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I couldn’t handle reading the entire story, but the overall gist is that the MC goes out to investigate some dude (who turns out to be a magician) selling “drugs” and that ends with her being cursed. So they try to save MC with… fascinating methods. No NSFW screens here, but believe me when I tell you those were even worse lol xD

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This whole debacle with curvesincolor is just another reminder to me that, as a Jewish woman, I have no safe space—even the people who should be my allies promote violence against me. I'm just so exhausted. No one cares about me except for Jumblr and Rrumblr. I don't know what I'd do without the important discourse that goes on within our spaces. At least Rroma and Jews are always in each others' corners.

Yeah. The Rroma, more than anyone, understand where we’re coming from. The misapplication and abuse of the Holocaust as a rhetorical device affects them as much as it affects us. Anti-Romani racism is virtually completely ignored on this site. I’ve gotten anti-Romani asks that I won’t discuss here. Honestly, this blog is dedicated to Jewish issues, but I feel like I could do more for them here, even if it’s occasionally off topic. They’ve always had our backs and, just to re-iterate, Romani  have blanket immunity to anything I say about “goyim” on this blog.

As to your other comments, so much anti-semitism on the left comes from two dichotomies that don’t really apply to diaspora peoples: PoC/White and Colonizer/Colonized. As a people who have been largely homeless for the past 2000 years and who share an ethnicity by not a “race” by modern understanding, we fall out of the simple classifications favored by tumblr SJ discourse and much leftist discourse in general. Part of the problem is that the American Right has picked up the gauntlet of fighting anti-semitism which makes a lot of American leftists uncomfortable with protecting us from anti-semitism. It’s been turned into a partisan issue, especially among supporters of  Netanyahu and the Israeli right. There is also a deep distrust of Jews in the left due to the Soviet Union’s institutional anti-semitism. At the same time, Neo-Fascist, White Supremacist and Nationalistic anti-semitism have never gone away. 

Strange as it sounds, Jews are probably safest among moderates. Anti-semitism is a favored hatred of extremists. We somehow get collectively blamed for communism and capitalism. We get told to “go back to Palestine” by anti-semitism nationalists and we get told to “get out of Palestine” by the anti-colonial left. There is a profound lack of interest in our circumstances on either side, a profound disinterest in our perspectives and histories, and an enormous amount of speaking over us so that we can be scapegoated and excluded. The “reasonable person” standard of “there are Jews with varying professions, backgrounds, jobs, beliefs and political opinions” seems to disappear to extremists who feel a profound urge to classify us against our consent and use those classifications to deny us the right to defend ourselves and to be the gatekeepers of our own history, identity and experience. 

Meanwhile, the anti-semitic left is largely in denial, but if more people on the far left see them for what they are, then I think we may see more self-awareness. I mean, curvesincolor outright and openly agreed with the Nazis. That made a lot of people look twice. The question is whether those people will look internally and start fighting against anti-semitism or whether they will just dismiss that kind of anti-semitism out of hand. 

I’m feeling a little betrayed after going to see Insurgent tonight. It’s not even that they left out 9/10ths of the book, it’s that the stuff they tried to use they warped. I don’t mean changed, I mean warped. Half the movie wasn’t even about stuff that was even in the books. Huge sacrifices of character and storyline development were made in favor of shiny things and a plotline that literally didn’t even exist in the book. It was so bizarre and I’m not even sure if I’m going to go back to see the next movies or not.