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Idiots, that is love

A/N: Hey guys, this is one of my very first attempts at writing fanfiction so… I’m sorry? Anyway, this idea wouldn’t leave me alone so I needed to write it, and here it is! 


It had been a week. A week of Taiga ignoring his messages, his calls, a week of Taiga avoiding him all together. 

Daiki sighed and looked up from his phone.

The gym hall of Touou was currently filled with basketball players, practicing under the surveillance of their captain, Sakurai Ryo, who had become so much more confident since their first year.
Daiki knew he was supposed to be practicing too, but… what a drag, really. It’s not like he needed to practice so much anyway.

He had promised Sakurai he would attend most of their practice, but as long as he was present Sakurai let him do whatever he pleased. Which most often consisted of him reading the newest Mai-chan magazine or taking a nap, or watching from the sidelines as the others went through a brutal training.
Sometimes he would join them, sometimes he would only do the exercises he liked.

‘Damn it Taiga’, he thought as he once more dialed the redhead’s number but the man didn’t pick up.
One week ago they had had their first real fight. A huge fight, with both of them screaming at each other, throwing whatever they could get their hands on, ending with Daiki storming out and slamming the front door shut.

He did realize he had been more than a little immature about the whole thing, but to his comfort Taiga hadn’t been much better off. Daiki sighed again as he thought of the reason they had been fighting for in the first place.

Taiga was moving back to America.

He had invited Daiki over one night to tell him that he had gotten a good offer from a university in New York, and he was going to accept it. He would move to New York at the end of the summer.
Taiga had asked Daiki to come with him.

Daiki, being the emotionally constipated little shit he was, had not reacted well to the news.
And, Taiga being the hotheaded idiot he was, had taken the bait and so a fight ensued. Neither of them thought to sit down and talk it through, the thought never even crossed Daiki’s mind until he was halfway home already and calmed down enough to think straight.

“Fuck it”, he proclaimed to himself, standing up, “Ryo, I’m leaving”
Sakurai turned around with a frown on his face. He looked stern, likely about to tell Daiki to stay until the practice was over. Daiki would’ve never thought the guy could be such a good captain.
He had been a little angry at not being chosen as the captain, to tell the truth, but then he realized it would’ve required him to attend practice every time and he was suddenly glad he was not chosen. He also saw how much other stuff Taiga (who was now the captain of Seirin) had to do, and he realized he would’ve made a terrible captain for the Touou team.

“Aomine-kun”, Sakurai started, but Daiki cut him off, “Sorry, I’ve got something really important to do today”
Maybe it was something in his voice, or the air of urgency he carried, but Sakurai just nodded without protesting further, “Fine”
“Thanks”, Daiki said and headed off to the locker room.


Meanwhile in Seirin Taiga was overseeing the practice of his own team.
The first and second years were doing drills, while the third years had a half-court practice match amongst themselves. Coach Riko had continued training them whenever she could, but more often than not she sent Taiga instructions via e-mail and Taiga made sure everyone was doing what they were told.

Today, however, the red haired power-forward was just absent mindedly staring at his teammates.
He felt bad for ignoring Daiki’s calls and messages like that, but he was still a little offended at how the other teen had reacted to the news of him moving away.

Taiga knew it was a shock for the tan male, but he could’ve been a bit more mature about it. Though, he hadn’t been any more mature himself. He also felt embarrassed by some of the things he had said to Daiki, and he knew he should apologize the next time they met.
Taiga didn’t know when that would be though. He hadn’t meant to avoid Daiki for this long, and now he was a little scared to see the other, to tell the truth.

He was scared of what would happen to them. If Daiki didn’t want to go to America, which was understandable, Taiga didn’t think they could hold a long-distance relationship for longer than a few years at most.
Taiga loved Daiki. He knew that, but it wouldn’t be enough if there was half a world between them.

Suddenly his eyes caught familiar blue ones in the doorway of the gym, and he had to take a moment to ensure he wasn’t hallucinating. As he looked around and saw others turning to look at Daiki too, he decided that no, he was not hallucinating.

Taiga walked over to the slightly taller male, feeling nervous.
“What’re you doing here?”, he asked.
“Came to see you”, Daiki answered, “I need to talk to you about something”
“It couldn’t have waited until the end of practice?”, Taiga asked, but Daiki shook his head a little and Taiga was starting to feel worried.

The others were taking a break, drinking from their bottles or talking with each other, but in reality they were all staring at the two of them intently.
Because, holy shit their captain was talking to the ace of Touou, Aomine Daiki. They were supposed to be sworn rivals or whatever, and now they were talking – civilly – to each other in Seirin’s gym hall.

“And you didn’t think calling first might be a good idea?”, the redhead asked then, raising an eyebrow.
“Well yeah, I did call at least twenty times”, Daiki said, “But it would help a great deal if you actually, you know, answered the phone
Taiga cringed, looking a little embarrassed, “Sorry”

Now the others were openly staring at them, the first and second years completely stupefied while the third years were chuckling to themselves.
“Anyway, I came to ask when exactly will you be leaving? To America, I mean”, Daiki asked and Taiga felt panic creep up on him. So this was it? Daiki was not going with him.

But the next thing Daiki said made his heart stop.
“I need to know so I can buy a plane ticket”

Taiga blinked once.

“Holy shit”, he breathed out, watching Daiki with wide eyes as the man broke into a grin.
Taiga’s heart started thumping against his chest wildly, and he felt slightly dizzy with relief and joy and a few unrecognizable feelings swelling up in him.
“Are you saying-? Oh fuck, Daiki”, Taiga pulled his boyfriend into a crushing hug because he didn’t know what else to do.

Daiki laughed and hugged the other man back.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m moving to America with you”, he said. There was an eerie silence in the gym hall, Taiga’s other teammates watching the interaction with eyes wide as plates and mouths hanging open.

Tetsuya was smiling, watching his two best friends fondly.

“There’s one problem though”, Daiki said then. Taiga raised his head to look at the man questionably, but did not let go of him. His eyes were teary, and Daiki almost leaned down to kiss the small drops off of the corner of Taiga’s eyes, but then he remembered where they were.
“I can’t speak English to save my life”, the tan male continued with a smile.

Taiga let out a choked laugh.
I’ll teach you, idiot”, he said in English, making Daiki cock his head to his side.
“I have no idea what you just said, but sounds like a plan”, he answered. A few of the third years along with Taiga laughed.

“I said: I’ll teach you”, Taiga translated the sentence for his boyfriend, “You idiot”
Daiki huffed, “Oi, who’s the idiot here?”

Taiga didn’t answer, he just buried his face into Daiki’s neck and refused to let go of the man.
Daiki in turn looked over Taiga’s shoulder at Tetsuya and said, “I guess I’ll just… take him home?”
The pale teen nodded his approval, “I do not think Kagami-kun can focus on practice anymore today”

Furihata handed Taiga’s bag to Daiki, who led the man still clinging to him out of the gym hall.
Just before he left, he heard a second year player say to someone, “Now that, my friend, is game”

It was Tetsuya’s voice than answered, “Idiots. That is love”

And he would’ve been embarrassed if it hadn’t been so annoyingly, completely true.
He was one hundred percent in love with Kagami Taiga.


That’s it :) I hope you enjoyed!

Grantaire goes to every party that’s organised by any of his acquaintances even if he has not been invited and one day he shows up at Marius’ and Marius is like “but how the fuck did he even know where I lived” and Courfeyrac puts an arm around his shoulder and just goes “We all accepted a long time ago that he has Jack Sparrow’s compass and uses it to find where the alcohol is”.

Grantaire raises his hat at them when coming in.

499 words for the Sterek Writers’ Kiss Challenge

There are a thousand reasons not to do this. A thousand things that have kept him from even considering it outside of the half-conscious longings he could brush aside in daylight. It’s smarter, safer, to leave good enough alone, to keep from acknowledging what nothing good could ever come from acknowledging.

But when he slides into the room tonight and comes face to face with Stiles, when he looks up with a knowing expression that softens into fondness, when he says, head ducking, “My dad likes you now, creeper. You could’ve used the front door”… suddenly Derek can’t think of a single solitary one.

He’s crossing the room fast, the books he’d brought for research slipping to the floor as he falls into Stiles’ space, close enough to taste the boy’s skin on the air.

Stiles’ eyes skitter up, then float around Derek’s face in an uneven wobble that might seem scared if Derek hadn’t seen Stiles scared before, seen it too many times these past years. No, this is Stiles being startled but intrigued, seeing a puzzle he can’t help wanting to decipher.

And Derek is aching to let Stiles decipher him.

“Derek…?” It comes out tentative, too much air and not enough voice. Derek finds himself falling in closer, as close as he can get without brushing skin. Stiles’ eyes startle shut, mouth parting, breathing in sharp and wanting.

Derek needs to say something, but all that comes out is “I need… Stiles, I want…” before Stiles lets out a frantic noise and surges forward.

They don’t waste any time on tentative touches, their mouths parting on contact, gasping against each other before going deep. Derek has Stiles by the nape as Stiles presses, full-bodied, into him, everything hot and hungry at the first wet slide of tongues.

Stiles whines, hands darting everywhere, the palms dragging down Derek’s biceps, his sides, clenching at his jaw and tugging in some crazed attempt to drag Derek’s face straight into his. His mouth moves with equal fervor, seeming desperate to fill the first few seconds of their kiss with everything he’s ever imagined: hard licks and dragging teeth. His whole body is wracking with frantic shivers, the scent of nerves spiking through the air nearly as sharp as desire.

Derek drags his mouth back, Stiles’ protesting whine echoing deep in his own chest.

“Hey, just…” his voice is gravel-rough, his body hot and shuddery in a way he hasn’t felt in years. He feels like a teenager.

He feels happy.

When he ducks in again it’s all slow, sweet drags of lips and long pent emotion. Stiles sighs into it, relaxing, arms looping around Derek’s neck, his body a long, lean press of soft skin and angled hips. They stay like that, shifting slowly against each other, until Stiles draws back, breathless, brows furrowing.

“Wait, why now?”

Derek could give a thousand reasons. He shrugs.

“I decided to stop fighting it.”

“About time,” Stiles sighs, and drags him in again.

Hush Little Angel
  • Hush Little Angel
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Hush, little angel, don’t say a word, Papas’s gonna make you his mockingbird. A special mockingbird that sings, Papa’s gonna show you everything. You’ll help save the world and you’ll have goodbyes, but don’t you worry, your hunter’s still alive. He might be stubborn, he might be crass - Papa’s pretty sure you can handle that. At first you’ll hide what you’re trying to say, (that his green eyes always make your day). Someday soon you’ll face your fear - the other angels won’t dare come near. And if your siblings make you afraid, the hunter’ll come in and carry you away. When that hunter gives you wings, Papa’s finally shown you everything. - download; [X] {for Uni}