i don't even know guys

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

if the gems had tumblrs
  • steven: cute instagram photos of food, dragon ball nostalgia, and lost pet signal boosts
  • amethyst: ugly instagram photos of food, postmodern pseudoironic meme hell, avatar would be a photo of a screaming possum
  • pearl: austere photography in spare pastel colors, gardening tutorials, pictures of sand
  • garnet: empty blog with default theme; title says "garnet"

Sterek Social Media AU:

Stiles Stilinski, social media nerd extraordinaire, met the man of his dreams during a drunken night out with his friends in New York. The catch here - because there’s always a catch in Stiles’ life - is that the morning after the best day in Stiles’ existence (the BEST) the man is gone, leaving no way for Stiles to contact him and only a piece of paper with his name: Derek Hale. Stiles sets on a mad search through his beloved online platforms but comes out of the other side with a bruised heart and no man. He decides, then, to enlist the help of the people he knows he can count on: his followers and friends.


*screams in gay* Suddenly I feel the need of drinking holy water

Guys I had so much hope for Jasper.

Hope that he’d learn how to rely on his friends again. Hope that he’d be able to somehow heal from all of the shit that he went through.

Hope that he’d be able to find happiness in that godforsaken story.

It almost makes me disappointed in the writers. That they would rather kill off a character because everyone finds him annoying and wants him to die rather than not being afraid to show us the ugly parts of healing from trauma and what it means to survive.

And when the whole theme of the season is “From the ashes we will rise” I can’t just help but think about how much I wanted to see Jasper make it to the end. 

Was it too much to ask to see him be happy again?

See ya on the other side Jasper, and may we meet again.

khr things I still think about to this day:

  • “an angel without wings told me he’d lost his map to get home”
  • “my friends and family are my pride”
  • Lavina
  • all the box animals
  • Reborn and his cosplays
  • the utter betrayal at the fact that Naito Longchamp wasn’t in the anime
  • the undying hope that we’ll get a season 10
  • poor poor Romeo
  • Bianchi 👏 deserved 👏 better 👏
  • Fon’s sleeves
  • I-pin, who had given her childhood for the Chinese triads, working a part-time job to send herself to college??? YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE
  • The Bovino family??? literally???? sent a fucking FIVE YEAR OLD on a suicide mission to try and kill the number one hitman in the world????????
  • Shouichi, you nosy little motherfucker
  • Ryohei’s “swimming”
  • Gola Mosca has his own character song????? why????

★★Original Post★★

~Looks like someone didn’t watch Frozen

Fantastic Hook Ups and Where to Find Them

Inspired by a conversation I had with @braganzas​ a few weeks back, where we asked ourselved the question “What would FBAWTFT be with Tinder involved?” and basically when nuts with the concept. 

Same characters, probably modern setting, and everyone is on Tinder.

  • Graves and Picquery keep matching up and then neither of them dares look the other in the face for WEEKS
  • “Send me nudes” Graves, because we all know he would be a total fuckboy about it (and of course, looking like he does, he would get all the nudes and more)
  • Graves sees Tina on Tinder and decides to have a very serious talk with her about the dangers of online dating
    • Tina “But? sir? how would you know I’m there?”
    • Graves: *sweats nervously*………….. Just trust me on this, Goldstein. Lots of creeps out there”
  • Queenie deleted her account after getting one hundred too many dick pics
    • Still likes to browse Tina’s account and offer continuous commentary on her sister’s choices
    • Meets Jacob the good “old fashioned” way, because Jacob is too cool for dating apps
  • Tina and Newt match up and have the slowest, most awkward, chat conversations. It takes them over two months to actually decide to go on a date, even though they’ve both stopped using the app for anything that is not talking to each other.
  • Newt only has an account because Theseus created it for him. Most of his profile pictures are actually photos of his animals.
  • Credence probably AGONIZED over his profile for like 5 hours and lives in constant fear of Mary Lou finding out. Despite his efforts, his profile pictures are more creepy than sexy, dilapidated churches, somber family photos without even a small smile and 
    • Graves is surprisingly into it
  • Credence hyperventilating when he gets a match.
    • He would also totally be be that guy who never, ever starts a conversation. 
  • Graves and Picquery browsing Tinder together to kill the time, and making super fun of all the profiles.
    • Picquery: “Look at that one Percy, looks like Norman Bates decided to get himself a Tinder account”
    • Graves: *is surprisingly into it* 
  • Graves and Credence match up, and hilariousness ensues
    • Picquery: “I can’t believe you swiped right on Creepy Graveyard Guy, Percy, I thought you had better taste” Graves:“Shut up, Sera” *tries to hide a dorky smile at a picture Credence just sent him*
    • Both think they are being trolled, Credence because he has no self-esteem to speak off and can’t believe rich, hot guy would go for him. Graves because Credence is so fucking Extra about everything he cannot possibly be for real.
    • “I’d love to see you naked” Graves chats, expecting a classic dick pic, maybe a mirror selfie. He gets Credence, buck naked, laid out on his bed in a very artistic pose, with contrats lighting, looking like a very pornographic baroque painting.
    • Their first date is super awkward, because they now have to accept the other is real and very much into them and their bizzaro personality, but they shockingly work out.
    • Picquery *never* lets Percival live that one down