i don't even know anymore kids

  • Kara: hey Alex can you help me with this
  • Alex: is that a lamp
  • Kara: yeah well it's supposed to be a red sun lamp but I can't get it to work
  • Alex: why do you need a red sun lamp what are you--
  • Maggie: *smirking* just help the kid out with her red sun lamp, little danvers has plans
  • Kara: *blushing* I- *fixes glasses* want to surprise Lena later ton--
  • Alex: you know what? I don't even wanna know just hand it over
  • Maggie: trying not to break any more of your furniture I see

‘’There’s people that needs to create a character to represent something; he (Antoine) doesn’t need it, he is that way, everything he has told. But the best thing that Antoine Griezmann have is that when you’re having a bad day, if he’s around, probably you won’t have it anymore.’’ - Hector Fernandez, journalist.

hamiltunes (side a) explained
  • Alexander Hamilton: the 2009 white house rap feat. everybody
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: aaron burr doesn't wanna be your senpai alex
  • My Shot: you know what this song is. everyone knows what this song is. don't act like you don't know what this song is.
  • The Story Of Tonight: we might all literally die so let's drink and be bros
  • The Schyuler Sisters: GIRL POWER!!! feat. bustles
  • Farmer Refuted: ham's dog has more eloquence than samuel seabury
  • You'll Be Back: george iii is literally the ex you hope never to date in the first place
  • Right Hand Man: someone please give washington some help. no burr, not you
  • A Winter's Ball: 20-something males being gross 20-something males
  • Helpless: eliza is a cinnamon roll too pure, too good for this world
  • Satisfied: a retrospective soliloquy by a. "i regret this" schuyler
  • The Story Of Tonight (Reprise): let's drink and be bros at your wedding because we might all literally die
  • Wait For It: aaron burr do you need a hug
  • Stay Alive: ham wouldn't have been that inexperienced and ruinous
  • Ten Duel Commandments: a guide on how to foreshadow ironically, by lin-manuel miranda
  • Meet Me Inside: george washington would be your senpai if you let him alex
  • That Would Be Enough: did lotteries even exist back then because ham sure won with eliza
  • Guns And Ships: i don't know if you're speaking french or english lafayette, slow down un peu oui?
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: i need help from that guy i fired: a memoir by george washington
  • Yorktown: "i can't literally die anymore because i might actually have to run a country?? eliza's pregnant???" - alexander hamilton
  • What Comes Next?: i'm a single independent nation who don't need no george iii
  • Dear Theodosia: those 20-something males are fathers with dreams and hopes for their kids and my god i'm crying
  • Non-Stop: ham is the actual energizer bunny

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I am very confused and my whole life is a mess and I don't understand a single thing anymore, and I could really use a hug :/

My dear lgbt+ kid, 

I’m sending you a big virtual hug! <3 

Originally posted by idolos-frases

Please know that you’re not alone. While I don’t know your exact situation, I can relate to your words. Life can be confusing and life as a lgbt kid can be really darn confusing - And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

It just means you’re on a journey to learn more about yourself. 

I hope you’ll feel better soon, my dear. And even if you feel like there’s nothing good in your life right now, I’m so proud of you. 

You found the strength to reach out and that in itself is an achievement. 

You’re not alone in this. I may just be one person but I am confident that I can speak on behalf of all the people following: We stand with you. We support you. And whenever you need a hug or a word of encouragement, we are here for a really big virtual group hug. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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It's like visiting Grandma day at the nursing home around here lately. Where is everyone? Where's the snark and fucking on the pier with a band? Where's the smack downs and sexy gifs? Are we all in lock down from blue check assholes and crazy trolls? I don't even know what to send in as an ask anymore because I know we were trying not to give anyone our ideas. Do I need to take up knitting, canning, shoe repair? When will everyone be back on track? I'm depressed.:((

*takes teeth out and winks*

‘Cuz, you know…scrape-free blowjobs.

I’m sorta out of the loop at the moment if there’s something to snark on. My boys are home for spring break, I’m still watching my loaner kids and I’m getting ready to pack up this shitwagon on Friday and fly out of the country to spend a week with my husband’s family. No offense to produce aisles, geotags, blue check-your-egos, or heffas with handbags, but fuck those bitches. I got my own problems.

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I don't like Ilvermorny. I grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies. I've been sorted into my house since I was a kid. But the very idea of Ilvermorny takes that away. I feel like I'm not included in a giant part of my childhood anymore. Like I'm no longer allowed to be a part of that world that I love and grew up in. It can literally bring tears to my eyes. I know it sounds weird, but I actually feel really strongly about this. I feel like Professor Trelawny. Hogwarts is my home

I never even thought of it that way! JKR is obviously trying to include the American fans more but I can completely see how it could be seen as cutting you guys out! If it helps just try not to view it as canon

I know that kind of depends on your perspective, but honestly anything after deathly hallows I don’t view as canon, it’s just bonus stuff but I keep it separate from the original story

Actually that’s a lie beedle the bard is canon to me, and quidditch through the ages/fantastic beasts though they came out ages ago

It obviously depends a lot on your personal experience with the books but try not to let it ruin your original love of the story. Cursed child, fantastic beasts, and anything on pottermore are honestly as canon to me as avpm and that’s the way I intend to keep it

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How do you feel about your ship name, Drarry? (I legit don't even think about them as Draco & Harry anymore) When did you first hear the word "Drarry"?

Draco: *pulls a face* I don’t know, is it really so difficult to just type ‘Draco’ and ‘Harry’?

Harry: We first heard of it when Hermione discovered it on the internet; I couldn’t tell if she was amused or nauseated. And I think it’s really cute.

Draco: You would. You’re all about stuff like this.

Harry: *laughs* Stuff like what?! It’s genuinely cute how they’ve put our names together. It sounds like a real name.

Draco: *narrows eyes* …No, Harry. We are not naming one of our kids ‘Drarry’.

Harry: It’s kind of genius when you think abou–

Draco: No means no, Harry.

Imagine a Mom discussion between Jinyoung and Jin though like
  • Jin : Yah, look at how they treat us now.
  • Jinyoung : We don't matter anymore, they're all grown up, they forget us.
  • Jin : Do you see how Kookie acts with me now? I raised him and this is how he thanks me?
  • Jinyoung : Bambam doesn't even peck me on the cheek anymore! I took care of him during all these years but now he's ashamed of me...
  • Jin : And it's not like we could count on our husbands' support, I mean look at them.
  • Jinyoung : It is hard to be a mom of 5 kids huh? Jaebum doesn't understand. He's just their dad ya know, what does he know about my struggle seriously
  • Jin : I feel you, Namjoon's my husband remember?
  • Jinyoung : Bro that must be hard.
  • Jin : *sigh* yep.
  • Jinyoung : ...
  • Jin : ...
  • Jinyoung : ...
  • Jinyoung : wanna get wasted?
  • Jin : Hell yes.

this is the second night in a row that krogan have kept me up until 4 am and i have no regrets

in my headcanon, baby krogan wear little hooded ponchos

thought of the day: if grunt had kids, would that make shepard sort of like their grandfather? discuss.

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some days it's like what's the fucking point in even trying? Why am I still here?what will my life ever amount to?What's the fucking point? Why why why why do we put ourselves through shit only to not get anything out of it? WhAts the fucking point anymore? College is only so important grades and degrees are only so important I don't even know if I want kids Idk who the fuck I Like Idk shit and I certainly don't know what is happening w/ my life or why I'm still here nd going.What's the point?

Pretty, Shining Hearts

(Soulmate AU, where your heart will glow when you meet your soulmate.)

Marinette met her soulmate once before, but couldn’t remember his name, just green eyes, the nickname “Kitty”, a shining green heart.

Marinette loved going to the park. The sun shined down, warming her up on colder mornings, the grass tickled when she rolled in it, and there was always a new friend to be made and a kid to play with.

Today was no different. She had rushed away from her mother’s hands giggling when she saw the swing sets. They were always full of kids the last few times she came here. Today only one played on them, leaving the other for her to swing on.

Her mother just smiled and went to sit down by the fountain, where another lady was sitting. Soon the two were talking like they were best friends.

Marinette didn’t pay much attention though. She jumped on the swing, landing on her belly. The air was forced out of her, but she soon recovered and kicked herself forward. Her hair covered her eyes for a moment as she backwards. Fingers trailed in the dirt as she waited to fly forward again.

She kept flying, kicking against the ground to go higher and faster. Her fingers making pretty patterns in the ground as she flew back and forth. She was so lost in the fun that she didn’t hear the kid beside her trying to talk to her till she kicked him in the stomach.

Marinette fell out of the swing, gasping. She scrambled up to her feet and turned to see a blonde boy on the ground behind her.

“I’m sorry! I’m really really really sorry! Are you ok? Are you breathing? Do you need a doctor? Are you dying?!” She started to squeal, her voice getting louder with every question.

Her fears were calmed when he started giggling. The boy rolled over on his stomach and looked up at her with sparkling green eyes. “You sure do ask a lot of questions.”

Marinette squatted down to look at him, “So you are ok?”

“Yeah!” He stood up, brushing himself off, “Nothing can harm me! I’m as fur-ro-si-us as a lion!” He put up his hands in the air and tried to growl at her.

Marinette only crossed her arms and looked him up and down, “I don’t know….you look more like a kitten to me!”

She giggled as his hands and mouth dropped, “What! I am not!”

She fully laughed this time, “Whatever you say Kitty.”

He frowned at her, before smirking. “Well I guess you’re just a princess. I didn’t know a princess could kick that hard.”

Marinette just scoffed, “I’m not a princess. I’m a lady. Ladies are allowed to kick butt. At least that’s what mama says.”

The boy smiled and then gave her a dramatic bow, “I’m sorry, my lady.” He stood back up and gave her a grin, “I was just asking if you wanted to play with me?”

Marinette tapped her chin pretending to think, “Weeeeeelllllll….” She shuffled a couple steps towards him and innocent look on her face.

He stumbled in surprise when she poked his shoulder and took off, shouting “YOU’RE IT!” behind her.

The two chased each other all over the park. They ran in between couples and past the fountain. They swerved around the trees and jumped on the benches. They squealed and laughed and giggled and screeched as they chased each other.

Finally they collapsed in a heap of giggles, in a partially hidden grove.

When their mirth finally calmed they looked up and grinned at each other. Two bright glows caught their eyes.

Marinette gasped as she could suddenly see a beautiful, little green heart materialize from the boy’s chest. She became mesmerized by the sight. Marinette just wanted to reach out and touch it, to see if it was just as warm as the boy she had played with.

She came back to earth as the boy gasped and pointed to her. “I can see your heart! It’s so pretty!”

She looked down and sure enough, she had her own glowing heart. The only difference was hers was a gorgeous pink, like the flowers her papa gives to mama on holidays.

She looked back up to see the boy altering between ogling her pink heart and his own green one. The two hearts seemed to beat at the same time before they disappeared from sight.

Marinette blinked, already missing the sight of the boy’s bright green heart.

Said boy whined at the now lost sight, “Awww, where’d it go?”

Marinette heard her mama calling for her in the distance. It must of been time to go home.

Marinette stood up and helped the boy to his feet. “I gotta go, but it was fun playing with you! We should play again!”

The boy looked hopefully at her, “Really? Yeah! We should! I bet I can get mama to come back over here.”

“Oh!” The boy bounced forward and grabbed her hand. Then he kissed it and looked at her with those sparkling green eyes. “That’s what you’re supposed to do when you meet a lady right?”

Marinette found herself giggling again and pushed his face away with her hand. “That’s not what kitties do silly!”

She turned around to start racing back to her mother, but spared a wave back to the boy.

He waved back with a smile as bright as his heart had been moments before.

It was only later that she realized she didn’t get his name, when her mother was tucking her into bed.

“Did you have a good day at the park?” She asked as she fitted the covers snug around her.

Marinette nodded and recited everything her and her new playmate did, from kicking him in the stomach to the game of tag up to when they were resting in the grove.

“-and then you’ll never believe it mama! I could see his heart!”

Her mother stopped her there, a strange look on her face. “What was that sweetie?”

“I could see his heart! It was a really pretty green, like spring time. And it was so bright! And then he pointed at me and I could see my own heart. Oh it was so pretty mama! It was pink and glowing and then they just kinda disappeared.” Marinette looked up at her mother, “I was kinda sad to see them go, his heart was really pretty.”

Sabine cupped her daughter’s face, “What was his name?” She asked gently, planning to call the boy’s mother and tell her of this development. She never wanted to see two soul mates split apart, and was determined to keep her daughter and this young boy close, no matter what they came to be in the future.

Marinette opened her mouth, the frowned. “I….I don’t know. I guess I forgot to ask. But I’ll ask him tomorrow! We’re supposed to play together again!” She looked up at her mother with shining eyes.

Sabine smiled back and kissed her on the forehead. Maybe there was still hope. “Sounds like a plan sweetheart.”

The next day came and had Marinette bouncing for joy as she tugged her mother to the park. Plans of fun games to play with the blonde boy rushed through her head.

When they finally reached the park, Marinette tugged away from her mother to run to the swings. When she didn’t find him there, she ran to the little grove they had found. Then to the fountain. Then to the carousal. Until she finally walked back to the swings.

Thinking he just wasn’t there yet, she sat on one of the swings and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until the sun touched the rooftops and her mother was crouching in front of her.

“It’s getting late Marinette. Time to go home.” Sabine couldn’t help but to look at her daughter with a sad smile.

“But I haven't….Where is he? He said he would come and play with me again?” Marinette slid off the swing and grabbed her mother’s outstretched hand.

“I don’t know. But why don’t we try again tomorrow?”

And so they did. For five days, Marinette and her mother walked to the park and looked for the little blonde boy. With each day, Sabine lost hope that they would find him and Marinette smiled a little less.

On the sixth day, Marinette was walking between her parents. They were on their way to her first day of school and normally she would be excited. But she still had her mind on the boy with the shining green heart who never came to play with her again.

As they stopped and waited to cross the road, Marinette felt like someone was watching her and turned her head around.

A little down the street, on the other side, she saw a stern looking man in black holding the hand of a little blonde boy.

When she met the boy’s eyes, she felt her heart stop a little as she saw the familiar green of her friend from the park. But instead of shining with happiness, they seemed broken. Like glass had been shattered and a red rim circled them.

Before she could call out to him, her parents pulled her forward just as the man in black pulled him in the opposite direction.

Over time, her memory failed her as she grew up and tried to hold onto the memory of the boy from the park. Until all she could remember was shattered green eyes, a nickname “Kitty”, and a shining green heart.