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Today I was discussing Naruto and more specifically SNS (romantic) with this girl. It wasn’t anything bitter or salty, just a nice chat. 

At one point during the conversation, she said this to me: “For me it’s weird. I mean if you have a man and a man, how can you have children?”

I didn’t even get angry when I heard that. I felt genuinely sad.

I felt sad that people think that a relationship is weird if the people in said relationship do not reproduce. 

Two (or more) people of any gender can be happy in a relationship without having children. That’s not a lifestyle for everyone. A relationship can be normal even without children. This goes out to heterosexual couples as much as to any other couples.

Okay so this might be an unpopular opinion (depending on who you are in this fandom) but

I cannot see Clarke and Bellamy together romantically. Even if Lexa wasn’t around. Even if Clexa wasn’t a thing. I just can’t see them as anything more than really good friends (or brother and sister) at most. Like they don’t even seem to like each other romantically, from what I’ve seen, so I feel like the only reason any of y’all ship them together is because he’s a boy and she’s a girl and they’re both main characters.

It’s just very heteronormative and so problematic considering the hate that a lot of bellarke shippers have spewed at the clexa shippers. Like I get that you’re allowed to ship whomever the hell you want, but don’t be a dick about it. Especially when your ship is less likely to be canon with or without the other one.

The Types as Weird Subreddits

ESFJ - windex: my windows are so clean

ISFJ - Avocados Gone Wild: guaca-holy mother

ENTP - enlightened birdmen: birds are waging a war on the human race

INTP - Weird Eggs: people sharing oddities of the ovum

ENFJ - unintentional cosplay: when you accidentally cosplay and then realise

INFJ - seventh world problems: [description redacted]

ESTP - Hitler in socks: images of Hitler, preferably in stockings

ISTP - Cardboard Lounge: how to make/do anything with cardboard

ENTJ - Fruit Wars: pitting fruits against each other in death battles

INTJ - My Evil Plan: explain your evil plan, Redditors will listen

ESFP - birds with arms: just what it says on the tin

ISFP - The Mystery Paw: people guessing pet by paw pics

ESTJ - life of norman: norman is an interesting man, inform us on his life

ISTJ - joe biden and a sandwich: the US vice president and sandwiches

ENFP - Naoto Hattori: one surrealist artist, a shit ton of obsessive fans

INFP - Toaster Rights: a community dedicated to improving the life of toast