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When you can’t find a reference that suits you so you make a shot of @danisnotonfire from Pastel Edit /video/ even more pastel. Whoops

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- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?


Happy Birthday Eijun!

“I really didn’t know what should’ve I get you, but a sunflower suits you well” 
says kindly Miyuki smirking and handing the flower to his kohai.
Eijun snaps loudly.

“What you mean with that?”

Looking at the sunflower, he smiles happily. Eijun doesn’t know why that type of flower puts him in a good mood and couldn’t even imagine how Miyuki Kazuya could know that, but even if he liked so much the gift, something’s off.
The senpai notices that but can’t help giggle at the pitcher’s reaction before while embracing him in his arms.

“Ha ha ha.. What do you want Eijun?”

Surprised how his catcher knows him too well and find it annoying, Eijun pouts and leans on his forehead, looking straight at him.

“…Please, be mine Miyuki Kazuya”

Yeah, it should’ve been easy from the start and that’s why Miyuki struggled  until the end, because his pitcher is a simple-minded and happen to see him staring at that flower so intensely and smiling like when he’s on the mound.
Miyuki knows it better than anyone. Miyuki is his lover.

“As you wish, Eijun-sama”


I have so many Kimblees to post that I feel bad for you all, but still… here I go. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

First is Kid!Kimblee because the need was strong some days ago and I still remember an ask where I said I’d draw him again. more than a month ago, omg.

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pls help me i sometimes feel guilty for being totally in love w murdoc even though i don't excuse a single disgusting thing he does? but people who hate murdoc sorta make me feel bad for him being a major source of comfort for me

buddy, pal. I love Murdoc so friggin’ much, it’s insane. However, I don’t know if you follow my blog, but the vast majority of my posts about Murdoc center around criticizing and questioning Murdoc as a person. Why? Because I have the capacity to love the complex characteristics and charming qualities that make him, essentially, the true front man of Gorillaz. If someone asked me what my fav character was, I would no doubt say Murdoc. But even more importantly, if someone asked who my favorite person was in the band, it undoubtably would be Russel. Why? I think this is a conversation the fans have been having for a long time: how can literally the worse person ever be such a bigger favorite over such a nicer, kinder, BETTER person like Russel??

Well, that’s because Murdoc is, imo, a better character than Russel, while Russel is undoubtably a better person. The effectiveness of their fictional personas on audiences greatly differ from their actual value as human beings in the real world. My personal experience with following stories, comics, etc. in general would chalk this conundrum up to simply the writing and handling of both people. It’s no secret that Murdoc (and 2D) almost unfairly get sooo much more depth and attention from Jamie+Writers. While I don’t think any of the other characters are ‘flat’ or ‘boring’ in any sense, the obvious lack of care regarding making them fully, apologetically, and entirely HUMAN (without falling into the space that’s so familiar that they actually become boring) has fallen short compared to uncle Murdy.

While Murdoc is indisputably the anti-villain, or even villain for some, of the Gorillaz franchise, he reads to me to be so much more tangible as a fictional, over-the-top caricature of a mentally-ill, deranged, violent alcoholic than the others (in their own respective ‘stereotype’) by way of his wit, personalization (we hear and see him the most), and general flamboyancy that makes him bother you in a way that probably starts off negative, but eventually turns into an understanding recognition of who he is, what he wants and needs, why he is who he is, and what he needs to be. Maybe that’s just empathy, or maybe we’ve just been taken hostage by Murdoc in between the quick transitions of dangerous to endearing that Murdoc so easily flips in and out of. 'Acute Stockholm Syndrome’ is what 2D’s therapist called it….

but really you don’t need to explain urself at all like what you like man fight the power

what about OiHina getting together on valentine’s tho

I mean Oikawa probably gets too much chocolate from his fans or at least Hinata thinks he probably will I mean did you see the fanclub he had

So what if he’s still like “Well he’s graduating soon so I hafta try” and so he rounds up Natsu and his mom and makes a batch of truffles which are “for his team mom really”

But he picks out all the best looking ones and decorates them realllllly careful and lets Natsu wrap them so it’s extra cute

His mom doesn’t comment but Natsu giggles and goes “You have a cruuuuuuuuuush” but she does an extra nice job and picks out the nicest looking bow and a blue tag

And of course Hinata’s also like “I need to give it to him bEFORE ANYONE ELSE” like it’s some sort of competition so he basically gets up at ass o'clock in the morning and bikes to Oikawa’s school which he knows always has practice in the morning

So basically he gets there before anyone else and is half asleep while the coaches pass by and then a few volleyball boys arrive and basically swarm him and ask questions until he’s awake and really really nervous because oh god oh god why are there so many they’re so tall where is Oikawa let him just get this over with

That’s how Oikawa and Iwaizumi find him, shaking against the gate with a single bag of prettily wrapped choco while cowered under most of their teammates

Iwaizumi of course breaks it up because he’s a good vice captain and Oikawa is like “Oh-ho? Who’s the chocolate for?” because he’s sort of pissed I mean which girl caught Hinata’s eye?? When the fuck was this Hinata is supposed to only have eyes for volleyball(/Oikawa)

Hinata turns an unhealthy shade of red and suddenly Oikawa has the chocolates and Hinata is biking away as fast as he can

Oikawa buffers for a little while and Iwaizumi basically drags him into practice. When he checks the tag there’s some very messy words that say “Please accept my feelings”. Iwaizumi has to take notes for him

Later when the girls try to give him honmei choco he politely refuses, saying he already has someone

[A month later Hinata receives some really high quality volleyball stuff like good shoes and kneepads and maybe even a signed volleyball who knows]

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I hope I don't get hate for this but both Mordecai's and that bat girls kids are kinda ugly, along with Rigby's and Eileen's. I'm not even hating, but like I wish they would've had cuter ones. I mean if Mordecai and Rigby had kids, (Reggie and Madeline, if you know them!) they are SO much cuter...

Yes a hundred times yes!!! I’m in love with these adorable Morby fan children! I actually made some artwork of them. Keep in mind, the drawings are like 3-4 years old! (and I apologize for some of the bad quality D;)


My Top 30 Supernatural Episodes:

09x07 || Bad Boys [23/30]

I was part of this gang, right? They were my family. I lived, breathed, I would have even died for them. You know where it got me? 15 years in a correctional facility. And for what? Being loyal? To who?

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I don't really see too much hate on Slytherin because they're bad guys, but rather people who think they belong because it's the "badass" house rather than actually enjoying (or in some cases even knowing) what it is that the house itself stands for. I actually find it kind of upsetting because I'm proud of being a Slytherin, not proud of always being "morally challenged" as some think as Slytherin's only quality.

I see a lot of Slytherins = bad guys stuff. I’ve never see anyone claim to be Slytherin because it’s the badass house, but I don’t doubt there are people that do. Most Slytherin I know are really proud of being Slytherin, like yourself, and always enjoy explaining why they are. 

Slytherin traits are cunning, ambition, resourcefulness, self-preservation and fraternity. None of those things mean evil or morally deficient, which is why it’s so annoying when people assume that’s all there is to Slytherin.

Besides, Slytherin doesn’t have the monopoly on badassery. All four houses are equally badass, just in different ways.

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because i get nervous about spamming OPs on tumblr with irrelevant reblog notifications, but… 


when i first saw this scene the only pity i felt here was for Will, and now I wonder what it says about me that in retrospect I’m full of feelings for Hannibal. Or what it says about this show. Or us as representatives of humanity, whatever. Why do we want, so deeply, someone who has zero respect or consideration for the human ties that other people connect through, to have meaningful human ties of his own? Is it human nature to want to redeem people like Hannibal and bring them back from the loneliness of their own self-absorption? Because Will’s betrayal was never a betrayal at all, of course—it was all offensive defense, and only Hannibal’s narcissism sees it that way. But because we empathize with him in spite of ourselves, we can’t help but see it that way, too, at least a little. And ultimately Will saw it that way himself.

like, i love gay serial killers in love with their purehearted doppelgangers more than just about any other fictional trope there is, both because I love the humanizing element that comes from this dynamic and because i’m fascinated by how this trope that’s generally portrayed as overtly homophobic always subverts itself and becomes an affirmation of the power of homoerotic love. BUT I can’t ever view the dynamics of this ship the way I think sometimes Tumblr wants me to. Hannibal may long for human connection, but he’s still the maker of his own alienation.

Just in case, you know, you forgot that eating people isn’t a route to healthy relationship-building.

I’m gonna skip addressing the second paragraph bc I’m not well-versed in the genre & I also have no idea what Tumblr thinks about the dynamics of this ship because I don’t follow anyone (although surely nobody is arguing that this is a healthy or unproblematic relationship, right?!), but… re: the first paragraph!

I was thinking about this a lot the other day – because when I talk to my friends about this show & explain to them what I think is going on, I feel like I do come across (maybe I just really am) very hardcore Hannipologist, and it felt like a hypocritical position for me to take because I’m very judgmental about, for instance, Walter White, another BAD DUDE who fucks up his own life by acting selfishly every time he gets a chance.

And I think, in the end, part of what I didn’t like about Breaking Bad was that I didn’t know what the show was trying to say – if anything – about Walter, or people like Walt, or being selfish, or being human.  I couldn’t tell why it wanted me to relate to Walt beyond the basic push-pull sensation of being repulsed by the protagonist you’re (helplessly kind of still) rooting for.

But Hannibal is a different kind of show.  Like, I KNOW I ALWAYS BRING EVERYTHING BACK TO THE ILIAD AND I’M SORRY ABOUT THAT LOL but I think it’s valid since Hannibal himself brought it up!  And Hannibal is absolutely an Achilles-type character.  Like, the Iliad is very much about what it means to be human/mortal, and it does this in large part by cutting back and forth between the amoral, carefree, partying gods of the pantheon and the bloody carnage of the Trojan war, and Achilles for half the story has one foot in each camp.  He’s self-centered and self-assured because he doesn’t recognize any connection between himself and the men dying on the battlefield; although he’s physically among mortals, he considers himself an immortal and acts like one.  But when Patroclus dies (thx to Achilles’ Gr8 Ideas), he is forced to confront the fact that there is humanity/mortality within him, and he essentially self-destructs and throws away his immortality out of grief, because he finally recognizes a connection.

(It always struck me as funny that Hannibal fancast himself and Will as Achilles and Patroclus, because I just… wonder what the dude thinks this story is even about? LIKE IT’S LITERALLY ABOUT YOU, HANNIBAL. YOU ARE ABOUT TO CRASH AND BURN, EVEN AS YOU DRAW THIS FANART AND NARRATE THE ILIAD TO YOUR PATROCLUS LOL.  Like what level of self-awareness… does he have… when he makes this comparison LOL)

Anyway, I think the point of characters like Achilles and like Hannibal is that they exist at the very edge of being human – just one more half-step to the left and they’d be fully inhuman (immortal, a god, literally Satan, an alien, etc.), but it’s precisely because they’re such an edge case that they are able to highlight to us the power of what makes us human – the idea that we are helpless to love and loss, that the connections between us and other humans and the severing of said connections and our ultimate inability to control either are what give our lives meaning.

So yes, I think the show does ask us to relate to Hannibal, and I think it does want us to want him to make a human connection despite (or perhaps because of) his track record of being unable to do so.  And I think the show consciously presents that human connection that Hannibal makes as being both the thing that potentially redeems him and the thing that destroys him, because if he can make a human connection and truly love another person, then it makes him – even this monster – human and just like us.  But in making this connection and surrendering himself to the helplessness of being human, he loses a core facet of what makes him fundamentally him: his amorality, his immortality (his [greek] god-like qualities), they’re all contingent on him holding himself as separate from humanity.  And now he’s no longer separate, so he has to fall.

things that the signs need to hear
  • Aries: you're fiery personality isn't always funny and cool. You're one of the most intelligent signs so you should know this. sometimes you need to just stop acting like a total asshole.
  • Taurus: you're good qualities can sometimes be mixed with your bad. There's a difference between being down to earth and patient and being lazy. Don't be known for being boring and lacking excitement okay? bc ur really cool!! Let people see that!
  • Gemini: don't be so flighty. Your friends need you even if you're on some self discovering adventure do not forget who's always there for you. especially when they call.
  • Cancer: shhhh just chilllllll. If you think you're being manipulative you probably are and I know you don't always mean to be. Natural crybabies. Don't dwell. Cancers are such nostalgic dwellers. It's okay to move on.
  • Leo: calm down, little lion. figure out your roar before you go and use it. Your firecracker personality can be both positive and negative. Think before you speak.
  • Virgo: you're so very intelligent but don't let that detach you from people who care about you. It's okay to not let your brain control you sometimes.
  • Libra: you're very popular and likable don't let that get to your head and inflate your already decent sized ego, libra.
  • Scorpio: listen. You gotta start trusting people. I know it's hard but I promise you'll find people who are just as loyal as you and it's easier than you think. You have a good heart. Use it!!!!
  • Sagittarius: You're hilarious and just the right amount of chill you are some of the best friends to have and I hope you get the appreciation you deserve! Don't let your easy going personality take over though. It's okay to let your other emotions show and let people know when you're upset.
  • Capricorn: you want to be the boss over people but you want to be independent too. you have a strong personality use it for good bc you could easily use it for evil! Unclench your teeth and let one slide, boss. No use being angry over spilled milk.
  • Aquarius: you already know you're crazy so let more people see that sweetheart on the inside that every Aquarius has. You make life very fun.
  • Pisces: I know you're stuck in the clouds but sometimes you have to come down. do what's best for you and the people who care endlessly for you. What are you unsure of? You're a beautiful soul with a lovely mind but you are undoubtedly the most babied sign. Show the world you aren't just a cry baby. You CAN stand your own, lil one. Staying in a safe place isn't always the best tactic.