

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I have gone through almost all your tags, folks, and I still need a hand: I have written already my second draft, have done tons of research, have found betas, have edited, have revised, and have changed many things... but I'm still not happy with what I did. I've tried many, many things, including reading every writing blog's stuck tag I know of. I'm still motivated on this, and also very focused on it, but it just... I don't know. I didn't like it in the end, after all my effort :( Help?

This is a tough situation to be in. A few things to try:

  • Take a break. You might be focused and motivated, but you might also be burned out. Shut it down for a few weeks—read some books, work on something else, marathon something new on Netflix or speedrun a game. Do something else for a while and come back to your story after that.
  • Throwaway draft. You’re only two drafts in, and there’s always room for work and improvement before you take any steps towards publishing. Rather than redrafting, try revisiting the bare bones of your plot and writing the story in a different way. Make it a point to write it completely differently. This version doesn’t have to count—use it to explore options you may have missed or tossed out before.
  • Reread for input. Give it a real, honest, cover-to-cover reread, then ask your betas what they like or dislike or think you’re struggling with. Having the latest draft fresh in your mind can help you remember what you tossed or added before, as well as help you identify specific parts when you get the betas’ feedback.
  • Shelve it. Is writing this story still fun, or is it becoming something you dread? Whether or not you shelve it forever or pull it back out in a few years to give it another round of edits or rewrites is up to you, but perhaps it’s time to put this one up for a longer break than you might normally give a piece.
  • Celebrate. No matter how it ends up, celebrate and give yourself credit. You finished a whole story! That’s incredible! You have done something amazing, and that deserves recognition. Even if this turns out to be something that didn’t work for you, you now have a finished product and all the knowledge and experience that came from it.

However your story’s… er, story concludes, remember that this is far from the end of the road. There are lots of stories left to write, and just because this one may not have worked does not mean you’re a bad writer or cannot make anything work. Keep trying and don’t give up!